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Sunday, March 11, 2018

What would Jesus do?

 We can starve the dark forces which subsist on the anger, jealousy. fear, hate, and greed energy/emotions which we radiate in our moment by moment unfolding. We can do this by lifting our energy/emotional states into a higher vibration where love, joy, laughter, caring, sharing, happiness, fun, enjoyment, playing, giggling, singing happy uplifting songs, watching funny movies or shows or anything similar which really feels good to us.

Consider those who live in a more harmonious expression in being, do you think they worry, fear, and hate? If you believe in Jesus, do you think he's the kind of being who would be vengeful with anger and jealousy? I don't think so. I think He is so centered within the Creator's Source energy where there is only an abundance of love so that that is all His experience in being is. If we would experience our own Christ-hood, it behooves us to seek the source of Joy within us and bring it forth into manifestation through our every thought word and deed. 

Meditate, go within, find that beautiful flame of joy within your heart, and fan it, blow on it so that it grows into an all encompassing radiant flame which radiates from the center of your being out to the far reaches of the cosmos. 

This is how forgiveness occurs, this is how healing occurs, this is how disclosure occurs, this is how each of us ascends into the perfect expression of our being. 

Joy to us all. Blessings to us all.
One in All, All in One.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Getting off the Wheel of Karma

Everything we think, do and/or say has some effect, which includes karmic effects. Karma, as I understand it, it the energy/intent we radiate which eventually comes back to us and the energy must be balanced within our own expression in being by whatever means necessary. If I send blessings to all beings, my intentions are to be helpful and aid all beings into the experience and realization of their own divinity. My intentions are based in love, caring, and compassion. So, when the energy comes back to me, it has a life supporting effect on my being and balance occurs easily and naturally. Mass meditations where the number of people hold the same intent, such as peace on earth good will towards all, as an example, raises the energy field so that like fish in water, the whole fish tank is lifted into the higher vibration, which may translate into a greater awareness of oneness, more clarity in awareness and therefore a truer expression in being as we unfold in the moment by moment unfolding in this manifestation. The fish might not have asked to be lifted into this higher vibration, but they benefit by it. If they knew to ask, they probably would. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This is pertinent because in the realization of Oneness in Being, one realizes there is no "others." Yes, there are many expressions in being, like there are many cells in your body, they combine to manifest our form as one entity or being. All manifest and unmanifest being is contained within the ONE, so what I do to you, what I offer to you, I am offering to mySelf where you are another expression in being of That I AM, that One Being. It comes down to identity. Do I identify with the individual "cell" or part, or do I identify with the whole while appreciating and acknowledging the parts as integral to the expression of being in Oneness? There is no karma when one assumes and embodies the awareness and expression in being as That I Am. I would not mislead you, because I would not want to be misled. Blessings to us all.
All in One, One in All

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Let there be Movies which portray more light, love, peace and happiness..

I was watching the first episode of Altered Carbon last night, and I realized so many of these movies these days are firmly focused in the 3rd density mind set. I'd love to see more movies where higher 4th and 5th density consciousness was portrayed. If we are going to plant seeds for our future, let us plant seeds which will bear the fruit we are sure to appreciate and enjoy, not some dark and terrible future.
I've seen it said, the movies are soft disclosure, but most often from the darker perspective, which if we understand how the cabal uses such stuff to fuel their agendas, play as they wish it to be.
When watching such movies, etc., consider saying to yourself, "No, this isn't the future I want for myself and my children, or for humanity as a whole. No, I don't support this and won't feed my energy into making it so."

There comes a time when thoughts and words need to be acted upon, with intention, love and compassion.  The darkness which wants to consume our world and lives is persistent, (you can  be absolutely sure of this,) and only persistent focus and attention radiating loving, caring, harmonious vibrations not only through thoughts and words, but also through our deeds, is how we each of us can make a difference.  How each of us interacts with each other and this world we find ourselves in determines our life expression. 

