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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Subliminal Messages & Unawareness

I posted what follows within a string of messages regarding subliminal messages. Since you probably don't have access to the Matrix Energetics Forums, I am posting it here:

Behind the words, behind the mental concepts, behind what I think, is the unspeakable truth. It isn't something I can really write about or talk about, but even as it is so, I think the words can be thin veils if we are still just for a moment, to see through them into the heart of what matters.


In the stillness, we know everything and nothing at the same time. I am everyone and no one at the same time. Ha! There is no time either, that is just another concept. Sometimes the most blatent, bold external expressions are the subliminal messages which we fail to see, but act in response to. Because from the conscious level of awareness, left brain perspective, we only preceive a microscopic amount of IT and then think that what we preceive is all there is.

However I choose to play, is my choice, and hopefully, how you choose to play is your own choice rather than the choice someone has implanted into your unawareness.

Awaken from your slumber into clarity and expression, (if you want to.)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Electric Fences


In the country, where ranchers have livestock roaming in the pastures for grazing, they were often concerned about their livestock roaming off of their property, getting lost and possibly never returning. For a rancher who rears cattle for his livelihood, it costs him every time he loses one of his cattle or horses, so they began to put up fences around their grazing pastures to keep their livestock on their property.

At first these fences were probably something like rope strung between vertical posts which circled the perimeter of the grazing pasture. The problem was, the cattle could easily break through these simple rope fences, so they tried something else they eventually substituted wire for the rope. That worked better, but still there were some cattle that would charge up to the fence and knock down the posts and wire, so the next step was to put sharp barbs on the wire, so that it hurt when the animals came into contact with it. That worked pretty good and for many years barbed wire was widely used by ranchers to fence in their pasture areas. Even though barbed wire worked pretty good there still were occasions where the ranchers would lose some of their livestock so some of them added another wire to the fence which was connected to an electrical source. When an animal would make contact with the wire, it would get a nasty electrical shock. This proved to be very effective because after a period of time, the animals wouldn’t even get close to the electrical wired fence. They would stay within the acceptable pasture area. The interesting thing about this is, once the ranchers observed the animals staying away from the electrical fences, they decided to turn off the electricity, to save the cost of the power. Since the animals had been trained to stay away from the fences, they didn’t need the electrical current on all the time anymore. Some ranchers even went a step further than that. As you might expect, erecting and maintaining a fence can be very costly and naturally required repairs which also cost money. Since the animals had been trained to stay within the acceptable pasture area, some ranchers, when the fences needed repair, decided to just remove the fences all together. They found that the fences were no longer necessary, even the young animals that were born into the herd didn’t go outside the boundaries where the fences use to be. So, once this behavior was established, it was passed on through the generations.

Yes, there were times when they had to erect fences again, and when they did, they made them as simple as possible with as few posts as possible and a single little wire which they electrified. This was mostly necessary when the livestock were moved to other pastures for grazing. Once the livestock got the idea of the electrical fence being there, they’d stay away from it, and then the rancher would turn off the electricity, eventually, removing the wire too. This way, they could reuse the wire when they moved the livestock to other fields.

So, you might be asking, why in the world am I writing about these fences, what do these fences have to do with you and me?

A long time ago, probably before you or I can remember, those who were in power at the time wanted to contain the masses of mankind in a similar way that the ranchers wanted to contain their livestock. They likely tried different ways which proved to be somewhat ineffective, just like the ranchers did until they found a means that worked really well. Once these methods of containment were proven to be effective, their uses became widely accepted as the preferred methods of containment and were used by growing numbers of powerful people to contain their subordinates.

They too also found that once the desired behaviors were established, the use of the containment (fences,) was no longer necessary to be used all the time, but rather only occasionally to reestablish the preferred behaviors.

So, you and I are the prodigy of those who were so conditioned that now; we don’t have physical fences to limit our behaviors we have handed down concepts of fences which we naturally accept as being the perimeter of our behaviors which we cannot cross over. And the interesting thing is we don’t even question these passed down behaviors, these pasted down limiting fences that really don’t exist anymore and haven’t really existed for a very long time. Like the livestock, we stay within the prescribed field of our experiencing like obedient little animals.

