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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good bye 2013, Hello 2014.

2013 your time has nearly come to an end, but don't worry, 2014 will take your place and keep the march of time moving forward. I thank you for all the lessons you've provided to me throughout all the days of your life, and I appreciate each and everyone who you've brought into my life, even if for a single moment which contained a smile. I thank you for the abundance in all it's expressions you've showered upon me. I know it may seem impossible for things to get even better, but 2014 promises it will be so.

Blessings of Peace, Love and Abundance to each and every one of you, whether I know you or not. May each moment of your life be all that you want it to be, and more.

Happy New 2014 Year!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Clip Plane of our Perceptions.

By Jerome Dechant
Sept. 13, 2013

In video games the limiting of how far you can see is what is called a clip plane.  What that is, is a way to reduce the amount of surroundings you can see so that your computer doesn't lag out due to being overwhelmed with the amount of computation and rendering required to be able to see the entire world to the horizon.  The way it works in some games is a fog block the view so you only see to a distance that the game automatically picks for you, or you are able to adjust according to the performance of your computer.

Okay, so now that you know that, what does that have to do with you and me?

When one considers Oneness and the Here Now reality, of which we are a part, all manifest and un-manifest creation is currently and always present in the Here Now moment. The ever present One Being is eternal, i.e. without beginning or end, which is true of Now, of Now, of Now.  Now is ever present and eternal and eternally IS everything.

The human experience doesn't normally include an awareness of the entirety of what is right here, right now.  Our perceptions are “clipped” so we can function within the world environment we find ourselves right here, right now.

Expansion of consciousness is actually like extending the filter which limits our perceptions of all that is in this here now moment.  It is like adjusting the video game clip plane so we can become aware of more of what is and has always been here now.

I use to think of this all as though I was peeling away the skin and layers of an onion, until I finally got to the inside to find what is there, but I think it might be a better analogy to use that what is at the center of the onion is my human, limited perception of reality.  Now from the inside, I find there are layers upon layers of filters which limit my perception of what is.  As I remove the layers or filters of perception I've enveloped myself in, what once was not available to me through my limited perception perspective, is enlarged to include more awareness of what is and has always been Here Now.

Breaking through our filters of perception.

In order to make progress towards greater awareness and therefore expanded life experiencing, one has to first of all realize, whatever expression in life he/she is currently experiencing, isn't the ultimate life experience in being.  In other words, to use another analogy, you first have to realize you are an alcoholic to be in a position to seek treatment for your alcoholism.   And, you have to have confidence that there is a way to be “cured” or “treated” to go beyond being an alcoholic.

I know my current perceptions of reality are limited, primarily to the extent of my physical body senses.  I have some inkling of that “something” out there, but it is not clear, it is foggy.   I know through listening to other people’s life experiences, people who have attained a greater awareness in being, that what I am perceiving is limited by comparison.  This also tells me, that if they have expanded their consciousness, so can I.

Some people break through the barriers of their perception by use of drugs.  While that gets one the direct experience of what is “out there,” it isn't enduring, and can be scary and unsettling if you aren't really ready to break through.  As someone said, DMT is like going through the window into the expanded awareness, where you only get a very short but intense peek at it.  That is good in that it confirms, through direct experience, there is “something out there” beyond our current perception.  A better way might be to find the door through which we can go, the open door, which allows us to come and go as we choose.

This is the quest.  Find the door.  Go through, stay as long as you want, can come back when you are ready to.  When we return to our limited perception reality with the insights and awareness of what we've experienced beyond the fog of our current perceptions, we are empowered to function more intelligently and purposefully in this human life experiencing.  If we go, experience, then return and are not positively affected by the experience, and don’t apply what we've learned.  What then is the point of even going?  It is essential and natural for our life to expand and change and grow through everything we experience, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

So, I put that task to you, this is the quest I offer you.  Seek the doorway, go through, come back as a changed being, and live the life which is always here now to live.

You can look through the window, and that might appease your curiosity, but not much more.  Find the door so you can come and go without the need for drugs or other things to push you through to the other side.

There is an open door.  “Ask and it is given.  Knock and it will be opened to you.”
Go through with an open mind and a loving heart so that your adventure is pleasing to you.

Knock Knock!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Whole Enchilada

By Jerome Dechant

Complete being is realized in the acknowledgement and embodiment of oneness.
Most beings come into human physical existence and it dawn on us “Me, and not me.”  “You are not me, that is not me,” are ingrained, so much that we form an identity around that concept which colors our beingness through experiencing separation and individualization.  This opens avenues for infinite possibilities in diversity and forms around our perception/awareness as separate beings in an infinite universe.

This is totally immersive to the point in experiencing beingness; the idea to pursue the possibilities presented by the concept of Oneness can easily be disregarded and/or overlooked.  Experiencing beingness from the Oneness perspective is a different experience than the “me, not me” experience.  In this recognition:  the “me, not me,” is contained, experienced and realized within the one being.
Concepts like good and bad are related to the “me, not me” perspective, so are light and dark separated and identified as separate “things” or “expressions” with opposite polarities and therefore different. 

In the pursuit of goodness one may so identify with that which is perceived as “good” that a great divide is built up between “good” and “bad”, Light and Dark.  And within this separation, there are degrees of quality of “goodness” and “badness” where the supreme goodness is seen as holy and divine while the supreme badness is seen as depraved and evil.  There is a spectrum of experiencing upon this scale of extremes where one is always experiencing some degree of “goodness/badness”. These experiences are defined by society; promoted or condemned depending on how off center the experiencing is.
When one is on this ride, it is much like a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs, turns and bumps which sometimes make us scream and other times make us laugh.  It is all too obvious; in order to experience the ride, one has to get on the ride and go through the experiencing from the rider’s perspective. The rider’s experiencing is contained within the Oneness experiencing as a part of oneness, not the whole of it.  The Oneness perspective includes awareness being the rider, the ride, the environment in which the ride is, all of it, simultaneously and constantly.

While the rider experiencing being is dynamic in scope, it pales in scope when the broader complete oneness experiencing is embraced.  This may suggest one experiencing is more favorable than the other, yet I suggest they are both equal in value and worth experiencing. 
What if it isn’t an “either or choice”, what if it is an “and” choice.  What if one can fully and immersively experience riding from the individual perspective while also fully and immersively experiencing the Oneness experience as well.  This is a paradigm shift in awareness in being!

Whatever our current experiencing is, it is a perfect unfolding moment by moment.  It isn’t better or worse while at the same time it is better or worse. (This means the oneness perspective is all inclusive.)  We are where we are on the ride; we are experiencing this moment right now the only way we know because this moment right now is the moment we are present in.  Whether we like it or not is irrelevant to our experiencing this presence although whether we like it or not colors our experiencing.
When embracing Oneness perspective we find within this experiencing our own supreme divinity and supreme evility at the same time, and understand both extremes are equally essential expressions within oneness where we cannot have one without the equal possibility of the other.

So, I accept completely that I am supremely divine.  I also accept completely that I am supremely evil too.  Both are potentials in extreme, that is to say, as an individual, I don’t have to identify with one or the other, yet which ever potential I lean towards colors my life experiencing to the degree I tend towards that direction of expression.
There is a predominate thought being promoted which states that we are divine beings, supremely perfect and complete, which is absolutely correct.  The part that is often intentionally, or unintentionally overlooked or hidden from view, is that within this perfect completeness, we are also supremely imperfect as well.

Remember oneness is ALL inclusive.

Best regards,