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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Venture into the unknown...

…To boldly go where no one has gone before.

This is where infinite possibilities reside. Why? Because there hasn’t been anyone there yet to change “what’s out there” from a wave of potential to a particle of expression. Whenever anything is observed and defined, it goes from a state of indefiniteness to a state of definiteness.

If there is a place or state of being to “go to, where no one has gone before,” that is the edge of our “known” being, but that which already exists beyond our knowing must ultimately already exists for us to go there to experience. In other words, you couldn’t go where no one has gone before if it didn’t already exist for you to go there and discover what’s there.

Columbus challenged the “known” world of his time by venturing in to the unknown. He sailed his ships into uncharted waters, which already existed so that he could sail upon them. The lands he discovered already existed as well, but were new to him and his contemporaries.

The information of his day informed people that the world was flat, and that if you went far enough out to the horizon, you’d come to the edge of the world, like the edge of a cliff. If you tried to go further, you would fall off. Since this was the information believed by the people of the time, there was great fear associated with venturing too far towards the unknown.

Even if you were strong of heart and very brave, venturing out into the unknown could be very dangerous because you don’t know what’s out there, you can’t really prepare for what you might encounter because you don’t know what’s out there, so how can you possibly prepare?

What most people do, is equip themselves to deal with what they already know, and then go forward into the unknown hoping they are up to the challenges that lay ahead.

The writing of this article is venturing into the unknown for me, because frankly, I don’t know, right now what will unfold for me as I am writing this. To flesh out this point a bit more, I didn’t know, back when I put my fingers to the keyboard and typed, “…To boldly go where no one has gone before.” That I was going to write this past paragraph. I did have an idea that I would write about going beyond the known, and that was about it.

Each moment that unfolds for us is largely unknown as to what will unfold in the next moment. Sure, because we are in a known environment, and have information and knowledge about our environment, we may expect much of what this environment is, to remain substantially the same but within this field of play, so to speak, there are quite a large number of possibilities which could unfold in the next moment, and when something unfolds that we aren’t expecting, we can be surprised, shocked or can experience any number of expressions.

If you are one of those who is an adventurer, who enjoys blazing the trail for the masses who may eventually follow the trail you’ve discovered, you should realize there is the potential for dangers, injuries and even death. Knowing full well the cost of making such a journey, if you still choose to proceed, you are sure to have experiences that none of your contemporaries have ever had. For most people who are explorers, this is the reward for their trials and efforts. They are the very first to be there, to see that, to feel that, to breathe that air, or whatever it might be. They may delight in the freshness and newness knowing that on one they know has ever ventured into this unknown. Do you understand now how Columbus and all those other explorers must have felt as they embarked upon their own journeys of discovery?

All that exploration implies there is something beyond to be explored, to be discovered, to become known.

What if an explorer didn’t define what he/she found? What if he/she returned and told those he/she left behind, go find out for yourselves. How many would venture into that unknown? The likelihood that there would be others to go on that adventure is greater at that time of his/her returning than it was on the day he/she left because of the fact that he/she returned. If an explorer ventures into the unknown and is never heard from again, the implied obstacle of the unknown looms larger in the minds of those who don’t make the journey. They may likely fear that their explorers perished in the unknown, and that may be true. Another possibility could be that once he/she ventured far enough into the unknown, he/she found something that was more compelling to stay with than the desire to return to their old life, their known world experiences.

Now, I’ve expressed only two possibilities. Reality which exists holds a far greater range of possibilities than just those two. And because of this, each person who ventures into the unknown brings to the experience their own possibilities and or potentials.

Venture into tomorrow as though you are an explorer uncovering new experiences, new understandings, new awareness, and with an open and inquisitive mind, be on the lookout for what is awaiting your discovery of it. You may find, that even in this world where you think there isn’t anything to be discovered, there actually is a lot you aren’t yet aware of right here in this very familiar place right now.

So, boldly go where no one has gone before without even leaving the familiar environment you currently find yourself in. Reach into the realms of expanded consciousness, reach beyond the mundane senses, and see what's out there? We can all be explorers and we can all make discoveries of our own by being open to that possibility, and being on the lookout for something(s) you've never known before, or experienced before.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Subliminal Messages & Unawareness

I posted what follows within a string of messages regarding subliminal messages. Since you probably don't have access to the Matrix Energetics Forums, I am posting it here:

Behind the words, behind the mental concepts, behind what I think, is the unspeakable truth. It isn't something I can really write about or talk about, but even as it is so, I think the words can be thin veils if we are still just for a moment, to see through them into the heart of what matters.


In the stillness, we know everything and nothing at the same time. I am everyone and no one at the same time. Ha! There is no time either, that is just another concept. Sometimes the most blatent, bold external expressions are the subliminal messages which we fail to see, but act in response to. Because from the conscious level of awareness, left brain perspective, we only preceive a microscopic amount of IT and then think that what we preceive is all there is.

However I choose to play, is my choice, and hopefully, how you choose to play is your own choice rather than the choice someone has implanted into your unawareness.

Awaken from your slumber into clarity and expression, (if you want to.)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Electric Fences


In the country, where ranchers have livestock roaming in the pastures for grazing, they were often concerned about their livestock roaming off of their property, getting lost and possibly never returning. For a rancher who rears cattle for his livelihood, it costs him every time he loses one of his cattle or horses, so they began to put up fences around their grazing pastures to keep their livestock on their property.

At first these fences were probably something like rope strung between vertical posts which circled the perimeter of the grazing pasture. The problem was, the cattle could easily break through these simple rope fences, so they tried something else they eventually substituted wire for the rope. That worked better, but still there were some cattle that would charge up to the fence and knock down the posts and wire, so the next step was to put sharp barbs on the wire, so that it hurt when the animals came into contact with it. That worked pretty good and for many years barbed wire was widely used by ranchers to fence in their pasture areas. Even though barbed wire worked pretty good there still were occasions where the ranchers would lose some of their livestock so some of them added another wire to the fence which was connected to an electrical source. When an animal would make contact with the wire, it would get a nasty electrical shock. This proved to be very effective because after a period of time, the animals wouldn’t even get close to the electrical wired fence. They would stay within the acceptable pasture area. The interesting thing about this is, once the ranchers observed the animals staying away from the electrical fences, they decided to turn off the electricity, to save the cost of the power. Since the animals had been trained to stay away from the fences, they didn’t need the electrical current on all the time anymore. Some ranchers even went a step further than that. As you might expect, erecting and maintaining a fence can be very costly and naturally required repairs which also cost money. Since the animals had been trained to stay within the acceptable pasture area, some ranchers, when the fences needed repair, decided to just remove the fences all together. They found that the fences were no longer necessary, even the young animals that were born into the herd didn’t go outside the boundaries where the fences use to be. So, once this behavior was established, it was passed on through the generations.

Yes, there were times when they had to erect fences again, and when they did, they made them as simple as possible with as few posts as possible and a single little wire which they electrified. This was mostly necessary when the livestock were moved to other pastures for grazing. Once the livestock got the idea of the electrical fence being there, they’d stay away from it, and then the rancher would turn off the electricity, eventually, removing the wire too. This way, they could reuse the wire when they moved the livestock to other fields.

So, you might be asking, why in the world am I writing about these fences, what do these fences have to do with you and me?

A long time ago, probably before you or I can remember, those who were in power at the time wanted to contain the masses of mankind in a similar way that the ranchers wanted to contain their livestock. They likely tried different ways which proved to be somewhat ineffective, just like the ranchers did until they found a means that worked really well. Once these methods of containment were proven to be effective, their uses became widely accepted as the preferred methods of containment and were used by growing numbers of powerful people to contain their subordinates.

They too also found that once the desired behaviors were established, the use of the containment (fences,) was no longer necessary to be used all the time, but rather only occasionally to reestablish the preferred behaviors.

So, you and I are the prodigy of those who were so conditioned that now; we don’t have physical fences to limit our behaviors we have handed down concepts of fences which we naturally accept as being the perimeter of our behaviors which we cannot cross over. And the interesting thing is we don’t even question these passed down behaviors, these pasted down limiting fences that really don’t exist anymore and haven’t really existed for a very long time. Like the livestock, we stay within the prescribed field of our experiencing like obedient little animals.

In your life experience, how many imaginary electrical fences limit your potential and expression in being? Do you dare to realize that the fence isn’t really there anymore, and that you can easily move about beyond the perimeters set up way back when? Well, you can. Yes, you can!

The herd consciousness might tell you, you can’t go beyond those prescribed boundaries because that is the programming which is most prevalent within the mass consciousness. The thing is there are already many people who’ve broken free of those limiting beliefs, many people who’ve ventured beyond the prescribed boundaries of their expression and found that there really is no fence at all, that they are free to move about without being shocked back into submission.

From the mass consciousness perspective, those people are the rebels, the outcasts, and the weirdoes. They are the adventurous spirits which have challenged the limits imposed upon them, and found that the limits are only imaginary.

So, the next time you want to do something but believe you can’t or shouldn’t, you may think back to this article, and wonder whether this limiting belief is one of those fences meant to keep you contained, to keep you limited. It takes a great deal of courage to challenge the established mass consciousness and you may have to take a leap of faith to step beyond those boundaries, to take that step into the unknown. The fear of doing so is very real. How do you think you’ve been contained all your life? You would have trespassed those boundaries long ago if that fear wasn’t so real and powerful for you. In order to overcome that fear, you will need trust.