Let it all be divinely guided for the greater good of all. 
Blessings to us all!
ONE in All, All in ONE

Monday, February 12, 2018

Meditation Tips

Here are a few tips for your meditation periods: After you've sat down with your back straight, eyes closed, relaxed and breathing deeply, see a beautiful divine light swirling in the area of your heart. To clear the area around you, instantaneously expand it into a toroidal field of swirling, cleansing energy, which radiates, clears and fills the space you are in. Then as you meditate, follow your breathing. Breath deeply, (down into your belly. You should see your belly expand and contract with this sort of breathing.) As you inhale, draw into your body and energy field the cleansed divine light energy. Let it fill every nook and cranny of your being. As you exhale, dispel all that is not divinely beautiful and perfect from your energy field and being. Let it be transmuted back into the divine energy that surrounds you as you exhale. This can be a very short meditation, and if done with focus and attention will be very effective. You may experience lightness and joy with each inhale and exhaled breath. Let it be so. Blessings to us all All in ONE, ONE in All

Monday, January 29, 2018

Regarding Time Travel

It is really of little value to spend one's attention upon anything other than this here now moment by moment unfolding, because this here now moment by moment unfolding determines the next moment by moment unfolding on into infinity. Make the best choices in this moment by moment unfolding to plant the seeds for future unfoldings. Consciously doing so is the best way to create the future you want to experience. Each of us is the creator of our own reality bubble which appears to be the same for everyone in our realm of experience, but each person's unique perspective dictates their own unfolding, and to the degree that they agree with the expressions of others, is the degree in which they seem to be experiencing the same reality bubble. As he said, there are infinite expressions in being so that it is possible one can travel in and through many expressions, yet for the experiencer, it is all happening in their own here now, moment by moment unfolding. The point of perception is always centered in the here now, everything else moves around it and is perceived as live experiencing. Blessings to us all.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Love vs. Lust

When one is a teen, full of hormones raging, etc., it is hard to tell the difference between love and lust. Love has to do more with character than lust which has to do with appearance. Love may develop over time as we uncover a person's character traits which we identify with and are in harmony with. Lust is typically an instant urge or feeling based upon what one perceives as attractive or appealing in a sensual way. The thing about beauty is it opens the door to developing a loving relationship. If one is not attractive, they may have a hard time attracting a companion or mate, but if they have a strong loving character, that will shine through and those with eyes to see, will recognize it. This is where being older with less raging hormones influencing one's choices and actions may come into play. If a relationship is based upon lust, I guarantee you it won't last for years. If a relationship is based upon love and caring, that can last a lifetime.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Embodying Oneness in Body, Mind and Spirit

Dec. 25, 2017

There is a lot of talk these days about full disclosure, revealing the secrets which have been kept from us for centuries, secrets which can and will drastically change our life experiencing once they come into the light, once they come to center stage of our awareness and consciousness.  So, it goes without saying, that most of us want our lives to be better.  The definition of “better” for each of us may be very different, because we each have our own unique life experiencing which has caused us to be where we are now, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  While we each are basically the same, we each are so totally unique in our expression in being, that it may seem we have nothing in common.  Finding the “common” ground helps us to recognize how we are the same while at the same time, different.

In the grand scheme of things, each of us is a unique expression in being, and expression in being of the ONE which is the infinite Being of which we are a part.  IT is expressing as you, as me, as the rock on the ground, as the air we breathe as every aspect of our being, from the subtle energy flowing throughout all existence to the grosses, most solid manifestations in existence.  Each of us dwells within IT, and IT dwells within all.

When I express my divine beingness, where I see no difference between myself in this physical form and the entirety of being, I see only ONE being, ONE being expressing beingness in all forms and expressions.

