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Wednesday, September 30, 2009



“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

A Mirror is a wonderful thing, it so indifferently reflects back for our own viewing, the image of our presence and surroundings. It doesn’t make judgments and if it is a good quality mirror, it reflects back for our viewing accurately and truly without distortion of what is before it.

When I look in my mirror, if I don’t like what I see, it isn’t the mirror’s fault is it? No, of course not. The mirror is just reflecting what is there before it. So, if I don’t like what I see in the mirror, should I get rid of the mirror because it is showing me something I don’t like? Should I never look in a mirror again because I know I won’t like what I see there? Should I destroy all the mirrors in the world so I never have to face what I don’t like again?

Guess what, all of those questions I just asked are what most people want to do with what they see in the world around them because they are blaming what is reflected back to them as their world experience and they blame the world for what they see instead of seeing, realizing what the world is presenting to them is a reflection of their own state of awareness and being.

When I look in my mirror, I know what I am seeing is a reflection of my self, but when I look into the world, it is a bit harder to make that connection and realize what the world is showing me is really a reflection of my being. So, I can’t really blame someone for treating me badly because that is something within me being reflected back to me. How I then receive that information makes a huge difference because if I don’t take full responsibility for that being in my life experience, but rather blame someone else for being a jerk and making them responsible for treating me badly, that is the same thing as blaming the mirror because I don’t like what it is showing me.

I know this is true for me just the same as it is for you. When you look in the mirror, what you see is your reflection, whether you appreciate it or not, that’s what you see. When you look in to the world, what you see is your reflection whether you appreciate it or not, that’s what you see.

Somewhere in this reflection, I am a reflection to you which represents whatever it is I represent to you, and the same goes for me too, you are a reflection to me which represent whatever it is you represent to me.

Is there really a need to be judgmental about what we get reflected back to us, in our mirror or in our world? I could say yes, be judgmental if that judging is honest, caring and supportive of growth in understanding, awareness, love and being. I would say no, don’t be judgmental if when you do that, it doesn’t serve your best interests, or the best interests of those you are judging.

One more thing about judging; who am I to judge your life and choices? I am not the judicial authority which determines what is right or wrong for you, so I really have no authority to pass judgment on anyone except my own self. I do have authority to determine what is right or wrong for myself, so I can act upon such judgments with authority with the ability to actually do something about it.

If you are in a relationship, any kind of relationship, you can immediately know whether the relationship is flourishing or dying by the amount of criticism that enters into the relationship. Criticism is of course a form of judgment which we apply to others. It implies that my perspective is right, and yours isn’t which of course is false. Because criticism is based in falsehood, the resultant effects on the relationship are destructive. The truth is your life expression is your life expression, all yours to have and be and do whatever it is you choose to have, be and do. My life expression is my life expression, all mine to have and be and do whatever it is I choose it to be. I can accept this truth about myself, and I can equally accept this truth about you which allows us both infinite freedom in our expression in life and being.

Sure, I might prefer that you be kind to me rather than being an asshole to me, but in either case, I can know that how you are treating me is a reflection of my own inner state, so if I don’t like to be treated poorly, I need to refocus my attention on being kind to myself and others.

You can’t fake it, life knows exactly where you are, what you are doing, thinking, feeling and being. And, the world will always constantly reflect back to you truly what you are radiating to the world. So, if you don’t like what the world is reflecting back to you, this is an opportunity to do some soul searching and redirect your energies in such a way as to cause the world to reflect back to you what you do appreciate and enjoy.

If I find fault with myself or anyone or anything in the world, and I don’t diligently attend to resolving that within myself and therefore within the world, then I perpetuate the effect rather than resolving it. These “faults” are being presented to us for a reason. They are being presented to us so we may decide whether there is something we can do about them and or something we will do about them. If something is flawed, we don’t necessarily need to destroy it, we have more options than that. We could just accept it the way it is, allow it to be, love it, appreciate it for being, and be thankful for showing itself to us. When we consider the broadest range of possibilities, this example represents only one of an infinite pool of possibilities in how we might choose to deal with “faults.”

If your focus is upon being judgemental and critical, the world will reflect back to you ample opportunities for you to be judgemental and critical. By such a focus you will find faults everywhere,

If your focus is upon being loving and appreciative, the world will reflect back to you ample opportunities for you to be loving and appreciative.

So, in conclusion, the next time you look into your mirror, pause for a moment and consider what you’ve just read. Consider the reflection in the mirror, consider the reflection in the world and know with absolute certainty, that both are a reflection of you. It isn’t the mirror’s fault for reflecting back to you what you see, and it isn’t the worlds fault for reflecting back to you either. So, see it all for what is really is offering you and take responsibility for it by acknowledging that your perception of the world is welling up from within you.

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