If you don’t trust me, look within your own being for that aspect of yourself which you do trust. If you believe in guarding angels, and trust them, let them lead the way beyond your current limiting belief boundaries. Whoever it is, or whatever it is, seek out and be open to the guidance and assistance which will enable you to overcome the fears which limit your expression in being.

Even though this pasture we’ve been living in might be really nice and enjoyable, there are actually greener pastures beyond the boundaries you live within. Yes, that is really true the grass IS really greener on the other side of the fence. Why do you suppose they erected those fences around you in the first place? Why do you suppose they made you believe it wasn’t greener on the other side of the fence? Because they didn’t want you to go there, they wanted it all for themselves. The problem with that logic is that they believed in limits even for themselves, so with those limiting beliefs, they thought there wasn’t enough for everyone, so they had to limit the masses so they could be assured of their greener pastures.

What lies beyond awaits you. I assure you, you will be grandly delighted by what you find there.

My intention, I’ve now placed for you, is that you have the courage and trust to transcend the limits imposed upon you.

Let it be so.

It is done.

Saturday, November 21, 2009



Wanting is essential to the creative process. When you want something, hold the wanting just long enough to formulate the thing wanted, then immediately let it go. It is essential letting go otherwise you remain in a state of wanting because you are holding on to the formulating stage or holding on to the idea of the thing you want.

You may have to ask yourself “Do I want this wanting more than having?” The answer is key to why you don’t have what you expressed as a desire.

For example: If you want an apple, you might think or say, “I want an apple.” You may go on to define more precisely what kind of apple you want, “A big red juicy tart fresh apple.”

When you are clear on what you want, you must let go of the wanting which makes room for the having.

If you already had that apple what would be the use in still wanting it, as though you didn’t already have it? This sort of persistent wanting denies the having experience.

When you understand the wanting is a part of the whole process and you understand you have to execute each part of the process it becomes much easier to work through these steps of unfolding in to the having experience.

When you want something to you already know how to get it, how long does it take to get from the wanting to the having? For example, if you want a drink of water, and you are in your home where you can easily access a glass and a water faucet, you smoothly transition towards the having by doing what you already know how to do to quench your thirst.

The main point here is the wanting step can be for only a moment or two, then you automatically move into the obtaining stage which culminates in the having experience.

When you don’t know how to obtain what you want, the wanting stage still is very short, but you might have to be open to what options or opportunities appear which will lead you to the having experience. You might have to ask questions for which their answers will lead you towards having.

“If I knew what the next step towards having was, what would that next step be?”
Following the inner guidance will move you towards having. Sometimes it is a simple matter and having can happen spontaneously.

This might not even be necessary, because sometimes, there is no “doing” necessary, but rather getting out of the way and letting it happen. Looking for something different or for inner guidance may or may not be necessary. It then is a matter of trust and openness.

Getting to the having experience doesn’t have to be a long hard process, it can be quick and easy, so don’t make it harder than it has to be. Being open and receptive to having invites it to be so.

The wanting when you have formulated it, then let it go creates a void which must be filled, and that void is filled by the having experience. As long as you hold on to the wanting there is no void to be filled. That is why you never get to the having experience.

So want it, let go of wanting it, and see what happens, notice what you are noticing, then go with that.

Regarding Doing.

The need to do something originates from the left brain analytical part of your being. The source which brings forth the having is from the field of infinite possibilities, which is accessible when your point of focus and attention is centered within your heart center or your feeling space. This is to say, a lot of thinking won’t facilitate the having experience, so moving from thinking to feeling invites the having experiences.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Story?

By Jerome Dechant

The first line of any story sets the tone for the rest of the story, it either draws the reader in, or doesn’t. If it doesn’t then they put down the book and find something else to do or read.

Mental images, if you could call the vaguely defined shapes and colors as images, lingered briefly within his consciousness, shifting at what seemed to be random instances. What appeared and why these things showed up was a mystery to him. Sometimes what appeared seemed so solid and real, so clearly defined that it was as though he was right there observing them, yet he could feel the covers on his physical body, the pillow under his cheek and the cool morning air as he inhaled deeply. With eyes closed, in this early morning time, umm, maybe 4:30 in the morning, he’d wake from his deep sleep with an urge to use the bathroom, but the comfort and warmth of the bed was so inviting and enjoyable, that the urge to go pee would have to wait. That’s the way it always was for as long as he could remember, well, not the getting up at 4:30 in the morning to take a pee, but the enjoyment of waking up in this comfortable, cozy atmosphere where the fringe of the dream world met the waking world. He could often linger here, shifting from the waking state to the dreaming state and back again effortlessly, and most of the time unintentionally as well. It was as though he was on a ride and this movement between consciousness realms was part of the ride. What showed up was always something new, he didn’t know why he was seeing or feeling the things that showed up, and frankly, he never thought to wonder why this or that was being shown to him. Does everything have to have a purpose? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

But when you hear your name called by, who was that? The voice sounded familiar, yet he couldn’t place who it was. It was often called out in a way to wake him from his deep sleep, and when this did happen, he would abruptly awake into full waking state consciousness. Sometimes he’d reflexively sit up in bed and look around in the still darkened bedroom for who was calling his name, but no one was there. The odd thing was, whom ever this was, they had never said more than his name. “Jerry!” They wanted his attention, and they got it, at least enough to wake him from his sleep, but why? For now, there wasn’t an answer to that question; you could put that unanswered question on the pile of other unanswered questions that have accumulated over the years. Accumulated and then forgotten.

If there was a reason for any of this, it wasn’t obvious to him. Maybe he was too dense to see it staring him right in the face, or maybe it just didn’t seem that important to warrant the effort of his attention to wonder why, to ask the question, “Why is this happening to me?” That question was surely amongst the pile of unanswered questions that may have been asked over and over again without a clear answer or without an answer at all. It was as though there wasn’t anyone there to answer these questions. Who was he asking, surely no one in his physical realm. He kept this stuff to himself. Why should he mention this to anyone, who would care and what difference would it make? Maybe there was someone who could answer those questions, but if you never pose them to someone who knows, or who doesn’t know, you can never get the answer. As long as the questions remain unspoken, they certainly remain unanswered as well. Or is that true? It seemed to be true as that pile of unspoken unanswered questions revealed a lack of real communication.

If he was trying to communicate with the angels, or guides, or whoever was in the unseen realm, he wasn’t aware enough to recognize the answers when they showed themselves to him. Yes, often there were answers, but seldom, okay never in words, or thoughts within his mind. Maybe that person who spoke to him in the grocery store about something he’d been curious about was giving him the answer, but since the answer didn’t immediately follow the question, there wasn’t recognition that these were related, that this person provided an answer. Sure these sorts of things happening were, or appeared to be random, something that is there for a moment then gone in the next moment. If you weren’t paying attention, you would surely miss them, and this was obviously what was happening to him.

If he wasn’t paying attention to these things, where was his attention then? Likely upon mundane concerns which consumed most of his attention. With all that mundane stuff consuming his attention, it was no wonder there wasn’t a moment where the answers could be within his awareness or recognized. He walked around with blinders on, and so did most everyone else. The limited field of perception filtered out the vast majority of what was always there to see, feel, and experience. We have all adopted the limited perspective which to some extent has been useful, but also negates the perceptions of the vast realm of existence that goes unnoticed as we make our way through the moments of our lives.

It is like trying to measure the location of a particle and its velocity. You can be aware of one but not the other at the same time. You can know its location, but by focusing on its location, you lose track of its velocity. If you track the particle’s velocity, you know how fast it is going, but can’t get an accurate fix on its location. So it is an either or scenario.

One way to overcome this limitation, is to exist in two realms of consciousness simultaneously, to be fully aware in both at the same time, so that while in one realm velocity is being measured, in the other location is being measured. In adopting this duel realm awareness one can easily know the velocity and location simultaneously.

In order to enter into this awareness, one may realize that awareness is non-local, that awareness is, in its broadest sense, universal and not restricted to the confines of one realm or perspective. From the mental state this multi-location presence awareness is unfathomable, the mind goes into a stupor upon trying to comprehend this because the mind is in the particle state where velocity can’t be measured, or is in the velocity state where location can’t be determined. In other words, the mind exists within the realm of limits and or limitations which exclude the limitlessness cognition.

If there is a reason for it to be so, I may not recognize it from the mental perspective, but the reasons are perfectly clear when I transcend the confines of the limited perspective. And, I can and do simultaneously recognize the value of the particle state and the wave state as they co-exist and simultaneously express in being.

If this is a story, this is just the beginning. What will unfold? I currently don’t know, from this here now limited awareness perspective, what lies ahead is shrouded and will only be unveiled when I enter into the moment when that happens. Such is the linear perspective and awareness. The mystery endures, and because it is a mystery, it compels us on into the next moment so that we may unfold and discover what’s out there. If you think you’d like to jump to the end of this story, to see how it ends, you can’t because, it hasn’t been written yet. Because of the uncertainty factor, even from the limitless awareness perspective, no one conclusion is recognized but rather limitless possibilities await, and with the limitless possibilities there really is no conclusion because a conclusion exists within the realm of limits.