Part of the full disclosure movement includes revealing the darkness, the horrible and abominable acts done to and by beings expressing in this manifestation.  There seems to me to be an intention to punish, kill, or otherwise do away with those who’ve committed these crimes against humanity.  At first glance, this may seem totally appropriate and right that those who’ve done harm to others should be brought to justice, should pay for their crimes.  The way humanity has approach this is to imprison, detain, and even kill those who’ve taken part in these abhorrent activities.

From the Divine perspective, those beings are just as much a part of the ONE being as any other.  They have played a part in the expression in being, for purposes which the human mind cannot grasp, a part which is just as essential to the total expression in being as the great and noble deeds done by other expressions in being.

Part of our expression in being is to grow, to learn, to adapt and express in ways heretofore have never been done, this is called evolution.  Moving beyond the ways we’ve been, and done, and thought into new ways of being, doing and thinking.  If we do not change the way we are being, doing and thinking, we are not evolving, we are stuck in a loop where we are destined to repeat our thought, words and deed which result in repeatedly expressing and being through the same life expressions.  This is known as the wheel of Karma; it keeps rolling on and on, like a hamster’s running wheel, where the hamster keeps running and gets nowhere.  To evolve, we must break the cycle by doing, thinking and being different than we’ve been before.

Instead of imprisoning, punishing and or killing those who’ve committed crimes against humanity, which is how we have always handled such things, I suggest we must take a different approach; we must break the cycle which feeds upon itself to perpetuate how things have always been.

If we look at it from a Divine perspective, and we see the darkness of the soul of those beings, doesn’t it make sense, rather than doing them harm, we instead bring more lite to bare upon them, so they can more clearly see how they have harmed themselves by harming others, bring more light to bare upon them so they can regain their footing upon the path so they return to expressing more truly their divine expression in being.

This entails inner work, inner awakenings, and opening doors of self-discovery in expressions in being.  To facilitate this, it may be appropriate to restrict their activities and expressions in being because they may not readily see the value in discovering their divinity, they may not readily realize with clarity, how they can benefit from awakening into the light of their own divinity.  It may not be easy, it isn’t a quick fix, but the efforts taken and rewards gained cannot be appreciated without the first step of realizing how things have always been, is not allowing us to evolve into a better way of expressing and being.

Where does this change happen?  It happens right here, right now, in this moment by moment unfolding where I choose to break the cycle of how it has always been, I choose to adopt a different way of thinking, being, and doing which is more in line with the divine expression of my being.  I decide to take the high road, the road I’ve never been on before, to learn something new, to do something I’ve never done before with love and appreciation at the heart of every step upon this higher road in expression and being.  It behooves me not to wait for someone else to do it, it behooves me to do it myself, to embody the changes I want to express and see in my world experience.  In order to make it so, I must awaken to who and what I truly am.  Awaken to my divine expression in being.

How do I do that? Seek it, that is to say, express your intention and desire to awaken to your own divinity.  Seek guidance and clarity so that you may know what to do and how to do it.  Most of this seeking is not looking towards the external expressions in being, but rather becoming still, via meditation, and thereby looking within towards the center of your being where your purity and divinity resides, waiting for you to become still enough and willing enough for the doors to expressing IT can swing open.  Once the doors have opened, we may enter the kingdom of our divine expression in being, where we may know firsthand, our place and how best to proceed on henceforth, upon our life expressing path.

As each of us embodies our divinity in expressions in being, we radiate the light of our being into the external world, which enables and facilitates helping others to awaken and realize their own divinity.  When one has illuminated the path, the way is made clear, the difficulties that may have previously seems insurmountable, dissolve because the light makes the way clear and therefore even though mountains may have stood in our way before (figuratively,) we can say to the mountain be gone and it is so.

It is possible, each of us must acknowledge this truth to enable us to take the next step, to go beyond what we have thought we knew, into the divine adventure which awaits our taking the next steps upon the path where evolution unfolds before us, ever fresh, ever new.

Let us go together, as ONE in ONE with ONE expressing through us.

Blessings to us all.
All in ONE, ONE in all.