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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Commentary I posted on a Friends blog

One of my Facebook friends posted a link to one of his recent blogs for which I posted the following commentary. If you want to see his blog post, you can check it out by using this link: Being Vegan is so Gay

Here is the comment I posted (somewhat edited to correct grammer and spelling errors):

We each have responsibility for our own life expression, and as you may have stated in one of your prior posts, we can’t really change others as effectively as we can change ourselves. With that in mind, for me it comes down to how I feel about my life expression, and how I express this life. When I am attuned to the source of my being, my choices are guided towards choices which ultimately are not only to my personal benefit but to the benefit of the whole being as well. How I feel is my indicator of how well attuned I am to the source of my being, so if it feels right to me, then I know my choice and step is the best one for me. If it doesn’t feel right for me, then I know I need to find a choice which does feel right to me.

One thing to consider and remember is this: The spirit which inhabits the body is not the body. The body passes away, but the spirit endures. It doesn’t matter what the body is, plant, animal or insect or whatever form life takes, those forms will eventually return to from whence they came.

The spirit is the aspect in being to predominately pay attention to. When partaking of any food or drink, recognize the spirit first, honor and appreciate it first, and then partake of the food and drink before you. Find joy in life and life will find joy in you.

Best regards,

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