Will there be another chapter to this story? That remains within the realm of possibilities, doesn’t it?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Noticing the Miracles

Chronicles of Jerry: 11/03/09

I was reading an email from a friend, Amy Scott Grant wherein she said (excerpt):

“What percentage of your life do YOU spend following your inner guidance (no matter how bizarre or off-base it may seem)?

For me, it's a pretty high percentage.

Most people are probably around 4% or less (That's what I get is true -- you can use
your own favorite truth testing method to check that statistic).

I get that I'm personally around 45%.

I have a couple of friends who are closer to about 60% and I can see how smoothly (though strangely) their lives seem to move.

While I'm grateful to see that I'm following spiritual guidance nearly half of ALL the time, I still yearn for more. It's an ongoing growth process for me.”

Since she expressed the desire in the last paragraph, I dropped into my heart space, then felt my connection to/with her. I chose her current reality image of herself as point 1, and as point 2, I chose the reality image of her where she is 98% to 100% “following spiritual guidance.” Then, I held the pebble of that desire above the pool of the infinite possibilities, and dropped it, then watched/felt the ripples expand. Having done that, I let go of that connection and moved on with what ever else I was doing at the time.

Later, during the night of 11/03/09, I checked my FaceBook page where I saw what Amy posted 14 hours earlier (which I’m guessing is about the time I dropped the pebble, 11/3/09 7:53 a.m. which would have been 9:53 a.m. my time) which was as follows:

“is moving as I feel guided (and lovin' it). Whoa! THAT. Just. Happened.”

Really, "I" didn't do anything, but maybe something happened?

Be on the look out for Miracles in your life. When you start paying attention, and start looking for them, I assure you, you will find them.

Best regards,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Matrix Energetics: Heart Space

ME Study Group Practice Sitting Heart Space:

What is presented below is information related to Matrix Energetics as presented via YouTube video clips. Therefore, I can take no credit for what follows, except for typing this out and sharing it with you. All the credit goes to docresults.com. What I’ve presented below is a paraphrasing of what the presenter in the video clip has stated. (The examples I’ve stated are my own ideas.)

Heart Space while sitting in a chair:
(This is an experiential thing, so you got to do it to experience it.)

1. Notice you are having thoughts.
a. Notice where those thoughts are located in your body.
2. Next, move your attention to your chest area.
a. Notice you are experiencing emotions, you are feeling something.
b. Notice where these feelings are located or originate from in your body.
3. However you are able to do it, (everyone can do this however works best for himself or herself.) move the location of where your thoughts are located in your body into the location where the emotions/feelings are in your body.
Example: Imagine the thoughts are contained in a multi-media player which you can take hold of and move into the location where the emotions are located.
4. Now, with the thoughts and feelings occupying the same space, how does that feel?
Does it feel a little crowded there? Okay.
5. Now however you are able to do it, let those thoughts and feelings shift down to the area behind your belly button.
Example: Imagine there is an elevator where both your feelings and thoughts can get into, then press the button to the “Belly Button” floor. And once you are there, you can step out into this location in your body.
6. Can you feel your body relaxing into the chair when you’ve done that?
7. The location you want to settle into is the place where thoughts and feelings co-exist and work together in harmony, and that is usually in the area behind the belly button which is the point where the physical self body and the Ultimate Self being come together.

Thinking and feeling work best together. You want them be there in a relaxed peaceful way.

Practice playing from or in that space. When you notice you are being outside of that space, just simply shift and return to that location in your body.

Flip the problem over because there is the solution.
All problems are created by their solutions.
Now 2 point that.

State the intention.

I am the meaning maker.

The heart space is where all the answers are, where it all makes sense, where we were meant to operate in this reality from.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Outside the box...

Mina Bast said something like, “A Belief is like a song that gets stuck in your head. It keeps on going and going until you decide to sing a different song.”

Memories are similar to beliefs in that their effects keep going until you decide to shift to a different memory stream where the outcomes are shifted. So, with that in mind, I’d like to write about a memory and then shift it so the outcome shifts.

I was somewhere between ten years old and eleven years old. It was a Saturday evening at home with my Mom, Dad, Willy, (the tenant from our downstairs apartment) and me playing a board game sort of like Chinese Checkers where each player had 6 marbles in their beginning space and they had to roll a 1 or a 6 to get each marble in to play on the board. Once you had a marble in play, you advanced around the board toward the finish location by rolling 2 dice. The number you rolled determined how many spaces around the board you got to move. The object of the game was to get your 6 marbles into the home finish space before anyone else got theirs there. If you were playing teams, your team mate could help you and visa versa so you worked together to beat the other team to the finish. So, that gives you a vague idea of the game we were playing.

We were playing teams, so Willy and I were on one team, and Mom and Dad were on the other team. At some point during the game play, I decided to see if I could roll the numbers I wanted, so I’d shake the dice in my cupped hands, think of the number I wanted, then throw the dice on to the table. I would also say out loud something like, “I need a six, give me a six,” or some such thing. Anyway, when I started doing this, I was consistently rolling the numbers I wanted and as I progressed my marbles around the playing board, my Mom was getting more and more upset because she thought I was cheating. So she screamed very angrily at me “STOP IT!” Until that moment, I was as happy as I could be with myself, but once she screamed at me, it was as if the wind was drawn from my sails and I sort of went dead in the water so to speak. So, from then on, I didn’t try to make the numbers I wanted to roll come up. The game returned to random chance, and I don’t remember if we won or lost. I do remember, it wasn’t fun any more after that but I played anyway and did my best.

NOW, this is the alternate timeline I am now shifting to:

We were playing teams, so Willy and I were on one team, and Mom and Dad were on the other team. At some point during the game play, I decided to see if I could roll the numbers I wanted and needed, so when it was my turn, I’d take the dice, hold them in my cupped hands, think of the number I needed, then throw the dice on the table. I would say out loud something like, “I need a six, give me a six,” or some such thing. Anyway, when I started doing this, I was able to consistently roll the dice so the number I needed came up. At first my Mom was irritated that I was “cheating” but then that soon passed and everyone was amazed at how I was able to do that. When I would do it on purpose, they were all amazed and encouraged me to do it again, and again. We all lost interest in winning the game and everyone’s attention shifted toward trying to do this themselves. And do you know what? Once they each got the hang of it, my Mom, and Dad and Willy could all do it too. So, it was fun to play this game in this sort of a new way, and we all were delighted that we’d developed this awareness that we could do this thing. I think when we all went to bed that night, we each had a great appreciation for each other in that we’d shared a special time together, which turned out to be only the beginning of many more special times together.

Some time after that, Willy moved away. I don’t know where he moved to, but I did occasionally see him at the paint store he worked at. He always mentioned that night by cupping his hands together, shaking them in front of his face and saying something like, “give me a six!” and then laugh.

I cast this envisioning out to the universe, lets see what happens.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009



“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

A Mirror is a wonderful thing, it so indifferently reflects back for our own viewing, the image of our presence and surroundings. It doesn’t make judgments and if it is a good quality mirror, it reflects back for our viewing accurately and truly without distortion of what is before it.

When I look in my mirror, if I don’t like what I see, it isn’t the mirror’s fault is it? No, of course not. The mirror is just reflecting what is there before it. So, if I don’t like what I see in the mirror, should I get rid of the mirror because it is showing me something I don’t like? Should I never look in a mirror again because I know I won’t like what I see there? Should I destroy all the mirrors in the world so I never have to face what I don’t like again?

Guess what, all of those questions I just asked are what most people want to do with what they see in the world around them because they are blaming what is reflected back to them as their world experience and they blame the world for what they see instead of seeing, realizing what the world is presenting to them is a reflection of their own state of awareness and being.

When I look in my mirror, I know what I am seeing is a reflection of my self, but when I look into the world, it is a bit harder to make that connection and realize what the world is showing me is really a reflection of my being. So, I can’t really blame someone for treating me badly because that is something within me being reflected back to me. How I then receive that information makes a huge difference because if I don’t take full responsibility for that being in my life experience, but rather blame someone else for being a jerk and making them responsible for treating me badly, that is the same thing as blaming the mirror because I don’t like what it is showing me.

I know this is true for me just the same as it is for you. When you look in the mirror, what you see is your reflection, whether you appreciate it or not, that’s what you see. When you look in to the world, what you see is your reflection whether you appreciate it or not, that’s what you see.

Somewhere in this reflection, I am a reflection to you which represents whatever it is I represent to you, and the same goes for me too, you are a reflection to me which represent whatever it is you represent to me.

Is there really a need to be judgmental about what we get reflected back to us, in our mirror or in our world? I could say yes, be judgmental if that judging is honest, caring and supportive of growth in understanding, awareness, love and being. I would say no, don’t be judgmental if when you do that, it doesn’t serve your best interests, or the best interests of those you are judging.

One more thing about judging; who am I to judge your life and choices? I am not the judicial authority which determines what is right or wrong for you, so I really have no authority to pass judgment on anyone except my own self. I do have authority to determine what is right or wrong for myself, so I can act upon such judgments with authority with the ability to actually do something about it.

If you are in a relationship, any kind of relationship, you can immediately know whether the relationship is flourishing or dying by the amount of criticism that enters into the relationship. Criticism is of course a form of judgment which we apply to others. It implies that my perspective is right, and yours isn’t which of course is false. Because criticism is based in falsehood, the resultant effects on the relationship are destructive. The truth is your life expression is your life expression, all yours to have and be and do whatever it is you choose to have, be and do. My life expression is my life expression, all mine to have and be and do whatever it is I choose it to be. I can accept this truth about myself, and I can equally accept this truth about you which allows us both infinite freedom in our expression in life and being.

