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Sunday, December 5, 2010


By Jerome Dechant
December 5, 2010

What you identify as “you” is the result of the filters which selectively permit the data to pass through to your awareness. Your life experiencing, and your personal perspective are governed by these filters. No two individuals have exactly the same filters; therefore, each individual’s perspective is unique. This is why a room full of 100 people will result in each person’s experiences and perspective being different. The similarities that these 100 people will confirm having are because there are basic structures in the filtering system which universally allows basic data through to the awareness of all human beings. This can be understood by the example all human beings experience breathing, seeing, hearing, smelling, tactile touching and tasting, unless there is a functional disorder which prevents the data from making it to the awareness.

So, in the example of the 100 people, they would all see substantially the same thing, although from their own unique perspective. They would all hear substantially the same thing, (if there was a speaker on the stage talking,) from their own unique perspective. And so on with the other senses which form the basis or foundation of our commonality as human beings. You are able to read these words because of our commonality in reading and understanding the English language. The interpretation of what is stated can vary from individual to individual because of the additional filtering which varies the understanding of what is written.

I want to back up a bit to write about why the filters are in place.

That which we are aware of through our physical body senses is defined by the sense which receives the raw data. Each sense has a certain frequency range which it is calibrated to receive; therefore each sense has its own filter which limits what it allows to pass through to your awareness. The human eyes perceive a very small part of the actual light spectrum data which we are immersed within. This is true for each of the senses. Each sense is actually capable of perceiving a small part of the total spectrum of its specific frequency range. And these limitations are inherent in the human species because of nature.

To understand this in another way, I will use numbers which in these examples may not be factual in their numeric accuracy, but they will represent the ideas I mean to present here.

Everything is vibrating energy. The spectrum of energy vibration, for purposes of our understanding, is infinite. If we break down this infinite spectrum of energy vibration into bits of data, we would have a data pool with an infinite number of bits of data. Since grasping an infinite number is impossible to comprehend, I will use an example in numbers which is more comprehendible because any number I pick will be finite. So, in this example, let’s use the number one billion to be representative of the infinite bits of data always present within being. There are one billion bits of data in which we are all immersed within, and in fact, we are each composed of and therefore part of these billion bits of data. We are within this soup of data as human beings with conscious awareness. (The conscious awareness (being) is that which is aware of the data but not dependent on the data for its existence. The data exists because of the conscious awareness, (being) not the other way around. Without the filters the one Being is consciously aware of its infinity, of the totality of its bits of information. As such, It has one perspective which is all encompassing. So, if you or I removed all of our filters what would be perceived is this one infinite beingness. People who experience this one beingness have done so through the dropping of the filters which enable their individual identity perspective.

The first filter established within the data pool was the formation of duality, i.e. me and not me. And from this split, all relativity sprang into existence. This one filter enabled the one being to experience the perception of twoness. So, in this first instance the one being retains its awareness of its totality without filters, and at the same time inhabits an identity which isn’t aware of its totality but something different from the totality, an individual with an individual perspective.

The difference now is that the individual perspective is within the infinite data pool where the One Being IS the data pool. Being within the data pool, the individual perspective could then explore and create and thereby establish additional filters to further differentiate and define the data. Some examples of these filters are: light and dark, male and female, good and bad, hot and cold. In all of these filtering systems you will notice a pairing of opposites which means, one could not experience light without darkness, good without badness, male without femaleness, hot without coldness. Whatever the pairing is, each one is dependent upon the other for its expression.

Okay, I got a bit off track there, but important information, none the less.

Back to the filters.

If you and I could embody the exact same filters, our life experiencing would be identical. As a matter of fact, by adopting the identical filters, we wouldn’t know each other as you and me, but rather as I am. We would both experience beingness from the same exact perspective. What this would mean is once we adopted the exact same filters, there wouldn’t be a “both of us,” there would only be one of us. If it was possible for both of us to adopt the identical filters, whoever was the adopter would cease to exists from his/her previous personal perspective and then fully merge and embody the perspective of the other which would then not be “the other.” This probably is something most humans would not be interested in except for those who want to be someone else. (Note: Such a merging would not be just assuming the identity of someone else while maintaining your previous perspective and identity. Assuming the exact same filters as another would result in the dissolving of the prior perspective filters in order to embody the adopted filters perspective. This means, there wouldn’t be a blending of filters like pouring milk into coffee resulting in something else, but rather it would be like pouring milk into coffee and the milk becoming coffee.)

Rather than such a loss in perspective, I’d suggest maintaining one’s own perspective while adopting the aspects of the other which one admires which means adjusting one’s own filters to enable the flow of data which expresses through being as embodying the admirable traits. Assuming the admirable traits of another might be understood as a learning process as in a student adopting the filters which allow certain knowledge to be understood and embodied. An aspirant following the example of a spiritual teacher would be an example of adopting the filters and dropping filters which previously restricted the flow of data necessary to embody the similar life experiencing as the spiritual teacher.

Not stated previously is something that is obvious but not apparent. That is the data which expresses as an enlightened being, a millionaire, a poor homeless person, etc. are all currently present in each moment. That means that if you are a poor homeless person, the data is already in existence which, were you to drop the filters which express as a poor homeless person, and adopt the filters of an enlightened being, would result in embodying enlightened beingness.

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you are familiar with my sharing of Abraham’s teachings as brought forth by Esther Hicks. Abraham often says that it is the resistance which is in the way of our experiencing all the wonderful things we’ve desired. Think about that. What is a filter? It is a resistance which doesn’t let certain data through to your awareness and experiencing. What we want is right here right now available to us. It has always been right here, but we haven’t been cognizant of it because we’ve filtered out that from our awareness, and therefore our experience.

When we realize we have control of the filters which are currently in place, we can change them so we have other data coming through to our awareness which results in an altered life experiencing. Instead of just living with the filters which are currently in place, we can choose to dissolve them if they aren’t serving us in our life expressing, we can thereby allow data through to our awareness which manifests as a fuller life experiencing. Such life experiencing may be the realization of the loving enduring relationships you’ve so long longed for, or the financial abundance which enables you to more fully enjoy life experiencing as well as helping others to dissolve their own filters which limit their life expressions needlessly.

It is better to teach a man to plant wheat and cultivate it so he can make his own bread, than to just give him a loaf of bread because just giving the man the bread he is dependent upon you for acquiring the bread, while the teaching method enables him to be self-governed and self-sufficient.

Right now, in this very moment, we all have filters in place which we know the results of as our life experiencing. If this life experiencing isn’t to your liking, knowing there are filters in place which are blocking the data (life experiencing,) you desire is very useful information. Knowing the life experiencing you desire already exists, but is not being experienced by you, empowers you to dissolve the filters which get in the way of the life experiencing you desire. In other words, there is a flood of wonder on the other side of this door before you. Open the door and be amazed at the wonder which awaits you.

How do you change the filters? Think about what you’ve just read. Meditate upon this information. The answers to all your questions are right here, right now present. In the asking the answer comes to you when you remove the filters to that knowing.

Friday, October 8, 2010

From the WayBack Machine...


What follows is something I wrote to a friend back in 2007. I came across it today and read it again. I think it is worth shareing so I am pasting it into this blog posting. (I've changed the person's name to protect his/her privacy.)

Hello John,

I think the central issue you presented below is a self esteem issue, and the other stuff is tied to that as a natural effect. So, the first thing I would suggest is forgive yourself for all the past decisions you made that didn't bring you the results you intended. Consider that those "bad choices," are gifts to you, to help you to learn to make decisions, to show you the results of making decisions on a whim, etc. Each experience in our life has a seed of fulfillment contained within it, that is to say, each bad thing that happens to us, has something good we can draw from it. That being so, review some of the things you pointed out below, and find the good that has come of it. When you find that good, be grateful and thankful that life has offered you this lesson, and that you've come away with a
better understanding of living in this life, being here now.

Here is another exercise you can do, and I'd recommend you do this for at least 30 days. Take some time each day to sit quietly by yourself with some paper and a pen or pencil, and for this, say 15 minutes or so, look around you and list all the things that you appreciate that are in your life right now. Each day, try to add something to that list and review what you've written the day before. Also, through out the day, observe those things in your life that you appreciate, and
bring greater joy and happiness into your moment by moment experience, and say to your self something like, "Thanks for this beautiful day." or whatever it happens to be. Getting in the habit of appreciating what you already have in your life experience is a huge step towards drawing more things to appreciate into your life. So, make this a fun thing to do. If you approach it as a chore, a job, or something undesirable, it won't bring you the satisfaction it is intended to. So approach it as a game and have fun with it.

If you have read my blogs, you've seen that I mention the Law of Attraction and teachings presented by Abraham through Ester Hicks. The main teaching presented in those writings is that we draw those things into our life by where we put our focus and attention, therefore, you can easily see that by paying so much attention to being unworthy, in financial trouble, etc., you have put a lot of attention upon that, and so that is what you get in return. The exercise I've stated above will work by moving your attention away from those things you don't want onto those things you do. It will take time, but if you persist, you will eventually reap the rewards of having so much in your life that you appreciate, that all that other
stuff will pale by comparison. And you can be grateful that those "hard times," lead you to seek guidance and put light upon your path to find your way out of it.

Here are some other ideas you can apply. With determination and focused attention they will result in life changing attitudes and experiences.

The main thing is to focus your attention upon what you want. For example, if you want to be financially secure, easily able to meet your bills and have plenty left over to afford a wonderful life, ask yourself this question, "How can I be and have financial abundance?" Listen to the inner voice for answers to the question. Keep asking yourself this question until some ideas pop into your mind. Then, if they are legal and feel good when these ideas come to you, act upon them. Not all ideas that come up will be great ideas that will bring abundance into your experience, but they will be a step in the right direction. Look for people in your life who you admire, who are happy, successful and have financial abundance, find out what they do, how they think, and adopt those attitudes and behaviors. If it feels good when you are thinking about it, when you are doing it, then you are making progress in the right direction. The inner guidance system is one of emotions, the better it feels, the closer to source you are aligned. (read my blog where I talk about the emotional guidance system.)

When you have repeated life experiences, that is life telling you, you didn't "get it" the first time you had that experience, so you continue to repeat those life experiences until you do "get it." So, what is it you need to get out of the life experiences that keep repeating themselves? The answers to that question is something for you to come up with and recognize. When you have an, "Ah Ha!" moment,
that is the graduation moment, the moment that you realize the answer and you will make changes in your attitude, thoughts and actions that will result in that lesson being learned and no long will it appear in your life experience.

All of this takes time, so be patient and persistent in maintaining your attention upon what you want. Each time your attention goes to something that doesn't make you feel good about yourself and your life experience, change your focus back to something that does make you feel good about yourself and your life experience, and do things that feed that fire of joy and abundance. A very good way to find that
good feeling is to help others without an expectation of receiving anything in return. Helping others for the sake of helping others holds a huge reward.

I hope this is helpful to you. Try at least one of the things I've offered here. Give it a chance to take root in your mind and heart, and I am certain, you will find the results you are seeking. Like I said, give it at least 30 days. Start today, and mark a smiley face on your calendar for each day you've found something to appreciate, for each day you've helped someone and you felt good about it, for each day you've appreciated yourself, you've loved yourself, and 30 days from now you can write back to me and tell me how it is going.

(Actually, you can write back anytime. I am glad to help. Also, please read through my old blogs, I think you will find useful information there.)

Thanks for being here. I appreciate your consideration and asking.

Best regards,

Monday, September 20, 2010

We are space travelers...

We are space travelers, and Earth is our space ship.

Here on earth the average human walking speed is approximately 3 mph (which depends upon a number of factors such as height, weight, terrain, surface, effort and fitness,) not only are we moving upon the earth, but the earth is spinning upon its axis which is 23 degrees from true north, at approximately 1,041.6 mph. The earth is orbiting our sun at approximately 67,000 mph. As the earth spins and orbits our sun, the sun also moves at approximately 155.342 miles per second in its own orbit in our galaxy which is moving at approximately 372.822 miles per second through its own trajectory in the universe.

The truth is, the actual location of “here” which was present at the moment I pressed these keyboard letters is far distant from the “here” as I read this again, and as you are reading this now. We are always moving through space, space we’ve never been through before. This is true and we are, whether we appreciate it or not, whether we know it or not, constantly unfolding and discovering new space as we ride upon out space ship called Earth. Even as we move through new space in this moment which has now just passed, we continue to move on and on, never stopping, always going. We truly are on a journey with no specific destination known to us, but on a trajectory which moves us on and on.

If we could somehow be removed from our current limited human beings perspective upon this planet and then somehow adopt another perspective with a grander view, we could see our movement through space, we might perceive a trail through space reaching back to when the earth first came into being. We are always at the leading edge of this trail. Considering the spin of the earth and our orbit around our sun and the sun’s movement through the galaxy, the path wouldn’t be a straight line, but rather a spiraling coil which appears fairly consistent in spin and trajectory.

With the knowledge of an astronomer, and a mathematician, a graphic representation of our movement through space could be generated, and we’d see we have never traveled through the same space we’ve been through before.

Here are some number to consider when contemplate our traveling through space.
(I got this information by doing search on the web.)

The earth is tilted 23 degrees from true north. (This is what causes our changing seasons.)
The earth’s circumference at the equator is approximately 25,000 miles.
The spin of the earth is approximately 1,041.66 mph.
The earth rotates around the sun at approximately 67,000 mph.
The axis of our galaxy rotation is 117 degrees from the earth’s rotational axis
Galactic south pole = 27 degrees southern latitude on earth.

Earth orbit in km/s = 30 km/s
Sun’s orbit in km/s = 250 km/s
Galaxy’s average velocity to the universe = 600km/s

To put some of these numbers into a context that might be more meaningful for you, I’ve rounded the numbers up to the nearest whole number:

The distance from San Francisco, California to New York, New York is approximately 2914 miles by land travel taking a relatively straight course.

If you travel from SF to NY at the speed the earth is spinning, it would take approximately 2.8 hours to make the trip.

If you travel from SF to NY at the speed the earth orbits the sun, it would take approximately .04 hours to make the trip.

If you travel from SF to NY at the speed the sun orbits our galaxy it would take you approximately 19 seconds to make the trip.

If you travel from SF to NY at the speed the galaxy’s average velocity, it would take you approximately 8 seconds to make the trip.

While the earth is spinning at 1,041.66 mph, and the earth is also orbiting our sun at 67,000 mph, and our sun is also orbiting or galactic center at 559231.2 mph and our galaxy is moving at about 1342159.2 mph, you can see we are streaking through the universe at phenomenal speeds.

So, we truly are space travelers. Even the ancient beings who first inhabited this planet were space travelers upon the space ship called Earth.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sage of Lamberene

Sage of Lamberene

(Double click in the image portion to open it up on YouTube. I couldn't get it to display right here.)

A very nice song and performance/presentation.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ever Young

Ever young which means being open to possibilities, flexible, adaptive, adventurous, curious, playful, free, fully present in the moment, joyous, generous, forgiving, accepting, appreciative, humble yet bold, strong yet gentle and kind, thoughtful and wise…

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Determination and Focus

I posted what is presented below in the forum at Devon White's Reality Bender forum. I thought it is worth sharing with a broader audience, so I've presented it here.


I think Devon talked about these things in recent phone conferences with us. I would like to write about these a little bit.

I will start with Determination. When I think of that word, it seems to me to present a picture of someone rooted in place, like the guard at the gate to heaven who won't let anyone pass without solving the riddle he/she gives them. It seems to me to be an attitude of which involves great effort to maintain. I'm determined to be determined. How does that feel in your body? For me, it feels tense and rigid.

Might I suggest another attitude which is more enjoyable, more natural?

I will use our Sun as an example which expresses the attitude I am suggesting. Let me tell you some things about the sun.

1. It isn't determined to shine. It isn't determined to radiate life energy. It isn't determined to be or do anything except that which comes naturally to it as being a sun. Whatever the sun does, it does naturally and effortlessly.

2. It doesn't descriminate who will receive the light and energy which it naturally radiates. It just radiates that light and energy all around itself without exception, without qualifiers.

3. It expresses it's being as a celestial body, the sun, because that is what it is.

Now, lets applies these concepts to our own being, overlay those ideas over our own being.

To abreviate this a bit, I will cut to the end and tell you, if you don't already know, you are by nature a magnificent, eternal, creative being who's natural expression is to radiate love, to create and expand, and express. You don't have to DO anything except accept your inherent nature.

When you are centered within the magnificence of your being, you radiate this magnificence naturally. Within that magnificence is the all giving accepting love vibration.

If there is any determination involved, at least as I've expressed it above, it is associated with gently guiding yourself back to your magnificence, if and when you drift away from that. Like saying to yourself, "Oh yeah, I'm drifting away from my magnificence." Then easily returning to your natural state.

This is a meditation practice used by many. When you sit in meditation and are just there following your breath in and out, and your mind begins to wander, when you become aware of that wandering, you just return your focus to your breathing. That's it. You don't need to be determined to do that, you just need to be present in the moment, and aware of where you want your focus to be.

That brings us to focus.

For many people their focus is like a bee buzzing from one flower to another, never interested in settling on just one flower. That is perfectly fine and necessary for a bee, but not necessarily perfectly fine for us. Why? Because where we place our focus is where we spend our energy. Where we spend our energy determines what our life experiences are and will be. The energy we spend is the seed of our creative expression. If you mindlessly spill your energy everywhere, you reap the harvest such mindlessness engenders.

While it might not be popular, it is benificial to cultivate an awareness of your own focus, what do you focus upon, how much time to you spend paying attention to the many things life offers you? How many books do you start reading without finishing before you pick up another book to read? How many projects do you start without taking them to the final product you intended to have once the project was done?

To simplify your life, I suggest developing a very meaningful focus, and this focus is the awareness of being here now. What does that involve? It involves being fully present in this moment right now. It involves being fully present in this moment right now. It involves being fully present in this moment right now...

What better focus can you have? Being focused within this moment enables you to attend to those things before you in this moment. This is the Default which Devon speaks of. You really don't have to be determined as much as aware, then gently bring your focus back to center, to here now, whenever your mind begins to wander.

I love you all very much! Blessings to you!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dying - Living...

There was a person who I saw on a YouTube video who said he was dying. He said what it was he was dying from, but he didn’t dwell on it. That brought to mind something else of great value not only to me, but I am sure to you as well.

We are all dying of something.

What I mean by that is eventually, we will leave these physical bodies for one reason or another, that is to say we will each and every one of us die. To my knowledge, no one on this planet has lived without dying, to my level of certainty that we will each of us die some day is very high.

Now, considering that as being factual, many people will become very sad when contemplating his or her ultimate demise.

I want to point out something here: Dying is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is Living.

Some people spend so much time dying; they miss the valuable experiences of living. Where you put your focus and attention, so there also is your creative energy flowing.

Even with the worst disease, while that might be awful, you still have life. And while you still have life there is hope. And as long as you have hope, you continue to live. And finding a way to live in joy for the moment, of the moment serves you very well.

My advice is be present in this moment, become gloriously aware of the life which sustains you and revel in the joy of the moments life gives you because that is what life is for.

You may spend your life dying, or you may spend your life living. The choices you make in this regard will ultimately have a huge impact on your quality of expression in being.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A short Birthday Card poem


I typically create cards for birthdays and holiday celebrations for friends and family. A couple of days ago I created a birthday card for a friend, and this is the message I created for her card:

Moments pass like the cool breeze on a summer evening,
They slip away without even being noticed,
Yet within them,
Are the joys of life,
To have and to cherish.

May the celebration of another year,
Bring recollections of cherished moments,
And birth new joys which grow and thrive,
Throughout all the many moments of your life,
Yet to come.

- - -

I thought I'd share this with everyone. I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Change for Improvement

Change for Improvement in life experience/situation/attitude, etc..

It does take effort to experience improvement, but the effort doesn’t have to be a struggle.

When you understand and make use of the natural forces which come into play, you may use these forces to your advantage rather than struggling needlessly against them.

When you apply effort, it may require a great deal of effort, but because it requires a great deal of effort doesn’t mean that it has to be hard. How “hard” or how “easy” anything is, is purely a mental attitude about that which you are doing.

When you truly want to experience the benefits of improvement in life experiencing, you will be faced with the value of having that improvement vs. the effort necessary to have that improved experience. When the effort is greater than the desire, improvement will not be pursued because you don’t want it enough. Conversely, if you really want the improvement so much that no other option is available to you, your desire will easily exceed the amount of effort it takes to experience the improved life experiencing. In this case, you will apply the effort with unwavering determination until the improved life experience is realized.

When you remove the “hardness” and the “struggle” from the equation, it become a simple matter of doing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Life, the Quality of


If you are reading this, you have it, life that is. Not only are you alive, but you are also aware, not only are you aware but you are intelligent as well. I can write these things with a high level of certainty based upon self-evidence and obviousness. As intelligent aware beings we experience life. I also believe this is true of everyone as well. What differs between you, me and the next person is our experience of life, but even there, there is commonality which enables us to communicate with each other, which enables us to share experiences and interests, likes and dislikes. Experiencing life is not limited to human beings. This should be obvious as well, there are many life forms which inhabit this planet we live on, many that we are aware of, and possibly many that we are not. We are often forgetful of the facts that all life forms innately have some sort of awareness and some sort of intelligence as well. Consider this last sentence the next time you mindlessly harm another life form.

This brings to mind the reason why I’m writing this in the first place. The reason is to express the value of life, and the value of quality of life which we all share and aspire towards.

I think we can all agree it is not enough just to be alive. A person in a coma is alive. None of us would choose that as a life expression if given the choice; Do you want to spend your life in a coma for, let’s say 75 years, then die, or do you want to spend your life experiencing all that life has to offer, moving about freely and easily, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching your surroundings? Laughing, crying, singing, dancing, sleeping and dreaming?

Regardless of who you are, or where you live, the primal instinct for each and every one of us is to survive. Yes, there are some who do not wish to survive, but I submit that they didn’t start out with that attitude; I submit that the quality of their life has contributed to such a life ending attitude. So, the quality of life is again at issue and therefore is a motivator which urges each of us on to a better life experience, not only for ourselves but others as well.

What will people do to experience a better life and what motivates them to do those things?

What motivates you to do what you do? Are you motivated by fear or by love? The quality of your life experience is largely determined by which of these is your motivator.

Fear has long been used as a means to manipulate and control others. Fears finger prints can easily be observed everywhere we look. Why is the evidence of fear so prevalent, because it is effective? I think we can all agree that it is effective, and most of us can attest to how powerful it is and shaping our lives, our choices and what we do. Take a moment to consider the quality of your own life as it is constrained via the influence of fear. Is this the quality of life you want for yourself? Is there a better way to live this life? I think the clear answer is Yes!

Recently I was talking with a friend about dealing with her children. She said something I’ve heard before, something which has been repeated more than once, springing from the lips of people across the world in many languages; “I’d rather be feared than loved.” What does that tell you? It tells me that many people believe fear is more powerful than love, and it may certainly seem to be true.

This brings me back to the quality of life issue, so let’s look at the quality of life where fear is the motivating factor and the quality of life where love is the motivator.

The quality of life where fear is the motivating factor.

In order for fear to be established, something of great value must be threatened. The more real the threat, the more powerful the fear, the more powerful the fear, the greater control those engendering the fear can wield. Because we value life so much, the threat of loss of life is often the easiest mode of establishing control, then the loss of quality of life is also somewhere in that fear factor. Fear is based upon hurt, harm, destruction and loss.

An example of how fear is established.

Mother: “Pick up your toys.”

Child: ….

Mother: “I said pick up your toys or I’ll spank you.”

Child: ….

Mother: Takes the child and spanks him on the bottom, which startles and shocks the child who begins to cry. Once again, the mother says. “Pick up your toys now or I’ll give you another swat.”

Child: Picks up his toys.

Why did the child pick up his toys? Because he didn’t want to be spanked again, it hurt and scared him.

So, the next time the mother wants the child to do something the spanking looms as a threat within the mind and memory of the child who doesn’t want to be hurt or scared; therefore he complies with his mother’s demand. Not because he wants to, not because he loves and respects his mother, but because the quality of his life experience is threatened.

I bet most of you reading this, can relate to this example as something very similar probably happened to you at a very early age. Not only once, but many times, and sometimes we got spanked but went ahead and ignored the threat until we got spanked harder, and so on. So the escalation of threat is always part of the effectiveness when applying the fear factor. You can see evidence of this on the TV news all the time called Terrorism. Why is there terrorism? Because it works.

Those who promote using the fear factor as a means to an end may seemingly enjoy the benefits of their manipulation and control of others, but in using fear as a means of control, a bit of their illustrious beautiful presence in being is tarnished and no longer available as part of their quality of life experiencing. This is evident in their lack of compassion, their heartlessness, their cruelty. The more one uses fear as a tool to control others, the higher the price for using that tool becomes. And the price paid is in loss of the enjoyment of life, the joy of life. The joy of life is the highest quality of life expression, so while those wielding the sword of fear may benefit materially, spiritually, they are poor and empty. You can therefore see why someone who has abused the fear factor might proclaim, “I’d rather be feared than loved.” The reason is because fear is the only thing left to them. When fear is the only thing left for you, it rules your life, you don’t trust anyone, and everyone is your enemy. This is what those who abuse fear find as their ultimate reward.

The quality of life where love is the motivating factor

The qualities of love define the values of it as a supportive expression in life. Love is creative, life supporting and sustaining. Life begets life via love. Love cherishes and values, therefore promotes growth, caring, sharing, guiding and protecting those we cherish and value within our life experiencing. These are qualities substantially opposite to those of fear. Unlike fear which is based upon lack of trust, love’s foundation is firmly established on consistency and trust which engenders supreme caring and willing abiding.

Let me restate the prior example, this time where love is the motivating factor in driving the scenario.

Mother: “Pick up your toys.”

Child: ….

Mother: Goes over to the child, distracts him from what he’s doing by giving him a big hug and kiss. “You know I love you so much, don’t you?”

Child: Smiles, and nods to his mother, as he enjoys the mother’s positive loving attention. He hugs his Mommy back.

Mother: “Come on, help me pick up these toys, okay?”

Child: “Okay.”

Instead of making it a chore, the mother makes it an enjoyable game they both play together. This enhances their relationship because she provides him with the example of a happy loving being. Children emulate those they value in their life experiencing, so taking a loving and caring approach to life experiences promotes that behavior in the children as well.

This example may seem farfetched. You might say, “Yeah right, like that’s ever going to happen like that.” Well, you may be right, it might not actually happen like that, but when love and caring is the motivating factor, creativity can come in to play, and whatever the experience is, it can be an enjoyable one.

When love is the motivating factor for encouraging others to do what you ask them to do, they are more likely to choose to do what you ask because of their mutual love and caring attitude as well as mutual respect. You will also notice a big difference in the language of a loving approach when compared to a fear based approach. In the loving approach, one would ask the other to do the thing while in the fear approach; one would tell the other what to do without allowing him/her the freedom of choice. So you see, love promotes freedom of choice while fear restricts freedom of choice.

It is good to be mindful of our motivators, of our attitudes and of the quality of our life experiencing because being mindful of these things opens us to the possibilities of change. Not only the possibilities of change, but change for the better.

I’m certain we all want to enjoy life fully. By adopting love as your motivating drive, you can certainly enable such a life. If your heart has been tarnished by the effects of fear, you can begin to wash away the tarnish with the balm of love. The wonderful thing about love is it’s forgiving nature. You can be welcomed back in to the Father’s house with open arms when love is the foundation of life. When fear is the foundation of life, there is no forgiveness, now open arms, only locked doors.

I have a key right here to give you. This key unlocks those doors and opens them so you can find forgiveness within.

Abide within the realm where love is supreme.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vibrational States in Being (Frequency States)

Vibrational States in Being (Frequency States)

General Background information

I’ve written about vibrations before, stating that everything is a manifestation of vibrating energy. Other teachers speak to this fact as well, for instance Abraham, as brought forth by Esther Hicks, often says we are vibrational beings and that the law of attraction is a vibrational law.

I’ve stated before that a characteristic of energy is that it vibrates and that there is a scale of frequencies for this vibrational energy. I don’t know the range of this scale, as far as I know, it could be infinite, but I do know that within that scale are specific frequencies which are consistent and persistent. That is to say, for instance, the frequency of 1 Hz is always 1 Hz. It is consistent and persistent. So with this understanding, one can extrapolate this understanding and apply it to every frequency within the scale of vibrational energy. Whatever the defined frequency is, it is consistent and persistent. (This is very important to grasp and understand.) This is important because if you can identify a specific frequency, you can attune to it, and by attuning to it, you can experience that frequency. And, if you can experience that frequency, you can remember it, and if you can remember it, you can choose to experience it again by recalling the memory of it and thereby attuning to it once again, drawing it into your sphere of experience. If you don’t have a conscious memory of a specific frequency, you can become aware of it by searching for it. So for instance, while you don’t consciously know what the 1 Hz frequency feels like, you can know that it does exist. Knowing that it does exist enables you to seek it out, or attune to it which brings us to the idea of attraction about which Abraham primarily speaks.

Everything is a manifestation of vibrational energy. What we perceive through our senses in this human body, are not just one frequency at a time, but a multitude of frequencies in combination which present, express and therefore are experiencable to us as our life in human beingness.

Within the scale of frequencies, there are ranges of frequencies or spectrums which are generally and broadly identifiable as light, sounds, taste, smell and touch. And narrowing those ranges down, for example, one can experience within the light spectrum a range of colors, within the spectrum of sound, one can experience a range of sounds and the same is true of taste, smell and touch. In other words, there isn’t just one frequency of light, but derivations of that spectrum of frequencies which we experience through our human senses as what we perceive as colors also in a range from magnitude and intensity. (Dark and bright being magnitude or intensity of the specific frequency.) In the same way, each spectrum (sound, taste, touch, smell,) encompasses variations which each can be experienced with varying intensity.

Within the total spectrum of vibrational energy one can expect an infinitely rich and diverse library of unique vibrational states which are available and therefore experiencable. Remember, each of these vibrational states is consistent and persistent.

What I identify as myself, in this human body, as Jerry Dechant, is a compilation of vibrational energy in being. As I consistently identify with and therefore attune to this mix of vibrational energy in expression, I maintain my “identity” as Jerry Dechant, recognizable to those who perceive me as the same Jerry Dechant they’ve met or known before. This is not really true though, because I am really not the same vibrational mix now as I was a moment ago, the truth is, neither are you. While we may remain substantially the same, we are constantly adjusting, remixing, re-attuning vibrationally from moment to moment.

A sense which most humans don’t understand as a sense, and therefore may not effectively make use of is what we identify as emotions. Similar to the other senses, there is an emotional scale of vibrations or a spectrum of vibrational energy expression. Emotional experiences may generally be understood as good feelings and bad feelings. These emotional sensations are actually feedback which enables us to actively attune to a chosen frequency or compilation of frequencies. The emotional sensations therefore are indicators which inform us of our proximity to our point of attention and or focus. That last statement is true only when we understand the function of emotional sensations. If we don’t understand why we have emotional experiences, we may erroneously attribute these experiences. An example of this idea is may be expressed as follows, “You make me so very happy!” or on the other end of the spectrum, “You really piss me off!” If you adopt the understanding expressed by these statements, you will want that other person to be present all the time because he/she “makes you very happy” and if you want to remain very happy, you will need that person to continue to make you very happy, won’t you?

Also, if you believe that someone pisses you off, you will want to avoid that person unless you enjoy being pissed off.

The results of this misunderstanding of the emotional experiences are very different than the results when a proper understanding of these emotional sensations is grasped.

If you understand that the emotional experience of being “very happy” is an indicator of being attuned to what you desire, you will understand that the experience of being very happy isn’t given to you by someone else, but rather the result of being attuned to your own desire.

Likewise, the experience of being “pissed off” is an indicator of being very far out of attunement with what you desire. With the proper understanding, one can avoid getting very pissed off by monitoring the emotional sensations and if these experiences begin to move towards being pissed off, redirecting attention and focus so that instead of moving further out of alignment with your desire, you again move towards your desire.

In this way, the emotional sensations are our navigation system which enable us to effectively move through the infinite range of vibrational experiences as life unfolds within us, around us and before us.

States: Attracting, Neutral and Repelling

Attracting State

Part of the problem people have with effectively using the law of attraction is they don’t adequately understand the emotional experiences as a guidance system. They don’t understand the nature of vibration, therefore they may want something very strongly, but because they lack the valuable understanding of their emotional experiences, they may not effectively attract what they desire.

To correct this, I suggest understanding and experiencing what the state of attracting feels like. How that manifests for you in your life experience may be uniquely yours, but the feeling of the attraction state is one of those persistent and consistent frequencies, which once you know about and attune to, will facilitate the effective application of the law of attraction within your life experience.

This requires an experiential knowing. So, you will have to find this Attracting State within your own being by first thinking about this attracting state vibration. What does this vibrational state feel like? If feels like your presence is drawing to you like a magnet draws metal particles to it’s surface. Generally, this attracting state feels very good or what might be understood as positive emotional experiences. The magnitude of this feeling is determined by your attunement with the attracting state frequencies. There is very little if any effort necessary when attuned to this vibrational state in being. The only effort necessary is that of applying attention and focus upon that which you desire.

Take a few minutes right now to sit quietly, with your eyes closed to find the attracting state feeling. Once you find it, attune to it, and reside there for a time so that you become more familiar with this sensation.

Neutral State

The Neutral State is the state where there is no attracting or repelling occurring. One can maintain a neutral state and move through life neither attracting nor repelling anyone or anything. This is a peaceful state, a relaxed state. This is the state you are in when you aren’t actively attracting or repelling vibrational expressions. In this state, it is easy to move through a crowd of people without attracting or repelling anyone, which is experienced as easily moving through the crowd.

Take a few minutes right now to sit quietly, with your eyes closed to find the neutral state feeling. Once you find it, attune to it, and reside there for a time so that you become more familiar with this sensation.

Repelling State

This is an unnatural state because our natural state is to attract. Because this is an unnatural state, it is the state which requires a great deal of energy to maintain. It is like being in a river with a very strong current, and trying to swim against the current. It is certain the current of the river is more consistent and persistent than the individual is able to move against it. This state therefore includes a great deal of struggle, frustration and fatigue.

Even though the Repelling state is unnatural, you are probably more familiar with this state than the other two, in particular if your life has been a struggle, if you’ve experienced frustration over and over again, and or if you are constantly exhausted.

You may take a few minutes right now to sit quietly, with your eyes closed to find the repelling state. Once you find it, attune to it so that you have an actual experience of how unnatural this state is.

Now that you’ve experienced these states, (I hope you did take the time to experience them as I suggested,) the next step is to actively and or intentionally move from one state to another.

If you are predominately experiencing the repelling state, actively focus upon attuning to the neutral state because that is the easiest state to access from the repelling state. All you have to do is relax. Relaxing is letting go, putting aside any concerns, issues or intentions other than just being here now. Breathe easily. Take an easy deep breath, and then just let it go.

Actively attuning to these states.

Actually, if you participated in the suggested experiences, you actively attuned to each one of these vibrational states. You may therefore understand how to intentionally attune to these states, or move out of one state into another. This is done through present moment awareness and conscious intentional focus of attention.

The neutral state is an excellent vibrational state to attune to because it enables you to “energize” yourself. It is also be an excellent state to observe from. Observe your physical sensations, your surroundings and people from this neutral state. Observe your emotional experiences from this neutral state in particular when you observe thoughts which come drifting through your field of consciousness.

To be an effective applier of the law of attraction, you will certainly want to actively attune to the attracting state primarily and secondarily the neutral state for your periods of rest. If you primarily reside in either of these two states, you will likely begin to find your energy level increasing, your ability to accomplish a great deal with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment will become the norm for you.


I think a better word is Homeplay. I’d rather play than work, so lets begin to call it Homeplay instead of homework.

For your homeplay, practice actively attuning to the attracting state. Think about it, feel it, let it encompass your being. Reside within this state. Alternately, practice attuning to the neutral state. Like anything else, the more you practice, the more you play within these vibrational states, the easier it is to maintain them and or enter them at will.

The results will be amazing, to say the least. There is a cornucopia of fulfillment awaiting your accepting it into your life experiencing. Residing in the state of attracting also implies a relaxed open state where that which you’ve previously expressed a desire for easily and effortlessly is drawn into your life experience.

As you play within this state of attraction focus upon what you desire rather than what you want to avoid or don’t want. Whatever you focus upon within this state will be drawn to you, so be mindful of what you are attracting.

The last but not least important point to reiterate is to be mindful of what you focus upon and intentionally focus upon what you desire.

Dreams DO come true, it will happen to you!

Best regards,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Observer

The Observer

Deep within at the center of my being, in the stillness, in the peace, in the calm, in the undifferentiating is the Observer.

While life is happening, things coming and going, movement around me as well as within this body as the cells grow, blood flows, heart beats, lungs breathing in and out, eyes see, nose smells, fingers feel the touch of the keys on my computer keyboard, ears hear sounds around me, and who is me, but the ever-present Observer at the center of my being, in the stillness, in the peace, in the calm, in the undifferentiating being.

As I sit quietly, I notice. . . this Observer is the same now as it was when I Observed my first step, as I laid sleeping, dreaming peacefully in my comfortable bed, last night, last year, a decade ago even before I was born into this body, I have always been the Observer and the one experiencing this beingness.

I notice the space of stillness remains stillness. I notice the space of peace remains peaceful. I notice the space of calm remains calm even amidst the turmoil and chaos that swirls around it like leaves being blown to and fro on a windy fall day. While the waves of the ocean swell and build up into huge masses of water which sometimes come crashing back into the mass of water from which they sprung forth. At the depth of the deepest ocean. . . calm stillness, even with the waves crashing above. . . stillness.

Walking through life, I find I don’t always notice myself as the observer, I get caught up in the activities, in the attitudes, in the movements of cause and effects. I identify with this body as though this is who I am, what I am. And even as this occurs, the Observer within notices observes.

How expansive is the stillness, how expansive is the peace, the calm? How far into the manifest world of chaos and movement does the Observer’s realm reach? How far can it reach? As the Observer it reaches out to infinity, and even amidst the movements, the activities, the emotions which range from despair to bliss, its realm is because there is no size to it, no dimension, no boundary except that which I place upon it, and even that boundary is just another observable.

How different is this Observer who reads this from the Observer who writes this? No difference.

The saying, Namaste means, I bow to that place in you, that when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.

The Observer is his place where we are one. The observer is everyone, and no one at the same time. It is everyone in that it uses these vehicles to observe; it is no one in that it does not attach to any one particular vehicle, it does not identify or limit itself.

Notice. . . That which is. . . Thoughts, sensations, feelings, sense perceptions. Who Observes this?

I do, even without saying it.

Having now experienced this, I know this exists, I know I reside here within this stillness, peace, calm for I am this stillness, peace and calm.

At the eye of a huge destructive storm is stillness, peace, even beauty all this while the storm rages and moves across the water and land, the stillness, peace and beauty remains ever present at the center of the storm. Eventually the turmoil of the storm dies down or another way to perceive it is that the peace expands replacing the turmoil.

Let the peace expand and thereby replace the turmoil, the storms that express as your life, that is, if you prefer the peace to the turmoil. It makes no difference to the Observer which choice you make. In both cases, it remains the Observer. It might make a difference to you as the experiencer though.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

God is Light.

God is Light.

In a prior blog I wrote about false premises wherein I wrote anything which has a foundation of or originates from a flawed or false premise is therefore also flawed or false. With this understanding you may clearly understand the truth, and clear away everything based upon a flawed or false premise. The purpose of this writing is therefore to aid in clearing away a flawed premise, a false premise which uncovers the truth of our being.


In the beginning there was light and God spoke, “Let there be darkness.” Out of those words sprang the potential for infinite possibilities and potentials.
The Bible has it wrong in that it states that God said, “Let there be light.”
Now that I’ve said that, let me expand on the logic and reasoning which makes the first God statement true, and the second God statement false.

The unspoken or implied message of God saying “Let there be light,” is this: God is not light, God created it, therefore light is subordinate to God. To carry that implied message further, if God is not light, that means God is darkness and that darkness brought forth or created light.

It is universally accepted and understood that energy is indestructible. It changes forms but still remains energy. Being indestructible, the next logical thought must be that energy always was, and will always be. In other words, energy is eternal.

What is a characteristic of energy? It vibrates. Via this vibration, via the infinite variation in vibration, all manifestation expresses in infinite ways. Energy has spectrums of vibration, that is to say scales of vibration. Sound is an obvious spectrum of vibration and as we are able to hear, we can know, at least to the extent that our human hearing can perceive, sounds in degrees of pitch and octave and tone as well as volume. Another spectrum of vibration is that of light. The human senses perceive a portion of this spectrum as visible light while the light spectrum extends far beyond what the human senses can readily perceive. Also, in the same way there are spectrums of smell, and tactile sense, or touch. The human senses distinguish these energy vibrations as sound, light, smell, taste and touch, but in truth these senses originate from the very same energy vibration.

In order for this energy to express with purpose, intent and direction, the energy must be understood as being aware and being aware it must also be understood to be intelligent, which is to say, it is self aware.

So, in the beginning, intelligent aware energy existed. Energy without limitation certainly is universally radiant. That is to say, there was nothing but this undifferentiated radiant energy or light. It didn’t have to create light, or strive to be energy, because that is what it already was.

In order to have expression beyond its undifferentiated infinite radiant state, it had to introduce a state which would enable finite expression. In order to do this, it established resistance which is expressed in its extreme manifestation as darkness. With the creation of resistance came darkness. So with the advent of resistance came the apparent expression of duality; i.e.: God and not God, light and dark, good and bad, top and bottom, in and out, front and back and so on.

(NOTE: the idea of “God and not God” is a duality illusion because there is really only God. “Not God” is a concept within God, the one eternal infinite being.)

Darkness is the absence of light. Darkness does not or cannot bring forth light as it does not contain light to bring it forth. On the other hand, Light can bring forth darkness by limiting its radiance. By introducing resistance, darkness becomes possible. With this understanding, you may also realize darkness has no power over light but rather is the creation of light and therefore subordinate to light. That is to say that light allows darkness to be.

In the manifest, both are essential expressions for without both light and dark there can be no differentiation, no variation of energy expression.

Knowing that light brought forth darkness makes a huge difference and is a massive shift in perspective from what the Bible teaches. What this understanding carries with it is that at our source we are light, we are energy, we are indestructible, and therefore infinite aware beings. At the heart of our being is light, energy and wellness. Wellness is our true eternal state. When we remove the resistance, wellness springs forth because wellness is the energy of our infinite being in expression, and any degree of not wellness is an expression of the resistance we’ve identified with and adopted, consciously or unconsciously which limits our experiencing our natural state of wellness.

With this understanding we may therefore go forth and express our well-being through allowing it to come forth. We don’t have to make it come forth because that is its natural tendency. What we have to do though is let go of the resistance which limits, gets in the way of, or impedes the wellness expression in being. Letting go, and allowing are the tools which enable and facilitate wellness expression.

A lion doesn’t have to try to be a lion that is what it is by nature. As it allows its true expression to come forth, lioness expresses. The same is true for each of us. An eternal light being doesn’t have to try to be an eternal light being, all we have to do is allow our true expression to come forth as eternal light beings. What that means is in order for us to experience our true being; we must release the resistance which stands in our way of that realization and expression. As such resistance presents itself to us, we can release it and as we do, the light of our true being naturally comes forth. It may seem that we are very far from expressing and experiencing our eternal light beingness because we’ve encased ourselves is such seemingly impenetrable shields of resistance, because we’ve identified with the resistance more than we’ve identified with our true well-being. And, that’s okay. You don’t have to suddenly burst free from the resistance you’ve identified with as yourself if you don’t want to. At the heart of your being, whether you acknowledge it or not, well-being is always here available and naturally willing to come forth to the degree that you allow it to be so.

I know surrender may seem like a giving up word, that you should never surrender, that you should maintain the struggle, the effort, the fight, but what are you struggling to protect? I submit to you, you are fighting to protect the limitation, the separateness, the ego which is the resistance encasing your magnificence, which stands between you and the realization you’ve sought your entire life.

With the misunderstanding that God created light out of darkness, it is easy to understand the hesitance to surrender, because with this understanding, if you surrender, you surrender to darkness rather than to light. So, you see the trap set by this misunderstanding? You don’t want to return to the dark, the nothingness, therefore you maintain the fight, the struggle, the heroic efforts to overcome the darkness, when it truth, it is the darkness which binds you, it is the darkness which holds you, which hides your true magnificent being from you.

And guess what, it is all self-imposed. God the infinite intelligent aware energy being, brought forth darkness in order to be able to play. When you realize you can still play as long as you want to, and you realize you have the choice of identifying with well-being or with resistance, you no longer have to struggle against the darkness/resistance to experience your well-being but rather surrender to well-being which enables a more enjoyable playful experience.

Are you conscious? Are you aware? That which is conscious and aware is that which is God within you.

You may therefore know the meaning of what Jesus said, “God, my Father in heaven, and I are one.”

Each person/being is an expression, a lens so to speak, which facilitates a unique perspective of God in expression. In all of creation, each of us is unique. That is to say there is not another me or another you and there will never be a duplicate of any of us. We are each novel expressions in being. Do you realize how magnificent that is, how important you are, how valuable, and how cherished you are to the overall beingness which is God?

Friday, June 18, 2010

In Debt?

Why are people in debt?

Our financial system is set up so that it promotes financial debts as a norm. Even though there are programs to reduce debt, the stronger forces/programs promote being in debt. Being in debt is an external expression of our internal energy state. Being enlightened is living in attunement with our source energy. Being in debt is an outward expression of being out of attunement. Being in debt becomes a problem when we move away from our balance point. Like a spinning top, a little wobble is okay, but increased wobble leads to the top crashing.

Solution: Seek your point of balance in each moment. Focus on maintaining your balance energetically, and as you attune to that, everything else in your life will also move into greater attunement. If you are currently way out of balance, start right now to move slowly towards your center. Here now awareness, focus and meditation are tools which will serve you well.

Perseverance furthers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mantra (Light Body)


A Mantra is a word, phrase or sound which is repeated audibly or mentally for the purposes of quieting the ramblings of the mind and thereby experiencing inner peace and developing mental control and intentional focus abilities.

Typically, the student is instructed to find a place where he/she may sit comfortably with eyes closed for a period without distractions or disturbances. The use of a Mantra is often incorporated within the meditation practice, which may also include monitoring the breath as the student breaths in and out. Of course, monitoring the breath in this way applies only to mentally repeating the Mantra. Also, if you are not an experienced meditater, just sitting comfortably with eyes closed and focusing upon your breathing is an easy basic meditation practice.

As a side note: One can be mindful of the breath while walking, running, or some such repetitive type of exercise. One can also mentally repeat a mantra during more activities than a sitting meditation, but one should not practice either method when your attention and focus needs to be in the present moment to insure your life, health and safety. In other words, don’t do these exercises when you need to pay attention to what you are doing.

Another way mantras may be used is to attune to a specific vibration or field of energetic expression. That is to say, one pays particular attention to a specific idea or feeling to become attuned to it, one with it, or immersed within it. Such a mantra may be more than a simple sound or short phrase; although a simple sound or short phrase may also be effective in attuning the student to a specific vibration or field of energy when used with that intention.

With this information in mind, I’d like to share a mantra I found in the writings of Baird T. Spalding, within the pages of his series of books titled, “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.” First, I will present the mantra, and then delve into a deeper understanding of the words in the mantra in order to intellectually comprehend the scope, depth and value in attuning to the mantra’s specific vibratory state and/or energy field. It is important to actually feel the mantra so having a very clear understanding of the words may facilitate experiencing the mantra more fully. As I express the meaning of each word, it might be useful to take some time to contemplate the meaning of each word so that you progress in awareness and sort of flesh each word out within your own consciousness to your own satisfaction.

The Mantra:

“Infinite love fills my mind and thrills my body with its perfect light.”

Infinite: All encompassing, without boundaries, unlimited, expansive, abundant

Love: The highest expression in being, bliss, joy, fulfillment, expansive, attracting and attractive. Vibrationally and energetically, Love is the harmonic attunement with the ONE Source Being which is Infinite. So, Love is the constant and eternal expression of Source/Being.

Fills: as a verb means occupies completely the whole of a container. Fill, as a noun is a quantity that satisfies or satiates completely.

My: My is recognition of “Presence in being” and therefore experiencing, so “my” relates to ownership of that which is owned and or experienced, i.e. : the one experiencing the full expression of infinite love.

Mind: The element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons. So to state this in another way, mind is the seat of your conscious awareness.

So, Infinite love fills my mind, engulfs my conscious awareness. I’m aware of being immersed in this infinite energetic field which expresses as, and is experienced as blissful, fulfilling, expansive, and attractive being.

Thrills: feelings of excitement, exuberance, elation, also vibrates or trembles perceptibly.

Body: The organized physical substance, the material part of a human being. Also, includes the less substantial electromagnetic field which encapsulates and penetrates the material substance of a human being.

Perfect: Being entirely without fault or defect.

Light: electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength that travels in a vacuum with a speed of about 186,281 miles (300,000 kilometers) per second.

I like to also use the word “Life” in place of “Light.”

Life is defined as a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings.

So to recite the mantra in a more wordy but meaningful way, one might say:

All encompassing, limitless, expansive, abundant blissful joy, fulfilling, and expansive, attracting and attractive vibrational energy completely occupies my conscious awareness and excites with exuberance and elation my physical substance and subtle electromagnetic field with flawless electromagnetic radiance.

So, when you repeat the mantra, you can intellectually have a greater grasp of what you are saying, and as you more fully understand what you are saying, you may more easily attune to the vibrational expression which is to say, you may actually experience and embody the mantra more fully through intentional aware focused repetition.

When repeating the Mantra go for the feeling and realization experientially of what you are saying. In this way, you will bring about the expression in being, your flawless electromagnetic radiance body

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chronic Wellness

When you know you are in perfect health, why go to see the doctor? What do doctors do? Primarily, they look for stuff that is wrong with you. If there is nothing wrong with you, either they may confirm that fact, or they may make something up so they can treat you for the made up condition. A doctor who’d make something up just so he’d continue to have you as a patient, isn’t the kind of doctor I’d choose, yet so often, we accept what the doctor tells us as though it is true when in fact, it is not always accurate and/or in our own best interest. A doctor, who facilitates you shifting your vibration towards an experience of well-being, is one who doesn’t dwell on the “dis” part of disease. He/she focuses upon the “ease” part and thereby facilitates a shift in your vibration towards ease or wellness.

Can a doctor, or anyone for that matter, heal you or make you better? The absolute factual answer to that question is a big NO! The doctor or other person who you may go to for healing or to get better doesn’t really do anything except act as the agent through which you allow yourself to get better or to be healed. So too, the medication isn’t really what is helping you, the acceptance that the medication is helping you is really what does the trick. Does that mean that you should stop going to the doctor, or healer to find relief for your malady? Does that mean that you should stop taking medication? No, as long as you believe, allow, expect the doctor’s treatments will give you relief, you are advised to continue to avail yourself to that avenue of healing. But, once you fully realize with absolute certainty and conviction the truth which I’ve stated above, then and only then, might you rightly decide you don’t need those avenues of healing any more.

Understand: Your current vibratory state of being (Where you are, what you are experiencing, what your beliefs are, and how you perceive what you are experiencing,) is the result of your prior point of attention and focus whether that was intentional or not, and an accumulation of your prior points of attention and focus plus everything you’ve ever accepted and included within your vibratory state of being.)

The law of harmonics causes your vibratory state of being to attract like vibrations. (If you strike one tuning fork, and then place another one next to it, the second one will begin to vibrate in harmony with the first tuning fork.)

Understand if you want to experience an altered state of being, (experience something else,) you necessarily have to alter your vibration by altering your attention and focus thereby altering your point of attraction which alters your environment and experience.

When this really sinks in and you “get it”, you will truly know you can’t feel crappy and expect feeling crappy to bring you feeling good. You will understand that if you are feeling crappy, that is a vibratory state of expression, and in order to experience feeling good, you will have to alter your vibratory state of expression towards feeling good so that feeling good is attracted to you.

When you know that being in harmony with your true state of being, (the Ultimate You,) ultimately feels the very best because you are harmonically attuned to that core vibration which is your true and eternal being, you will find that harmonic expression attracts life environment and experiences that are in harmony with that vibratory expression. And like all vibratory expressions, they reinforce the continuation of that vibratory experience naturally through automatically renewing the attention and focus which initiated the experiencing in the first place.

So, it is said, “The better it gets, the better it gets.” But, you have to get the snowball rolling down the hill before it can begin to get bigger/better. It might take some determined effort to get it to the point where its continuing growth (getting better,) happens automatically.

A chronic state of appreciation is a vibratory state which reinforces itself and perpetuates itself.
It is worth noting that how such a chronic state of appreciation shows up in life expression is not limited as to how it can and does show up. Appreciation is the true allowing force in this harmonic equation. When you are in a state of appreciation; anything and everything which is in harmony with that vibration is drawn in to your environment and experience. The extent of these experiences can be limitless if you so choose and allow it to be so.

To Fill the Void...

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life, something that, once you have it, that empty space will be filled so there is no longer that void?

As we move through life, there are probably all to many of us who can relate to that wanting to fill that void. I think if we become astute observers of our past experiences, we will notice the reality that once we get that one thing to fill that void, it may feel satisfying for awhile, but then the void shows up again and then we once again seek after that next thing to fill the void. It turns out that this endeavor is a never ending adventure with no real end in sight. It is like the carrot hanging just out of reach of the horse which keeps it chasing after getting it.

Some people might say there is nothing at all wrong with eternally trying to fill that void. After all, if we are eternal beings, what else do we have to do except occupy our time seeking, searching and finding, then seeking again and finding something else, on and on the wheel turns with us propelling its motion.

What if you could find a sense of satisfaction that was enduring, a peace, and a fulfillment that quenches your thirst which fills that void, do you think you would find that somewhere out there in the world, or do you think you would find that right within your very own being?

What if you found that sense of satisfaction, that enduring joy and peace within yourself, do you think you would stop living, experiencing your life? Do you think you’d lose motivation to live because now you have found satisfaction, now you hold joy, peace and fulfillment as your life experiencing?

Some of you might say yes. You might also realize that walking through life seeking had it’s place and that walking through life being satisfied and fulfilled also has its place as well. Every life experience is satisfying, joyous and fulfilling. So you find without seeking, you have without wanting so that each step on the path of life is an expression of grace.

When you walk the path of life with grace, how do you suppose that might influence those who walk upon the path with you? Might they be lifted into a state of grace due to your radiance in being? I think the answer is yes because like a tuning fork which is struck and vibrating causes another tuning fork placed next to it to vibrate in harmony with the struck fork, so too do we, as beings, find the power of grace causing our own being to vibrate in harmony with that vibration as well.

So, once you’ve been in the presence of grace, and you’ve moved out of it’s realm of influence, you might find you have a tendency to return to what you’d call your “normal” state of being with one exception; when you return to your “normal” state of being you will carry with you the awareness that such grace exists, and is possible to experience again.

If you look to the one who initially showed the state of grace to you, to bring you back into that state of being, you will be eternally tied to that one to keep you in the state of grace. If he or she passes away, or moves away so that you cannot follow, you may feel despair.

Despair not, for the eternal grace you seek is within you as it always has been. What the other person did was awaken that within your awareness, he/she didn’t give it to you because you already had it. Once you’ve experience this grace, it should be fairly easy to find that feeling again through meditation, through contemplation of that feeling.

When you find this feeling within your own being, you will be the light bearer who lifts others up as you walk your path through life, and thus the candle lights another candle which lights another candle and so on.

The void was created by the belief you are not complete, so that you might eternally seek after finding your completeness. And, as you search in the external world for your completeness, your eternal journey is assured, as you will never find your completeness by looking out there. This is how the game is played, and continues to be played.

That incompleteness is whatever you seek after to fill the void. The; “If only I had that, then I’d be happy.” And whatever that happens to be for you is part of your playing the game. If you want, you can still play the game after you’ve found your own experience of grace. Once you start playing the game from the state of grace, the game takes on a much different feel. You can become more playful and find greater joy where once you experienced longing.

It is a subtle shift in perspective which wields amazing results..

Friday, May 14, 2010

An Email to Steven Greer @ Orion Project

I’d like to share a few simple thoughts with you in the hopes they will enable you to more strongly proceed towards your goals.

You probably have heard of the law of attraction, which states like vibrations attract like vibrations. In order to proceed towards a desired outcome, one must be in vibrational alignment with that outcome in order for it to be manifest. One does not attain such an alignment by paying attention to the resistance to the desired outcome, or to those opposed to the desired outcome. The resistance which appears along the path which makes us feel less aligned with our source being, (i.e., angry, fearful, discouraged, etc.) are indicators for the need in a course correction to enable us to proceed towards our goal. The course correction is experienced by feeling better which equates to coming back into alignment with our source being.
The Source Being is that which creates universes and everything in them. When we align with that, we are aligned with the most powerful expression in being, and when we are so well attuned to that source being, there are no obstacles great enough to prevent us from attaining our heart’s desire.

Another thought is that there is only ONE Source Being. All that is manifest and unmanifest is within this ONE Source Being which means from the perspective of this one Source Being you and the resistance you are experiencing are expressions of the same being. In other words, you are in the resistance, and the resistance is within you. The enemy is within you and you are within the enemy. When we remove the resistance within ourselves, we remove the resistance within our enemies as well, because they are a reflection of our own state of consciousness and being. When we truly realize our oneness perspective, we see that I am my own enemy and well as my own savior. I empower my own savior by recognizing this savior within my enemy, recognizing the Source Being which is I AM.

So, focus upon what you want. If when you are focusing upon that, it feels wonderful, you can be sure you are in alignment vibrationally with your Source Being. If it doesn’t feel wonderful, you are paying attention to that which separates you from your oneness, your power.

There are those who operate in darkness, in the shadows and their strength is through fear and its relatives. When we understand fully our oneness, we know no fear because fear is an illusion created through the propagation of duality consciousness. Think about it, do you fear your own self? No, how can you fear yourself unless you have somehow divided yourself so there is one who fears and one who is feared?

Find your source being through focusing upon that which makes you feel good, and or feel better. As you feel better, you are moving towards the vibrational alignment with your Source Being, and you are finding a more powerful expression in being through this alignment.

That which you desire awaits you. Enjoy the journey, even the pot holes and obstacles that get in your way. Remain focused upon your goal, and remain true to your Source Being. This is how miracles occur.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spatial Teleportation & Time Travel

Spatial Teleportation & Time Travel

Everything stated below up to the point where I pose the questions: “What is the energy equation which equals the vibrational signature of an object or being?” is based upon information provided by Bashar which I learned from a YouTude video titled: “Bashar Teleportation” posted by FelipeSparx29.

Embed information:

Everything has a specific vibrational signature which makes it what you perceive it to be, what it is.

The vibrational signature is an energy equation which we interpret through our consciousness and senses as the item.

When you move an item from one location to another location, it seems the same item is being moved, but in fact, the item is not the same item because once it is moved, it has a different vibrational signature which includes the location.

Continuity is an illusion we create with our consciousness.

An object doesn’t exist in a location. Location is one of the properties of the object, is an element in the energy equation. The equation of the item in location A is not the same as the equation of the item in location B. Location is one of the variables in the energy equation of the object.

Teleportation is the application of this energy equation facilitated by changing the location variable property of the object. When you change the variable in the equation, the object ceases to be in location A and begins being in location B without moving through time and space to get there.

Every location in space has a locational equation to it.

Impose upon the item the modified location value in the equation of its vibrational signature, the object will instantly appear in the new location because its vibrational signature, energy equation contains the value for the new location.

What is the energy equation which equals the vibrational signature of an object or being?

How do I impose upon an item a different locational coordinate value so that its location changes? Insert the different locational coordinate value into the energy equation. This is the same for time travel; you enter the different time coordinate value into the energy equation.

Equation: a usually formal statement of the equality or equivalence of mathematical or logical expressions.