In your life experience, how many imaginary electrical fences limit your potential and expression in being? Do you dare to realize that the fence isn’t really there anymore, and that you can easily move about beyond the perimeters set up way back when? Well, you can. Yes, you can!

The herd consciousness might tell you, you can’t go beyond those prescribed boundaries because that is the programming which is most prevalent within the mass consciousness. The thing is there are already many people who’ve broken free of those limiting beliefs, many people who’ve ventured beyond the prescribed boundaries of their expression and found that there really is no fence at all, that they are free to move about without being shocked back into submission.

From the mass consciousness perspective, those people are the rebels, the outcasts, and the weirdoes. They are the adventurous spirits which have challenged the limits imposed upon them, and found that the limits are only imaginary.

So, the next time you want to do something but believe you can’t or shouldn’t, you may think back to this article, and wonder whether this limiting belief is one of those fences meant to keep you contained, to keep you limited. It takes a great deal of courage to challenge the established mass consciousness and you may have to take a leap of faith to step beyond those boundaries, to take that step into the unknown. The fear of doing so is very real. How do you think you’ve been contained all your life? You would have trespassed those boundaries long ago if that fear wasn’t so real and powerful for you. In order to overcome that fear, you will need trust.

If you don’t trust me, look within your own being for that aspect of yourself which you do trust. If you believe in guarding angels, and trust them, let them lead the way beyond your current limiting belief boundaries. Whoever it is, or whatever it is, seek out and be open to the guidance and assistance which will enable you to overcome the fears which limit your expression in being.

Even though this pasture we’ve been living in might be really nice and enjoyable, there are actually greener pastures beyond the boundaries you live within. Yes, that is really true the grass IS really greener on the other side of the fence. Why do you suppose they erected those fences around you in the first place? Why do you suppose they made you believe it wasn’t greener on the other side of the fence? Because they didn’t want you to go there, they wanted it all for themselves. The problem with that logic is that they believed in limits even for themselves, so with those limiting beliefs, they thought there wasn’t enough for everyone, so they had to limit the masses so they could be assured of their greener pastures.

What lies beyond awaits you. I assure you, you will be grandly delighted by what you find there.

My intention, I’ve now placed for you, is that you have the courage and trust to transcend the limits imposed upon you.

Let it be so.

It is done.

Saturday, November 21, 2009



Wanting is essential to the creative process. When you want something, hold the wanting just long enough to formulate the thing wanted, then immediately let it go. It is essential letting go otherwise you remain in a state of wanting because you are holding on to the formulating stage or holding on to the idea of the thing you want.

You may have to ask yourself “Do I want this wanting more than having?” The answer is key to why you don’t have what you expressed as a desire.

For example: If you want an apple, you might think or say, “I want an apple.” You may go on to define more precisely what kind of apple you want, “A big red juicy tart fresh apple.”

When you are clear on what you want, you must let go of the wanting which makes room for the having.

If you already had that apple what would be the use in still wanting it, as though you didn’t already have it? This sort of persistent wanting denies the having experience.

When you understand the wanting is a part of the whole process and you understand you have to execute each part of the process it becomes much easier to work through these steps of unfolding in to the having experience.

When you want something to you already know how to get it, how long does it take to get from the wanting to the having? For example, if you want a drink of water, and you are in your home where you can easily access a glass and a water faucet, you smoothly transition towards the having by doing what you already know how to do to quench your thirst.

The main point here is the wanting step can be for only a moment or two, then you automatically move into the obtaining stage which culminates in the having experience.

When you don’t know how to obtain what you want, the wanting stage still is very short, but you might have to be open to what options or opportunities appear which will lead you to the having experience. You might have to ask questions for which their answers will lead you towards having.

“If I knew what the next step towards having was, what would that next step be?”
Following the inner guidance will move you towards having. Sometimes it is a simple matter and having can happen spontaneously.

This might not even be necessary, because sometimes, there is no “doing” necessary, but rather getting out of the way and letting it happen. Looking for something different or for inner guidance may or may not be necessary. It then is a matter of trust and openness.

