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Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Are Magnificent!

You ARE a magnificent being!

Regardless of what you might think or believe about yourself, the title of this writing is an absolute fact. If, to you, it seems to be so far from the truth, you’d swear I was lying to you, that only means the truth is, or has been buried deep within you for so long, you haven’t gotten a glimpse of it in a very long time. So from such a perspective, it does seem to be a lie. Notice I’ve written the words “seems to be a lie,” not, it “IS” a lie.

Your quest, should you decide to accept it is this: To uncover the magnificent being you truly are. To complete this quest here is what is required: From this day forward, for however long it takes, your quest is to do whatever it takes to come to the realization and embodiment of your magnificence.

The reward for your efforts is beyond measure because through embodying and expressing your magnificence, there are no limits to what you can accomplish, experience and or have. There is a catch though; if you undertake this quest only to reap the reward you will not succeed, you cannot succeed. In other words, the accomplishment and fulfillment to be realized is not a thing to have or hold, it is a state of being.

There are two approaches one could take; One could take the approach that in fact you are not magnificent, and so believing this to be true, you can further bury your magnificence from your awareness and expression. You can find ample proof that you aren’t magnificent, and the world and your life will, without reserve, provide you with all the “proof” you need to reinforce that belief about yourself. And all the while, you will suffer accordingly. This path is a very dreary one, easy to enter upon, hard to endure and full of broken dreams, sadness and failures.

The other approach is one where you don’t fully believe you are a magnificent being, but you are willing to undertake the quest anyway, to see if it is really true. If you do take this approach, it doesn’t mean your path will be straight and easily tread, but there is a glimmer of hope that will surely become emblazoned as you make progress on the journey of discovery and unfolding your magnificence.

There will certainly be challenges along the way which plant seeds of doubt, encourage turning back, demanding that you stop and turn back. So, when you come upon these challenges, remember this writing, remember they are test to be overcome which show your resolve to accomplish this quest for magnificence.

You might have visions of coming upon trolls and demons, to slay to clear your way and proceed towards your goal, but the trials you will face most often aren’t so easily recognizable, and they will often be hidden within you, popping out from time to time in the forms of doubt and fear. During your normal day to day life, the “normalness” can lull you into forgetfulness, can distract you so you pursue more mundane undertakings.

When those times come, and I assure you they will, remember the game isn’t worth playing if there is no challenge to it. This life experiencing is the game most worth playing, therefore you can be assured the challenges you face will be on par with the value of this game.

Some iead and things to take with you as you proceed towards the accomplishment of this quest:

Always carry something with you that will remind you of the magnificence you’ve undertaken this quest to be. It could be as simple a thing as a small clear quartz crystal which you can gaze upon and touch anytime to remind you and reinforce your dedication to uncovering your magnificence. It could be a beautiful necklace, or pendant, or ring, or bracelet. Whatever you choose, choose it with the thought in mind that this is your “reminder item.” In and of itself, it may be a cheap piece of plastic, but the value of it is in its ability to renew your passion for completing the quest.

If possible, find others who are interested in uncovering their own magnificence, and work together to complete this quest of discovery and revelation. It is always more productive and enjoyable to have like minded people to mingle with, to share ideas and strategies with, to laugh together and celebrate the victories along the way, and to also console each other during the trying times, to encourage you to go on when it seems all hope is gone.

Be aware, upon this path you will surely meet those who profess to be your guides and aids, but they may actually be wolves in disguise. If you feel uneasy in their presence, heed that uneasiness and proceed with caution if you choose to take their counsel. They are put there so you may learn the lesson of discrimination. Sometimes these lessons can only be learned through painful failures.

Take this key with you: The key of joy. It is the key which illuminates your path and unlocks the door to your magnificence. When things seem the darkest, bring out the key and let its radiance brighten your heart and lift your spirit so that you may endure and continue upon your quest.

At this point, I’d like to say, that some of you are already well on your way and very close to unlocking that door, while others of you have a long way to go. Whichever place upon the path you stand, know that there are others who’ve already arrived and unlocked that door. Know that they eagerly await your arrival and have prepared a magnificent celebration to celebrate your arrival. Also, know right now, they are here with you in spirit sending you love, light and encouragement.

This is a glorious game and a glorious quest.

You ARE Magnificent!

Commentary I posted on a Friends blog

One of my Facebook friends posted a link to one of his recent blogs for which I posted the following commentary. If you want to see his blog post, you can check it out by using this link: Being Vegan is so Gay

Here is the comment I posted (somewhat edited to correct grammer and spelling errors):

We each have responsibility for our own life expression, and as you may have stated in one of your prior posts, we can’t really change others as effectively as we can change ourselves. With that in mind, for me it comes down to how I feel about my life expression, and how I express this life. When I am attuned to the source of my being, my choices are guided towards choices which ultimately are not only to my personal benefit but to the benefit of the whole being as well. How I feel is my indicator of how well attuned I am to the source of my being, so if it feels right to me, then I know my choice and step is the best one for me. If it doesn’t feel right for me, then I know I need to find a choice which does feel right to me.

