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Sunday, July 31, 2011


by Jerome Dechant
July 31, 2011

Communicate - to transmit information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood.

What is necessary for communication to occur?

There must be more than one aware being so that a transmission (giving and receiving acknowledgement of receipt,) can take place.

There must be something the one being has which the other being doesn’t have.

There must be a means by which, or through which, what the one being has, can be had by the other being equally.

There must be acknowledgement by the receiving being that what the one being had, is now had by both beings equally.

There must be a means by which each being can know that what is had by both is the same for both. This is effective communication.

So, as an example:

A sort of communication: I have an apple and I am able to give the apple to you and you are able to receive the apple and acknowledge receipt of it. When I have a physical apple and give it to you I no longer have the apple, ownership was transferred to you. But with communication, it is different in that, when I give ownership of the apple to you, I maintain ownership of the original apple, and you obtain ownership of the original apple so that after I’ve given it to you, we both have ownership of the original apple. Once you have the original apple, it remains the original apple, so long as it is not modified in any way. The original apple is therefore cloned and can be perfectly cloned indefinitely.

If you’ve ever played the game where you have a circle of people and a first person whispers something into the ear of the person next to him/her, and then that person whispers the message into the next person’s ear, on and on around the circle until eventually it returns to the ear of the first person, you will know that often what the first person receives after the message has gone around the circle is not the same as what he/she started out saying. Why is that?

There are contributing factors to that occurring.

1. Whenever something complicated it communicated, the likelihood that it will be distorted when it is passed along to a 3rd party is increased equal to the level of complexity and the amount of information that is communicated.
2. The number of times the complicated information is passed along increases the disparity between the original message and the following messages proportional to the number of iterations or transmitters and receivers involved in the process. (This is an example of an analog type of degradation of information.)
3. If the communication contains information in a language not everyone in the circle equally understands.


1. Keep the communication short and simple. The simpler the communication, the more likely what is communicated will remain the same as it passes around the circle.
a. What this means is, if a lot of complicated information must pass round the circle, it is best to break it down into short simple segments, and only pass along the next bit of information when the prior bit of information has successfully made it round the circle intact.
2. Instead of communicating the short simple segments to one person at a time, communicate the information with as many people at once as desirable, then receive acknowledgement from everyone simultaneously that each one has received the information successfully.
3. Instead of using an “analog” model to communicate information which is communicating audibly in the example, use a “digital” model which is like passing a written note around the circle,) to communicate information. (using the digital model, the exact same information put in, is the exact same information put out. Using the “analog” model, the exact same information is degraded through the copying process.)

Effective communication requires a completion of the circuit so to speak. That is to say, the one providing the information must be satisfied that the one receiving the information has received the information and comprehends it fully. While the digital method insures the presented information remains the same; that is only one part of the communication process. Without completing the circuit, there is no communication.

With this understanding, it can be understood this blog is not an effective means of communication because the circuit is incomplete. The information is presented, transmitted, but whether it is received or received as intended is uncertain. So this blog is more a sharing of information than a communication. Without the feedback loop, you as the receiver of the information cannot be certain whether your interpretation of what is provided is the same as was intended when it was presented. You can only be certain of that by completing the loop. Even if you believe you’ve fully grasped the information, without acknowledgement and confirmation from the source, you will have a degree of uncertainty with regard to the information. And, uncertainty is not a firm foundation to build upon. What I’ve just written not only has to do with this blog but with every bit of information you’ve ever read where you have been unable to or didn’t even try to complete the circuit of communication.

The problem with mass media, as I see it is this incomplete circuit. It is impractical and possibly even impossible to complete the circuit if the only one you can confirm and or acknowledge receipt of the information is the one who presented it in the first place. But that isn’t really a problem so long as there are others who have confirmed and therefore completed the circuit of communication. In the same way the original apple is cloned indefinitely, through the completed circuit process, anyone who has completed the circuit and owns the original apple, can serve as the recipient of acknowledgement and therefore complete the circuit.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about with regard to completing the circuit in a communication, try this:

Start talking to someone, or listening to someone, then before their thought is completed, stop listening, or stop telling them what you were talking about and then see how that feels. Notice what sort of reaction you get from the other person too. The feeling might actually be very familiar to you because this sort of thing happens all too often. You might not have been aware of how this feels until now. You might come to realize you have many unfinished communications, many incomplete circuits with no way to complete them all.

