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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dealing with Dark Entity Attachments

Last night in dreamland, I was taught how to deal with dark entities when they try to attach to you. The method recommended suggested turning their energy back onto them, but I thought of a different way, and this method comes from an unconditional love state where I realized the pain and suffering of those entities hides the spark of their divinity, therefore, as a being of light and unconditional love, I fanned that spark within them so it grew and thereby dissolved the darkness which encased their light. They were so grateful and appreciative for being released from their torture, that they've become allies in the light for love and compassion, and work to free other dark spirits who've been imprisoned as they had been. It is true, love conquers all. At the heart of every being, regardless of how crusted in darkness they've become, is the spark of divinity awaiting to be freed. Have compassion and help them to realize their divinity. Blessings to us all.

Monday, August 14, 2017

This Yes Universe

By Jerome Dechant
Aug. 14, 2017

You are a breathtakingly beautiful being.  Right now, you may not see or realize this about yourself, or believe this about your self, but I assure you, it is absolutely true.  You are a divine creation, so how could it be otherwise?

Why then am I not manifesting this breathtakingly beautiful being right now?

This is a yes universe, whatever you conceive of and believe is granted, therefore at some point in your expression in being, you conceived of “no” and “not”.  Because of your infinite creative ability, (you are afterall a divine being,) it came to pass that through your infinite power, you said no to your own divinity, you said, no, I’m not divine, and in so doing laid down the path in expression which has led you to this very moment right now.  Even though you deny your divinity, it does not mean you cease to be divine, it doesn’t mean the universe changed from a Yes universe to a No universe, or a Maybe universe.  It didn’t.  You created a vail of forgetfulness which hides your true being from your experience and perception.

What is the first word a child learns?  No, it isn’t Mama, or Dada, it is “no”.  They wanted to keep you safe from hurting yourself because in your fragile baby body, you hadn’t learned what you could do and what you shouldn’t do to maintain your health and well-being within this human form.  So, as you were learning and growing, you probably heard “no” way more than you heard “yes”.  For some children growing up, they may have never heard “yes” or been given permission to do what they wanted, so with this understanding, can you see how the vail was enforced and solidified so that your beautiful being was gradually and assuredly fading from expression being replaced by a primarily “no” expression in being.

Don’t blame your parents.  They were doing what they knew how to do, to keep you safe, which in fact has enabled you to be here now, reading these very words.  So, even though you may still be ungrateful for their upbringing, that very upbringing has brought you here to this moment where you can now thank them for all the care they provided you with which has enabled you to be here, reading this now.

Here is an analogy.  We come into this physical manifestation, little piglets who love to play in the mud.  When we are born, we are so cute and loveable, we are true expressions of our divinity.  But once we are let loose and get to roam around the pig pen, we find the puddle of mud, so we jump right in and have a wonderful time playing in the mud.  It seems like so much fun, that we just continue to daily play in the mud.  So what happens, the mud begins to crust over our skin, and thereby the more we play in the mud, the more it hides our true splendor.  At some point, we forget what we use to look like, what we use to be like, because as the crust of mud gets thicker and thicker, it inflicts pain upon our bodies when we move, so we begin to identify with the pain and hate the mud puddle, and hate our lives, we become angry and fearful because we fear movement because when we move, we are punished by the crusty mud which envelopes our body.

What started out as innocent playfulness grew into hurt, anger and pain.  Is that sad?  Yes, of course it is.  Who is to blame?  No one, how things have unfolded is part of the expression in being, the path to get us to this here now moment.

In the anology, the mud represents the limitations, the “no” aspects of our creative expressions in being.  Remember this is a Yes universe, so every no, is a contrary expression in the Yes universe.

How many years of crusty old mud are you encased in?  How many years have you been denied your true state in being?  Who did it to you?  I will tell you the answer to the last question, and you may not like it at all.  You did it to yourself.  What does this tell you?  It tells you, you are the creator of your own life expression in being, and whether you knew it or not, (you probably forgot you have this creative soverignty,) you created it they way it has unfolded for you.  All the people, places, events and things you preceive in your life expression have been here by your own conscious and/or unconscious use of your divine creative ability.  So, realizing it is your own fault, your own doing, i.e., there is no one else to blame, may be very unsettling right now. 

At this moment, you may need a hug.  So, hug yourself and forgive yourself because you didn’t realize you were doing this to yourself, you didn’t realize you were using people, places, situations and things, to reinforce your “no” creations.

Now, what to do now?

Begin the healing process, the cleansing process which will disolve the pain, anger, hatred, sorrow, grief, lonelyness, etc. which has limited your life expression thus far.  As the creative force within your own life expression in being, you can just as easily disolve all of that as you did when you created it.  Step into shower of forgiveness, stand there under the warmth of the cleansing and forgiving waters of life, the Yes waters of purity in being, and allow all that mud and guck to just was right down the drain.  Yes, it can be that easy.

I know, many of you will want to hang on to the “no” because you’ve been using it all your lives, so in so doing, you will likely make it more laborious to return to the true expression of your divinity, you will make it so you have to do this procedure, and that procedure and you will make it take a long time, because part of that “no” expression in being is telling you you deserve the pain and suffering, that you need to draw this process out for as long as possible.  Yes, you can do that, but I wholeheartedly assure you it isn’t necessary. 

Within you, the breathtakingly beautiful being, is SO full of love and caring, it wants you to be free of all the burdens and limitations which encumber you now.  There is so much love within you which fuels the process of your self realization, the long lost son returning to the home of the father where a grand celebration awaits each and everyone of us upon our return.

There is much rejoicing upon this return.  Right now, you can’t know how much because you are still in forgetfulness, but if you trust in your own being, in your own unfolding process, you will know via your own experiencing the greatest and most joyous love and appreciation you never thought was possible.

This is the limitless love, joy and appreciation, your Father in Heaven has for you.  This is the limitless love, joy and appreciation within your own being awaiting to be realized right here, right now.

The day has finally come.  This is it!  Are you ready for the party to begin?

Let it be so!

Blessings to us all!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Most Effective Meditation(s)

by Jerome Dechant
Aug. 12, 2017

The most effective meditations are those where we connect with our higher Self, and Source. The focus which enables this isn't external, but rather internal. By attaining this connection, we attune with that which is divine, therefore, on the physical plane, it is radiated as divine attributes to our surroundings. This is how we lift ourselves into higher densities. We can hope and wish for others to follow suit, but because of freedom of choice, free will, we can not Make other follow suit. When in the field of effect of beings who are expressing higher vibrations, one is either attracted or repelled according to their own vibrational state. This means, if someone has a propensity to accept higher vibrational ideals, they will be drawn along and find it easier to embody ideal expressions. Conversely, one who does not find alignment with higher vibrations because their vibrations are too low, will find fault with and be repelled by, what to them, may appear to be appalling. (this is because the difference in vibration is so pronounced, it causes repulsion rather than attraction.) So, summary, focus upon your own connection with your higher Self and Source, and let everything else be according to divine law. :) Clues to look for to determine your success are at connecting with your Higher Self and Source are: feelings of joy, contentment, everything is right in the world, bliss, at peace, etc.. Also, you may feel very energized. Regardless, let whatever happens be okay, and allow it to be. Blessings to us all.