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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Presence, Focus, and Clarity

Presence, Focus, and Clarity
July 10, 2011
By Jerome Dechant

Presence, focus and clarity all have to do with conscious awareness and placement of attention.

Everything I think, do and say is a placement of attention and a consumption of energy. When I’m not disciplined, I spread my attention all over the place. This means I consume a lot of energy creating random life experiences for myself. If I’m so inclined, my life experiencing, which follows such undisciplined placement of attention, often results in a less than desirable experiencing. So really I can understand the importance and value of being present in this moment, and intentionally placing my attention where I want it to be placed. Placing my attention where I intentionally want it to be placed is an expression of focus. This intentional placement of attention or focus results in the development of clarity. This clarity is a recognition and realization of how the creative process really works. I can’t really experience clarity until my conscious awareness and attention has become firmly established in this moment by moment expression in being. This is Presence.

Being well established in Presence is not enough. I may be fully present in this moment, but if I do not have focus, my attention (direction) is not intentionally guided. Where my attention is placed is where my creative energy flows. As energy flows where I’ve placed my attention, my life experiencing unfolds accordingly. Therefore, my mental activity dictates what my life unfolds to be and this is because my mental activity is the captain of the ship who steers my ship of life through the seas of life expression. If I desire to set a specific course, I must therefore determine where I want my life to go, and then intentionally remain focused upon reaching that destination until I get there. Without focused determination, I can easily be distracted which delays my arrival. Without focus, I could easily forget where I intended to go, or what I intended to accomplish. So of course, if I forget what my intention was, I will never reach the culmination I intended.

So, it is very important to develop intentional focus. Determination linked with intention is a key element of a well-established ability to focus.

Clarity is a result of effectively intentionally maintaining focused attention in the present. Being present in this moment facilitates my ability to make intentional and effective course corrections. Without being fully present in this moment, without remaining focused upon my desired outcome, I would lose clarity which allows me to make the right decisions to facilitate accomplishing my goal, or desired result. When confronted with decisions, clarity is the key which enables me to choose the right direction, or choice. Clarity contains a bit of a predictive ability, an ability to “see” where the alternate choices will take me without having to actually “go there” to find out. Having this enhanced awareness contributes to effective choice making provided I am fully established in this moment and focused/cognizant of my intended destination or goal.

So Presence, Focus and Clarity are tied together.

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