Sure, I might prefer that you be kind to me rather than being an asshole to me, but in either case, I can know that how you are treating me is a reflection of my own inner state, so if I don’t like to be treated poorly, I need to refocus my attention on being kind to myself and others.

You can’t fake it, life knows exactly where you are, what you are doing, thinking, feeling and being. And, the world will always constantly reflect back to you truly what you are radiating to the world. So, if you don’t like what the world is reflecting back to you, this is an opportunity to do some soul searching and redirect your energies in such a way as to cause the world to reflect back to you what you do appreciate and enjoy.

If I find fault with myself or anyone or anything in the world, and I don’t diligently attend to resolving that within myself and therefore within the world, then I perpetuate the effect rather than resolving it. These “faults” are being presented to us for a reason. They are being presented to us so we may decide whether there is something we can do about them and or something we will do about them. If something is flawed, we don’t necessarily need to destroy it, we have more options than that. We could just accept it the way it is, allow it to be, love it, appreciate it for being, and be thankful for showing itself to us. When we consider the broadest range of possibilities, this example represents only one of an infinite pool of possibilities in how we might choose to deal with “faults.”

If your focus is upon being judgemental and critical, the world will reflect back to you ample opportunities for you to be judgemental and critical. By such a focus you will find faults everywhere,

If your focus is upon being loving and appreciative, the world will reflect back to you ample opportunities for you to be loving and appreciative.

So, in conclusion, the next time you look into your mirror, pause for a moment and consider what you’ve just read. Consider the reflection in the mirror, consider the reflection in the world and know with absolute certainty, that both are a reflection of you. It isn’t the mirror’s fault for reflecting back to you what you see, and it isn’t the worlds fault for reflecting back to you either. So, see it all for what is really is offering you and take responsibility for it by acknowledging that your perception of the world is welling up from within you.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trying vs. Spontaneity

A bird doesn’t have to do anything special to be a bird that is what it is by nature. A rock doesn’t have to try to be a rock. A cloud doesn’t have to try to be a cloud. A man doesn’t have to try to be a man. An energy being, (which all of these things really are,) doesn’t have to try to be an energy being. A conscious energy being doesn’t have to try to be conscious. It all happens spontaneously.

All of that might seem oh so obvious, yet how many of us constantly are “trying” to be what we already are? Trying to be more conscious, more spiritual, more powerful, more healthy, more, more, more. And how many of us are frustrated in this trying? What is the source of the frustration? The source of these frustrations are the beliefs that we are lacking, that we aren’t, that we can’t, that we don’t have, that we aren’t good enough and the whole family of beliefs based on the illusion of duality.

Those beliefs are false. When your foundational beliefs are flawed, everything that follows will naturally be flawed as well. As long as you remain asleep to the truth, the falsely inspired dream endures.

So, maybe now would be a good time to relax and stop trying so hard. Maybe, as you relax and settle into your true nature, you will experience what you naturally are, spontaneously. And in this natural relaxed state you may discover aspects of your true nature spring forth into expression spontaneously as you avail yourself to their discovery. The thing about discovering is, you make discoveries when you provide space and awareness for them to occur. So, all of that “trying” was consuming the awareness and space where discoveries could have been occurring.

There are many facets of your being which are already here, awaiting your awakening to their existence. These facets have always been here too, so they aren’t something you need to work at developing. Meditation allows the observer to come forth. As the observer, we awaken to these aspects of our being, we discover what is already here within us and thereby, through the light of our attention and awareness of them do enliven them into our conscious expression.

In nature, all things occur spontaneously. If you wish to awaken more to your true natural being, allow for spontaneity in your life expression.

Can you make something spontaneously happen? No. You can’t make it spontaneous; if you try to be spontaneous, you aren’t being spontaneous, you are being “trying to be spontaneous.”

You might understand this through this example. You can deliberately smile, yet that deliberate smile isn’t the same as a spontaneous smile, is it? They may both look similar, yet they can feel a lot different and their effects on those around you will likely be different as well. When you spontaneously smile at someone, the person is likely to appreciate the spontaneity and sincerity of your smile more than when you intentionally force a smile.

Some people may want something to happen, such as a great awakening experience which happens spontaneously, so they might do stuff to avail themselves to the spontaneous awakening which in fact has nothing to do with the spontaneous awakening. My best advice is so just go about your life business and be as natural and spontaneous as possible. That is to say, relax and enjoy life, do what comes naturally to you in your life expression and in this way you will be in the flow of spontaneity and life will be full of discoveries and surprises. As this is all spontaneously unfolding, you can be sure everything will occur precisely at the correct time and place.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Energy: It Is All About Flow

Energy, it’s all about flow. This is what we are here to learn to do, is to flow in and with the energy which we are.

In this moment, to realize the one being knows what is optimal for our expression, therefore to completely trust in the perfect flow of our being which leads us on, and on through out life expression where we effortlessly move in and with and through the energy expression, we flow.

This flow encompasses every aspect of our expression in being, physically, emotionally, psychically, spiritually, energetically. As we develop trust in the flow, we are free to enjoy the ride as it unfolds around us, within us, and through us.

This is the same thing as the saying I’ve heard/read before, “Let go and let God.”

The flow is really all there is. This means while it is constantly the same in that energy is constantly flowing, flowing by nature implies changing too, so that the expressions of energy flowing, or energy in motion are ever new.

The Star Trek intro comes to mind, “Space, the final frontier…. To boldy go where no one has gone before.”

Expressing from the leading edge of manifestation immersed within this every changing flowing energy is to boldy go where no one has gone before. This is the joy of life, discovery, expression and being.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is a picture of an Emotional Scale based upon the Emotional Scale presented by Abraham through Esther Hicks. It should be self explanitory.

Make Friends with this NOW...

Make friends with this NOW you are experiencing.

There are people who hate their now experience and are trying very hard to get out of it. This is an expression of discontent and struggle that perpetuates itself because what you put out to the universe during this NOW moment, is what it vibrationally response to. That being true, if you hate your NOW experience, you are sending out hate vibrations to the universe which will provide you with more NOW moments to hate.

How do you make friends with this NOW moment?

Look at it this way, if you want someone to be friendly with you, how do you treat that person? Do you speak kindly to him/her? Do you express your appreciation for him/her? Do you look for things you have in common so that you can spend time together and get to know each other better?

These are a few things that come to my mind as I write this. I’m sure you can think of other things as well. The point is, you can apply such things to this now moment as well. Being friendly is an attitude one adopts which governs his/her behavior, so I suggest if you want to become friends with this NOW moment, you could adopt such an attitude about this moment right now too.

If you make friends with now, then you are radiating a friendly vibration which the universe will respond to in kind.

If you find yourself becoming critical, once you notice you are being critical, stop for a moment, take a slow deep breath and relax. Then find something, anything no matter how small or insignificant, that you appreciate about NOW and then focus on that just for a few seconds. If you can think of more than one thing, then feel that sense of appreciation about those other aspects of this NOW also.

By paying attention to this NOW, expressing appreciation and making friends with this moment, you thereby pave the way for the unfolding of more NOW experiencing where appreciation and friendliness are brought back to you to experience.

I’ve said this before, NOW is all we’ve got. The better terms we are on with NOW, the better we feel and the more fulfilling and rewarding our NOW experiencing is.

This NOW right now, is the leading edge of your life creating experiencing being. When you fall in love with NOW you live in Love, happily ever after.

Monday, August 31, 2009

How many sides does a coin have?

If you said 2, you are incorrect. Actually, a coin has 5 sides.

It has a face side
It has a back side
It has an edge side
It has an inside
It has an outside

What is the result of holding the belief that a coin has 2 sides?

First, it is true a coin does have a face and a back, but that is not a complete understanding, therefore it is incorrect understanding of a coin. If one bases his actions upon an incorrect understanding of the coin, what can the results possible be? The results must logically be incorrect as well, which is to say you will not obtain the results you expect because of the error in the fundamental understanding of the coin.

When a fundamental foundational understanding is based upon incomplete or erroneous beliefs, everything that proceeds from those erroneous beliefs must therefore be flawed and erroneous as well.

There is such an erroneous belief widely held by the human race.

That belief is in duality.

The truth is, duality exists within the expression of the one, is only a partial understanding of the one. So everything that proceeds from this belief in duality is flawed because the fundamental foundational belief in duality is based upon an incomplete understanding.

It may be easier to understand this in mathematical terms.

If you know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide, you have the basic understanding of mathematics and you can universally perform these functions with any numbers.

If you are taught that 1 + 1 = 3, all mathematical conclusions thereafter will be incorrect. The thing is, if you truly understand math, you will immediately see the error in that problem. You will clearly see that 1 + 1 = 2. You may even bring this to the attention of your instructor, who may reprimand you for seeing the correct answer, and demand that you accept the false answer as the correct one. So if you ignore this truth, and proceed with the false answer, you can find no accurate and true answers after that. Who knows what the answers could be? They could be anything because they do not follow the logic and proper understanding of math.