One thing to consider and remember is this: The spirit which inhabits the body is not the body. The body passes away, but the spirit endures. It doesn’t matter what the body is, plant, animal or insect or whatever form life takes, those forms will eventually return to from whence they came.

The spirit is the aspect in being to predominately pay attention to. When partaking of any food or drink, recognize the spirit first, honor and appreciate it first, and then partake of the food and drink before you. Find joy in life and life will find joy in you.

Best regards,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Self Sabotage

Self sabotage
by Jerome Dechant
April 13, 2011

The single most powerful adversary we will ever encounter in our life is our very own self, the saboteur aspect of our being. This saboteur is constantly within you and knows you intimately. The saboteur knows all your strengths and weaknesses, all your likes and dislikes. The saboteur knows what motivates you and what doesn’t motivate you. It constantly uses this intimate knowledge of you to make itself the effective saboteur it is today. There is nothing this saboteur doesn’t know about you and your desires. If this saboteur was able to be seen, like in a movie, he/she would be portrayed as a brilliant, charming, and convincing person who is relentlessly always on the job, with dedication and determination to go to any lengths to sabotage your efforts at achieving your goals and desires.

When you become aware of this aspect of your being, you may also become aware of how it works and therefore dis-empower it through your alertness in each moment. If you want to become the successful, capable being you intended yourself to be, you will first and foremost have to attend to the saboteur aspect of your being, otherwise you will constantly find its expression dissuading you from moving towards accomplishing your desires and goals.

Some of its tactics are listed below:

Self doubt: I’m not good enough, I’m too weak, too poor, too young, too old, too ugly, too insignificant, I’m incapable of accomplishing anything worth accomplishing, so why even try? What’s the use? I can’t do that. I’d just make a fool of myself, then no one will like me.

Excuses: I need to do something else right now. I don’t feel like doing that right now, I’d rather just sit here and do nothing. If I accomplish this, then I’d just have more stuff to attend to, and who wants that overwhelm anyway? It’s too hard. I don’t have time right now. I’ll do it later. I don’t want to do that, forget about that, that’s not my goal anyway.

Distractions: When you finally get on to a little firm footing which enables you to make some progress towards your goal, you might find your attention being drawn away from what you are undertaking, and shifting towards other things. As an example: You go to the store to buy something and as you are approaching the area where what you need to buy, you notice something else which looks cool and/or interesting and so you might get that instead of what you went there for in the first place. At the very least, distractions cause your journey towards accomplishing your goals to be longer, and at the worst, they may side track you so far that you can never find your way back to, and/or remember what your goal was in the first place.

Lack of motivation: This one is related to self doubt and can also involve excuses. It lets the air out of your tires, and brings you to a standstill. When you first come up with a “great idea” or strong goal/desire, you may initially be motivated to move towards accomplishing your desire/goal. Without focus, determination and dedication to accomplishing the goal, you will quickly lose motivation to go on.

The blame game: You can’t do it because of someone or something in your environment who keeps you from accomplishing your goals. We dis-empower ourselves by empowering people, places and things in our environment. This tactic also may involve self doubt and excuses as fuel for the disempowerment.

The saboteur aspect of your being uses these and other tactics. You might be able to think of other things it does which hampers or impairs your ability to accomplish your goals. Think about the ways you keep yourself from being all that you can be, and whatever you come up with, will surely be something the saboteur aspect of your being has used on you.


The duality of you vs. the saboteur aspect within you.

If we adopt the duality approach to deal with the saboteur, we thereby create a division within ourselves which creates an endless battle which can never be won. So, the only way to overcome the saboteur aspect of our being is through awareness, understanding and integration of that aspect into our one, whole being. When we become as one, there is no “other” to battle, to challenge or overcome. There is no conflict to resolve because you need duality to engage in a conflict.

Part of the integration process involves coming to an understanding as to why the saboteur aspect of our being exists in the first place. Upon contemplation of the saboteur aspect, and or a conversation with it, as though it was a separate being from you, you might find out why it does what it does. And you might be surprised to come to know the deep love and caring this aspect has which motivates it to do everything it does. Ultimately, you might find out that the saboteur isn’t your adversary, but rather your beloved ally who is here to protect you and keep you safe. When the saboteur aspect of your being understands that accomplishing desired goals isn’t threatening to your safety and continued existence, you might find that it becomes a guide which instead of leading away from accomplishing your goals, helps you to maneuver more easily towards your goals.

So, my advice is to get to know the saboteur aspect of yourself and integrate it into your overall being. Make sure this aspect of your being knows and understands that accomplishing your desires and goals insures your continued existence. As an ally, it can be helpful when things get scary because you are moving into unknown territory which is inevitable when you are embarking upon accomplishing new goals and desires.

When you don’t know and understand this aspect of your being, it appears to be a formidable adversary, which it truly is (from that unknowing vantage point.) When you come to know and understand the purpose of this aspect of your being, you will find it to be a faithful guardian which protects you and guides you throughout your life experiencing. You will ultimately realize the unfathomable love this aspect of your being holds for you, within you, as you.

Not a Saboteur but rather a noble Guardian.