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Monday, February 12, 2018

Meditation Tips

Here are a few tips for your meditation periods: After you've sat down with your back straight, eyes closed, relaxed and breathing deeply, see a beautiful divine light swirling in the area of your heart. To clear the area around you, instantaneously expand it into a toroidal field of swirling, cleansing energy, which radiates, clears and fills the space you are in. Then as you meditate, follow your breathing. Breath deeply, (down into your belly. You should see your belly expand and contract with this sort of breathing.) As you inhale, draw into your body and energy field the cleansed divine light energy. Let it fill every nook and cranny of your being. As you exhale, dispel all that is not divinely beautiful and perfect from your energy field and being. Let it be transmuted back into the divine energy that surrounds you as you exhale. This can be a very short meditation, and if done with focus and attention will be very effective. You may experience lightness and joy with each inhale and exhaled breath. Let it be so. Blessings to us all All in ONE, ONE in All

Monday, January 29, 2018

Regarding Time Travel

It is really of little value to spend one's attention upon anything other than this here now moment by moment unfolding, because this here now moment by moment unfolding determines the next moment by moment unfolding on into infinity. Make the best choices in this moment by moment unfolding to plant the seeds for future unfoldings. Consciously doing so is the best way to create the future you want to experience. Each of us is the creator of our own reality bubble which appears to be the same for everyone in our realm of experience, but each person's unique perspective dictates their own unfolding, and to the degree that they agree with the expressions of others, is the degree in which they seem to be experiencing the same reality bubble. As he said, there are infinite expressions in being so that it is possible one can travel in and through many expressions, yet for the experiencer, it is all happening in their own here now, moment by moment unfolding. The point of perception is always centered in the here now, everything else moves around it and is perceived as live experiencing. Blessings to us all.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Love vs. Lust

When one is a teen, full of hormones raging, etc., it is hard to tell the difference between love and lust. Love has to do more with character than lust which has to do with appearance. Love may develop over time as we uncover a person's character traits which we identify with and are in harmony with. Lust is typically an instant urge or feeling based upon what one perceives as attractive or appealing in a sensual way. The thing about beauty is it opens the door to developing a loving relationship. If one is not attractive, they may have a hard time attracting a companion or mate, but if they have a strong loving character, that will shine through and those with eyes to see, will recognize it. This is where being older with less raging hormones influencing one's choices and actions may come into play. If a relationship is based upon lust, I guarantee you it won't last for years. If a relationship is based upon love and caring, that can last a lifetime.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Embodying Oneness in Body, Mind and Spirit

Dec. 25, 2017

There is a lot of talk these days about full disclosure, revealing the secrets which have been kept from us for centuries, secrets which can and will drastically change our life experiencing once they come into the light, once they come to center stage of our awareness and consciousness.  So, it goes without saying, that most of us want our lives to be better.  The definition of “better” for each of us may be very different, because we each have our own unique life experiencing which has caused us to be where we are now, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  While we each are basically the same, we each are so totally unique in our expression in being, that it may seem we have nothing in common.  Finding the “common” ground helps us to recognize how we are the same while at the same time, different.

In the grand scheme of things, each of us is a unique expression in being, and expression in being of the ONE which is the infinite Being of which we are a part.  IT is expressing as you, as me, as the rock on the ground, as the air we breathe as every aspect of our being, from the subtle energy flowing throughout all existence to the grosses, most solid manifestations in existence.  Each of us dwells within IT, and IT dwells within all.

When I express my divine beingness, where I see no difference between myself in this physical form and the entirety of being, I see only ONE being, ONE being expressing beingness in all forms and expressions.

Part of the full disclosure movement includes revealing the darkness, the horrible and abominable acts done to and by beings expressing in this manifestation.  There seems to me to be an intention to punish, kill, or otherwise do away with those who’ve committed these crimes against humanity.  At first glance, this may seem totally appropriate and right that those who’ve done harm to others should be brought to justice, should pay for their crimes.  The way humanity has approach this is to imprison, detain, and even kill those who’ve taken part in these abhorrent activities.