Now, consider that everything we’ve been taught is similarly flawed. This is what has actually occurred. A fundamental truth has been ignored and in its place, a false belief has been established and universally taught here on planet earth.
If this information doesn’t shake up your world, it should because if you believe in duality, this fundamental flawed belief is causing everything else in your life to be flawed as well.

I know having read this, it is all intellectual at this point, and the realization of it will on become real for you when you actually experience this oneness.

It is like someone telling you how something tastes. You can’t really know how it tastes until you take a bit of it. In this same way, I can tell you about oneness, but until you actually take a bit of it, you won’t know how it tastes.

False Premise...

The very basic false premise of duality causes everything else based upon that premise to also be false.

The true premise is oneness within which duality appears to exist. It "appears" to exist, therefore it is the illusion the great sages have spoken of for centries.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Training Wheels

When you are learning to do something like ride a bike, it is helpful to have training wheels on the bike to help you find your balance without falling over all the time. When you have an injured leg, it is helpful to have crutches to help you be able to walk and relieve the pressure on your mending leg so that it heals properly and rapidly.

These things, the training wheels and the crutches are tools to aid you so that eventually you won’t need them any more. They are a temporary tool to assist through the process of learning and healing. They should only be used so long as they are necessary, with the understanding that eventually you won’t need them any more. So, you begin using them knowing that from the start, and looking forward to the time when you won’t need them any more.

See, the balance is already within you, the training wheels just help you to find it. The healed leg comes forth from within you; the crutches enable you to allow that healing to come forth without causing further injury.

This same thing is true when it comes to the playing “Feeling Better Game” (See my blog by that title dated July 20, 2009.) The thoughts you use to help you move up the emotional scale are tools to aid you in the process of feel better. The things you do to help you move up the emotional scale are also tools to aid you in the process. The point is, eventually you won’t need those thoughts or to do those things in order to effectively move up the emotional scale, you will just do it without needing those tools any more.

So, knowing this, you can let go of the beliefs that you “need” to think those certain thoughts to feel better, you “need” to do that certain thing to feel better, or you “need” to be with that special someone to feel better. If you “need” those thought, or to do those things or to be with that person to feel better, you haven’t fully grasped the skill of moving up the emotional scale yet. If you “need” those tools to inspire feeling better, you haven’t found the place within your own self from where these better feeling emotions originate. These better feeling emotions are already within you; these tools only help you find them.

The words of warning are these:

While you are learning this skill, you could develop an attachment to those tools. Many people get attached to the tools and therefore are reluctant to outgrow them, they feel assurance in using them, and they find them supportive and comforting. And, that is where the trap with using tools comes in, when you believe you can’t move up the emotional scale without them.

The truth is, you can. Using tools helps you develop the skill, understanding, awareness and confidence necessary to attune to better feeling emotions. When you begin playing the “Feel Better Game,” begin with this understanding; that eventually you won’t need the tools, and with this understanding and intention of transcending the need for the tools, you will pave the way for yourself to express and be free to ascend the emotional scale at will regardless of external stimuli.

Now, this isn’t to say that external stimuli can’t or shouldn’t or won’t inspire emotional responses, because they can and they do and that is all a part of being here now reveling in the joy of the moment.

It is all a part of being open to the grander possibilities which avail themselves to us, and for me, this is why I play the “Feel Better Game” in the first place.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where I start from

If you want to plan a trip, you have to know where you are relative to where you want to go, then proceed from that knowledge. That may seem all too obvious, but what if you believe you are starting from New York City but it turns out you are starting from San Francisco? That would make a huge difference in planning your trip wouldn’t it? You might think that it is preposterous to not know you are in New York City when you are actually in San Francisco, and yes, that may very well be preposterous, but it makes an obvious point; you have to know where you are starting from, you have to accurately know where you are starting from in order to take the next step to move you towards where you want to go.

For instance, what if you don’t even know where you are but you do know you want to go to Denver? Which direction should you go? How far away is it to Denver? What mode of transportation should you choose? If you don’t know where you are, you can’t accurately answer those questions can you? So, an important point to understand is if you don’t know where you are, the very first step, in order to proceed with confidence towards any goal, is to accurately determine where you are.

I am going to venture a guess that 90% of the people on earth don’t really know where they are. They may know their physical location, they may be aware of their immediate environment and they may navigate successfully around the physical world environment. How are they able to do that? They have accurate information to base their navigation upon, and they have a sense and or familiarity of their environment which aids them through their movements. So, from a practical physical perspective, that number of 90% isn’t at all accurate, but it is more accurate from a deeper spiritual perspective.

If you think you are doing okay financially, but in fact you are about to be financially bankrupt, you can see how proceeding from that erroneous perception can contribute towards your bankruptcy.

If you think you are physically fit, but in fact should change your diet, and add some regular exercise to your daily activities, your erroneous perception will result in taking steps which likely will move you away from physical fitness rather than towards it.

If you are a drug addict, or alcohol addict, or addicted to any unhealthy practice, but you don’t think you are, the steps you take to proceed on with your life will be based on a false premise, and therefore will certainly result in taking you down the wrong path in your life experiencing.

In your life expression, if you don’t acknowledge accurately where you are right now, and you proceed towards some life goal, how can you possibly attain that goal without an accurate assessment of where you are now? If you try to proceed without this information, you start your journey from an erroneous premise; therefore any steps you take to attain your goal are likely to be wrong ones.

It is imperative that you know where you are, that you have valid information to base your next choice decision upon, to be successful in any undertaking.

Why am I writing this? So you stop and evaluate the premise upon which you are proceeding from with your life expression. If the premise you base your life expression upon is erroneous, you get erroneous results. And, any success you may stumble upon is then based upon random chance.

Some people teach that you should visualize yourself as wealthy, healthy and joyous, feel as though you are already wealthy, healthy and joyous, then regardless of where you are, you will attain those states of being.

All we have is here now. In order to proceed upon this journey, it is imperative to accept this as the starting point of our journey. The location, the time of day, the conditions which are currently present are important considerations, but unless you are centered within this here now moment, you will proceed through your life experience from a false or erroneous premise, which can only lead to failed endeavors.

You have to acknowledge how it is right now in this life experiencing moment, accepting it all, allowing it all completely, in order to proceed with certainty. This is within the realm of your awareness, yet it also extends beyond your conscious awareness to include it all.

Erroneous premises:

There is time, there is yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Why are these concepts a problem? Because they engender behavior which tends to change your focus away from your here now experiencing, engendering a false sense of importance for past experiences or future experiences. And, because of this erroneous premise you base your activities which result in erroneous results.

Example: Tomorrow when I get my new car, then I will be happy. This is projecting into the future. It may be factual that you may get a new car tomorrow, but the belief that having the new car will bring you happiness tomorrow is a false premise because if you aren’t experiencing happiness in this here now moment, it makes no difference how the external world is dressed up, as these moments unfold how you feel right now is all that matters.

Accurate premise:

There is Here, Now.

The unfolding of this presence may be calculated by use of a clock and calendar, which spawns the beliefs in time, of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Regardless of the location or the time, you can always accurately state. “I am here now.”

Example: I am happy now in this moment. I am going to get my new car tomorrow and I am fairly certain I will be happy tomorrow too because I am choosing being happy as the foundation of my life experiencing. I realize my happiness wells up from within me. It isn’t based upon external expressions which manifest as my life experiencing. The happiness which wells up from within me enriches everything in my life experiencing so that I am happy regardless of getting the new car or not. For my comfort and pleasure and ease of travel having the new car will be worthwhile and enjoyable, and I appreciate the comforts and ease that accompany this having.

Another example: When I finally find my soul mate, everything will be just wonderful.

It may be true that being with your soul mate will be a wonderful experiencing, but it isn’t being with your soul mate that makes it wonderful, it is the wonder you bring to the experiencing, being with your soul mate, that makes it wonderful. In other words, in this here now exists this wonder and experiencing this wonder here now it the only place this experiencing happens. So, experiencing this here now as wonderful is the foundation of experiencing being with your soul mate being wonderful as well. The thing is, whether you are with your soul mate or not, this here now is wonderful if you choose to make it so.

Maybe you are seeing a trend here, that is, the feeling tone in this here now experiencing is the foundation upon which external life experiencing is based. Whatever this feeling tone is tints or colors the life experiencing accordingly.

Many people belief that the life experiences tint or color your emotional state of being, but that is a false premise attributing the emotional state to an external expression which in and of itself holds no emotional content.

In other words, the new car contains no happiness within itself. The relationship with your soul mate doesn’t innately contain wonderfulness. Rather you bring the happiness to the car ownership and you bring the wonderfulness to the relationship with your soul mate or actually anyone in your life experiencing.

So, whatever the external expression is, the emotional tone of it wells up from within you and colors the experiencing based upon your choices.

Understanding that the emotional content of every life experience originates from within your own being, you may understand that even if you are deathly ill physically, the emotional content of being deathly ill isn’t dictated by being deathly ill but rather by your choice in how you want to emotionally experience being deathly ill. If you chose to be happy while experiencing being deathly ill, being deathly ill will be a happy experiencing.

While being deathly ill may not feel good physically, and in fact may be very physically painful, the emotional content of the experience is up to your choice. And, bringing to the experience great joy may actually be the healing balm necessary to enable moving through the experience with greater ease. So that is paying more attention to emotional experiencing joy which releases tension which is often the source of the pain, and relaxes the body into a healing state of allowing life energy to flow freely and easily in this here now experiencing.

