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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Most Effective Meditation(s)

by Jerome Dechant
Aug. 12, 2017

The most effective meditations are those where we connect with our higher Self, and Source. The focus which enables this isn't external, but rather internal. By attaining this connection, we attune with that which is divine, therefore, on the physical plane, it is radiated as divine attributes to our surroundings. This is how we lift ourselves into higher densities. We can hope and wish for others to follow suit, but because of freedom of choice, free will, we can not Make other follow suit. When in the field of effect of beings who are expressing higher vibrations, one is either attracted or repelled according to their own vibrational state. This means, if someone has a propensity to accept higher vibrational ideals, they will be drawn along and find it easier to embody ideal expressions. Conversely, one who does not find alignment with higher vibrations because their vibrations are too low, will find fault with and be repelled by, what to them, may appear to be appalling. (this is because the difference in vibration is so pronounced, it causes repulsion rather than attraction.) So, summary, focus upon your own connection with your higher Self and Source, and let everything else be according to divine law. :) Clues to look for to determine your success are at connecting with your Higher Self and Source are: feelings of joy, contentment, everything is right in the world, bliss, at peace, etc.. Also, you may feel very energized. Regardless, let whatever happens be okay, and allow it to be. Blessings to us all.

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