From the Divine perspective, those beings are just as much a part of the ONE being as any other.  They have played a part in the expression in being, for purposes which the human mind cannot grasp, a part which is just as essential to the total expression in being as the great and noble deeds done by other expressions in being.

Part of our expression in being is to grow, to learn, to adapt and express in ways heretofore have never been done, this is called evolution.  Moving beyond the ways we’ve been, and done, and thought into new ways of being, doing and thinking.  If we do not change the way we are being, doing and thinking, we are not evolving, we are stuck in a loop where we are destined to repeat our thought, words and deed which result in repeatedly expressing and being through the same life expressions.  This is known as the wheel of Karma; it keeps rolling on and on, like a hamster’s running wheel, where the hamster keeps running and gets nowhere.  To evolve, we must break the cycle by doing, thinking and being different than we’ve been before.

Instead of imprisoning, punishing and or killing those who’ve committed crimes against humanity, which is how we have always handled such things, I suggest we must take a different approach; we must break the cycle which feeds upon itself to perpetuate how things have always been.

If we look at it from a Divine perspective, and we see the darkness of the soul of those beings, doesn’t it make sense, rather than doing them harm, we instead bring more lite to bare upon them, so they can more clearly see how they have harmed themselves by harming others, bring more light to bare upon them so they can regain their footing upon the path so they return to expressing more truly their divine expression in being.

This entails inner work, inner awakenings, and opening doors of self-discovery in expressions in being.  To facilitate this, it may be appropriate to restrict their activities and expressions in being because they may not readily see the value in discovering their divinity, they may not readily realize with clarity, how they can benefit from awakening into the light of their own divinity.  It may not be easy, it isn’t a quick fix, but the efforts taken and rewards gained cannot be appreciated without the first step of realizing how things have always been, is not allowing us to evolve into a better way of expressing and being.

Where does this change happen?  It happens right here, right now, in this moment by moment unfolding where I choose to break the cycle of how it has always been, I choose to adopt a different way of thinking, being, and doing which is more in line with the divine expression of my being.  I decide to take the high road, the road I’ve never been on before, to learn something new, to do something I’ve never done before with love and appreciation at the heart of every step upon this higher road in expression and being.  It behooves me not to wait for someone else to do it, it behooves me to do it myself, to embody the changes I want to express and see in my world experience.  In order to make it so, I must awaken to who and what I truly am.  Awaken to my divine expression in being.

How do I do that? Seek it, that is to say, express your intention and desire to awaken to your own divinity.  Seek guidance and clarity so that you may know what to do and how to do it.  Most of this seeking is not looking towards the external expressions in being, but rather becoming still, via meditation, and thereby looking within towards the center of your being where your purity and divinity resides, waiting for you to become still enough and willing enough for the doors to expressing IT can swing open.  Once the doors have opened, we may enter the kingdom of our divine expression in being, where we may know firsthand, our place and how best to proceed on henceforth, upon our life expressing path.

As each of us embodies our divinity in expressions in being, we radiate the light of our being into the external world, which enables and facilitates helping others to awaken and realize their own divinity.  When one has illuminated the path, the way is made clear, the difficulties that may have previously seems insurmountable, dissolve because the light makes the way clear and therefore even though mountains may have stood in our way before (figuratively,) we can say to the mountain be gone and it is so.

It is possible, each of us must acknowledge this truth to enable us to take the next step, to go beyond what we have thought we knew, into the divine adventure which awaits our taking the next steps upon the path where evolution unfolds before us, ever fresh, ever new.

Let us go together, as ONE in ONE with ONE expressing through us.

