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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You are successful

You are successful.

What does it mean to be successful?

Success is defined as favorable or desired outcome. If you therefore experience favorable or desired outcomes, you are, to some degree successful. A person who most often experiences favorable or desired outcomes is therefore a successful person.

A successful person is successful because of his/her commitment to experiencing what he/she desires. A successful person consistently takes appropriate action which promotes his/her success. In other words, he/she most often takes action which enables/facilitates his/her success. So to express this idea using a percentage representation, a successful person takes appropriate action more than 50% of the time. The people, who achieve success most rapidly, express appropriately closer to 100% of the time rather than closer to 50% of the time. With mindfulness and practice, your percentage of success can steadily move towards 100%.

If you aren’t practiced at being a successful person, the percentage of time which you are expressing towards your success probably is very low, possibly even below 50% of the time. An indicator of how successful you are or are not is always presented to you in each moment so that in each moment you have an opportunity to choose a course of action which moves you towards being successful, or away from being successful. You might also take the middle road which neither moves you towards, nor away from being successful. You might therefore come to understand you can learn to be more successful, to experience more favorable outcomes.

Course corrections are an integral part of being successful. When you are mindful of your desires or goals, and you are fully present in this here now moment, thereby express being which is in perfect alignment with your desires and goals, you can tell when you are veering off course. When you become mindfully aware that you’ve drifted off course, you adjust your course to bring you back on track towards reaching your desired destination/goal.

A person who is not mindful, who hasn’t made a commitment to accomplish a specific goal, drifts through life experiencing and because he/she doesn’t commit to accomplish anything in particular, he/she experiences random life experiences which unfold naturally due to the predominant tendencies of the moment.

Many people start out to define success with such things as being wealthy, or having many desirable physical things. The truth is, it is best to work your way up to that especially if you haven’t learned how to be successful in the first place.

If you don’t know how to walk, it is something worth learning, and for most people, they do not stand up and walk the first time they desire to walk. What actually happens is one must develop muscle and balance and control of the body to facilitate walking, so for most of us, we started to learn to walk by first learning how to crawl. The same principle applies to being wealthy, or whatever your highest ambitions happen to be. If you want to be a millionaire, it may be possible for you to instantly become a millionaire, but it is more likely that you will have to work your way up towards accomplishing that goal. And the best way to be successful is to set up desires that are easily reachable for you, so that you are moving towards your goal incrementally. If you take small easy steps, you build your foundation of favorable outcomes which therefore adds fuel to your further favorable outcomes.

If your desire is to immediately become a millionaire, you may find it hard to realize favorable outcomes right away because your goal or desire is too far out of your current state of being. And therefore, causes frustration, and for many people, they begin to think it isn’t possible, so they lose confidence in their ability to succeed, and thereby plant the seeds for their own failure.

So my best advice is to be kind to yourself when defining your goals, and set incremental smaller goals which contribute to your highest goal, thereby paving the way for your continued favorable outcomes which culminate in eventually expressing life as a millionaire. (I use money because this is a common desire for many people. The truth is, the principles I have presented will work just as well for any desire or goal you can set for yourself.)

If you don’t realize your current state of being successful, I’d like to encourage you to realize you have successfully read this far in my writing, and this is only one small success you are experiencing right now. You are successfully able to see the image of these words; you are successfully able to understand these words. You are successfully breathing, being and alive right now, so notice all the many successes you currently experience and appreciate the fact that you are already more successful than you might have previously considered yourself to be.

May you always realize favorable outcomes, and when you don’t experience favorable outcomes, may you know enough to correct your course so that you once again do.

Best regards,