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Saturday, November 21, 2009



Wanting is essential to the creative process. When you want something, hold the wanting just long enough to formulate the thing wanted, then immediately let it go. It is essential letting go otherwise you remain in a state of wanting because you are holding on to the formulating stage or holding on to the idea of the thing you want.

You may have to ask yourself “Do I want this wanting more than having?” The answer is key to why you don’t have what you expressed as a desire.

For example: If you want an apple, you might think or say, “I want an apple.” You may go on to define more precisely what kind of apple you want, “A big red juicy tart fresh apple.”

When you are clear on what you want, you must let go of the wanting which makes room for the having.

If you already had that apple what would be the use in still wanting it, as though you didn’t already have it? This sort of persistent wanting denies the having experience.

When you understand the wanting is a part of the whole process and you understand you have to execute each part of the process it becomes much easier to work through these steps of unfolding in to the having experience.

When you want something to you already know how to get it, how long does it take to get from the wanting to the having? For example, if you want a drink of water, and you are in your home where you can easily access a glass and a water faucet, you smoothly transition towards the having by doing what you already know how to do to quench your thirst.

The main point here is the wanting step can be for only a moment or two, then you automatically move into the obtaining stage which culminates in the having experience.

When you don’t know how to obtain what you want, the wanting stage still is very short, but you might have to be open to what options or opportunities appear which will lead you to the having experience. You might have to ask questions for which their answers will lead you towards having.

“If I knew what the next step towards having was, what would that next step be?”
Following the inner guidance will move you towards having. Sometimes it is a simple matter and having can happen spontaneously.

This might not even be necessary, because sometimes, there is no “doing” necessary, but rather getting out of the way and letting it happen. Looking for something different or for inner guidance may or may not be necessary. It then is a matter of trust and openness.

Getting to the having experience doesn’t have to be a long hard process, it can be quick and easy, so don’t make it harder than it has to be. Being open and receptive to having invites it to be so.

The wanting when you have formulated it, then let it go creates a void which must be filled, and that void is filled by the having experience. As long as you hold on to the wanting there is no void to be filled. That is why you never get to the having experience.

So want it, let go of wanting it, and see what happens, notice what you are noticing, then go with that.

Regarding Doing.

The need to do something originates from the left brain analytical part of your being. The source which brings forth the having is from the field of infinite possibilities, which is accessible when your point of focus and attention is centered within your heart center or your feeling space. This is to say, a lot of thinking won’t facilitate the having experience, so moving from thinking to feeling invites the having experiences.

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