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Monday, July 13, 2020

Creating Paradise One Moment at a Time

In the manifestation process, the vibrations we offer to the universe are reflected back to us as expressions in being. If we want to have a more joyous life, express more joy in the here now moment by moment unfolding, and while doing so, say to the universe, "More of this please. Thank you."

Paradise is created one moment at a time, and can only be realize via being present in the moment by moment unfolding and holding the vibration of paradise as each moment unfolds.

Good Medicine for an Ailing Society

In order to attain a broader perspective, higher consciousness, one must endeavor to raise his/her vibration. Easy ways to raise one's vibration is through joyous laughter, smiling, singing a happy song, dancing to upbeat music, playing something you enjoy doing and generally having fun.

These days, it may be necessary to consciously and with intention find moments in our daily lives where we can endeavor to do one or all of these things. The more we immerse ourselves in uplifting activities and thought forms, the more consistently we reside in higher vibrations. The more we consistently reside in higher vibrations, the easier it is to maintain these vibrations, and the easier they are to be transmitted and received by those in our environments.

Raising one's vibrations is a wonderful process where each individual reaps the rewards via their moment by moment immersion with the added benefit that while being immersed in these more joyous vibrations, we radiate and amplify these vibrations into our surroundings and environment.

Good medicine for an ailing society.

Blessings to us all.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Gardening your Mind

By Jerome Dechant

© 2001, REV. 3, 2020


This booklet sprouted from a seed idea planted when I sent the following email message to some friends. Here is the message:

Gardening tips for the day

The mind is a fertile garden ready, willing and able to grow whatever is planted there. We must consciously plant thoughts in our garden so that what we plant grows to maturity. Since the garden of our mind is ready, willing and able to grow whatever is planted, or takes root there, if we do not consciously plant positive life supporting thoughts there, then something else MUST and Will grow there. Whatever that “something” is will be dependent on the winds of time and circumstance that blow its thought seeds into the fertile soil of mind. So, that “something” could be good or bad, since we haven’t made a conscious effort to cultivate our mind garden, any kind of weed thought seed MUST and WILL grow there. That’s because it, the mind garden, needs to grow something and it doesn’t care what it is. It is the nature of the mind garden to grow things.

A wise person is ever mindful of the thought seeds that blow into his mind garden, uprooting the unwanted weed thoughts before they come to maturity and taking care to nurture those thought seeds that will bring the harvest he desires. A wise person cares for the seeds he plants so they bloom into the abundant harvest he desires.

A foolish person takes no care of the mind garden, or the thought seeds that blow into his mind, thus letting whatever thought seeds that may come, take root there. He eventually reaps the harvest that only weeds can bring. Then he wails in woe for his misfortune in life wondering why God has done this to him. Thus a foolish person experiences random ups and downs, good and bad only swayed by the tendencies of the wind that predisposes him to receive certain types of weed seeds, never really knowing what or why he reaps the harvests he does.

We all have a green thumb, if only we will realize it’s our responsibility to be the Master Gardener of our mind. Then will we reap the bountiful harvest made in heaven, awaiting our acceptance of it.

. . .

You may be asking, why did I write that message and why did I send it to my friends? Well, I was listening to what some of them were saying, which often reflects the thoughts that flow through their minds. In listening, I realized they may not realize they were planting seeds that would manifest fruit in due course; they were possibly ignorant of what they were doing to themselves by unknowingly planting such seeds. I think they all know me well enough and understand my philosophy enough to grasp the principles the message is base on. Since you probably don’t know me, and may not know these principles or Truths, I will state them briefly.


The TRUTH and principles I speak of and make reference to throughout this writing are self-existent. Their existence is not dependent on anyone’s belief in them. They always were and will always be True. They’re not dependent on any condition or circumstance, rather all conditions and circumstances are dependent on them.

1. The point of power is in the now moment. Only in the now moment can the work be done.

2. We manifest our life experience; therefore, we must assume full responsibility for our life experience if we are to be able to choose what this life experience is.

3. There is only one Being. Each of us is a manifestation of this one Being. We all exist within It, and It exists within each of us. We are made of It and have all of Its attributes. There is no difference between It and each one of us.

4. We are here to bring forth or awaken the TRUTH of our being, to experience all the things this life has to offer us. By these experiences, we grow into a realization of being more than we thought we were before.

5. The TRUTH of our being is that each one of us is a divinely perfect, beautiful, all powerful, all knowing, loving and creative being because we are one with the Being who is all these attributes and more.

6. We have taken on this challenge, come into this manifestation and form by “falling into darkness” as the shroud of ignorance was drawn over the knowledge and remembrance of our true state and being, so that we could experience duality and all that springs from this concept.

7. We have taken on this challenge, having purposely lost our awareness of our true identity, so we could eventually re-awaken and this return to the full awareness, to the realization and expression of our true divine beingness.

8. We are at the stage in our evolution where many are awakening to this TRUTH, and by so doing, open the door, lead the way, and shed the light of awakening so that all may know, see and follow.