Getting to the having experience doesn’t have to be a long hard process, it can be quick and easy, so don’t make it harder than it has to be. Being open and receptive to having invites it to be so.

The wanting when you have formulated it, then let it go creates a void which must be filled, and that void is filled by the having experience. As long as you hold on to the wanting there is no void to be filled. That is why you never get to the having experience.

So want it, let go of wanting it, and see what happens, notice what you are noticing, then go with that.

Regarding Doing.

The need to do something originates from the left brain analytical part of your being. The source which brings forth the having is from the field of infinite possibilities, which is accessible when your point of focus and attention is centered within your heart center or your feeling space. This is to say, a lot of thinking won’t facilitate the having experience, so moving from thinking to feeling invites the having experiences.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Story?

By Jerome Dechant

The first line of any story sets the tone for the rest of the story, it either draws the reader in, or doesn’t. If it doesn’t then they put down the book and find something else to do or read.

Mental images, if you could call the vaguely defined shapes and colors as images, lingered briefly within his consciousness, shifting at what seemed to be random instances. What appeared and why these things showed up was a mystery to him. Sometimes what appeared seemed so solid and real, so clearly defined that it was as though he was right there observing them, yet he could feel the covers on his physical body, the pillow under his cheek and the cool morning air as he inhaled deeply. With eyes closed, in this early morning time, umm, maybe 4:30 in the morning, he’d wake from his deep sleep with an urge to use the bathroom, but the comfort and warmth of the bed was so inviting and enjoyable, that the urge to go pee would have to wait. That’s the way it always was for as long as he could remember, well, not the getting up at 4:30 in the morning to take a pee, but the enjoyment of waking up in this comfortable, cozy atmosphere where the fringe of the dream world met the waking world. He could often linger here, shifting from the waking state to the dreaming state and back again effortlessly, and most of the time unintentionally as well. It was as though he was on a ride and this movement between consciousness realms was part of the ride. What showed up was always something new, he didn’t know why he was seeing or feeling the things that showed up, and frankly, he never thought to wonder why this or that was being shown to him. Does everything have to have a purpose? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

But when you hear your name called by, who was that? The voice sounded familiar, yet he couldn’t place who it was. It was often called out in a way to wake him from his deep sleep, and when this did happen, he would abruptly awake into full waking state consciousness. Sometimes he’d reflexively sit up in bed and look around in the still darkened bedroom for who was calling his name, but no one was there. The odd thing was, whom ever this was, they had never said more than his name. “Jerry!” They wanted his attention, and they got it, at least enough to wake him from his sleep, but why? For now, there wasn’t an answer to that question; you could put that unanswered question on the pile of other unanswered questions that have accumulated over the years. Accumulated and then forgotten.

If there was a reason for any of this, it wasn’t obvious to him. Maybe he was too dense to see it staring him right in the face, or maybe it just didn’t seem that important to warrant the effort of his attention to wonder why, to ask the question, “Why is this happening to me?” That question was surely amongst the pile of unanswered questions that may have been asked over and over again without a clear answer or without an answer at all. It was as though there wasn’t anyone there to answer these questions. Who was he asking, surely no one in his physical realm. He kept this stuff to himself. Why should he mention this to anyone, who would care and what difference would it make? Maybe there was someone who could answer those questions, but if you never pose them to someone who knows, or who doesn’t know, you can never get the answer. As long as the questions remain unspoken, they certainly remain unanswered as well. Or is that true? It seemed to be true as that pile of unspoken unanswered questions revealed a lack of real communication.

If he was trying to communicate with the angels, or guides, or whoever was in the unseen realm, he wasn’t aware enough to recognize the answers when they showed themselves to him. Yes, often there were answers, but seldom, okay never in words, or thoughts within his mind. Maybe that person who spoke to him in the grocery store about something he’d been curious about was giving him the answer, but since the answer didn’t immediately follow the question, there wasn’t recognition that these were related, that this person provided an answer. Sure these sorts of things happening were, or appeared to be random, something that is there for a moment then gone in the next moment. If you weren’t paying attention, you would surely miss them, and this was obviously what was happening to him.