Communication difficulties arise out of not understanding sufficiently, the communication process and the necessity to always complete the circuit.

A simple little “Thank you,” or “Yes I understand,” is enough to complete the circuit. Any sort of acknowledgement like these examples works. There are other forms of acknowledgement that are not verbal or audible, for instance a nod or a smile or a body gesture can complete the circuit. If you want to promote effective communication, do your part to complete the communication circuit. You will be helping yourself and anyone you interact/communicate with. You will find those you communicate with appreciate you more. This is a fact whether you or they are aware of it or not.

Results of incomplete communications:

Wars, divorces, frustration, anger, withdrawal and resentment to list just a few.

“Communicate” and “community,” are very similar words. Without effective communication, there is no real sense of community. No common unity. If you want to promote common unity, promote effective communication. You can be the emissary who starts the ball rolling, who completes the circuit with a simple little nod or word.

Find out for yourself how powerful an emissary you can be.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Point of Perception

A Point of Perception.
By Jerome Dechant
July 29, 2011

(Preface: I used "Dragon Speak" to generate this blog, so it has a different feel, than my prior blogs. I apologize if it seems less coherent than normal. The spirit that moves me needs to become accustom to this new method if I am to continue to use it. Additional note: After reading this post again, I see I still need to do more editing on it.)

A lot of what we are aware of in any given moment, we take for granted that this is just the way it is, but consider this for example; A blind person, if he/she was suddenly able to see, would find what he/ she was seeing as unrecognizable, strange and unusual because he/she has never seen before. We’ve grown up from the first day of our incarnation into these physical bodies with senses and abilities that have been with us from day one. As we’ve grown and matured, a recognition and ability to function with these capabilities, these senses, has grown and matured with us so that being able to see, is not even thought of, and being able to hear, is not even thought of, and so forth for all our sense abilities.

If you think about it, now that you're reading what I've written, the ability to do so is really amazing. To distinguish not only the colors but the lines of black and white colors, and the meaning associated with these dark lines on a light background is really amazing. To a blind person who has never seen, none of this would make sense. It would just be patterns of lines on a solid looking surface. There is an ability to understand what is presented here as written words because of our exposure to, and learning what we are seeing is, and associating a meaning to it.

If you've never seen before, if you've never heard before, whatever those senses present to you would be meaningless because you have no frame of reference to defined it, no background of information to associate with and correlate what you're seeing and hearing with what you're seeing and hearing as meaning are having a meaning.

Close your eyes for a moment and notice not seeing. With your eyes closed you can't read this. In the same way, a person who is blind has no ability to visually read this no matter how hard he/she might try. Vision is necessary to be able to read, essential to being able to read what is written. Of course there are other ways that what is written can be comprehended, for example an audible version of what is written here could be created so that a person a blind person who could hear would be able to comprehend the message that is contained here. There are alternate paths where we can come to the same understanding and if we don't have the capability to go down one path, generally there are alternate means to every get to the same place.

You being able to read this right now is something not everyone can do, not only because some people are blind, but also because the medium you are being able to receive this through isn't ubiquitous. That is to say not everybody in the world has a computer, not everyone in the world has access to the Internet. Not everyone in the world reads and understands the English language. This being true, it is a fact the majority of people on this planet have no access to this blog. In order to read my blogs, they have to get access to a computer with an internet connection and be able to read and understand English. Not only that, but they’d have to be aware this blog exists and be able to find it. There are alternate means where people who don't have these capabilities can access the messages contained in my blogs; you as a person who has the capability can share the message with others in what other whatever way is available to you to share it with them. This implies you have an interest and desire to share this. It implies you realize value in what I present so much so that you desire to let others know about it so they can benefit from it as well. Writing here about sharing this stuff, I'm not limiting the sharing to just this blog, but other blogs I’ve written as well which have content a broader audience could find to be of value.