Allowing life energy to flow freely and powerfully is the premise of well-being. Illness is the result of restricting that flow of life energy, and death is the result of the flow being restricted to such an extent that the body can no longer sustain life.

If you understand this completely, you may conclude that physical death is, or at least can be, a choice. A being that is ever present in this presence, allowing life energy to freely flow, without limitations or restrictions, enjoys life abundantly. Allowing this flow is being attuned to it, and being attuned to this flow of life energy is the source of the emotional content of our life experiencing. The source is energy, is life energy, and experiencing this life energy flowing is translated into the emotional content of our being.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Feeling Better Now

Why is it so important to pay attention to how I feel?

Because how you feel is your point of attraction, that is to say, how you feel in this moment, is what is attracting to you like vibrations, or like feelings, so if you feel crappy now, you are radiating crappy feeling vibrations which will attract crappy feeling experiences into your life.

When you focus on feeling better and attain a better feeling due to this point of focus, you are vibrating at a better feeling vibration; therefore, you are radiating a better feeling vibration which attracts to you life experiences which feel better.

So, it is more important to focus on moving up the emotional scale than it is to focus on having a certain thing or life experience, unless of course focusing on that thing or life experience moves you up the emotional scale.

How you feel is the tone which underlies the life experiences you attract. So, if you focus on a new car and attract that, but in the process, you are feeling anxious and worried about being able to pay for it, when you attract the new car you will also have the same feeling of anxiousness and worry attached to the owning the car because that is the tone or feeling or vibration which you were radiating which caused it to be attracted to you.

The things or objects you attract are of secondary importance. The relationships you attract are of secondary importance. The physical life experiences you attract are of secondary importance.

Why? Because along with whatever you attract an emotional state accompanies them. The error most people make is in thinking having that object, or that relationship or that experience will give them the emotional experience they desire. The fact is, it is the other way around. Having the emotional experience first, before getting the objects, or relationships or experiences is really where the fulfillment in having those things or experiences are found.

That may seem paradoxical because you’ve been programmed to believe you need that new car to feel good, you need that big house to feel good, you need that beautiful person to have a relationship with to feel good, and you need that bank full of money to feel good. The list goes on and on, doesn’t it? And, I am quite certain that once you get each and every one of those things, you don’t get the feeling good with them, unless of course, you started out feeling good before you got them. If you started out feeling empty before getting any or all of those things, you will continue to have that empty feeling after getting those things.

Are you getting it now? Do you get how important it is to feel good now? Here, now is where the emotional experiences occur. In this moment, when you learn to choose thoughts and activities which inspire better emotional states, then you are planting the seeds for experiences which match that vibration or emotional state.

So if you attain a blissful emotional state first, then attract a beautiful new car, and house, and money and relationship(s) all of that will have the blissful emotional state vibration as its foundation. And, this is where it just keeps getting better and better, when you start from or create from a better feeling vibrational state.

I encourage you to play the feeling better game.

In case you haven’t seen the little video clip I made about this game, I will tell you how to play it now.

Right now, consider how you are feeling. Then think of something that has the effect of moving you up the emotional scale. Alternately, do something which has the effect of moving you up the emotional scale. The object of the game is to experience a better feeling emotional state, even if it is just a slight bit better feeling. And then once you attain that feeling better state, to proceed on up the emotional scale by continuing to play this game. If you don’t continue to move up the emotional scale, but maintain the better feeling state, you are just that much better off and will create from that better feeling state.

(One thing to consider is that you are always attracting regardless of what your emotional state is, so you might as well attract from a better feeling emotional state, right?)

If you think it is hard to do this, and don’t even give it a try, what is the result of not trying this?

You get to continue experiencing your current emotional state as the tone of your life experiencing. If you like your current emotional state; you believe you can’t feel better now, or you believe you feel as good as it gets, then great! But, if it is possible for you to feel better, and you choose to do something to move you into a better feeling state, you are thereby taking control and steering the course of your emotional life.

To have all the wonderful things life has to offer is great only to the extent that the emotional foundation upon which it rests is great.

That is why there are people who have all the wealth and possessions this life has to offer and yet feel unsatisfied and/or unhappy. They likely went after all those things with the hopes of finding their happiness, but from an unsatisfied or unhappy state, that is what they attracted more of, unsatisfied and unhappy.

The Law of Attraction states: Like attracts Like. If you want to attract happieness, then you have to be happy to attract more happieness.

The feel better game is an on going thing. That is to say, you can’t just do it for 5 minutes and feel a little better while doing it, and expect that feeling better emotional state to endure indeffinately. What is more likely to happen is that after a short time, you will revert back to your normal emotional state which will happen because that is where the preponderance of your vibrational state is. In order to effect a change in your “normal” vibrational state, it takes persistance so that over time, your “normal” emotional state shifts to a higher vibration.

Just like anything you are trying out and learning for the first time, at first it requires almost constant attention to be aware of your current emotional state, then chooseing to feel better, and thereby think of, or do things which engender a better feeling emotion.

The journey or spiritual path then, is to feel better emotionally. As you progress upon this path, the stuff that you get along the way is then the icing on the cake so to speak, it just makes the cake that much sweeter and more delightful to partake of.

Choose to feel better now. This is the best choice you can possibly make in this moment.

Here is an example dialogue of playing the Feeling Better Game:
(You can play this by yourself, or with the help of a friend or companion.)

How do you feel now?

I feel “okay.”

Could you feel better than “okay”?


Can you think of something that when thinking of that causes you to feel better?

I can’t think of anything like that right now.

Okay, is there something you like to do that causes you to feel better when you do it?

I like listening to music that I like. I always feel better when I listen to my favorite music.

Okay, can you do that now?

No, not really, I’m at work right now, and I don’t have my music collection here, and I can’t listen to music while I’m at work anyway.

Alright, is there anything else you can do right here, right now which will elevate how you feel right now, even if it is just a little bit?

I can go talk to my co-worker friend. I always feel better when I am talking to her.

Okay, go do that now, then after you’ve talked to her for awhile, return to this exercise.

(After returning.)

How do you feel now?

I feel better.

Good! You have intentionally moved up the emotional scale. This should prove to you that you can do this, and it can be fun too. (Actually, it should be fun. If it isn’t fun, you are not likely to do it. If it isn’t fun, you aren’t moving up the emotional scale anyway.)

Evalutaion of the example:

Even though listening to music wasn’t available at the time of the example, that is a good choice to make when you can listen to your favorite music because it has the effect of moving you up the emotional scale.

Also, even though this person couldn’t think of something right then to make him/her feel better in that moment, he/she might be able to think of something at some point which does have the effect of moving him/her up the emotional scale, so that is also a good choice to pursue.

Additional, there are many things people do that help elevate their emotional state. Some people enjoy cooking, some people enjoy crafting or painting or photography. Whatever it is for you, choose those things to pursue as they are tools to elevate your emotional state.

The times when it is most valuble to play this game are when you dip emotionally to a lower emotional state. i.e.: When you are angry, when you are upset, when you are sad, when you feel hopeless, etc.

Remember, you are attracting all the time based on your vibrational contenance, or emotional state, so whatever that emotional state is, radiates out to the universe, and you attract more of that to yourself.

Remember to play the feel better game often. It can be as simple to play as remembering the game, then in the moment, pursuing feeling better with whatever avenue that is, which results in feeling better emotionally. The more you do this, the easier it will get because you can recall the things that worked for you before, and try them again. And, your successes in and of themselves can be fuel for feeling better too.

It is all in the experiencing, feeling better.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Conditional Moments

During my guest appearance on the “Light Works with Jen and Amy,” blogtalk radio show, I said something about the love our true Self has for us. I said, “There is no one in the world who cares more about you than your own True Self. You can’t be loved any more than that love that is present within that being, which you truly are. And, this is a manifestation coming forth through you as you.”

That love the True Self radiates to you is unconditional love. In other words, the energy is always flowing regardless of whether I am aware of it or not, regardless of my accepting it or not. That loving feeling is a total YES feeling without any hesitation or reservation in it at all.

Think about that for a moment. Right now, this loving energy is radiating unconditionally from the center of your being. It is always saying yes, yes, yes. It is always loving, always giving, and always caring.

Then you say, Oh yeah, well, I’m not feeling that right now. As a matter of fact, I feel pretty crappy right now, how can this wonderful YES, I love you love feeling be radiating right now? I don’t feel it at all. I don’t feel like I am being unconditionally loved.

When you just voiced that perspective, it was from a “Conditional Moment.”

Prior to voicing that perspective you’ve been vibrating along within the “Conditional Moments,” vibration. That is to say, these conditional moments have been around with you for a very long time. As a matter of fact, it is likely that you are primarily expressing your life through the perspective of conditional expectations, and beliefs which result in experiencing this moment based upon your expectations and beliefs which tell you that, in order to feel this unconditional love which you truly are, certain conditions must be met. Since, in your expectation, these conditions haven’t been met, the result is you block or don’t experience this unconditional love flowing right now.

Maybe you are holding beliefs which are telling you right now, that this is a bunch of bull shit. There might be beliefs which say, I’m not feeling unconditional love right now, so how can it be true that this love is ever present? I’m not feeling it right now, so what Jerry is writing is a lie. What I’m feeling right now is frustration, and maybe even a bit of anger that Jerry would tell me this shit, and expect me to believe him.