Blessings to us all.
All in ONE, ONE in all.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you enjoy my silly little video. :)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Peace on Earth, Good Will to All

The ultimate way to find Peace on Earth, Good will to all, is to find it first within yourself, then that will be your life experiencing. It isn't the other way around, i.e., the world outside of you expresses Peace and Good will, and then you find it within yourself. It doesn't work that way. The anger, hatred, fear, sorrow, ill health, etc. in the world must be healed within your own being; otherwise it will persist in your external world experiencing. Meditation is a good place to start. Close your eyes, relax, sit up straight, pay attention to your breathing, calm your breathing, and while doing so sense the peace which resides within you, let it become your whole experience. Let love guide you into it more fully, from the center of your heart and being, radiate Peace and Love to every cell of your body and being. Bathe in this healing energy often, and then see how your world perceptions change. Blessings to us all.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Cave

by Jerome Dechant
 Nov. 17, 2017

(This is a work of fiction, but it could just as well be true as not true.)

Out of the way, unknown to the masses and not easily accessible to the less determined explorer, is a cave.  Its entrance is unremarkable, if you were hiking through the area, you might see it and just pass by without even a thought to enter it.  And, this is as it should be, for only those who are drawn there; who are summoned by an inner calling will even attempt to undertake the journey in the first place.

So, what is so remarkable about the cave?  Actually, there is nothing remarkable about the cave itself, at least to the casual observer.  But to the ones who are called, the ones who heed the call, and endure the difficulties of getting there, what they find within is life changing and remarkable.

I was one of those who were called.  One who, without the slightest idea of what I’d find there, or why I was drawn to go there in the first place, found myself embarking upon this journey.  I didn’t even question the fact that I was going to a place to see a cave no one had ever heard of.  It was totally crazy.  I assure you, everyone I told about this, thought I was nuts for dropping everything to embark upon this insanity, to embark upon an adventure into a region of the world where most thought it wasn’t safe to go.  I can’t tell you how many times I was warned away from going, how many people said I shouldn’t go, saying it was too dangerous, that if I did go, I might never return.  Well, you are reading this now, because I did go, I did endure the hardships of following the narrow path which eventually led me to the entrance of the cave.  I did enter the cave, and I am here now to tell you what I found within.

The journey, the adventure of getting to the cave is a story in itself, yet I won’t go into that now, just know it wasn’t easy, there were road blocks and stumbling blocks all along the way, yet somehow, I had the presence to overcome each road block and stumbling block to bring the journey to an end at the entrance of the cave.

I had a guide who helped me during the wilderness part of the journey, up to a point, up to the point where I had to go on alone.  I’m grateful for his guidance and help because without it, I might have perished the first night in the wilderness.  Yeah, that’s another story.

I arrived at the cave entrance as the sun was setting behind the mountain ridge above me.  I found myself admiring the beautifully colored sky, with wisps of clouds catching the sun’s rays as it set in the western sky.  I’m not a seasoned adventurer, not even close, but somehow I felt comfortable being alone so far from civilization, so far off the beaten path.  It was mostly quiet, although as the sun was setting, I could hear the night creatures emerging from their burrow and going about their creature lives. 

I looked around, there wasn’t really any place big enough to set up my tent and build a fire, so I thought I’d enter the cave and see if I could find shelter there for the night.  It had been a long day traveling through rouged territory, and I was tired, ready to lie down and sleep.  The cave wasn’t very big at the entrance, I had to hunch over for quite some time as I moved into the cave, but eventually it became bigger and I was easily able to stand upright.  If you’ve ever been in a deep cave, you know how totally dark it is, how, when you turn off your light, you can’t even see your hand in front of your face when the palm is touching your nose.  Yeah, it was that dark.  I’m glad I had plenty of batteries, and my light was ample enough to illuminate the cave enough for me to easily see, yet beyond the beam of light, it was pitch black darkness.  Not far past the area where the cave opened up a bit, I found a decent flat space where I decided to throw down my mat and sleeping bag, to finally rest for the night.  Once I lay down, it wasn’t long before I fell into a deep sleep.