I look at my blog subscribers list. There are only three people who’ve chosen to subscribe. By looking at the statistics for my site, I can see more than three people are reading my blogs and I'm glad of that, but it would be nice if there were more people who benefited from what I have written here in my blogs.

How many people are on planet Earth? Do you know? Is it billions of people? Consider this, you as one person amongst the billions of people on this planet, could be thought to be very fortunate to be reading this right now. I might even say you are a very special person, in a select and elite class, sort of like in the very old days when only an elite class of people was allowed to have certain information the general populace would never be exposed to, would never be aware of. You are one of those people right now because you are reading this, and the majority of people on earth, have no idea this blog exists and will never see it. Do you understand how special you are? Do you understand how privileged you are? I'm not saying this because I think I'm something special, (but really I am, and so are you,) I'm not saying any of this because of my ego. I'm saying this because of the very fact that that there are so few people who see this blog, who read this blog, who have access to it out of billions of people on this planet. Literally, there is just a handful of people whose eyes gaze upon these words. To me, that makes you very special. Because you truly are special, I am honored and I appreciate you taking the time to read my blogs.

What is the value of anything if it is not shared or known by anyone? What value would what I write have to anyone other than me, if I never shared any of it? What value is there in sharing this information with only a few people? Is there so little value here that it should not be shared with a broader audience? Maybe so, maybe not. The fact that there are so few people who read my blogs may be indicative of something. It possibly indicates that what I have to offer to you, to the world, is not found to be worth the time and effort to consider it. Because my audience is so small does that mean what I share with the world is of so little value? No, I don't think so. I think what I have to share is of great value but the masses haven't found me yet, haven't found what I have written yet. They haven’t a clue as to what they are missing.

The great thing about this blog is this; those of you who are reading this right now, are reading this by your own choice. I didn't make you come to my blog site and read this. If you're reading this, you’re doing so because you want to, because you feel there's some value in what I have to say. As recipient of this value, the value you gain you carry within you whether you practice the principles, philosophy or processes are not. The value is within you because you have the ability to share to spread it so that others appreciate the value of the teachings. The best way for others to appreciate the value of the teaching is through application in life expression; otherwise it's just words on page. By embodying the ideas and concepts, the philosophy, the approach to life, your embodiment of that is a greater teacher than setting in front of the computer and reading this. But you sitting here in front of the computer reading this enables you to absorb and embody what is presented. And just like the choice you made to read this, it's a choice you also have to embody these thoughts and ideas, this philosophy and principles or not. I certainly can't make you do anything. I don’t want to make anybody do anything. But I do encourage you to do things that are life supporting, healthy and empowering for you in your life journey in your life expression.

Like everyone who comes into life expression on this planet, we have a beginning and an end. There will come a time when I am no longer physically present. Hopefully though, these blogs will endure far longer than my physical body does. And as this blog delivers value beyond my physical life expression, it has the potential to reach generations to come, if can find it, if they choose to read it. Or my blogs could just simply vanish, be deleted because of lack of interest or lack of awareness that there is value in them. Once I'm gone, whether anything I've ever written is ever read again is of little consequence to me personally, but could be of great consequence to those who avail themselves of my writings.

This is the first time I've used Dragon speaks to dictate/write a blog, so it's a different approach for me and how what I write comes through feels different. In order to maintain the train of thought better, I haven't put in punctuation or grammatical stuff in while I’ve been dictating this. I will have to read through this again and do all the grammatical stuff manually as part of my editing process.

While this software is pretty good at recognizing words it's not perfect. Like the software, while I have a pretty good understanding of what I present, my understanding isn’t perfect. I hope you will take this idea with you as you move on with your life expression; that even though you may develop a good understanding, there is always more to know, learn and understand. Being aware of this innate limitation and open to going beyond it, enables you to grow, to always endeavoring to go beyond where you are, and what you already know. That is what learning is.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find this worth sharing.

