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Monday, October 16, 2017

Re-Embodying our Humanity

It is really easy for people to forget, or not even consider they are dealing with another human being who has feelings.  Many of the systems in place in our world, dehumanize us all, so that when someone working within the system is requested to consider the humanity, the feelings of the people involved, they become mechanical and make responses like, "we can't do that"  When in fact, in many cases they could do something, if they wanted to take the time to think outside the system box they are confined within.

Part of the awakening of humanity, is to embody our humanity one person at a time, one moment at a time.  Having compassion for another's situation, putting our feet in their shoes, helps us to work better together to find solutions that can't be found via staying inside the system's little box.

Blessings to us all.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

One in All, All in One
One is All, All is One
One as All, All as One

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Clarity and Deception

Seek Clarity

Over the years I’ve come to realize one of the most important aspects in being is to embody clarity.  Clarity as I am referring to it here is a lack of clouding or distortion to one’s perceptive abilities.  To equate it to a visual analogy, perfect clarity is like being immersed in a clear sky where one can see clearly for miles and miles.  Having this sort of clarity allows one to see things coming from a long distance which enables one to take appropriate action to remain safe, healthy and whole. 


Deception is enabled by lack of clarity.  When you can’t see clearly, it is easier to be led astray.  Most often the deception or lie is hidden within a true statement, like the hook hidden within the bait used to catch a fish.  If you aren’t aware enough, you may see the outward truth and then bite on it and be caught by the lie hidden within it.  Deception is also empowered by unquestioning trust.  When you have clarity, it is much easier to move through life with unquestioning trust because you can see clearly those who are trustworthy and those who are not.  When you are immersed in the clouds of distortion, and limiting perception, proceeding through life without a healthy amount of skepticism can be harmful to your well-being.  Therefore, so long as one is not well established in clarity, it behooves one to proceed with caution and not readily accept everything being expressed as totally factual and accurate.

Who to trust?

There is no simple answer to this question.  Obtaining trust is like the pay or reward for showing one’s self to be honest and established in integrity of character and being, therefore trust is earned. Trust should not be given out to everyone freely, at least while one is immersed in the clouds of limiting perceptions and distortions.  There is one source in being which one can most easily establish trust and that is within one’s own being.  While meditation and focus upon divine attributes in being, one can establish a clear connection with the divine aspects of one’s self where clarity emanates from.  If one cannot trust his or her own Self, then find a way to establish this trust is imperative to one’s growth and well-being.

What is their motivation?

One way to begin to establish trust in another is to establish what it is they want, what are their intentions?  Do they promote harmony, unity and divine attributes in what they present, or do they express discord, divisiveness and the like in their words and actions?  One who is attuned to his/her inner Self, may be guided by an inner feeling of ease or uneasiness dependent upon what sort of truth or lie they are being exposed to.  When you don’t feel a loving presence, when what is being expressed is contrary to your well-being and the well-being of others, skepticism is warranted.

Who and/or what enters your realm in being are up to you.  You are the gatekeeper; you allow or prevent entry to everyone and everything which seeks to enter.  If you allow everyone in without question, you are asking for trouble.  I suggest being a wise gatekeeper, one armed with clarity which also enables wisdom and beneficial choices.

Therefore, go forth and seek clarity first, add wisdom by combining the mental and emotional aspects of your being which provide guidance in making choices.  The fool rushes in where angels fear to tread.  The wise one evaluates and considers before proceeding.  I suggest following the characteristics of a wise one.

Blessings to us all!
One in All, All in One.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

No Need for Intermediaries

Below is a commentary I posted in response to a YouTube video you can view by clicking on this link: Divine Frequency

I think you hit on a key concept in comment: "you don't need an intermediary between you and Source and/or your Higher Self."  The path to awakening may actually be a very solitary path in that everything that contributes to our clarity and awakening, primarily occurs within our own being.  It is the alchemy of self into Self, removing the dross to reveal the pure gold of our being.

Also, as you stated gratitude and appreciation are the muscles which open the doors to opportunity and awakening.  The more we flex these muscles, the stronger we become which means we stand firmly upon the path with certainty and excited anticipation for what lays ahead.