If he wasn’t paying attention to these things, where was his attention then? Likely upon mundane concerns which consumed most of his attention. With all that mundane stuff consuming his attention, it was no wonder there wasn’t a moment where the answers could be within his awareness or recognized. He walked around with blinders on, and so did most everyone else. The limited field of perception filtered out the vast majority of what was always there to see, feel, and experience. We have all adopted the limited perspective which to some extent has been useful, but also negates the perceptions of the vast realm of existence that goes unnoticed as we make our way through the moments of our lives.

It is like trying to measure the location of a particle and its velocity. You can be aware of one but not the other at the same time. You can know its location, but by focusing on its location, you lose track of its velocity. If you track the particle’s velocity, you know how fast it is going, but can’t get an accurate fix on its location. So it is an either or scenario.

One way to overcome this limitation, is to exist in two realms of consciousness simultaneously, to be fully aware in both at the same time, so that while in one realm velocity is being measured, in the other location is being measured. In adopting this duel realm awareness one can easily know the velocity and location simultaneously.

In order to enter into this awareness, one may realize that awareness is non-local, that awareness is, in its broadest sense, universal and not restricted to the confines of one realm or perspective. From the mental state this multi-location presence awareness is unfathomable, the mind goes into a stupor upon trying to comprehend this because the mind is in the particle state where velocity can’t be measured, or is in the velocity state where location can’t be determined. In other words, the mind exists within the realm of limits and or limitations which exclude the limitlessness cognition.

If there is a reason for it to be so, I may not recognize it from the mental perspective, but the reasons are perfectly clear when I transcend the confines of the limited perspective. And, I can and do simultaneously recognize the value of the particle state and the wave state as they co-exist and simultaneously express in being.

If this is a story, this is just the beginning. What will unfold? I currently don’t know, from this here now limited awareness perspective, what lies ahead is shrouded and will only be unveiled when I enter into the moment when that happens. Such is the linear perspective and awareness. The mystery endures, and because it is a mystery, it compels us on into the next moment so that we may unfold and discover what’s out there. If you think you’d like to jump to the end of this story, to see how it ends, you can’t because, it hasn’t been written yet. Because of the uncertainty factor, even from the limitless awareness perspective, no one conclusion is recognized but rather limitless possibilities await, and with the limitless possibilities there really is no conclusion because a conclusion exists within the realm of limits.

Will there be another chapter to this story? That remains within the realm of possibilities, doesn’t it?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Noticing the Miracles

Chronicles of Jerry: 11/03/09

I was reading an email from a friend, Amy Scott Grant wherein she said (excerpt):

“What percentage of your life do YOU spend following your inner guidance (no matter how bizarre or off-base it may seem)?

For me, it's a pretty high percentage.

Most people are probably around 4% or less (That's what I get is true -- you can use
your own favorite truth testing method to check that statistic).

I get that I'm personally around 45%.

I have a couple of friends who are closer to about 60% and I can see how smoothly (though strangely) their lives seem to move.

While I'm grateful to see that I'm following spiritual guidance nearly half of ALL the time, I still yearn for more. It's an ongoing growth process for me.”

Since she expressed the desire in the last paragraph, I dropped into my heart space, then felt my connection to/with her. I chose her current reality image of herself as point 1, and as point 2, I chose the reality image of her where she is 98% to 100% “following spiritual guidance.” Then, I held the pebble of that desire above the pool of the infinite possibilities, and dropped it, then watched/felt the ripples expand. Having done that, I let go of that connection and moved on with what ever else I was doing at the time.

Later, during the night of 11/03/09, I checked my FaceBook page where I saw what Amy posted 14 hours earlier (which I’m guessing is about the time I dropped the pebble, 11/3/09 7:53 a.m. which would have been 9:53 a.m. my time) which was as follows:

“is moving as I feel guided (and lovin' it). Whoa! THAT. Just. Happened.”

Really, "I" didn't do anything, but maybe something happened?

Be on the look out for Miracles in your life. When you start paying attention, and start looking for them, I assure you, you will find them.

Best regards,