Best regards,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Reflective Manifestation

Reflective Manifestation
By Jerome Dechant
July 25, 2011

What appears in the external manifest world is a creation which originated individually and collectively from within our own consciousness. If it exists as a manifestation, then it exists within our consciousness. As long as it exists within our consciousness, it is thereby perpetuated. If whatever it is that is manifest externally is not recognized as originating from within our individual and collective consciousness, and therefore being perpetuated by us, we are unable to choose to create an alternative manifestation, we are unable to change our consciousness. Therefore, if the external manifestation is a mess, the mess resides within our consciousness. In order to clean up the mess we must clean up our consciousness so that the external manifestation reflects the cleaned up state of our consciousness.

So, the first point to be understood is this: If it is in manifestation, we individually and collectively created it.

The second point to be understood is this: If we created it, and it is still an external world manifestation, it still resides within our consciousness. We are allowing it to remain by our lack of attention to it. In other words, if you don’t look at it, the script which runs it as a manifestation continues to run and will do so indefinitely.

The third point to be understood is that if we created it, and maintain it, we also have the ability to change it.

Remember what is manifest is an external representation of our individual and collective consciousness. If we want to manifest something else, we must individually and collectively change our consciousness so that something else comes into manifestation.

In order to change anything, you have to realize you created it, and you are perpetuating it. In other words, you must own it by taking full responsibility for its existence. (A clue to your part in its manifestation is this: If you are aware of it, you are a supporting party to its continued existence.)

As long as I don’t own what I see in my manifest world, I am powerless to change it. I must own it to be able to change it.

I use the word responsibility. Some people might have resistance with that word, so I’d like to break it down and hopefully by doing so, ease the resistance associated with that word.

If you break down the word, it becomes response-ability. It becomes our ability to respond. Without taking ownership of our life experiencing and manifestation, we have no ability to respond to it, to adjust it or change it. With this understanding, you might find that responsibility is your friend, not your burden or enemy as you might have previously thought of it. Responsibility empowers us, is a reflection of our ability, creativity. It engenders our awareness and ability to choose.

So, how do I use my respond ability when it comes to stuff I don’t like, or stuff that I do like?

Life reflects back to us in the manifest world that which we’ve created. In experiencing and perceiving this manifestation, we are having a response to it, right here, right now, and always. How we respond to what we perceive determines what the next moment holds for us. If we respond to it consciously rather than automatically, (as most of us are programmed to do,) we use our ability to steer the course of our life expression according to our choices and this is only possible when we own what life is offering us in this moment. When we own it, we empower ourselves to be able to respond consciously to whatever is here for us to engage with.


When we are on autopilot, so to speak, we really aren’t engaged with our own creative process. That is to say, we allow the previous script we’ve created to run without direction. That is okay when the script is appropriate to this moment, but often it isn’t because the script was created in a previous moment which called it forth. And, that previous moment might have been when we were very young so that at that time, the script was appropriate for that moment. Because we evolve, our scripts must also be allowed to evolve rather than being cast in stone. By taking responsibility, we therefore engage with this moment, and thereby enable our ability to make conscious choices which can adjust the script so that it is appropriate for our current moment experiencing.

And the engagement process is a continual process when we are fully present in this moment by moment unfolding. This is where we are empowered and have our ability to respond.

Our ability to consciously respond has built into it the function of choice.

When we use the function of choice correctly, we plant the seeds for what we desire and reap the harvest we’ve planted. That is to say, when life reflects back to me a manifestation that I no longer appreciate, it is, in that moment offering me an opportunity to choose an alternative which will be more pleasing to me.

To make proper use of choice, when confronted with something I no longer like, rather than fighting against it, or resisting it, I can choose what I now desire. (Most people are not making proper use of their ability to choose and so perpetuate what they don’t want rather than what they do want.)

Example: You see two people fighting. When you realize life is offering you an opportunity to choose something else, you can respond to seeing these people fighting by responding by planting the seeds of compassion, love and understanding whereby fighting isn’t even available and whereby compassion, love and understanding come forth into the external manifestation.

Remember, the external manifestation is a reflection of our consciousness, so in order to manifest a compassionate, loving and understanding world, we must embody these traits within our own consciousness, within our own life experiencing. As we embody that which we desire, it must show up in our external manifestation.