All that “stuff” in the way of experiencing the unconditional love flowing through this moment, is all the conditioning you’ve adopted throughout this life and all the previous life experiences you’ve had. This perspective perpetuates itself through the attitude of defending your conditioning in order to be right, in order to justify your present state, so you create for yourself proof and evidence to substantiate and reinforce your beliefs, your conditioning.

It may be hard to break this self fulfilling perspective considering how it works. You may be able to break this chain of endless repetition through having a moment of clarity wherein you experience and therefore have an awareness which shows you, “Yeah, I see how I’ve been doing this.” And maybe with that clarity, you might decide to give something else a try. You might begin to see that your current conditioning isn’t serving you well, it isn’t empowering you, but actually keeping you trapped within this state of vibration which inhibits the experiencing of the unconditional love which is flowing through this moment right now.

The simple shift wherein you acknowledge it as a possibility that this unconditional love is and does flow through this moment, and this moment and this moment, on and on, avails yourself to coming into the realization and experience that yes, it DOES flow. Even though I might not feel the full experience of this unconditional love, I can feel some of it right now. I can come in to greater experiencing of it as I shed the conditional beliefs and attitudes which hamper the flow and therefore the experiencing of this energy flow.

Becoming a clear channel for this flow of energy is the life path many people have chosen. Upon this path, as each moment unfolds, oppertunities are ever presented to reveal to us the conditioning which hampers the full experiencing of this fountain of blissful life experiencing.

The reason I’ve written this is because in order to bring forth that True Self into this manifest world, so that it is fully expressing here, now; which means we are fully experiencing it here, now, we undertake the process of clearing away the conditioning which impedes the flow and therefore the experiencing of unconditional love which is our True and eternal natural being in expression.

As an eternal being, what else do you have to do?

To do this clearing we must bring our attention in to this moment right here, right now. This is where it all happens. Where we clear away the conditioning, where we experience the releasing, and releif that is the natural effect of the clearing.

If you are of the mind, “Okay, that sounds really good, but I can’t start right now. I’ve got other stuff I need to do right now. I will start tomorrow when I have more time.”

What is happening then with that attitude?

What is happening is denying the powerand value of this now moment in favor of a future moment.

I’ve got a secret for you, you probably won’t believe me when I tell it to you.

There are no future moments. There is really no tomorrow, there is really no yesterday either. All there is is this ever present presence, here, now.

When you “get this” when you truly experience the validity of this statement, you will have anchored yourself in the present and therefore your very own presence which is expressing as this moment right now.

Letting go. Being aware in this moment, and letting go, relaxing, allowing, accepting this moment right now fully and completely. This is unconditional being and therefore unconditional experiencing the true nature of your own presence in being here now.

You may slip in and out of this presence, awareness experiencing because of the pull of all the conditioning which still resides within your energy field. So, having found your presence within this moment, you know it is right here, right now, always present. It and you are one.

There really is no, “and” either. In the experiencing of this presence, does it dawn upon you the truth of this statement? If you say, no, that is okay. What you are experiencing are conditional moments.

Monday, July 13, 2009


In the here now moment, everything is constantly changing, that is to say, nothing ever stays the same, even though it may appear that some things do stay the same. There are some cyclic events that are relatively consistent, and therefore predictable with a great deal of certainty, and there are many more things which are not cyclic that are not at all certain as to when or whether they will occur.

Of course the cyclic events which are predictable are things like there being day and night here on planet earth. That the earth will continue in its orbit of the sun and the moon will continue in its orbit of the earth. These things are predictable so long as there is no force which alters the current movement of our sun’s, our planet’s and our moon’s movement through space.

Just one event could alter that predictability. And whether such an event will happen or not is one of those unpredictable random events which could occur.

There are many people who look in to the future and speak of what they’ve preceived. In the moment when they preceived that future, what they preceived may have been true for that moment of perception. Because of all the forces at work within this manifestation, all the changing flows of energy, the potential for predicting something which will happen just a few minutes from right now are expotentially increased from moment to moment.

As an example, a minute from now you could still be reading this blog. But there is also the possibility that you will be distracted, or loose interest in reading this and decide to do something else. A simple little change like that, can alter the fabric of time and space sufficiently so that what may have been true a minute ago will no longer be true. The choice to continue reading this could impact you in such a way, that you reconsider your life experiences and by so doing alter your attitude about life, and by altering your attitude about the certainty of your life, take a different path which will have different possibilities for you than the other path where you lost interest in reading this, and or stopped reading this.

What makes prediction so difficult then? The freedom of choice intelligent being use to create their life experiences. Yes there are trends in consciousness and trends in choices humans make, but they are not for the most part inevitable occurances, or choices.

The reason I am writing this is because there has been a lot of attention focused upon the year 2012, and many predictions made regarding what will happen then. While there may be some validity in some of those predictions or even all of those predictions, I’m here to tell you none of that is important to you. It may seem very important to know what will happen in the future, but what is really important is what is happening right here, right now. Right here, and right now is the place where choices are consciously make, and where the future is created. Because someone tells you something is going to happen tomorrow, it doesn’t make it ture because someone told you it was going to happen tomorrow, what does make it true, is your choice in this moment to make it true by chooseing to believe it is true.

So then when tomorrow comes and what that person perdicted would happen doesn’t happen, why didn’t it happen because you believe it would happen. Is your belief the only element at play in the unfolding of time in space? No, your belief is only one element in the overall experssion in time and space.

It may seem paradoxical that your beliefs can, in one moment, effect the fabric of time and space and also not have any effect at all. Maybe this is an indication to you that your beliefs don’t always align with how life unfolds, and so as you experience this variation from what you thought was true, what you believed was true, your experience of this variation alters your beliefs so that different possibilities appear while yet other possibilites fade away in the very same moment.

When you multiply the billions of choices each intelligent being in manifestation is making right now, and how those choices may alters how the next moment unfolds, can you see how very difficult it is to accurately predict something many years from now? During the time from now to then, how many innumarable choices will certainly be made? Each of those inumerable choices has a different potential path of expression in manifestation. I think there is no way of knowing with certainty, but there is a high degree of certainty that innumberalbe choices will be made between now and the year 2012. And amongst those choices, the course of manifestation unfolding towards one predicted event over another has a very high probability of shifting so that a prediction doesn’t come true.

The whole point of this post is to reiterate the value and importance of being focused in the here now moment, and thereby making conscious choices which will direct the unfolding of your life experience.

If there is a high level of certainty that an event will occur, it is by being focused in the here now, and being aware of that high probability that you can make choices appropriate towards the outcome you prefer.

If you spend all of your time being concerned about what is going to happen at some time in the future, you miss the wonder and beauty and joy of this moment as it unfolds here now for you. In this way, thinking too much about the future, pulls you out of your here now experiencing.

In conculsion, take care of this moment, and the future will take care of itself accordingly.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Dragon

In stories about dragons, there is often the idea about the dragon’s horde of wealth, often the dragon sleeps upon the gold and jewels within its lair. Why does a dragon need these things? What good are gold and diamonds to a dragon? They are part of the lure. The treasure wealth the dragon possesses isn’t its own, but the accumulation of that which its victims valued most. The true wealth the dragon does possess is its knowledge which it does not give away. That is the key to the dragon’s success. The knowledge it holds, if it were to share it, would not serve the dragon but rather be its end.

How did this come about? The dragon is a clever being, it knows the minds and weakness of men, so with this knowledge, and to fill its own belly, it at first went out and caused destruction upon the areas to wreak fear upon the masses, and also to get food for its sustenance. It knew that men value their gold and jewelry very highly, so it took these things once it had consumed its prey. It began to horde all these treasures within its lair. You might ask why? Because it got very powerful and at the same time sort of lazy in that it didn’t want to have to go out and find its next meal, rather it wanted its next meal to come to it, so it would occasionally go out into the countryside and cause a ruckus to not only make the people fear it, but also so that they would want to be rid of it as well. And to that end, these people would find amongst themselves or others, people who would go slay the dragon with the hopes of being rewarded with the dragon’s treasure horde. Because so many men found the allure of this treasure so powerful, they would seek out the dragon in its lair in the hopes that they could slay it and thereby have their reward.

The problem is though, no one really knew how to slay the dragon, so each one who tried ended up being the little meal for the dragon. Many sought to slay the dragon, but none ever returned to tell the tale of their demise.

Maybe another idea that you may relate to more easily is that of a spider and it’s web. It spends a lot of time weaving its web, then once it has completed this process, patiently sits in the middle of the web, awaiting its next meal. In the same way, the dragon, takes the riches of its victims and displays that to lure others into its web.

The dragon is huge, powerful and dangerous. The dragon seems to have something that you need, but in order to get it, you must be consumed by it. What does the dragon have that would make a man ignore the dragon’s power and the danger in order to approach it? What makes the dragon so powerful and so dangerous? The men who do approach think themselves to be more powerful than the dragon, at least powerful enough to defeat it. In other words, they over estimate their own powerfulness and under estimate how powerful the dragon is. And this is their demise. In answer to the question about what makes the dragon so powerful and therefore so dangerous? The answer is simple and one word: Knowledge. The knowledge the dragon holds is its power. The unrestrained wielding of this power makes it dangerous. The danger is to those who are subjugated by the unrestrained wielding of this power. And it is dangerous because it wields this power for its own benefit. In other words, the application of this knowledge for selfish ends is the danger while the selfless application of this knowledge is a boon to all mankind.