9. Since there is only one Being, (duality is an illusion created in this realm of relativity,) what you do to others, you are doing to yourself. Thus the saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The good you do to and for others is the good you do to and for yourself. The harm you do to others is the harm you do to yourself. There is no escaping this principle because of the Oneness of being. It is one thing to harm another while in the state of ignorance. It is quite another, to willfully harm another once the dawning and realization of your power and ability begins. In the state of ignorance, one can easily be forgiven those trespasses, not so, after the dawning.

10. There is only One Being. This being is divinely complete and perfect in Being, in Power (ability) and Knowledge. Therefore, there is only One Power. The manifestation of relativity or duality contains polarities of good and evil. Since these polarities exist within the one being, they share the same creative ability which springs from the oneness of being. The polarities are the opposite sides of the same coin. One could not exist without the other, therefore good is just as dependent on evil as evil is dependent on good.

11. It is the inherent ability of our divinity which has bound us and which will free us from bondage.

. . .

I have found that using gardening as an analogy for the process of manifestation is very useful. Many of the concepts of gardening can be applied to the manifestation process very nicely, thus giving us a real world reference to concepts that may be otherwise abstract.

I hope you will take the time to read through this material and by doing so, find the understanding and principles which will develop your own mind garden, cultivating all the abundance, fulfillment and joy you desire. If you just read this, you will intellectually have a better understanding of the manifestation process. Only by applying the principles in your everyday life experience will you experience the truth of these principles.

So, as we begin this journey together, I’d like to take this opportunity to plant a seed.

Plant this seed and it WILL grow.

There is a place within me that already knows this information. Not only knows it, but understands it and enables me to freely use it for my own betterment, for the betterment of my family, friends and loved ones. I always turn to This inner knowing for guidance in applying the principles expressed here. I grow in the garden of Paradise, fulfilled in the bounty of the divine.


The point of power is in the now moment by moment unfolding. This is the eternal starting point, the place where we begin. The now moment is where we are at in our development or lack thereof. It is the place we begin anew or consciously proceed from upon our path of life, of being. In this moment, we must face that which is presented to us, work with the tools and abilities we currently have, and proceed from here. We must be ever consciously focused in the now moment by moment unfolding to become the Master Gardener of our mind.

The great thing about the Garden of the Mind is the planting, caring and harvesting all happen in the NOW moment.

There are a few things you need in order to have a garden. First of all, you have to want to have a garden. Then a plot of land well suited to plant your seeds and care for them until they ripen into the harvest you desire. You also need tools to break the soil and prepare it, and enrich it so that once you have planted the seeds; they will easily find the sustenance to allow them to grow.

You need some sort of protection for your seedlings so that they will not be eaten or trod into the ground or overtaken by weeds, thus not reaping the fruit you desire. And of course, you need seeds. Having provided these things, continued nourishment and care is necessary to insure a successful harvest.

There have been many books of religion, philosophy, spirituality and self-realization written. They are, for the most part, wonderful and one can gain inspiration and understanding by reading them. My experience with reading some such books, in the search for my advancement and development in understanding and being, have left me wanting, either because I didn’t “get it” when I was reading them or because the way they were presented was too ambiguous. I hope to present information here that will actually enable you to know and understand your own growth process. If you apply these principles as presented here, with confidence, enduring in the knowledge that once you plant these seeds and take care of them, by the law of manifestation they MUST grow, you will be a Master Gardener of your mind.


Just reading and thinking about this information, hoping and wishing that you will make progress in cultivating your garden isn’t enough. You must take an active part in the process by not only thinking about the garden, but also speaking the words and doing the necessary work. The intent, desire and determination to bring the thought seeds to maturity are fundamental requirements of the gardening process. The thoughts, words and deeds must be in harmony with the intended harvest, in order to successfully come to the harvest you desire. It is not magic which brings a garden the abundant harvest at the end of the season, but rather it is attention to the proper and constant loving care of the garden which brings the harvest one desires. NOTE: It is the strength of the desire which is the motivation that propels the thought idea into manifestation. The emotions are the feedback loop, which provides guidance as to whether one is properly aligned in thought, word and deed towards the fulfillment of the desire.


Thoughts are the seeds we plant in the fertile soil of our mind garden. We’ve been doing it so long, all our lives as a matter of fact, that we hardly pay any attention to the thoughts that come flowing through our mind. For many people the concept that they can control the thoughts that occupy their mind is really a foreign concept. Where do thoughts come from? Do they well up from the depths of our being? Or are they energies that flow around us and through us from one person to another? Are the thoughts that occupy our minds really “our” thoughts? I ask these questions, not because I am going to give you answers to them, but rather, I ask you to seek the answers for yourself, in your own quiet times of meditative contemplation.

There is that saying, “Know thy Self”. If you believe that you are just the physical body holding this material in your hands reading this, then you are limited in your self-knowledge. The “Self” to get to know, is much more than just the physical body and its senses. It is also the consciousness that motivates and moves the body to action. The consciousness that inhabits the body can build the body up and fill one with the greatest joy. It can also cause the body to fall into illness, and all sorts of suffering and sorrow. And what is it that has this great power? What is contained in the consciousness that either makes us or breaks us? The thoughts that inhabit our mind are the power. Thoughts make up our consciousness. These are the seeds we plant in the garden of our mind, that grow and blossom and bring us the harvest according to the pattern contained within the thought seeds we’ve planted.

When you look at a seed, do you see the fulfillment of that seed? When you look at an oak seed, do you see the great and noble oak tree with its branches reaching up to the sky, and its roots clinging deeply in the soil of the Earth? Do you see the many leaves that spring from the branches and fall again to the Earth in the fall to be returned to the soil they sprang from? If you were the sort of person to study such things, you may answer yes to these questions. You may even go further in your understanding and knowledge of the growth process which enables the tiny seed to manifest such a great tree.

The pattern for the tree is contained within the seed, yet not every detail of the tree is predictable by looking at the seed. Not every bend of a branch or number of leaves is contained in the seed, yet these things spring up from the pattern.

So it is with thought seeds. Each thought contains a pattern that forms the skeleton or basic structural pattern for the energies to bind to. These energies manifest according to the pattern contained within the thought seed, but not every detail of the manifest from is predictable or uniform from one seed to the next.

Each oak tree is very similar to the next, yet they have their own individuality, their own expression of being an oak tree. No two oak trees are exactly alike. So too, even though you and I may hold the same thought and bring it into manifestation, the manifestation we each bring forth will be unique to each of us, yet very much according to the pattern of the thought seed they originated from.

In consciousness there are elements of a thought which express the character of the thought. These elements are what causes the seed shell to burst open allowing the pattern within to reach out and begin to take form. These elements are the energy which propels the seed into manifestation, they are the force or energy that enlivens the seed and brings its fruit into outward expression.

What are the elements then that can do this? The power of the desire and the intention to bring forth the desired harvest are two very important elements. The desire is the fuel and power behind the thought, within the thought that drives it into manifestation. A thought with no desire content, has no energy to manifest, nothing to push the seed into manifestation, therefore thoughts without desire are sterile. The most powerful thought seeds are those that are charged with great desire energy.

The strength of the desire energy spurs us into action, causes us to speak the words that follow the pattern contained within the thought seed. By our words and actions, we begin to outwardly manifest the thought seed contained within our mind. Because of the strength of the desire, some thoughts become deeply rooted within our minds and some of them form the foundation of our repeated successes and our repeated failures. You might say; I don’t have a desire to fail, why would I feed a thought seed with the desire to fail? Subconsciously, one may hold opposing desires to that which one consciously wishes to bring forth. So if such subconscious desires have more energy than the conscious desires, the conscious desired can’t manifest and this appears outwardly as a failure.

NOTE: In the original writing, I stated that emotion was the fuel which brings the thought seeds to harvest, but that is not correct. Emotions do play a role in the creative process, but emotions aren’t the driving force, but rather they are the guiding force in the manifestation process. I will delve into the emotional guidance system later.

Once a seed is planted in the garden of the mind, it needs nourishment to grow. The energy of desire contained within the thought seed is part of that nourishment which enables the seed to grow. Just as with a seed planted in the ground, the energy contained within the seed is limited, it must seek energy outside of itself to build itself into the full plant according to the pattern contained within the seed. If one depends solely on the seeds built in energy of desire to grow, it can’t possibly grow to maturity. That energy is a short burst of energy, and quickly dissipates. That is why “great ideas” never come to fruition, because the seeds planted are not given additions support to grow to maturity. The gardener’s desire to grow the thought seed, care for it and bring it to harvest go hand in hand with the initial energy contained within the seed.

What is needed then to bring the plant to harvest so that we reap the fruit it was intended to bare? Just as in a garden once the seed is planted, it needs loving care and attention to allow it to gain the strength which will allow it to proceed on its own to draw its own energy from the Earth. Just as with a seedling, being very delicate and vulnerable to external forces, so are our thought seedlings. When they are in the seedling stage, they are at their most vulnerable stage of existence. When a thought is in its earliest formative stages, it can easily be picked apart or ground into the soil of the mind, therefore dying before it has much of a chance to succeed.

What would these forces be that could kill off the thought seedlings at this stage of development? Doubts, fears, apprehension, confusion, and or a weak desire, as well as a lack of intention to see the process through to maturity and harvest are the forces that can kill a thought seedling. These things can spring up from within us or come from others in our community, family, friends and others who discourage us and deflate our desires by their doubts, fears, apprehensions, etc. that we accept as our own which steals the energy of the thought seed, killing it.

How often have you come up with an idea, and had a strong desire for the idea feeling it was sure to be a great success? Then shortly thereafter, you considered it more, after the initial desire content had faded, and doubts and fears crept in and uprooted the thought before it had a chance to take root. How often have you shared your excitement about an idea with someone you know, only to have the idea deflated by them draining you and your idea of its strength to survive?

What’s the lesson here? When a seed thought is in its beginning stages, it is in its most vulnerable stage, therefore needs special care to insure it is allowed to take root and begin to grow. What sort of care is needed then? Care that your own doubts, and the doubts and fears of others does not drain your idea of its power to grow. The care of your thought seedling is enhanced by not sharing the ideas contained within the thought seed with anyone. By hiding it from the doubts and fears of others, we at least in part, cut the resistance to its manifestation in half. The other half is a little more difficult to deal with. That half is our own doubts and fears we have about the thought seed we’ve planted. Doubts and fears are the insects and creatures that love to devour seedling thoughts, therefore we must take care and not allow doubts and fears to set in. How do we do that? Well, being a beginner gardener, its easy not to have faith in the garden we plant, it is easy to fail because we have little experience at consciously planting and properly caring for our garden. We have little confidence that the seeds will grow. What do beginning gardeners do then? They look to someone who has had success at caring for their garden. What does that someone have that the beginning gardener doesn’t have? That experienced gardener has confidence, faith in the process, and knowledge that proper care will bring forth the desired harvest. Just as the doubts and fears of others can kill our seedlings, our own faith, knowledge and confidence, as well as the faith, knowledge and confidence of others, can lend protection to the seedlings, allowing them to gain the strength to grow to maturity.

So, if you choose to share your thought seed ideas with others it is of the utmost importance that you know and have confidence they (the others,) will be supportive and lend energy to their growth.

At first it takes a “leap of faith” on your part to take the chance to allow the seeds to grow. Knowing that others have been successful at planting the same such seeds, lends confidence to the process. They did it and so can you. Every one of the gardeners of their minds had to take that first step. They succeeded and so can you. The first step is the hardest in that leap of faith, but once taken, we must proceed with confidence. Confidence allows the innate ability of the process to unfold.

Now that we’ve gotten the seedling to take root, and watered it with our confidence and faith, let us take a break from the process for a moment to consider the type of seeds we can plant in the garden of our mind.


As in the gardening world there are a multitude of seeds to choose from. Some of them we may really want and seek after, others we may shy away from. Weed seeds are amongst the multitude of seeds available to us. Why are there such seeds? Because if we don’t consciously plant the thought seeds we desire in the garden of our minds, something must and will grow there. That’s where the weed seeds come in. What makes a weed a weed? Generally, it may be a beautiful plant, but it is not something we want to grow, it’s out of place in the garden of our mind, therefore it’s considered a weed. So, those thoughts that come blowing through our mind which don’t add to the harvest we desire are the weed seeds we must take care not to allow to take root. We uproot such weeds by removing them from our mind garden and then focus our attention upon our desired thought seeds which enables the desired thought seeds to grow.

Why are weeds of such concern? Weeds are of such concern because weeds have the innate ability to grow anywhere, with the least amount of attention or care. Wouldn’t it be great if the seeds we wished to plant were as capable and self-sustaining as the weed seeds are? Some people consider a garden full of weeds is not so bad. They may think you might get lucky and have a decent harvest of something good, and they didn’t have to do anything to plant it or have it grow to maturity. And there is the chance that something good could come from those weed seeds. The problem with such an attitude is that such weed seeds, once they’ve taken root, may be extremely difficult to get rid of. When the gardener grows tired or weary of the harvest weeds provide, and decided to take charge and begin to consciously select the seeds to plant in the garden of his mind, he has a daunting task ahead in removing the weeds to allow those thought seeds he wishes to grow to grow.

How does one prepare the soil of a garden to receive the seeds he wishes to plant? Turn the soil. The first thing any gardener does is dig into the soil, breaking it up, turning it and by so doing, uprooting the plants that may already be growing there. Also, the uprooted plants that grew there can be helpful in fertilizing the soil, becoming the compost which enriches the soil.

How do I turn the soil of my mind then? Turning the soil of the mind is breaking up the ideas that are currently there, turning them over, and allowing the energy that is contained in them to enrich the soil of the mind. You may say; gee, that means that I have got to dump all the ideas in my mind. What if some of the stuff there you really want there? It is growing well and giving you the harvest you desire. A gardener who destroys those plants that bare the fruit he desires is not very wise; therefore, he would certainly take care not to turn such plants under. He would take care as he churns the soil to determine if those plants he is coming upon are ones he wishes to keep or ones he wishes to get rid of. So that means one has to take the time to inventory those thoughts within his mind, to see which ones he wants to turn under, allowing them to enrich those that he decides he does want.

The time to inventory the garden of the mind is sometimes called meditation. It is a time when we can devote a period to our mind garden, setting quietly in witness of the thoughts that reside there.

Try it now for a minute or so. Stop reading this. Close your eyes; take a deep breath and relax. Continue to relax and just witness the thoughts that make themselves known to you now for this minute or so of this experiment.

That was a small glimpse at what is in the garden of your mind. As you sit in witness of the thoughts in the garden of your mind for a longer period of time, and at repeated sittings, you may notice a tendency of your thoughts to follow certain patterns or trends. You may notice that some of these patterns or trends are good, healthy and useful for your advancement and betterment while others are not. The time inventorying the garden of your mind is time well spent. It’s a practice that should be undertaken regularly. How else can you come to know the weeds that return or come anew to root in your garden? How else can you know if the plants you want to grow are doing well and growing nicely?

So we see, turning the soil is not only a beginning process, but a continuing one in the care and nurturing of the garden of our mind.


Selecting the seeds to plant in the garden of your mind is a very personal thing. Each of us has our own concepts, ideas and thoughts about what our life should be. The garden I plant may be wonderful, beautiful and fulfilling to me, but not to you. Therefore you must make the decisions for which seeds you want to consciously plant in the garden of your mind.

Accompanying this booklet are 50 thought seeds you can plant in your garden of your mind if you so choose. You may choose to plant one, you may choose to plant any number of them or even all of them, or you may choose not to plant any of them. That is totally up to you. It’s your garden, so plant in it as you see fit. Each of these seeds is rich with potential, but sterile and lacking in desire content as writing on a piece of paper. They come to life when filled with your energy and desire and reveal their own energy as they are planted in your mind. Some of them may trigger an emotional response by reading them. Some may require contemplation for their energy of desire to be developed and realized. Therefore, in reading these thought seeds, if you wish them to grow; you must be open to and invest positive desire energy, as well as confidence and faith that they will grow. It may help to speak the words, investing them with love and confidence, thus allowing them to be actively planted in the garden of your mind.

You will notice in reviewing the thought seeds that they are thought seeds of the highest nature. They speak to the divinity within us, to the Truth of our being. When you are ready to open the door to the fulfillment these seeds have the potential to bring, the door will swing wide open and the energy for their manifestation will come rushing to you for the fulfillment they contain by design and pattern.

When you consider and embody the oneness of being, you will be greeted with divine love, compassion and fulfillment. The emotion of love is the greatest creative force there is. When I speak of love, I am not speaking of sexual love or lust, I am speaking of that pure emotion a mother has for her child, the deep and meaningful caring we have for one another. It’s the emotion that enriches our lives and lightens the burdens of our daily undertakings. It is the feeling which tingles and makes you want to laugh with joy. It is the feeling of closeness that can’t be described in words, only experienced and therefore ultimately unspoken. In Truth, love is the eternal expression of our being; it is the truest expression of our being.

To invest our thought seeds with any other emotion than divine love, can only lead to disaster and destruction. Therefore plant wisely the seeds within your mind. For the harvest, be it good or bad will surely come to you. The seeds you plant with love and caring will reap such fruit as you have only dreamed of. Seeds planted with anger, hatred, fear and the like, will bear thorns of pain for your harvest. Remember, the harm you do to others by planting such seeds is the harm you do to yourself.

In planting your garden, and choosing your seed thoughts, I recommend taking care of your own garden first. Getting your garden in order, reaping the harvest awaiting you as a beautiful divine being, will better enable you to be the master gardener the beginners will look up to. By your example you will be a leader. By your expression of the divine, in your everyday living, you will show others it is possible, it can be done, so they realize they can do it too.

It is a wonderful thing when one begins to reap the divine harvest. The beginner is so full of excitement and joy at the harvest received; he will certainly want to share it with all. Realizing that you will be filled with such enthusiasm now may allow you to temper that enthusiasm so that you do not tread beyond the boundaries appropriate to those around you. That is, allow those around you their freedom to grow the gardens they choose, even though that may not be the garden you choose to grow for yourself. By experiencing their own garden, each person grows and eventually avails themselves to the garden divine.

You may offer your thoughts and ideas with love and kindness, without any expectations attached to the offerings. Realize that those who are ready will receive them gratefully, those who are not, won’t. You can’t force anyone to grow the divine garden, but you can let them know such a thing exists by your example. When they are ready they will ask, then you can offer them thoughts and ideas with love and consideration.

As you live and experience the divine life, you open the way for others to know, experience and follow. Your awakening fills you with the knowledge and experience that enables you to assist others on the path to their awakening. So, if you truly want to help others, plant thought seeds which bring your own awakening and realization of your divinity. By living divinely, you will help a multitude rather than the few within your personal sphere of expression.


How long does it take from the time of planting to the harvest? Why is it that some things seem to manifest very quickly and some things seem to take forever to manifest? The short answer to the first questions is this: It takes however long it takes. For a person who wants the instant gratification of their desire, that answer may not be acceptable, but that is how long it takes. The answer to the second question is related to the answer to the first question. There are conditions of consciousness which create resistance or obstacles to a manifestation coming forth. The primary element contributing to instantaneous manifestation is one’s identity with the source, the ONE. (NOTE: this is where the emotional guidance system comes into play as an indicator of our proximity to our divine expression in being.) We manifest according to the extent we are consciously united with our True being. As we are totally united with our True being, we may instantaneously manifest those things we desire. The manifestation is always available in potential form. There is no time in the realm where this potential resides, so it doesn’t have to develop in the same way a physical plant seed must develop and grow, although some manifestations may follow a similar growth process to come to harvest. That is, a thought seed may need to go through stages of development before its time for harvest. This booklet is a very good example of that. When I first sat down and began writing this material, I felt comfortable with the amount and length of the content, and I was ready to let it be done there. Upon further review of the material, I could see that some things could be added and so I added to it. Yet again, after further meditation and review, it has grown even more. So, as this booklet is an example of the growth process and unfolding of an idea into its full glory, I could have let it mature to the beginning stage and been satisfied. I was open to its further growth into the fullness of its potential so that openness has allowed this booklet’s growth beyond what I personally thought was its conclusion. In the same way, we must be open to the manifestation exceeding our expectations of it. The cup is not returned to us filled to the brim, but rather running over. So it is with the Glory, Love, Abundance and Fulfillment that is ours by divine right.

So, some things develop over time because their development comes through our consciousness, our experience and understanding. Some things develop over time because we must mow down the weeds in our garden which choke out and hinder the growth of those things we truly want. Some things may also be delayed in the manifestation process by our progressing towards the fulfillment of our desire, then taking steps backward by doubting or any of the other obstacles I spoke of before.

If you want to consistently manifest your heart’s desires instantly, then you must make it your primary goal to break down the barriers that hinders the instant manifestation. Generally, the barrier which most hinders the attainment of this goal is the identification of oneself with separation in duality. What your specific barriers are, are unique to you. How you choose to deal with them is up to you. In order to crumble them, you must become consciously aware of them. They reveal themselves to you in your everyday experience. Every time we deny our oneness of being, our true being, we reinforce a barrier. At every opportunity to see and know our oneness of being, consciously accepting that Truth crumbles the barriers around our consciousness. Some people are comfortable with some of those barriers. They have protected us many times and they have served us well as they will continue to do until such time that we realize we don’t need them anymore. When that time comes, we can easily let them go and be grateful for the service they provided us.

Who determines how long it will take to manifest your heart’s desire? You do, by your willingness to become aware of those barriers and break them down, or by your lack of willingness to do so. It is your garden. It is your life experience. It is your Heaven and it is your Hell. How long you reside in any of these manifestations is by your choice.


Heaven is not really a place so much as it is a state of mind and being. Heaven could be said to be the perfect mind garden, infinitely beautiful, divinely complete and ever fulfilling. An expression in being where all things are in their place according to divine plan and the instant a seed is planted, it blooms into full harvest. That is, there is no season of toiling and waiting for the harvest to come, unless we choose to make it so.

Planting your mind garden with thoughts that will bring you the divine harvest and lovingly caring for your mind garden, is the only way to realize that bountiful harvest. The loving intention, desire, dedication and determination to bring it forth can only succeed if you allow it to. We don’t MAKE the garden grow; we take care of it and LET it grow. As the Master Gardener we let nature do the work, we are just the care takers who guide its growth by our loving and caring attention.


How you decide to use these cards is really up to you. I will suggest a way to use them, and then you can do as I suggest, or adopt a method that works best for you.


It is a wonderful way to start your day, as you awaken in the morning, the first thing you do is to randomly or selectively pick a card and make it your seed for the day. First read it silently then out loud. Envision the thought it presents as being your current reality, your current experience. Fill the thought seed with appreciation and gratitude at having its harvest right now. Accept what the card states as already being. Act in accordance with the thought seed throughout the day. Being in harmony in thought, word and deed with the idea presented on the card hastens it into manifestation.


If you would like to learn more about conscious awareness and self-realization, you may go to your local book store or surf the World Wide Web for bookstores which carry this sort of information and literature. You will certainly find a wonderful selection of writings that will lift your spirits and expand your awareness and knowledge. You may also find all the answers to all your questions by not spending a penny. You can also do that by meditating, entering the silent place within, where all answers reside. Posing your questions to your divinity, you are sure to get the best answers that mean the most to you and are easily understandable.

NOTE: This publication was converted from the paper booklet format; therefore it is the same in content as the paper booklet format. It has been revised into this format having substantially the same content as the paper booklet.


I do not ask for anything in return for making this publication available to you, yet I know there may be some of you who appreciate my efforts and sharing enough to make a donation as a gift of appreciation. You may make a donation by using “paypal.me/JerryDechant”. And if you do decide to donate, I thank you very much by sending love and appreciation to you even if you do not decide to donate.


As mentioned previously, originally, the Thought Seeds were presented as separate cards that you could pick from. For convenience and easy of availability, I’ve included the card’s content here in a list format. Actually, the list might be better, because it gives you the opportunity to jot the Thought Seed down on a piece of paper, then carry that paper around with you during the day, looking at it occasionally as a reminder of your desire and intention. Writing down the thought seed idea is an active part in planting the seed and will reinforce it in the garden of your mind.

Plant these thought seeds, lovingly care for them with a strong desire and intention, and they WILL grow providing the divine harvest they are intended to provide.

* I am always divinely inspired to do and say the right thing at the right time. The fruits of my words and actions are always perfectly divine.

* I am always ready, willing and able to help advance God’s Divine Plan.

* I am an invincible light being in service to God. I am united with the source of Light and Being.

* I am compassion. I find joy and fulfillment in aiding those in need.

* I am divine wisdom. I make the right decisions quickly and easily.

* I am divinely blessed. I have the greatest good fortune. Opportunities for my fulfillment come to me quickly and easily.

* I am Energy. I am filled with vitality and energy.

* I am eternally appreciative and grateful for the TRUTH of my being.

* I am eternally youthful and divinely beautiful.

* I am here for a purpose. I know my purpose and I carry out my purpose with the greatest joy.

* I am humbly grateful for all the good in my life. I joyously give thanks and appreciation.

* I am Life, Love, wisdom and knowledge.

* I am one with all being as I am one with God/Source, therefore I am known and know all intimately.

* I am one with TRUTH and God Being, therefore all fears, sorrows and despair vanish into nothingness.

* I am Peace on Earth. I am Good will to All.

* I am perfectly healthy. Every cell of my body vibrates with divine energy and is eternally vital and alive.

* I am ready, willing and able to share the abundance which is now and eternally available to me.

* I am spirit manifesting in physical form.

* I am the light of TRUTH which dispels the shadows of darkness.

* I am the perfect expression of divine abilities.

* I am awaken into this new day greeting it with an open heart filled with bliss and divine expectations.

* I delight in the company of all God’s children. Harmony, love, caring and sharing abound.

* I lift my body, mind and spirit into the Heavenly realm of the divine thoughts where I express divinity freely and openly, and this expression is always received with great joy.

* In being of service to God/Source, I serve humanity with great love and joy.

* I express love, joy and abundance just for the fun of it.

* I express the TRUTH in thought, word and deed so others may know, see and follow.

* I realize the light of my being helps lift others into the realization of the light of their being.

* I love everyone and every living thing, and they all love me.

* I am always divinely inspired to say and do the right thing. The fruits of my words and actions are always perfectly divine.

* I shine the light of God from every cell of my body and being.

* Infinite love fills my mind, and thrills my body with its perfect life.

* My relationships are according to the Divine Plan therefore are perfect expressions of Harmony and Bliss.

* Of my small self, I can do nothing. It is God within me which does the work. I give thanks.

* Only divinely inspired thoughts reside in my mind. I bring them forth in perfect bliss.

* The light of TRUTH casts away all fears, distortions, and illusions.

* The TRUTH of my being is revealed in my expressing it. I always express truly.

* The TRUTH sets me free, lifts my burdens and makes the rough roads smooth on the journey of my life.

* There is only ONE Being. This Being is Divine. I am one with this Being.

* Whenever I have questions, I ask God within me for the answers. I always receive the perfect answer to every question.

* Divine Grace expresses through me at every opportunity.

* Duality is an illusion like the two sides of a coin. I see clearly the TRUTH of my being.

* Each moment of my life is filled with bliss and fulfillment.

* Every cell of my body is filled with the perfect life and light of God.

* Everyone I meet is a divine expression of God’s purity and perfection according to the Divine Plan.

* I always do the right thing at the right time, in the perfect way.

* I am That I AM.

* I am a perfect manifestation of God in physical form.

* I am abundance, therefore all I could ever want or need is ever available to me just for the asking.

* Blessings to us all! Amen.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Pane of Glass

In order to truly love someone else, you have to truly love yourself first. In order to truly love yourself, you have to know yourself, and this is the part we all can work on which will uncover our divinity essence, which in truth is Divine Love.

Each of us was created in the image and likeness of God, which means we are complete, whole, beautifully perfect expressions of God. And with our kinship with God, we co create our lives by the choices we make. So, if we want to express our divinity more fully, it behooves us to put our attention on uncovering that which we already are.

We are like a pane of glass which the light of God shines through. Because of our exposure to life, we've built up dust and debris on our pane of glass, and may think we are that dust and debris. If we take the time to clean off the debris, and keep it clean, the light of our divinity can shine through us because that is what the light of divinity does eternally.

As we are a clear channel for divinity to manifest, we radiate divine love unconditionally, we see the same divine light shining through all manifestation so we are immersed within this radiance all the time.

God dwells within each of us as each of us. When you realize this, you experience the oneness which reveals the truth of the saying "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you." You KNOW there is only one being, and what appears to be "other" is just another perspective/aspect within this one beingness.

Blessings to us all!

Friday, June 5, 2020

Quality of Life and Safety Considerations

What is the point of implementing safety restrictions to the extent that one’s quality of life is so diminished that it is questionable whether that life is actually worth living anymore?

It appears to me; the emphasis currently being placed on safety to save lives is being more heavily focused upon than the quality of life which is being diminished by that imbalance towards safety. Certainly, one should not be foolish and take unnecessary risks which diminish their safety, but the safety considerations are most worthwhile when they enhance one’s quality of life rather than diminish it.

People have long been doing things which are at high risk and dangerous, and find that taking such risks adds to their life being exhilarating, exciting and challenging. For example, jumping out of an airplane skydiving, or hang gliding off of a high cliff just to name a couple of adventurous activities people find to be adding to the quality of their life expressing. The safety gestapo would stop such activities in a heartbeat if they had their way, because those activities can be extremely dangerous.

As we live our lives, we are constantly being exposed to dangers great and small throughout our day. Some of them are obvious, and some of them are not so obvious. Some are very dangerous, being life threatening, and some are only mildly dangerous where mild or no injuries may result.

Key things to consider are freedom of choice and the pursuit of happiness. There are those who want to make your choices for you, they say they want to “keep you safe,” and so they use that as their motivation to limit our freedom of choice, the forget that most people are capable of making decisions about their own safety without an authority figure telling them what they can and cannot do.

As in all things, balance is the ideal state of life in expression, and in this exposition, we can consider the value of safety and quality of life so that we may find the balance where both safety and quality of life are in perfect balance. One’s balance is something he/she is best suited to determine for his/her self. Laws which take away an individual’s right to make their own decisions about how they live their life are unconstitutional. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are key considerations which affect one’s quality of life.

The freedoms we allow others are the freedoms we allow for our own selves. Remember this when you want to control someone else’s behavior. Also consider whether the dangers others may pose to you are actual or imagined. There is a tendency to exaggerate the actual dangers we face when interacting with others, some of those perceived dangers are imaginary, and can be easily exaggerated because they are imaginary.

So, do you want to be 100% safe or do you want to take reasonable risks and live a healthy worthwhile quality of life? You decide for yourself, you don’t get to decide for others because this is what freedom of choice is.

I suggest focusing on well-being, joy, and compassion. The results will be that you are a joyous, compassionate being who lives life well and thereby makes choices which further perpetuates and enables such life expressing for themselves and others.

Blessings to us all.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Choice and Control

What is going on? Everything is about choice and control. We each have the freedom of choice, and when that is allowed to unfold naturally; we make choices which we perceive to be favorable to our own life experiencing. "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence, and reflects the idea of having the freedom to choose what we believe is the pursuit of our own happiness.

The choices we make are meant to be the rudder which steers the course of our life expressing, and therefore, according to our choices, we bring joy or we bring sorrow into our life experiencing. And, by the choices we make, we learn through our own experience, what we like and what we don’t like, what we want and don’t want to experience.

Because we aren’t isolated from other people and our environment, our choices have effects which can collide with the choices of other people and environments. Some choices may be considered favorable to other people and environments, and some may be considered unfavorable to other people and environments, with a range of possibilities existing between those extremes.

Because of the diversity in possible choices, we may not, and probably won’t agree with all the choices other people make, choices which may conflict with our own choices. And this is where it gets messy, because in those circumstances, we may choose to have others do what we want, because we believe what we want is the best for everyone, (or at least that’s what we use as our justification,) when we force our choices upon others.

How then is the expression in life allowed to unfold? Choices have consequences; they are governed by the principle of or cause and effect. The underlying expression in being has an innate tendency to seek balance; therefore the law of Karma comes into effect. That is to say, in order to maintain balance in life expressing, if we cause joy to unfold in our life expressing, this joyous effect radiates out into our world environment and therefore may have an effect on those beings touched by that expression in being. The cause is the intent to express joy, and the effect is the expression of joy. Joy is life supporting and beneficial to all natural expressions in life. So, as we radiate joy to the world, due to the law of Karma, joy is reflected back to us as an expression in the external world we live in.

Likewise, if our choice is to control another, to make them do what we want them to do, then to balance the scales of Karma, the choice to control others gives rise to others choosing to control us, and this may show up in our life as a loss of choice. This causes a cyclic effect where the mechanism of choice from both perspectives is self-propelling and therefore perpetuates the cycle so long as the cause remains. As a reminder, the cause was to control another person’s choices, which in effect takes away our own freedom of choice in order to balance the scales of Karma.

How do we get off that wheel of Karma then? We may defuse the circumstance by deciding not to force our choices upon others; we may choose to allow others the freedom of their own choice which through the balancing of Karma enables our own freedom of choice to be reinstated.

This is why I often cite the saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This saying embodies the law of Karma perfectly. When we understand and embody this saying in our life expressing, we automatically balance the scales of Karma so that what we experience is favorable to our own life expressing, and favorable to other people in our environment.

Governmental laws which restrict the freedom of choice have to abide by the law of Karma as well. The laws are formulated by people, and accordingly, those who formulate such laws are subject to the law of Karma whether they believe in it or not, whether they are aware of it or not. Because the law of Karma is not a respecter of person, it endeavors to return to balance in all cases and circumstances. Governmental laws which are restrictive engender more laws which are restrictive and this cycle continues until the restrictions cause the demise of the system which perpetuates such increasingly restrictive laws. In other words restrictive laws are eventually self-defeating.

The insidious control of others is accomplished by causing others to make the choices “they” want to activate. “They” are the ones who are aware of the law of Karma, and how it seeks balance. They know that in order to avoid the effects of limiting freedoms, they engineer ways to get people to make the choices “they” want the people to make. That way, the individual’s freedom of choice appears to be maintained, yet that is part of the deception because without the deceit and manipulation, without the covert attempts to control other people’s choices, one may not choose to cooperate so readily as the deceived and manipulated who have been controlled.

In conclusion, I suggest it behooves one to make their own choices and allow others the freedom to make their own choices. The freedoms we choose for ourselves are the freedoms we allow for others. The joy we promote for ourselves is the joy we promote for others. If we must control, we must control our own choice to allow other the very same freedom of choice we enjoy. Let the law of Karma do its job, maintaining balance.

As we sow, so shall we reap.

Blessings to us all.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Earn Trust

Trust is earned, not freely given, for only through interactions and relationships can trust be earned and valued as part of a healthy and enduring relationship.

So, don't expect people to automatically trust you. Show through your words, actions and being that you are trustworthy.

It takes time to get to know someone, and it takes time to build a firm foundation of trust. There are no short cuts, there isn't one path that works for everyone, so find out what truly works for you, and go for it.

If you want to trust others, first center, find that place within you where trust resides, and bring it forth to be seen and experienced by those around you.

It takes a long time for many people to earn trust, and it takes a split second to loose it, so keep that in mind as you proceed upon your life path.

Blessings to us all.