I don’t know how long I slept, I didn’t think to check my watch to see what time it was when I made camp, or woke up.  Whatever time it was, I felt refreshed and ready to go.  Before I dug into my backpack for something to eat, I had to find a place to relieve myself, which I did.  I had some trail mix and protein bars which provided the nourishment to satiate my hunger.  Some fresh cool spring water I’d gotten from a stream near the entrance of the cave washed down the final crumbs of the protein bar.

I looked at my watch, it was 1:11.  Was that A.M. or P.M.?  It felt like just afternoon.  I rolled up the mat and sleeping bag, secured to my backpack then headed off deeper into the cave.  It was cool and smelled a bit musty in this part of the cave.  Interestingly, the floor of the cave was fairly flat, but had a gradual decline to it.  At one point, after a turn or two to the right then left, there was a trickling stream at the edge of the cave floor.  It sounded like one of those soothing water fountains you might find in a meditation center or some such place.  All the while, it was pitch black darkness except for the beam of light my head mounted light provided for me.  I wasn’t in any hurry, so as I moved deeper into the cave I looked around a lot at the cave walls and ceiling.  There was nothing remarkable to see except for the things you’d expect to see in a natural cave like this.  It was simple yet beautiful in its natural beingness.

There was a glow of light up ahead; it was coming from the right just beyond the bend.  I thought it was a bit curious.  It was inviting, alluring.  My back pack seem much lighter on my back, and the sounds of my footsteps seemed to faint into a whisper of sound, yet the ground hadn’t changed in appearance at all, it was the same texture as the cave floor had been for most of the distance so far.  I proceeded on and as I did, the light seemed to become brighter and brighter as I approach the bend in the cave.  It didn’t really have a direction, and I had no shadow cast behind me.  The light was sufficient that I was able to turn off my headlamp, so I did, to save battery life.

I finally came upon the bend in the cave which revealed a fairly large cavern.  I looked around and couldn’t see any torches or other sources of light, yet the whole cavern was pleasantly lite.  I entered the cavern and as I did, I noticed a figure seated towards the other end of the cavern.  It looked to me, like he was the source of the light.  As I approached, the silence was deafening.  There was such peace and stillness, it felt out of place to move, yet I was drawn to do so.  So, I moved towards the seated figure.  As I did, feeling of contentment, joy, laughter, excitement and exhilaration seemed to flow through my entire body.   I felt so happy and fulfilled, I’ve never felt this complete before.  It was amazing.

I finally was a few feet in front of him.  He was sitting cross legged in a full lotus posture, with this hands rest one upon the other in his lap.  His eyes were closed and he didn’t move at all.  He just sat there in his radiance and beauty.  He appeared to be a young man, or maybe an older boy.  His complexion was pure and youthful in appearance.  His only attire was a simple cloth which served as a loin cloth.  As I gazed at him, I noticed he wasn’t touching the ground below him; he was floating just above the mat below him.  There were no shadows anywhere.

I didn’t say anything; I just sat down there in front of him.  He might as well have been a living statue and that’s what I thought of as I sat down.  I sat there in his beautiful radiance and closed my eyes.  The light was coming from within me, I could see beyond the cave walls, I could see the surrounding mountains and streams, the lakes, the birds and wildlife, I could feel it all as though I was each one of those beings, each one of those rocks and plants.  It was overwhelmingly beautiful and the bliss which manifests it all was gushing through every part of it and me.  I have no idea how long I sat there, it could have been minutes, it could have been centuries, and it didn’t matter because I found myself in all life expressions.  I forgot that I was sitting in a cave; I forgot I had this body because I was all bodies and none of them at the same time.

I don’t know how it happened, I don’t know whether it was all just a dream, but when I regained consciousness of my body in this being, I opened my eyes and I was at home, sitting in the middle of my living room on the floor in the lotus posture I’d taken when I sat before the radiant being.

I had entered the cave, I had made the journey and somehow I was home again.  I’ll never forget this experience, that light shines brightly within me to this day, and you my dear one, are as much a part of me and this light, as that radiant being who blessed me with his presence.  I now bless you with mine, as you, he and I are ONE.