This may start out individually, but eventually shows up collectively as well. This being true, what we individually choose furthers the collective conscious experience as well. That is because we are all connected. This will be more than just a concept to you when you fully appreciate and embody your responsibility and engagement the way you originally intended it to be.

When you aren’t engaged in the creative process, it seems like life is happening to you, that you are a victim of circumstance and environment. If this is where your current perspective is, and you appreciate what I’ve written, you can take back control, get engaged, create the life you desire as a responsible creative being.

May the manifestation you find reflected back to you be pleasing to you and when it is not, may you have presence enough to choose something else that is pleasing to you.

Best regards,


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Don’t just believe everything.

Don’t just believe everything.
July 16, 2011
by Jerome Dechant

I want to be as honest and straight forward with you as I can possibly be. To that end, I’d like to tell you; you should not take anything I have ever written as truth based solely upon your belief that because I’ve written it, it must therefore be true. You must not trust that it is true, you must not believe me without finding out for yourself, through your own personal experience, that it is so, or that it is not so. Either way, let your own experience validate one way or the other before you believe what I have written.

I suggest you apply this to what others present to you as truth as well. Certainly, you may allow some possibility that what is written is true, but always let your final judgment be the results of your own experience, not what I say, or what someone else says with regard to what is written.

If it is too difficult to find out for your self whether something is actually true or not, then I would suggest a strong skepticism and caution. Your own experience holds the key to your own truth, to the validation which is most important to you. It is your life, if you truly value it, cherish it and hold it with care and handle it with loving thoughtfulness.

I hope you will consider what I’ve written, and find whether it is true or not for you. I hope what you find out is that, yes it is true. Then the gift will be most beautiful and valuable to you.

Best regards,

Jerry Dechant

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Presence, Focus, and Clarity

Presence, Focus, and Clarity
July 10, 2011
By Jerome Dechant

Presence, focus and clarity all have to do with conscious awareness and placement of attention.

Everything I think, do and say is a placement of attention and a consumption of energy. When I’m not disciplined, I spread my attention all over the place. This means I consume a lot of energy creating random life experiences for myself. If I’m so inclined, my life experiencing, which follows such undisciplined placement of attention, often results in a less than desirable experiencing. So really I can understand the importance and value of being present in this moment, and intentionally placing my attention where I want it to be placed. Placing my attention where I intentionally want it to be placed is an expression of focus. This intentional placement of attention or focus results in the development of clarity. This clarity is a recognition and realization of how the creative process really works. I can’t really experience clarity until my conscious awareness and attention has become firmly established in this moment by moment expression in being. This is Presence.

Being well established in Presence is not enough. I may be fully present in this moment, but if I do not have focus, my attention (direction) is not intentionally guided. Where my attention is placed is where my creative energy flows. As energy flows where I’ve placed my attention, my life experiencing unfolds accordingly. Therefore, my mental activity dictates what my life unfolds to be and this is because my mental activity is the captain of the ship who steers my ship of life through the seas of life expression. If I desire to set a specific course, I must therefore determine where I want my life to go, and then intentionally remain focused upon reaching that destination until I get there. Without focused determination, I can easily be distracted which delays my arrival. Without focus, I could easily forget where I intended to go, or what I intended to accomplish. So of course, if I forget what my intention was, I will never reach the culmination I intended.

So, it is very important to develop intentional focus. Determination linked with intention is a key element of a well-established ability to focus.

Clarity is a result of effectively intentionally maintaining focused attention in the present. Being present in this moment facilitates my ability to make intentional and effective course corrections. Without being fully present in this moment, without remaining focused upon my desired outcome, I would lose clarity which allows me to make the right decisions to facilitate accomplishing my goal, or desired result. When confronted with decisions, clarity is the key which enables me to choose the right direction, or choice. Clarity contains a bit of a predictive ability, an ability to “see” where the alternate choices will take me without having to actually “go there” to find out. Having this enhanced awareness contributes to effective choice making provided I am fully established in this moment and focused/cognizant of my intended destination or goal.