VS = Vibrational Signature
VS = Time + Location in Space (X + Y + Z) + (Composition (Chemical, Electrical, Mineral) + Mass (Length, Height and Width) + Volume Density (Weight) Consistency (liquid, gaseous, solid), texture, (value between course to smooth) colors, (black through all the colors of the rainbow to white). Every component of an item contains a mix of those values plus Time and Space coordinate values for every element/aspect of the item.

Universal scale

There must be a specific point to designate as the zero point for the Time coordinates scale, and a zero point for the Spatial coordinates scale which are universally understood and accepted as the zero point of these scales as absolute/static reference locations. For simplicity purposes, the scale for Time and Space scaled with equal incremental values. For time the X Y Z values are X = past, Y = present and Z = future. For Space the X Y Z values are X = Latitude, Y = Altitude, Z = Longitude. The values on these scales are numerical values.

NOTE: The letter designation for the X Y Z coordinates may be different than I’ve stated here. I’ve used these letter designations for reference purposes only so that in the actual formula, other letters may be use to designate these coordinates..

The zero point in time and space is always at the center of the item being teleported. All vibrational values are therefore measures from this zero point within the center of each object, and calculations for the teleportation of an object are therefore relative to the current location of the item in time and space. In the starting point vibrational signature, the Y value for time (present) is always zero therefore the vibrational value for the past and future are relative to the current zero point present moment value.

Since these scales are numerical in value, the values can be scaled using any value increment that is deemed necessary for the teleportation space location, and time location desired. In other words, you could enter in a value for space location as .001 = X, .001 = Y, .001 = Z and for time the values you could enter in the values of: X = 0, Y = 0, Z = .001. When these values are plugged into the equation formula, the item would move .001 in the X, Y, and Z axis and forward in time .001 increments in time relative to the starting point where all the values for both space and time started out at 0. It would therefore appear the item barely moved to an observer who remained located in the starting point space time coordinate location. If the value for time was designated as a negative numerical value for X, the object would vanish in the current time coordinate location and appear in a past time coordinate location. (By the way, the time values for the past would be negative numeric values relative to the present time value of zero, and the future numeric values would be positive number values relative to the present time value of zero)

It is also noteworthy that an item could potentially exist in multiple locations/times simultaneously if that was added to the energy equation.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A reply to Bob Doyle's blog post...

Bob Doyle sent an email to his distribution list no which I am included; he posed a question within that email which I give my two cents worth on below.

“Wouldn’t it be great if the world was totally healed, prosperity was everywhere, and everyone was living a life of joy and abundance?”

How the world is manifesting to each and every one of us is exactly the perfect manifestation based upon our own vibrational make up. The world is your very own indicator of the vibrational countenance you hold, so if it isn’t reflecting back to you what you want to experience, it is because it is complying with your vibrations, not your desires.

Your question indicates you don’t perceive the world as totally healed, prosperity were everywhere, and everyone is living a life of joy and abundance. Why is that? Because that is the vibrational countenance, you embody, radiate and therefore is reflected back to you as being so.

In order to realize that the world IS totally healed, prosperity IS everywhere, and everyone IS living a life of joy and abundance, your vibrational countenance must be aligned with that reality. This is the only way.

It doesn’t matter, from your perspective, what my vibrational countenance is so much as it matters more what yours is. I attract according to my vibrational countenance, and each and every one of us also does the same. So, while it might appear that everyone else has to change in order for peace, love and harmony to reign within our world, the actual fact is, each person must choose that vibrational pattern and radiate it so that what is reflected back to each person IS universally recognized as a world totally healed, prosperity everywhere, and everyone living a life of joy and abundance.

That is a big order. Are you going to wait until the billions of conscious beings in manifestation align to that, so you can also align to that, or are you going to align to that right now, and let everyone else choose the time and place with their own alignment when it is right for them?

In order to realize totally healed, prosperity everywhere, and everyone living a life of joy and abundance, we need the contrast to those vibrational expressions, otherwise we wouldn’t know what we don’t want which points us more strongly towards what we do want. So, when we experience what we don’t want, when it comes to our attention what we don’t want, that is the universe offering us a choice in that moment, a choice to flip the coin over and see the other side. Each negative experience is an invitation to choose more of that, or more of its opposite.

We must be consciously present in each moment in order to bring forth the life experiences we consciously choose. We must assume, each and every one of us, responsibility for our own manifestation, not someone else’s. We each create our own reality. It isn’t my responsibility to create yours for you, (I couldn’t do that anyway, only you can,) and vice versa, you can’t create mine for me either.

I can point others in the direction they desire to go, but I can’t make the journey for them. The only way anyone can precede towards what their heart’s desire is, is to pay attention to the inner guidance their heart provides for them. Basically, if it feels better, we are moving in the right direction, if it doesn’t, we aren’t which means we need to make a course correction. Course correction to align vibrationally with the vibrational expression, (which already exists,) of the fulfilled desire in expression.

Appreciation, happiness, joy, lightheartedness are indicators of moving towards your desires. Here now is where all of that occurs. Be Here Now, experience the joy of your fulfilling life. (By the way, there is no end, only the beginnings of new chapters to eternally unfold.)

Friday, April 23, 2010

False Premises

False Premises

Anything based on a false premise (premise = something assumed to be true, or taken for granted,) is therefore also false. So you should understand “premise” is based upon a high degree of trust, and therefore not deemed necessary to question the source of the information. Being trusting is fine as long as the source of the information is indeed trustworthy. Problems arise when we bestow such trust without discrimination or are intentionally or unintentionally deceived into bestowing our trust upon those who don’t deserve it.

There are many things we assume are true that are not true. Since we assume they are true, we act as though they are true and this is primarily why our world is so chaotic and troubling. Taking action based on and in accordance with false information cannot wield the results you want. If you assume the validity of the information, you will naturally act in accordance with the false information.

There are many false premises we adopt because our government, church, society, and our family and friends have told us it is so. Our teachers in school teach us and because we trust them, we assume what they are teaching us is true. In most cases, those perpetuating false premises do so without realizing they are perpetuating a false premise. In some instances, probably more than we’d like to believe, false premises are perpetuated intentionally.

Some things I’ve thought about, which most people assume to be true, have lead me to question whether these teachings are in fact true. One premise that most Christians accept is that the Holy Bible is the word of God. Being the word of God, it is unquestionably the truth. It is represented to be factual, not a work of fiction, not just a story. It is simple to poke holes in the premise that the Holy Bible is unquestionably true.

One example in the Bible is the story about Adam and Eve.

In order for just one human male and one human female to populate the earth there had to be inbreeding/incest. It is well known and documented that inbreeding leads to a higher proportion of congenital birth defects through an increase in the frequency of homozygotes. Additionally, *it is observed that when two people live in close domestic proximity during the first few years in the life of either one, both are desensitized to later close sexual attraction. This phenomenon, known as the Westermarck effect, was first formally described by Finnish anthropologist Edvard Westermarck. (excerpt from Wikipedia, Incest, Inbreeding, Scientific study of incest avoidance.) What that means is the off-spring wouldn’t find their siblings to be sexually attractive, and therefore would not have sexual intercourse, which would reduce the pro-generative effects necessary to populate a whole planet. Also, those who did indulge in sexual intercourse would increasingly, over generations, bare a higher number of children with birth defects, or would not be able to bare children at all.

In order to populate the earth, there must have been a more diverse gene pool than what just 2 humans could provide. If we were in fact all descendants of Adam and Eve, our genes would reveal that fact, but instead, the diversity of genes across the population of earth provide evidence that there were more than just 2 humans involved in the populating of the earth.

When you find evidence that a premise you’ve believed in is faulty, what do you do? In this case, I’ve given just one example of inaccurate information presented in the bible. If there is inaccurate information in the bible, and it is not suppose to have ANY inaccurate information in it, doesn’t that bring up doubts, and encourage you to question the extent of inaccurate information contained in those pages? Doesn’t that reveal that the contents of the Bible, are not based upon facts and at best, are just parables or stories meant to provide guidance in living life? One of the reasons the premise of the bible is so enduring is because the contents of it, what it purports to have happened, occurred so long ago that there is little or no evidence to substantiate it. There isn’t anyone around who can, with absolute authority, state what information is factual and what is not factual about the contents of the bible.

Religion is defined as a system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith. The faith part is were false premise can crop up and can distort or undermine the system of beliefs. Is it a good idea to base your belief system upon false premises? In other words, is it a good idea to base how you live your life upon a foundation of lies?

I think it behooves us to adopt an attitude of healthy skepticism. I believe it is healthy to question the premises which present themselves to us so that we can determine to our own satisfaction whether they are true or not. As a conscious being, one who is interested in experiencing the best life has to offer, and the truth of my being, I endeavor to base my belief system upon true and accurate information, and thereby have a strong foundation upon which to build my life experiences. To do otherwise insures a weak foundation which doesn’t stand up to the tests of time.