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Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Are Magnificent!

You ARE a magnificent being!

Regardless of what you might think or believe about yourself, the title of this writing is an absolute fact. If, to you, it seems to be so far from the truth, you’d swear I was lying to you, that only means the truth is, or has been buried deep within you for so long, you haven’t gotten a glimpse of it in a very long time. So from such a perspective, it does seem to be a lie. Notice I’ve written the words “seems to be a lie,” not, it “IS” a lie.

Your quest, should you decide to accept it is this: To uncover the magnificent being you truly are. To complete this quest here is what is required: From this day forward, for however long it takes, your quest is to do whatever it takes to come to the realization and embodiment of your magnificence.

The reward for your efforts is beyond measure because through embodying and expressing your magnificence, there are no limits to what you can accomplish, experience and or have. There is a catch though; if you undertake this quest only to reap the reward you will not succeed, you cannot succeed. In other words, the accomplishment and fulfillment to be realized is not a thing to have or hold, it is a state of being.

There are two approaches one could take; One could take the approach that in fact you are not magnificent, and so believing this to be true, you can further bury your magnificence from your awareness and expression. You can find ample proof that you aren’t magnificent, and the world and your life will, without reserve, provide you with all the “proof” you need to reinforce that belief about yourself. And all the while, you will suffer accordingly. This path is a very dreary one, easy to enter upon, hard to endure and full of broken dreams, sadness and failures.

The other approach is one where you don’t fully believe you are a magnificent being, but you are willing to undertake the quest anyway, to see if it is really true. If you do take this approach, it doesn’t mean your path will be straight and easily tread, but there is a glimmer of hope that will surely become emblazoned as you make progress on the journey of discovery and unfolding your magnificence.

There will certainly be challenges along the way which plant seeds of doubt, encourage turning back, demanding that you stop and turn back. So, when you come upon these challenges, remember this writing, remember they are test to be overcome which show your resolve to accomplish this quest for magnificence.

You might have visions of coming upon trolls and demons, to slay to clear your way and proceed towards your goal, but the trials you will face most often aren’t so easily recognizable, and they will often be hidden within you, popping out from time to time in the forms of doubt and fear. During your normal day to day life, the “normalness” can lull you into forgetfulness, can distract you so you pursue more mundane undertakings.

When those times come, and I assure you they will, remember the game isn’t worth playing if there is no challenge to it. This life experiencing is the game most worth playing, therefore you can be assured the challenges you face will be on par with the value of this game.

Some iead and things to take with you as you proceed towards the accomplishment of this quest:

Always carry something with you that will remind you of the magnificence you’ve undertaken this quest to be. It could be as simple a thing as a small clear quartz crystal which you can gaze upon and touch anytime to remind you and reinforce your dedication to uncovering your magnificence. It could be a beautiful necklace, or pendant, or ring, or bracelet. Whatever you choose, choose it with the thought in mind that this is your “reminder item.” In and of itself, it may be a cheap piece of plastic, but the value of it is in its ability to renew your passion for completing the quest.

If possible, find others who are interested in uncovering their own magnificence, and work together to complete this quest of discovery and revelation. It is always more productive and enjoyable to have like minded people to mingle with, to share ideas and strategies with, to laugh together and celebrate the victories along the way, and to also console each other during the trying times, to encourage you to go on when it seems all hope is gone.

Be aware, upon this path you will surely meet those who profess to be your guides and aids, but they may actually be wolves in disguise. If you feel uneasy in their presence, heed that uneasiness and proceed with caution if you choose to take their counsel. They are put there so you may learn the lesson of discrimination. Sometimes these lessons can only be learned through painful failures.

Take this key with you: The key of joy. It is the key which illuminates your path and unlocks the door to your magnificence. When things seem the darkest, bring out the key and let its radiance brighten your heart and lift your spirit so that you may endure and continue upon your quest.

At this point, I’d like to say, that some of you are already well on your way and very close to unlocking that door, while others of you have a long way to go. Whichever place upon the path you stand, know that there are others who’ve already arrived and unlocked that door. Know that they eagerly await your arrival and have prepared a magnificent celebration to celebrate your arrival. Also, know right now, they are here with you in spirit sending you love, light and encouragement.

This is a glorious game and a glorious quest.

You ARE Magnificent!

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