So Presence, Focus and Clarity are tied together.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


By Jerome Dechant
July 2, 2011
Energy, in order to be realized in the manifest world requires polarities of positive and negative. When the value of the positive point of energy is equal to the value of the negative point of energy, there is no flow. And this is what might be considered by some as the zero point field, that is to say also, the state of potential energy. By nature energy always seeks the balanced state where both the positive value and the negative value are equal. Because this is true, and because we still exist within this manifestation, it could be understood that from our perspective within this manifestation, there is a difference in value between the positive energy state and the negative energy state which is persistent. A persistent value difference is only possible in an open system, wherein the energy flows to fill the void space of the negative value eternally. This means the negative energy state is receiving the energy flowing into it without reaching or equaling the value from whence it came. This is an indicator of the values of the positive point energy and the negative point energy states. The positive energy state must be an infinite value, and since the negative point energy can never be equal to the positive point energy state, the negative point energy state must therefore always be something less than infinite.
In order to have something enter into your life experience, you must understand the concept of energy, and the flow. As you understand these principles, you can begin to use them effectively to obtain desired results.

So, how do you use this principle to manifest what you want in your life?

You must create a difference in value between the positive state energy field and the negative state energy field. Another way of saying this is you must have a desire for something and there must be a sufficient negative state energy void for the energy to flow into to bring forth the manifestation of the desired thing. In order for a desire to arise, one must realize the void that as commonly understood, as something missing. If one does not create the void space at the same time as launching the desire, the energy cannot flow into it. This explains why, when you desire something and it doesn’t manifest in your life experience, it is because the difference in value between the positive energy state and the negative energy state, as it applies to your desired thing, are equal or so nearly so, that very little flow is created.

The thing about energy flow is, the greater the difference in values between the positive point of energy and the negative point of energy, the greater the flow which is resultant from that difference. Remember, energy always seeks the balanced state, and rushes to bring the values to a balanced state as quickly as possible. If you understand this, you can realize there is no favoritism when it comes to the functioning of this energy operation, it is just a natural “machine” at work. In order to manifest anything quickly, the negative energy state value must be zero or close to zero value to cause the positive flow of energy to rush to fill the void. The conduit through which the energy flows must therefore be of sufficient capacity to enable the energy to flow through it at high capacity and velocity.

So when we have a desire, we are really creating a void, or an energy state which is as close to zero as possible. You can do this by using your visualizing ability to see and feel the void in space which takes the form of that which you desire to bring forth. Because we created the void space through our desire, we must also be a conduit through which the energy can flow without restriction and of sufficient volume to bring forth the desired thing. The laws of nature will take care of the rest.

Many people tell you to visualize already having the thing you desire which, if you do that, actually brings the values back to equilibrium, so there is no energy flowing. That is to say, there is no void space for the energy flow into. What you CAN do though is create the void space with as much detail as you can so that it is the mold for the energy to flow into. If you aren’t clear about creating the mold, what you get won’t be clearly what you wanted either.

So the initial desire must generate a zero value energy field for the energy to flow towards, then having created the zero value energy field, you must define the details of it by filling in the details of sizes and shape, etc. Your main job as a creator is to generate these zero value energy fields, then allow the energy to flow through you to bring forth the desired thing. You become a proficient creative artist, when you hone your skills at defining the void with procession and skill so that you are delighted by what you’ve created.

The truth be known, we are all using this creative skill all the time. Many people don’t create what they want because they don’t understand they are doing it, they don’t realize they are creating the void for the energy to flow into, but the void they are creating isn’t really what they want.

If you’ve read any of my prior blogs, you will notice I often write about “Focusing on what you want, “ rather than fighting against what you don’t want which is struggling against your own flowing.

Try these ideas out. See how they work for you. Energy is constantly flowing, so use this understanding for flow it into the forms and experiences you most desire.

One of the voids I’ve created is a world where we all live in harmony and peace. Where we all realize how important each individual is in bringing forth the heaven on earth we all enjoy, where we work together in supportive and constructive ways to further our own growth and expansion in expression of harmony, abundance and bliss.

Blessings to one and all.