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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Determination and Focus

I posted what is presented below in the forum at Devon White's Reality Bender forum. I thought it is worth sharing with a broader audience, so I've presented it here.


I think Devon talked about these things in recent phone conferences with us. I would like to write about these a little bit.

I will start with Determination. When I think of that word, it seems to me to present a picture of someone rooted in place, like the guard at the gate to heaven who won't let anyone pass without solving the riddle he/she gives them. It seems to me to be an attitude of which involves great effort to maintain. I'm determined to be determined. How does that feel in your body? For me, it feels tense and rigid.

Might I suggest another attitude which is more enjoyable, more natural?

I will use our Sun as an example which expresses the attitude I am suggesting. Let me tell you some things about the sun.

1. It isn't determined to shine. It isn't determined to radiate life energy. It isn't determined to be or do anything except that which comes naturally to it as being a sun. Whatever the sun does, it does naturally and effortlessly.

2. It doesn't descriminate who will receive the light and energy which it naturally radiates. It just radiates that light and energy all around itself without exception, without qualifiers.

3. It expresses it's being as a celestial body, the sun, because that is what it is.

Now, lets applies these concepts to our own being, overlay those ideas over our own being.

To abreviate this a bit, I will cut to the end and tell you, if you don't already know, you are by nature a magnificent, eternal, creative being who's natural expression is to radiate love, to create and expand, and express. You don't have to DO anything except accept your inherent nature.

When you are centered within the magnificence of your being, you radiate this magnificence naturally. Within that magnificence is the all giving accepting love vibration.

If there is any determination involved, at least as I've expressed it above, it is associated with gently guiding yourself back to your magnificence, if and when you drift away from that. Like saying to yourself, "Oh yeah, I'm drifting away from my magnificence." Then easily returning to your natural state.

This is a meditation practice used by many. When you sit in meditation and are just there following your breath in and out, and your mind begins to wander, when you become aware of that wandering, you just return your focus to your breathing. That's it. You don't need to be determined to do that, you just need to be present in the moment, and aware of where you want your focus to be.

That brings us to focus.

For many people their focus is like a bee buzzing from one flower to another, never interested in settling on just one flower. That is perfectly fine and necessary for a bee, but not necessarily perfectly fine for us. Why? Because where we place our focus is where we spend our energy. Where we spend our energy determines what our life experiences are and will be. The energy we spend is the seed of our creative expression. If you mindlessly spill your energy everywhere, you reap the harvest such mindlessness engenders.

While it might not be popular, it is benificial to cultivate an awareness of your own focus, what do you focus upon, how much time to you spend paying attention to the many things life offers you? How many books do you start reading without finishing before you pick up another book to read? How many projects do you start without taking them to the final product you intended to have once the project was done?

To simplify your life, I suggest developing a very meaningful focus, and this focus is the awareness of being here now. What does that involve? It involves being fully present in this moment right now. It involves being fully present in this moment right now. It involves being fully present in this moment right now...

What better focus can you have? Being focused within this moment enables you to attend to those things before you in this moment. This is the Default which Devon speaks of. You really don't have to be determined as much as aware, then gently bring your focus back to center, to here now, whenever your mind begins to wander.

I love you all very much! Blessings to you!


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