This isn't to say we should not acknowledge what is presented to us externally, because the voice of God may come to us via any means and it most often does, particularly when we don't listen to or hear the still small voice within.

When I help someone else, I am helping my Self, and the best way to actually help someone else is to attend to the alchemy of my own being into that Self.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Regarding Mind Altering Substances

One's vibrational state in being has a lot to do with the experience(s) one has when doing mind altering substances.  If you are angry, depressed, worried, your experience will embody those vibrational states.  If we look at emotional experiences on a scale, the lower vibrational states are equated to the darker side of expression while the higher vibrational states are equated to the lighter side states of expression.

Therefore, being mindful of your state of being prior to ingesting such substances, and deciding whether you are in a state of being where you can enjoy the experience, is very important.  If you are feeling uneasy, it may not be as good an experience as it could be if you are at peace, happy, and loving.

Many of these type of substances are sort of like magnifying glasses which accentuate whatever vibrational state you are expressing.  This may be helpful if you aren't identified with those states, but rather as an observer of them.  When in the observer mode, it is much easier to release whatever isn't serving you, than when you are identifying with whatever drama is unfolding.  (BTW, this goes for everyday life as well.)

If you can go directly to the Source, to your Higher Self, you can have these experiences without the aid of an external substance, but if you aren't at a state of awareness where you believe you are connecting with your divine Self, such substances may be helpful to show you what you can look forward to, sort of like a preview of coming attractions for whatever state in being you are currently unfolding.  Therefore, if you don't like what unfolds, it is a very good indication it would behoove you to consider changing your attitude and expression in being to a state which is more in line with the vibrational state of your Higher Self.

If you want to know how close you are to your true essential being, observe your current state in being.  This tells you everything you need to know in order to take the next step upon this path in life.  The foolish one, ignores what life shows him/her while the wise one heeds the lessons and grows by experiencing them.

Blessings to us all
All in One, One in All

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

About Authority

Sept. 20, 2017

When it comes to testimony in a court of law, one can be very well informed or educated upon topic(s) of their choice, which may give them the status of an "authority" for that field if information.  The thing about this is, if one is considered an authority in their field of endeavor, they must diligently keep up with the information for that field as it grows and changes over time. It may be true for some people, that they do not keep up with the growth of information in their field of expertise, yet maintain the designation as an "authority" in that field.  Most real authorities have "been there, done that" many times which may set them apart from the general masses who may not have had first hand exposure to what they have.

Maybe a more important thing to consider is the integrity, honesty and character of a person claiming to be an authority.  If one is a self proclaimed authority, I'd recommend approaching what they present with some skepticism.

We are in this together, therefore, as an aspect and/or expression of the One being, it behooves us to work together for the greater good, for the growth and thriving of the One being.  In order for this to proceed as designed, each part is contracted for their specific roll, and so long as they operate within the bounds of their "authority" the One thrives.  Others may depend upon their actions to be in accord with their own best interests for each part is essential to the functioning of the whole.  Just like the cells of our bodies each have their roll in manifesting our perfect physical health state in being.

Honesty, integrity, and dedication to the betterment of each and every one of us, (including ourselves,) insures the ability for others to trust them to be the authority of their own part in the overall expression in the One being.

So, establish trust by being true to your divine expression in being through your day to day moment by moment expression in being, then your authority will not be in question. :)

All in One, one in All.
Blessings to us all.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dealing with Dark Entity Attachments

Last night in dreamland, I was taught how to deal with dark entities when they try to attach to you. The method recommended suggested turning their energy back onto them, but I thought of a different way, and this method comes from an unconditional love state where I realized the pain and suffering of those entities hides the spark of their divinity, therefore, as a being of light and unconditional love, I fanned that spark within them so it grew and thereby dissolved the darkness which encased their light. They were so grateful and appreciative for being released from their torture, that they've become allies in the light for love and compassion, and work to free other dark spirits who've been imprisoned as they had been. It is true, love conquers all. At the heart of every being, regardless of how crusted in darkness they've become, is the spark of divinity awaiting to be freed. Have compassion and help them to realize their divinity. Blessings to us all.