So, once you are consumed by the dragon, do you really get want you wanted or needed? No, what you thought the dragon had that you needed has always been within you. The dragon knows this. It also knows you don’t know you have it already, so it used that ignorance to lure you in and consume you.

What then is this knowledge that is so powerful that it can corrupt those who hold it? They say that absolute power corrupts and that is true from the ego centric perspective, but it is not true from the all inclusive perspective.

What is the knowledge I already hold within myself? It is the mystery; it is the knowledge that enables you to play this game. Knowing this is like knowing how a magician does his card tricks. Before you know how he does his tricks, they are amazing and puzzling, but once you know how the tricks are done, the mystery which made the trick amazing and puzzling vanishes and is replaced by the knowledge of how he does the tricks. To the one now holds this knowledge, there is no amazing or puzzling element to the trick. That is why the magician keeps how he does his tricks secret, so that his audience can continue to be puzzled and amazed. So, if everyone knew how to do the tricks, everyone would see there is no “magic” to it, there would no longer be a puzzle to solve and the mystery would be gone never to be held again. Because once you know how the trick is done, you can never undo that knowing. So, do you really want to know? The price you pay is the loss of wonder and amazement, the loss of the mystery. Consider what your life will be like without the wonder and mystery. Consider the life where there are no puzzles to be solved because you already know how they are done and therefore how to solve them.

Having this knowledge is like seeing a movie for the second or third or hundredth time. You know very well what is going to happen next, you know how the movie is going to end.

Do you really want that kind of knowledge about yourself, about your life, about your being?

If you want the knowledge, you must face the dragon and be consumed by it.

Find the dragon within yourself.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Answering Questions...

Questions from the Blogtalk.com Radio Show, LightWorks with Jen & Amy, 7-2-09

I’ve listened to the recorded version of the program a few times, and in so doing, realized there are some questions asked of me, that I didn’t really answer sufficiently, therefore, I’d like to more fully answer some of those questions here.
I’ve paraphrased the question.

Amy asked, “What are my blogs about, and where do I get the inspiration to write them?”

The blogs I post here, and on my Myspace.com blog page are primarily about life, and the insights I’ve had and or experienced with the intent and focus to help others experience their own lives more fully as I’ve come to experience my life in this way also. What I write, often uses the word, “you” which isn’t necessarily just pointing the finger at the reader, but also pointing the finger at myself as well. The reason is, often what I write about to help someone else, is really the inner guidance I need to apply to my own life experience, so as I re-read some of these blogs, I see lessons for my own growth and advancement contained therein, and I can also see how this information is generally useful to others as well. It is useful because the information isn’t ego centric, or pointed to a specific person, but rather more basic and broadly applicable than that.

In that paragraph I also sort of indicated where I get the inspiration from, and that is through my own life experiences and observation of the people, places and events I am traveling through and with on my life path. Sometimes, I am inspired to write about something because I pose a question to my Inner Knowing Self, and what comes forth are the answers to my questions. Other times, I observe behaviors in myself and others which inspires me to write about that so that I get more clarity about that.

So, if I write and say, you should do this or that, the you I am referring to is just as much me the writer as it is you the reader. I believe we are all on this path together, and the fact that you are reading this tells me, there may be something of value for you the reader as well as for me the writer as well.

Jen asked, “What transition point caused you to live your life at a deeper level? What turning point did you approach where you decided to go a different way?”

I’d have to say, that the forks in my life path and the choices I had to make at those moments weren’t necessarily conscious deliberate choices, but rather logical choices to lead me down the path to where I wanted to go or where it felt best for me to go. So in that sense, it was sort of like driving to the store, for example, there are many ways to get there from where you are, or at the very least more ways than one, in most cases that you could choose from. So turning left and going around the block to get to the store is a turning point in that journey, and it may turn out that turning right to go around the block to get to the store on the other side of the block isn’t any more significant than the other choice, because they both lead to the same place and there really isn’t any great significance to be found in either turning point choice.

Some significant events in my life which have brought me to this time and place on my path? There have been many people involved in my life each one in his or her own way played a part in choices I made along the way. Just like most people, I have faced the choices of “the better of two evils” type of thing, where neither choice was desirable, but in order to proceed, at the time, it seemed to me, there were no other choices available, so I took the path of least resistance as it appeared to me in that moment.

I could list names of people whose influence on my growth in understanding and awareness was significant, but these names, for the most part, would be meaningless to most readers as they are people without fame and therefore likely unknowns to most of you.

Significant events?

When I was very young Catechism class in elementary grade school and reading the bible set the foundation for what was to unfold later in my life.

Being introduced to Siddha Yoga, going to a Siddha Yoga Teachers Training Course in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the experiences I had prior to going to that course and during that course where significant and important times where I learned a lot about myself and how this manifestation works. In the process of all of that I learned about meditation and chanting as tools for changing my focus and therefore my vibrational continence. (I could write about one experience which was significant for me that enabled me to go to this course, as well as a dream I had prior to going, and also one of the Yogi instructors/presenters telling a story during one of the classes which referred to the dream I had. If you want to find out more about that, let me know by leaving a comment below this blog.)

In conjunction with Siddha Yoga, reading the “Autobiography of a Yogi” as well as similar types of books broadened my awareness, and made me aware of the greater and true self within us all.

To reflect the understanding I’d come to, I wrote a little booklet titled, “Gardening Your Mind.” In which I presented information about the manifestation process using the analogy of a garden to express the ideas about manifesting. The basic teachings contained in that booklet were presented in other words and other books prior to and after the writing of that booklet. So all of this information has been around for a very long time.

“What the Bleep!” and “The Secret” were a couple of movies which furthered my progress upon the path and eventually led me to find the writings and teachings presented by Jerry and Esther Hicks as Ester brought forth Abraham’s teachings which delved deeply into the Law of Attraction and its application in our life experience.

Further confirmation of what I’ve known for some time was presented in the writings of Eckhart Tolle and his book titled, “The Power of Now.” If you’ve read any of my blogs, you will see many of the same concepts presented by Eckhart also stated in by blogs but presented in my own words.

So, the saying, “No man is an island unto himself,” is true. I’ve been influenced or taught by many people and what I know and experience now is a culmination of each and everyone who’s been a part of my life journey.

In answer to the question about going a different way, to the best of my awareness, I’ve always been on the path which has led me to be here now, writing this. That is to say, there wasn’t a time when I was solely focused on becoming rich and famous, or some other ego centric life path where I then had to choose to either follow the mundane path, or to pursue the spiritual path. In retrospect, I think I’ve always been on this path and haven’t deviated from it to any great extent. So, with that, I guess you could say this is my purpose for being here, this is why I’ve come forth at this time, this is why I’ve had the life experiences I’ve had, so that I could be here now, and not only further my own growth in awareness and clarity, but share this knowledge freely with everyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see. (That is not to limit the freely part, as this freely giving applies to everyone.)

During the Blogtalk radio program, there was talk about the pain people experience. I think this was referring more to emotional pain rather than physical pain, but there is some connection between the two too. At any rate, I’d like to write a bit about pain and it’s cause and it’s release.

The Sedona Method is a method where a person learns about releasing. In developing an understanding of this releasing, a description is given as an example of how we emotionally hold tightly to people places and things, and how that holding tightly causes us pain. You can experience this for yourself right now. If you want to try this experiment, find a pen or pencil and grasp it in your hand. Hold it very tightly for a minute or so, really grip it tightly. What happens when you do that? You eventually experience pain from holding it so tightly, right? Now, if you’ve held that pen very tightly for a very long time, the pain might seem normal to you, and the gripping tightly might seem normal too, so that if you wanted to let go of the pen, there would be a bit of struggle or resistance to letting it go, or opening your hand, and that is because the muscles in your hand have become accustomed to gripping tightly, and it take a bit of effort to open your hand, doesn’t it? So once you finally are able to open your hand with your palm facing up, and the pen laying in your palm, you can see, that the pen isn’t attached to you, that if you move your hand around, the pen may roll freely across your palm. So, what happens when you turn your hand palm down? Yep, the pen drops to the floor without any effort on your part. It is a natural effect of gravity at work.

That is an example of how we emotionally hold tightly on to people places and things, and also how it hurts to hold so tightly to those things, and how it seems to be natural after awhile to have that constant pain. It also shows how when we try to let go of those people places and things, it may be a bit hard at first, and it may be somewhat painful to do so, but if we persist, we can figuratively open our hand, turn over our palm and the releasing process works naturally for us each and every time.

If you want to learn more about the Sedona Method as a simple and easy way to release anything and everything you’ve been holding so tightly to in your life experience, do a search for Sedona Method and find their website.
Additionally, if you haven’t read the book, “The Power of Now,” I recommend you give it a read as well as the book by Jerry and Esther Hicks titled, “Ask and it is Given.” If you study and implement the teachings from the Sedona Method, The Power of Now and Ask and it is Given, you will enrich your life experience and find the possibilities before you are infinite.

If you haven’t listened to the Blogtalk radio program and would like to, please use this link: