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Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Poem: TIME

By Jerome Dechant
Jan. 20, 1997

The tick-tock, tick-tock of the clock,
Has turned to a silence or maybe a slight hum.
I kind of miss that tick-tock clock as my Grandma use to rock,
Me in her lap with a sweet melody she’d hum.

The time keeps going, going, going,
On its long and endless journey,
To who knows what it will be showing,
As we move along into what will be.

Time is such a constant thing,
It gives me a chance to rest,
Then makes my clock ring,
Which disturbs my slumber nest,
Of comfort, warmth and calm,
I should bound out from this peace,
But find it hard to get release,
From the night’s balm.

One more moment of rest will be just fine,
I know I’ll feel better in just a minute,
Pulling the covers close to this face of mine,
Savoring the feeling of comfort in it.

Time oh time, you keep me going,
And bring me life’s joys and pains,
On this journey of life unfolding,
Where the loves outnumber the pains,
When I count the days gone by so fast,
I wonder how long this time will last.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I touch very few people...

Externally, I touch very few people's lives with my words and deeds.

There is a place in me, and there is a place in you, where there is no "you" or "me,"  where we are one.

When I am attuned to this place, this is the place where I touch all existence.

When I am immersed in this non-identity oneness, I touch all that is, I am all that is.

As you attune to this place, it is true for you as well.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Full Spectrum

The Biggest Missing Piece - Abraham/Hicks video segment
(Please click on the link above which will take you to a YouTube video.  Please take the time to view the video before reading this blog post.)
The Full Spectrum
by Jerome Dechant
Spet. 20, 2012
I am fairly sure everyone who has vision capabilities has seen and marveled at the sight of a rainbow.  They are a beautiful and magnificent example of the visible light frequency spectrum.  I indicated visible light frequency to express our human vision does not perceive the full spectrum of light waves, and actually, only a small portion of the full spectrum of light waves.  Yet, what we can see in a rainbow is amazing none the less.

The reason I mention rainbows is because they are a visible expression of a light spectrum, a scale of light frequencies where the scale starts at one color and transitions on through the scale to visually express all the colors of the rainbow.  In a numerical sense one might equate that scale as being zero to 100, with 100 representing the totality or highest vibrational frequency in expression.  (Obviously, this example in numerical values is representative and not actual.)
This is important because it forms the basis and foundation for understanding on how the manifestation process works.  Being the foundation, everything is built upon this understanding:  The Full Spectrum of vibration is the Source and substance of all manifestation.

The law of attraction states like vibrations attract like vibrations.
In order for like vibrations to attract like vibrations there must be other vibrations which exist simultaneously which are not “like” vibrations and therefore are not attractive.  So there has to be a vibration for happy to be attractive as well as a vibration of sad to also be attractive and all feeling states between those two vibrations as well.

Our experiencing as human beings is a limited range of vibrational states somewhere within the full spectrum of vibrations states I named as the Source.  Similar to our visual capacity, our vibrational experiencing capacity is limited so that most human beings seldom, if ever experience the full spectrum of vibrational states on the whole.  To restate this in another way using the rainbow visual as an analogy, I might be experiencing the vibrational states between the colors of yellow and green, (purely an arbitrary example of range.)  It actually could be greater or smaller than that as far as vibrational experiencing goes.
To bring this idea to an immediate experience understanding, what you are experiencing right now is an expression of your vibrational state of being.  This experiencing right now does not encompass the full range of vibrational states, i.e.: happy, sad, good, bad, rich, poor, etc., or we typically aren’t experiencing being happy and sad at the same time, or good and bad at the same time because those polarities are at different ends of the vibrational scale.  We know these vibrational states exist because we have experienced them.  That is important because our current expression in human beingness is experiential.

In the video clip I’ve attached, the person being interviewed expresses his discontent. What he is basically wanting is for the rainbow to include only his preferred parts of the spectrum and that is because some parts of the spectrum are so undesirable to him. 

To use another analogy, which Abraham has used, it is sort of like him only liking certain things on the buffet and wanting everything else removed from the buffet because he is pretty sure no one else wants that stuff on the buffet.  What that sort of attitude does is reduces the number of variables or choices available in the manifestation process.  In order to facilitate the greatest variety of choices, a full spectrum of vibrations is essential so that rather than limiting the choices the choices are limitless.  Within that “limitlessness,” the darkest deepest most depraved states or vibrations are equally present along with the greatest light, most divine states of vibration.  They both exist equally and simultaneously as possibilities and options for choice.
By his attention to the vibrations he doesn’t want, he brings those vibrations into his life experiencing, that is to say, they pop out as identifiable to him because he identifies with them vibrationally, he has put his attention on those things he does not want which means he hasn’t put his attention on what he DOES want.

As a reminder of what I stated previously, we can only experience a narrow span of vibrational frequencies in any given moment, that is to say, we are unable to experience what we don’t want in the same moment of experiencing what we do want.  It is either or. 
When something comes to your attention that is not to your liking, that is an indicator for you to create the polar opposite of it by redirecting your attention to creating what you do want, and you do that by paying attention to what you want more than what you don’t want.  Vibrationally speaking, it is a matter of shifting frequencies from one to the other.  Often, the difference in vibration from the one state to the other is broad enough that we are unable to instantly switch frequencies, so that what is then necessary is to progressively move from the unwanted state vibration towards the wanted state vibration.  We move towards the wanted vibrational state by incrementally shifting our vibration towards the wanted state vibration.  You may know you are moving in the right direction by how you feel.  Typically, what you want feels better than what you don’t want, so being aware of how you feel is a good indicator of the direction you are heading.  If life is getting better and better, you are in the flow and moving consistently towards what you want.  If life is getting harder and harder, you are moving away from what you want, therefore it is time to shift your attention back towards what you do want.

As we shift our vibrational state to higher frequencies, we are climbing the ladder of vibrational frequencies so that we move further and further away from the lower vibrational states.  As we do so, they fall off the radar so to speak, it doesn’t mean those lower vibrational states no longer exist but rather they are so far removed from our current vibrational state that we no longer perceive them as possibilities or choices.  Remember, our life experiencing in any given moment is a very small expression of the full spectrum of vibrational states in existence.
Our job is to pay attention to where our focus is, how we are feeling and whether or not we are moving towards what we want.  It is also our job to allow everyone else this same freedom of choice to choose or not to choose whatever it is they want for their own life experiencing.  In order to “fix” the world, we must “fix” our attention upon what we want most intently and powerfully.  The world will reflect back to us our point of attention and focus, that is to say, like vibrations attract like vibrations.  By focusing upon joy and fulfillment each moment, we are broadcasting those vibrations to the universe and thereby bring those experiences more fully into our lives.  Also, as we powerfully focus on the “good” vibrations, others are influenced by that focus which brings those “good” vibration possibilities within the spectrum range of their life choices, thereby the world becomes a better place to live and be.

So let us let the full range of vibrational states exist, have compassion for those who dwell in the lower vibrational states and endeavor to move up to higher and higher vibrational states of expression in being by maintaining our focus and attention upon what we want, paying attention to our feelings to guide us upon the path of our life experiencing. 
Joseph Campbell said it best, “Follow your bliss.”

The full spectrum contains everything.  As human beings that spectrum is the source of our choices, the potential for our expressing our human beingness.  We will always find a vibrational match which is being attracted to us, and reflected as our life experiencing, thereby we move within and through the full spectrum vibration.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Poem: As I Was, as I AM

I've been going through my belonging, throwing away stuff that I haven't touched in years as part of my new activities now that I've retired, (possibly temporarily,) from the 9 - 5 work-a-day life.  In so doing, I've come across some poems I wrote.  I've posted one of them below.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you like it, please share the link to this blog with your friends and family.


As I Was, As I AM

By Jerome Dechant
Jan. 23, 1997

Oh Lofty and endless sky,
Lift me up and carry me to the stars and beyond,
To a time and place where my heart beats,
With the pulsing sounds of loving joy,
Revealing my experience of being,
In this oneness of being.

Oh blessed arms of angels,
Hold me close and dearly in your care,
That I might find the peace you long for me to share,
Guide me gently with tender touches of my thoughts and feelings,
That I may journey the path less traveled and find my true abode there.

Oh soft gentle breezes,
Caress me and my unfurling garments,
And loose them to the ground below,
Like feathers they gently fall, rolling, turning and swaying they flow,
In thy unseen hands, landing softly on the green grass below.

Oh nakedness revealed, show me thy truth,
Let no answer for long held secrets be denied.
Expose to me as I have exposed my nakedness to the sun,
The meanings of my being, and the reasons for my seeing,
All this above me and below me, within me.

Oh timeless time that holds me aloft in this dreamy realm,
Carry me on to another clock that no longer sounds the end of my joyous refrain,
Unravel the cloth of space that binds me in.
Strike only the joy of my heart as the beating of a constant drum,
Sound only the glee of freedom as a loving alert to those around.

Oh forever young am I in this sky, in these angel arms,
Ever lifted higher and higher and made bare by these soft breezes that hold me up.
In this timeless time of being, of seeing, of me, is the truth revealed,
And am I made whole, as I was, as I AM.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Together, a wedding love song

Together, by Jerome Dechant

I wrote this song and performed it at a friend's wedding.  In this recording, I did the vocals and all instrumentation as well as the productions aspects of the audio production.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please share the link with those you think might also enjoy it.


The Savior

By Jerome Dechant
Aug. 19, 2012
What is implicit in the concept of a savior?  Obviously the idea that one needs to be saved, secondly that there has to be someone else to do the saving.  Also implied is the idea that one cannot save him or herself, that there has to be some outside intervention to facilitate the being saved.  What if this is true?  What if in order to be saved, I DO need someone else to save me?  That is placing a huge responsibility on someone else because I am dependent on him/her to save me.  What happens if that someone doesn’t show up in time to save me?  What if I were waiting for him/her to arrive so I could be saved in the nick of time?  That means I’m not taking any action on my own to extricate myself from the situation or circumstance in which I need to be saved.  In other words, I’ve been just sitting around waiting to be saved.  What is that?  That is delegating responsibility outside of me for my salvation.  In other words, I have adopted the victim stance/attitude and am at the mercy of external people, places and things; I am powerless with this stance/attitude.

Many people think it is easier to let someone else do it and with many activities in life, that may be appropriate, but when it comes to our own life experiencing and choosing whether we are ultimately saved or not, that is something not advisable to delegate to someone else.  Being saved is something we have to take full responsibility for; we have to own our own salvation because in fully owning it, we do not delegate our power and abilities to someone else, but rather maintain this power and ability within our own realm of being/experiencing.
What is it then that we seek from a savior?  It means we have made choices which led us into a situation and/or circumstances which are not to our liking, and when it comes to being saved, likely to be extreme situations or circumstances where we have already delegated our abilities to others.  We have painted ourselves into a corner.  We have set ourselves up by poor choices.  Our salvation is really learning from our mistakes, not to make the same mistakes again.  The learning not to make the same mistakes again is our part to participate in this.  If we don’t learn from our mistakes and continually paint ourselves into corners, do you really think someone is going to take pity on you for your lack of “getting it?”  I’d say no.  You will have to keep making those same mistakes over and over again until you finally “get it” that you need to make different choices which lead to different, more favorable outcomes.  When you finally do “get it” and make the different choices; that is your salvation.  And what is that the salvation from?  Not the specifics of that situation or circumstance, but rather from the lack of knowing how to deal with the circumstance or situation to get the outcome you desire.  In other words, you step into the light with regard to that situation and or circumstance.  You develop clarity which serves you well in anticipating possible outcomes associated with various choices so that you make choices which lead to the outcomes you desire, and don’t make choices which lead to outcomes you do not desire.

Clarity and wisdom are really the elements of salvation we seek.  That is to say, to see clearly enough to make wise decisions so as not to put ourselves into circumstances and situations where we might be stuck or a victim at the mercy of the situation.  When we come to the fork in the road, to be able to read the signs well enough so that we don’t go down the road where the wolves are waiting to eat us. 
This leads to education.  Education is another of our own empowerment because to the extent that we are educated about life and its circumstances and situations, to that extent we are able to make wise choices which result in the outcomes we desire.  Some education can come from external sources, some needs to be experienced through our own life experiencing.  When we accept these possibilities and embrace them, we move out of the darkness which has us stumbling and wandering aimlessly upon our path of life.

How do we get this clarity?  How do we develop this wisdom?  By living life as it unfolds for us, being present in this unfolding experiencing what life is offering us.  What is it then that life is offering us?  Life is offering ample opportunities to develop our clarity and wisdom.  Each moment that unfolds holds a key to our freedom, or a lock for our bondage.  By our choosing we have the opportunity to develop our discernment.  If we make the wrong choices, as we all must, we go through that path of learning which unfolds for us by the making of that choice.  So even if it seems like it was the wrong path to take, it serves us to the extent that we use what we learn to enable and empower us to know it was the path which showed us an outcome we didn’t like, thereby defining more clearly the outcome we do like.
Ultimately, life unfolds for us perfectly and leads us into the light.  Whether the path to the light is a short one or a long one is determined by our choices and learning from those choices so that we reduce the repetition of making the same choices which do not lead us to the desired outcomes.  Regardless of the choices whether they be deemed to be bad choices or good choices, they all serve us in realizing our own salvation.

Ultimately life is our savior because life enables us to experience clarity and develop wisdom.  If you aren’t realizing clarity and wisdom right now in your life experiencing, this means you are still developing your clarity and wisdom.  Don’t fret about it, just live your life as it unfolds for you, realize it is by your choices that you free or bind yourself.  Letting that both freeing and binding choices serve you is wisdom.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Power of Fear

By Jerome Dechant
August 7, 2012

Clearly, the fear based approach to life has its advantages for those who instigate and perpetuate it.  And they will continue to apply their approach as long as it is in their self interest.  From their perspective, it is a matter of control, and self promotion regardless of the cost to humanity. 

It isn’t easy to tip the scales away from the fear based approach to life because those who use this approach will continue to exert their influence regardless of any and all efforts to the contrary. So, if we wait for the global community to move away from the fear based approach, we will be waiting until the destruction which annihilates us all.

One way a massive change away from the fear based approach can take place is by one person at a time deciding not to play that game anymore, deciding not to fuel the fear machine by promoting it or taking part in its escalation via the life choices they make in their life expression.

So it has to be personal.  Am I fearful?  Of what?  Is this a real and imminent threat to me personally, or is it an imagined threat? If it is a real and imminent threat to me, then what can I do to reduce that threat to myself?  If there is little or nothing I can do to remove the threat, and the fearful outcome is certain, what is there to be afraid of?  If the worst that can happen is that you die, then make peace with yourself within yourself and make that transition out of this life without the weight of fear bearing down on you.

Consider, we are all going to die whether we want to or not so fearing death does not serve us well in all of our life expression.  The thoughts of death do keep us from doing foolish things that would certainly result in our own death.  Rather than fearing death and trying to avoid it, I suggest cherishing life and living it fully so that when death comes we will have lived a full and rewarding life.  In other words this moves our focus out of avoiding what we don’t want, towards focusing on what we do want.

The fear based approach requires each of us to maintain the focus on avoiding what we don’t want.  This is the fuel which drives the fear machine.  When we each take our focus away from avoiding what we don’t want and put our attention on focusing on what we do want, we will begin to take back our creative power.  The only way each of us can get what we want is by being fully present in this moment, and deciding what we want then applying our efforts and attention towards reaching that goal.  The fear machine takes our attention away from our creative ability in this moment and puts our attention upon what might happen, what someone or something might do which isn’t occurring in this moment.

It is easy for me to say to you, “Don’t be afraid.”  It is quite another thing to heed that and just stop being afraid.  Usually, there is something to be afraid of or a cause for our fear, so rather than running away from our fear, turning around and facing it, and learning about it and studying what it is will put us back into the present moment where our control is.  When we are running away, we have our attention on escaping believing it is possible to escape what we fear.  The problem is, if we have monsters within the closets of our minds, we take those monsters with us so they have the opportunity to cause is fear again and again.  So there is no escaping our fears by running away from them.  By running away from our fears we give them yet another opportunity to make us afraid.

It is a worthwhile endeavor to consciously be aware of what you fear, therefore I suggest taking some time to consider what frightens you and why it frightens you.  What would happen if you faced this fear?  Is there anything you can do in the face of this fear which would dissolve the fear right before your eyes?  Remember, turning around and facing your fears brings you back into control in the present moment.  As long as you run away, fear is controlling you.  As long as you avoid what you are afraid of, fear is controlling you.  As long as you try to forget what you are afraid of, fear is controlling you.  In all these instances you are denying your own innate power and handing it over freely to that which you fear.  You become powerless and what you fear becomes all powerful.  Realize the only power fear has is the power you give it.  The monsters of your mind have no power in and of themselves.  They use your power to make you fearful.  Now isn’t that the most effective weapon, to get us to use our own power against ourselves?  Yes, that’s the plan.  “They” might start the fear ball rolling but then they let us drive the engine with our own power.  This way “they” don’t have to continue to do anything, we do it to ourselves.

To sum it up, fear takes our own power and uses it against ourselves to further fuel itself.

Fear is based upon the unknown.  We fear what we don’t know.  Solution:  know what you fear.  When you know it, the unknown goes away.

Fear takes our attention out of this present moment and thereby disempowers us.

Our power is only available to us within each moment we are focused within this present moment.

When we face our fear, we take back our power that we unwittingly and freely gave to fear to empower and rule over us.

Fear has no power in and of itself.  Each of us is the power.  When we become conscious of this fact, we can decide whether we want to fuel the fear machine in our own life experiencing or not.

Focus on what you want.  Place your power and attention on what you want rather than avoiding or resisting what you don’t want.  The first empowers you, the second disempowers you.

Be Here Now!  This is where our power resides.  This means taking back the power you’ve unknowingly or unwittingly given away so freely.  It also means taking back the responsibility for wielding this power responsibly and wisely.

It is your power.  Would you rather someone else control it to suit his or her own whims and wishes for good or ill?  Is it better to wield your own power, or to give it away and become powerless?

Important considerations:

Be here now.

Balance your thoughts, words and actions with an equal measure of mind and heart, leaning towards the heart so that compassion rules your actions and judgments.

In oneness consciousness what you do to others you do to yourself because the “others” are you too.  NOTE: in duality consciousness you might think what you do to others has no effect on you because they are different than you, they are not you.  (That is the basis of duality consciousness: me and not me.)  You will come to a point when you realize there isn’t a “not me,” and when you do, that is when you will reside fully in oneness consciousness.  Until then, take my word for it, and save yourself a lot of grief by living as though the “others” are you too whether you realize it now or not.

So, yes, from within this place in me where oneness consciousness  resides, I am writing this to myself; to all my forms and expressions.

There is this place in you and this place in me, when we are in this place, there is no “you” and there is no “me” there is only ONE.  This is written from this place of oneness.  And this is ONE beckoning to be acknowledged and recognized, HERE and NOW from within me.  I am Here Now.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


by Jerome Dechant
July 15, 2012

I posted this on my FaceBook page and thought I'd also post it here:

I  think it would be helpful if we all decided to stop using the word "alien" so much. When used to refer to people from a different country, or a different planet. We are all in this together, and the borders between "Us" and "Them" are all imaginary. These are mental borders. When you are driving across the country, you can't tell where these borders are, there isn't a visible line. I suggest erasing the borders and living in the spirit of oneness.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Explorer, “Let’s see what’s out there”

By Jerome Dechant
June 27, 2012

 The next moment, the one right after this one, no I mean this one…., is to some extent unknown as to what it will hold for us.  When we exist within the known world, what comes next is obvious, i.e., you will continue sitting here, reading this and it seems like not that much is changing or indeterminable.  From the mundane perspective, the laws of cause and effect are consistent and predictable, so even though the next moment is totally new and fresh, it likely will hold a very similar, yet progressed expression of the moment which preceded it.  Most people feel very comfortable with it being this way and of course, that’s fine.  This perspective is a mass perspective, that is to say, the majority of humans exist within this field of life experiencing.

 A few people venture into the unknown where what the next moment holds is more uncertain and certainly unpredictable.  These people are on the leading edge of life experiencing, venturing into the unknown to uncover what is there, so that eventually, the masses can move into this new field of life experiencing.  What at first was undiscovered, becomes discovered, then what was discovered, eventually becomes the common experience to the masses.  The people are the explorers; they are explorers who venture into the wilderness where no one has gone before.  These explorers venture into the unknown which pre-exists. For those explorers what is contained therein remains to be uncovered and discovered. 

There is another perspective one might consider, where the explorer is venturing at the edge of what is, beyond which it isn’t defined or created yet, what is beyond is pure potential and could unfold to be anything.  This isn’t really an exploration as much as a creation process.  Exploration is discovering what already exists, creationism is calling forth something out of the field of potential.  The image that comes to my mind is of an animation where a part of the image is black, and there is a figure of a person walking. Where he places his next step brings forth the path upon which his foot step will land, and with each step, a path is created where there was only a potential for absolutely anything to out picture. There is a scene in “Yellow Submarine,” The Beatles animated movie, where this sort of thing is similarly depicted as flowers manifesting behind the figure of one of the band members as he moves across the screen.  They weren’t there until he went there and created them. 

If you are on the leading edge of creationism, what is before you is potential, that is to say, there is a blank next moment which must be created in order to have a next moment to experience.  You choose what will be here at your next step.  The potential doesn’t make judgments about what is right or wrong, good or bad, it only unfolds without hesitation or judgment what is impressed upon it via the consciousness of the creator. 

The dangers an explorer may face are preexisting external to the explorer.  The dangers a creationist may face reside within his own psyche.  When you are on the leading edge of what is, and you are creating beyond that edge, you hold within you the dangers and blessings which have equal potential to manifest via your next step so to speak.  This transcends the ordinary and moves into the extraordinary, where fantasy can unfold into reality, where the story which unfolds is up to the creative author, painter, actor, singer or player.  

I have friends (really more acquaintances rather than personal friends,) who have a radio program named, “Cutting Edge Consciousness.”  I think their program expresses more in the field of explorers rather than creationists, because what they discuss and are uncovering/discovering already exists.  They are adding clarity to the mass held consciousness expanding that field of consciousness by their sharing their own discoveries.  In this respect, they are at the cutting edge of consciousness.  There is a lot which preexists still to be uncovered and discovered, and they are bringing to light ideas and experiences which haven’t been widely expressed and considered by the masses before, so they serve a very good and useful purpose. 

The creationist exists at the edge of what is and creates beyond the edge of preexisting manifestation so there is something for the explorers to uncover and discover.   

The adventurer/explorer who advances to the edge of pre-existing manifestation may be said to go beyond into the realm of fantasy.  What unfold is based upon the content of the consciousness which steps into the field of potential.  From this perspective, you may consider what we experience as reality is just as much a fantasy, but does not seem so because the fantasy is widely accepted as reality.  

Whether the masses will ever get to the edge of what exists and then therefore expand beyond the edge, remains to be seen.  For now, there are only a few who truly venture beyond the edge and expand it.  And what they create may or may not ever be uncovered or discovered by the masses because there is the infinity of potential and possibility from which these possibilities and potentials come forth.   

The creations of and within my dreams may never be realized by anyone else but me.  Likewise, the creations of your own dreams may never be realized by anyone else but you.  When you know you are dreaming, and you know you can unfold the dream to conform to your liking, you are venturing beyond the edge of mass consciousness into the greater field of potential.  When you are experiencing this, and aware of it, you are consciously creating, and expanding the edge of consciousness, at the very least for yourself, and potentially for the masses. 

At this point, you may want to reflect upon whether you are a creator or an explorer, or a mix of both, possibly being predominately one or the other.

Monday, June 25, 2012


By Jerome Dechant
June 25, 2012

Guru – one who takes you from darkness to light. (gu = darkness, ru = light)

In order for a Guru to take you from darkness to light, he/she must already be immersed within the light, otherwise he/she could not take you from darkness to light.

In our life journey, many people profess to be Gurus, but may not actually BE Gurus, but rather sign posts along the way. The ones who are not supportive and guide you towards the light are upon your path so that you may develop and learn discernment.

You may know a true Guru by the fact that he/she asks nothing of you because to the true Guru, He/She is immersed in the field of awareness and being where there is no difference between the Guru and the student/disciple. He/She is immersed in the field of ONENESS awareness. In this field of oneness is the realization of completeness. In the experiencing and being completeness, what could the Guru need that one still residing within darkness could provide? Nothing. But for the one who resides in darkness, the Guru is the light which illuminates his/her path through life, leading to the same awareness and being in which the Guru resides. The truth is, a true guru has everything he/she wants/needs, and if he/she doesn’t it is a very simple matter to manifest whatever that is, so he/she doesn’t have to depend on the student/disciple to get what he/she wants/needs, it comes directly from the Source according to the need and/or request, it doesn’t have to come through the student/disciple, unless that is the best way for it to come into manifestation.

If you come upon a supposed Guru who requires you to pay him/her for his/her teachings, that person is not a true Guru, but rather a sign post along the way, a possible helper or hinderer.

When the time is right, the Guru will appear, you need not seek him/her out. It’s a natural process like the process a seed goes through. The seed becomes the plant which eventually bears its fruit, which sustains you and nourishes you. Your part is to live your life as best you know how, and as life unfolds for you, by following your inner guidance and promptings, (which life itself is offering you,) you will come into the presence of your true Guru. You will know him to be within you as well as without you, the most beautiful being which is the light of you uncovered when the darkness fades away.

In the presence of Source Light, darkness is naturally dispelled.

Those who profess to be Gurus but aren’t true Gurus depend on and use your state of residing within darkness (ignorance,) so they may manipulate you for their own personal purposes and gain. In other words, they take advantage of your ignorance. It isn’t their intention to aid you into the light (knowingness,) because if they actually could bring you to the light, you’d realize they were using you which would be self defeating for these supposed Gurus.

The sign posts along the way are guides which can be used to aid you upon your life journey. Most guides/teachers are beneficial sign posts and are upon your path to aid you. That means it is good to acknowledge them for what they are, and not to imbue them with that which they are not.

You may know them by the fruit they bear, that is to say, if they are serving the light, their fruit will be sweet and nourishing for you, if they are not serving the light, and their fruit will be bitter and poison you.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

“What Makes Love Work?”

By Jerome Dechant
June 16, 2012

A question was posed on the radio program “Cutting Edge Consciousness” in which Freeman Michaels and Barnet Bain provided their answer to the question was, “What makes love work?”

What follows is my answer to the question from a another perspective.

The question presupposes that love is a thing which works. In fact, love is not a “thing” at all. In other words, you can’t go to a store and buy love, although you may be able to go to a store and buy something named “love” but you can be sure, it isn’t in fact Love itself.

My understanding of love is based upon vibratory states of energy and my relationship to those vibratory states of energy. Consider vibratory states of energy express via a range of vibrations, a scale of vibratory frequencies. Somewhere in that scale of vibratory frequency is a frequency which may be identified as love. Considering love is an emotion, (emotion = energy in motion,) one could surmise there is an emotional scale. The emotional scale and vibratory scale are actually the same scale using different terms to express them.

Actually, everything is energy in motion therefore; it doesn’t make sense to attribute an emotion or emotions to a specific scale.

In order to make a measurement, you need to have a means to make a measurement, i.e. a fixed scale, and then you need something to be measured using that scale. In other words whatever you want to measure using that scale has to be measurable and relatable to the incriminations of that scale. The fixed scale is of course unchanging, static, always the same, otherwise it would not be useful to use as a scale.

If you know about energy and vibration, you may know that like vibrations attract like vibrations, or engender like vibrations. An example of this is a tuning fork which has been struck will radiate a vibration. If a guitar string is similarly tuned to the vibration the tuning fork, and the strength of the radiated vibration from the tuning fork is sufficient, the guitar string will begin to vibrate at the same frequency as the frequency radiated by the tuning fork.

Abraham, as brought forth by Esther Hicks speaks of an emotional scale which one can use to measure one’s progress towards or away from a desired result or goal. When measuring our vibration against the scale, we can tell whether we are moving towards or away from our desired goal by how we feel. The better we feel, (the more attuned we are to the source vibration of our being,) the more we draw similar vibrations into our life experiencing. If we are strongly struck like that tuning fork, we radiate a vibration which causes like vibrations to be engendered in our surroundings. The weaker vibratory states attune to the stronger vibratory states so there is harmony in vibratory states. Harmony in vibratory states is experienced emotionally as good feelings, while being out of harmony is experienced as bad feelings.

What this tells us is the closer we are to the vibratory state of our source vibration, the better we feel and the better our life experiencing is. Conversely, the more out of tune we are to our source vibration, the worse it feels and our life experience isn’t as good.

What is love then? We experience love when we come into proximity to people, places and things we are vibrationally similar to. It feels good because we are attuned to the vibrations being presented to us. If we are affected by a person, place or thing which engenders a feeling of love, you can be sure; their vibration is the vibration you are syncing up with, not the other way around. That’s why when you are in certain places, it feels really good to you, and why when you are with certain people, it feels really good to you. That’s okay to be subject to the influences of people, places and things around you, but you are not in control, your environment and the people around you cause your emotional states to vary. This can only happen if you are not well established as the source of your own vibrational beingness. The law of attraction states: like vibrations attract like vibrations, therefore in order to attract, you have to be the source of the stronger vibration which attracts or causes your environment to sync up with your vibration.

In order to reduce the influence of the prevailing vibrations in your surroundings, it behooves you to find the source of your own vibration within you, and thereby build up your own vibratory state which will radiate stronger than your surroundings. As you attune to your own source energy vibration, you become the strong radiant energy which others are attracted to, and begin to vibrate in synchronicity to. You cannot attract anything if you are not the source of the vibration which attracts.


Love is a vibratory state in which there is harmony between vibratory state emitters/receivers.

Love is an indicator of moving towards what you want and or are in harmony with vibrationally.

The better the feeling, the closer you are to your source energy vibration.

Whenever you are experiencing negative emotions, the negative emotions are indicators your focus in that moment is moving you out of harmony with your source vibration, or is an indicator your vibration is not as strong as that of the surroundings and therefore you are beginning to sync up with those vibrations which are not in alignment with your source energy vibrational being. This is an indication to change your focus and or to remove yourself from that environment so you can more easily reestablish your own attunement with your source vibrational state.

In every moment, you can use the emotional guidance system to aid guide you towards experiencing more love and harmony in your life.

So, there you have it, this is how love works.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Inspired Thoughts...

by Jerome Dechant
June 8, 2012

Any inkling of delight in your life experiencing is a manifestation of touching the divine. If you only get a glimpse of it now and then, or if you are swimming in the delight reveals to you, through your experiencing, your proximity to the divine and the amount of resistance that surrounds you keeping you from realizing the full extent of delight always present for your experiencing.

Like a moth drawn to a light, let that little spark of delight guide you through your experiencing, let it grow into an ember, then a flame which burns brightly, bringing more and more bliss into your life experiencing, shedding the layers of stuff which have up until now, kept you, to some degree, in misery.

Of course, you can continue in your misery to whatever degree you want, if that is your choice.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Expressions out of the Zero Point Field

By Jerome Dechant
June 5, 2012

NOTE:  My prior blog had to do with telling about the zero point field.  This one sort of builds off of that one, so if you haven't read the prior blog titled "Zero Point Field"  I recommend you read it first as it lays the foundation for a greater understanding and application of the information contained within this blog. 


Out of the zero point field, each moment is springing forth to be experienced as a life experiencing.  These points or moments of expression come forth from the zero point field where all expressions are in a potential state and are neutral or of equal value to each other.  So why then do the expressions which come forth actually come forth?  The reason is because the weight of what is expressing and the next moment that is likely to express are greatest in potential for expression.

What does that mean?  It means we are not neutral in our expectations of what the next moment will come forth as.  We have expectations that there is continuity from one moment to the next, which means we expect from moment to moment, for instance, to be sitting here in this chair reading this until such a time we decide to get up and do something else.  The moments which spring forth are billions for just the period of sitting here, reading this and which we experience sequentially as our physical life expression in being.

If one had no expectation for what would express in the next moment, what could manifest in the next moment could be virtually anything because we are totally neutral to what the next moment could express as.  We could, from moment to moment, experience any one of an infinite number of possibilities from moment to moment.  There would be no continuity from one moment to the next; it could be a bit of a jumble of expressions, sort of like the bubbles which pop out of the top of a glass of soda pop.  There is neither rhyme nor reason for which bubble will pop out next it is totally random.  That is what happens when there are no weighted preferences for what will pop out next.

EVERYTHING comes forth from the zero point field of potential.  I establish my identity by the weighting of the field of potentials towards a specific identity. I establish my physical state and all other aspects of my being in expression in the same way.  And once I’ve established a specific identity, and a specific body and expression in being, by so establishing those weighted potentials towards expression, I come forth and express accordingly.  The tendency to further express from moment to moment in this weighted potentials expression therefore unfolds with continuity of expression from moment to moment.  Also, once this weighted potential of expression is set into motion, it becomes less likely that my moment to moment experiencing will be random moment by moment expressions. 

The field of potentials still exists with undifferentiated potentials for every other expression, yet I only experience this identity, and not every identity, or another identity.  While it is possible to expand identity to include more than one identity within a body, this sort of expression is observed as schizophrenia which is typically considered an abnormal state.

I have a list of specific weighted potentials for the expression or manifestation of my physical body, my mental state, and my way of being.  Because I’ve either consciously chosen these weighted potentials, or because whatever they are were in harmony with other aspects of weighted potentials, sort of like a family of vibrations.  If you choose this vibration, other vibrations which are in the near vicinity, being very similar in vibration also cling to the weighted potential.  This is because of their similarity and proximity they are pulled along further establishing the weighted potential in a fuller expression.

In order to express differently from this moment to the next, the weightiness of our expressed potential, (which by the way is no longer a potential once it is expressed,) that which is in expression can be replace by something which is of equal potential in weightiness.  Sort of like, I could easily wear red socks today, as I could wear blue socks and so because whether they are red or blue is of equal weight, I could easily change from one color to the other and it would not make much difference to me.

In order to change a bodily state, such as being thin or heavy, typically is not a neutral state choice, that is to say, we have a tendency to maintain a certain body state because our potential to be thin in one moment and heavy in the next moment are not equal.

When whatever state of expression you are in is equal to another state of expression you’d like to be in, you can easily change these states of expression just like you’d easily be able to change your socks.  If you want to experience changes in your life, consider this equilibrium between the two choices which is necessary in order to enable the change.  As long as the current state and another state are not balanced in value from the potential perspective, you will be unable to experience the change.

If you want to avail yourself of being able to easily transition from one state to another, you must remain neutral to those possibilities, to those potential states in expression so that you can easily transition from one state to the next.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zero Point Field

By Jerome Dechant
June 2, 2012

The mind, or thoughts, cannot enter the zero point field because as thoughts they are identifiable variations or distortions to the field.  Actually, they can enter the field, but once they do, they become undistinguishable from all other thoughts within the field.  The zero point field actually contains everything and nothing at the same time, so that when a thought enters into the zero point field, it becomes equal to every other thought that exists, that is to say, it is not distinguishable as a thought; it melts into the undifferentiatedness which is a characteristic of the field.
An interesting thing is; you cannot maintain a thought in the zero point field, but thoughts spring forth from it all the time.

So if you are thinking about entering the zero point field and wondering how you can get there, you have to leave your intention to continue thinking at the threshold of the field; you also have to leave who and or what you think you are at the threshold as well, because upon entering, your identity no longer has a meaning or significance, you are not identifiable or differentiated from that which is the zero point field.
In the zero point field, you cannot make things happen, but you can let things happen.

As an example:  You can plant a seed in fertile soil and make sure the seed is properly watered.  Then you must wait for the seed to grow.  If the seed is a good seed, it will grow of its own volition.  So, what you CAN do is choose the seeds you desire, properly plant them into the proper environment and provide nutrition to facilitate the growth of the seed.  The rest is up to nature.  Once you plant the seed, you must let it go in order to allow it to unfold naturally.
If you plant an apple seed, you can expect to grow an apple tree.  If you plant an apple seed and expect an orange tree, you won’t get what you expect but rather what the actual seed holds within itself.  That is to say, an apple seed doesn’t contain the instructions to become an orange tree; it contains instructions to become an apple tree.

The reason I bring this up is because we often plant apple seeds and expect oranges, in other words what we are planting cannot provide us with what we want.  When you are angry and unsettled, but you want to be happy and at peace, you cannot plant seeds of anger and unsettledness and expect to reap happiness and peace.  Whatever you plant is what you will get.  If you don’t like what you are getting it is because you aren’t planting the seeds for what you like.  What you are getting is the best indicator of the seeds you have been planting.  If you have been consistently getting what you don’t like, it is because you are consistently planting the seeds which bring that forth.  It isn’t the gardens fault that you are getting what you don’t want, it is just doing what it does naturally, so blaming the garden won’t change your results.  What will change the results is changing the seeds that you are planting so that they are in fact what you want.  When you plant seeds of happiness and peace, you will naturally reap happiness and peace.
Where is the Zero Point Field?

The zero point field is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  It exists and doesn’t exist at the same time.  It is everything and nothing at the same time.

If it is everywhere, wherever you are, you are in it and it is in you.  It is nowhere because while it exists it is undifferentiated and therefore doesn’t exist in a relative sense.  To exist in a relative sense, it would have to contain differentiation which it doesn’t.  It exists and doesn’t exist because it transcends relativity, or is in a higher state of being than the relative state of being.
Another way to understand that last statement is by considering dimensions. From a one dimensional perspective, that is all you are able to perceive, the one dimension.  When you enter the second dimension, it contains everything which was perceived in the one dimension plus added possibility and perspective which wasn’t accessible in the one dimension.  To continue the expansion, when you enter the third dimension, all of what was contained within both the one and two dimensional perspective is accessible within the third dimension plus yet another perspective, which expresses as length, width and height.

It may be hypothesized that if there are 3 dimensions which progressively add data and perspective which contains that which is contained in lesser dimensions, then it stands to reason, that there are more dimensions which expand perspectives and contain additional data beyond the three dimensions we find ourselves currently identified with.  Therefore it may be understood that the zero point field is actually another dimension, which from our perspective, contains all perspectives and data contained in lesser dimensions.  Because it is undifferentiated and contains everything and nothing, it may be logical to assume it is the highest dimension we can postulate exists.
Out of the undifferentiated zero point field springs forth the differentiated expression in being.  In the zero point field, the potential for you to be happy is equal to the potential for you to be sad, and everything in between.  In the zero point field you ARE happy and sad, and everything in between.  You ARE rich and poor and everything in between.  You are good and bad and everything in between.  I could go on with this idea and apply it to all the opposites and everything between them, because the principle remains the same throughout the entire field.

Because there is no differentiation between any of the polarities and variations between them, how then is it that I appear to be me, and how is it that I am expressing or manifesting now as I am when I exist in all expressions from the zero point perspective?
Using the garden analogy previously stated, you are the natural growth of the seed which has sprung forth from the zero point field base upon its natural inclinations of expression.

What does the seed which was planted and grew out of the zero point field, which has resulted in this expression I call me, contain?  In other words, what am I growing into?  What is the seed that was planted?
You may know what the seed is by the fruit it bears.  In other words, you may know what you are by how you are expressing and growing.

That doesn’t answer my question clearly enough.
Does an apple tree know it is an apple tree and not an orange tree, or does it just know it is a tree?  As it is growing, contained within the seed are the instructions to grow into an apple tree and to eventually bear apple fruit.  Does the apple tree care that it is an apple tree?  It certainly doesn’t have a choice to be something which it is not.  In other words, an apple tree can’t turn into a bird, or dog, or butterfly, or ant, can it?

If the seed contains within its makeup the ability to transform into another expression in being, then, yes, it could choose to transform into another form.
So that is a contradiction from what was previously stated in that if you plant an apple seed, you cannot get a dog or cat, you can only get what the seed is.  The natural process unfolds according to the instructions contained within the seed.  In order for an apple seed to be able to be a dog or cat, those instructions would have to be contained within the seed.  And, if such instructions where contained within the seed, then it would not be a plain apple seed which would only grow into an apple tree.

You are a seed brought forth from the zero point field; therefore you contain within you the potential which is contained within the zero point field.  A seed springs forth from its source; therefore it is another expression of that which it came from.  An apple seed comes from an apple which grew from an apple tree. 
I am a zero point field because that is where I came from.  Herein resides the understanding expressed as: I and my Father are one.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Blade of Grass...

by Jerome Dechant
May 14, 2012

Beginner's Mind:

The beginner's mind is open to learning, realizing that we don't know everything yet, and we can always learn more, regardless of how much we think we already know. The beginner's mind is excited and energetic about the learning opportunities that present themselves to us to know and understand what we don't know and understand yet.

The beginner's mind is sort of like a blade of tall grass being blown in the wind; it is pliable, flexible and readily bends to the forces which are applied to it without being damaged. It also springs back to it's natural state once the force of the wind has passed.

The steadfast mind is like a stick which is not pliable and therefore when forces are applied to it, it does not bend, but rather breaks. It does not spring back to it's natural unbroken state once the force of the wind has passed which means It can not recover it's natural state of unbrokenness.

This is a lesson for those who are steadfast of mind, who are not willing to bend, to be flexible, who think they know everything and are 100% certain of that which they think they know is the absolute truth. With such rigidity, when pressure is applied to them, to get them to bend to the possibility they really don't know it all, pressure to realize they are not well founded in understanding the absolute truth, they will certainly break or at the very least sustain damage because of their resistance and their rigidity.

In other words, if we think we are 100% certain of anything, we are embodying the stick attitude. We are closed to the possibility that there is anything else to know and understand. This means when a greater understanding and truth is pressed upon us, we stand firm in our already established certainty, and adhere to what we have 100% certainty about, which causes us to break due to the natural forces higher truth exerts upon us.

When we aren't sure whether what we know is all there is to know, and/or is 100% true, we are embodying the blade of grass attitude. When a greater understanding presents itself to us, we bend to its force and easily consider its value to us and thereby grow in our understanding and knowledge. We live another day to bend to greater understandings and learn more. We thrive in the winds of time and change because of our flexibility, openess and acceptance.

The beginner's mind holds a sense of wonder and adventure to discover what's out there, to "Boldly go where no one has gone before..."

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Study notes/thoughts

I am re-reading "How to Know God, the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali," translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Chritopher Isherwood.

I find it to be helpful and illuminating when the content is not just read, but studied and contemplated.  Maybe you will too, if you should decide to get this book and see for yourself.  What follows are some of my thoughts regarding a short excerpt from the book.

by Jerome Dechant
April 7, 2012

Creation is described as an evolution outward, from undifferentiated consciousness (awareness) into differentiated consciousness (awareness,) from mind into matter.* (paraphrased quote from How to Know God, the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali, translated by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, pg. 40 paragraph 2)

Sat = Sanskrit for Existence (pronounces similar to got)

Chit = Sanskrit for Conscious awareness

Ananda = Sanskrit for Bliss

Existence without differentiation is the primal medium energy which underlies everything.  Existence is the foundation upon which everything else is built upon.

Consciousness/Awareness: To be aware, there has to be something to be aware of, there has to be duality, i.e. a perceiver and a perceived. In the first instance, the perceiver and the perceived are undifferentiated, that is to say no apparent duality but implied duality. Existence recognized itself as existing.

In this state of existence awareness, great joy/bliss sprang forth. This was the very first ah ha moment of elation. It was the first awakening, so to speak. That is to say, Existence always was and awareness always was too, but until that first moment, there was no linking of the aspects so as to recognize and/or realize beingness. Once there was that recognition/realization, the natural result was elation.

So, undifferentiated existence woke up and realized it exists. Being undifferentiated, it was the only existence, (it still is the only existence.) In that first instance, there was only “I”, there was no “not I” In other words, there was no limit to existence and awareness, therefore there could be no “otherness” except that if the awareness introduced something which gave the appearance of otherness. So IT created difference, it created the idea of me, and not me. This was first awareness, a thought which had to be built upon and therefore established as an experiential expression. At first, it was just energy without form, but as more definition and differentiation occurred, it gradually solidified into form and or substance. The existence which brought forth the form and substance remains as the source, yet within the form and substance of itself, it seeded its own awareness of existence in being. In other words before physical beings appeared, more subtle energy formless beings existed as a stage of evolution from insubstantial to substantial expressions of being in expression. As the evolution progressed, and the substance became more solid, so to did the recognition of oneness diminish and the identity with the form grew because of that transition from undifferentiated to differentiated expression in existence.

Now, we are here, expressing in physical form, most of us are solely identified with out body, our individuality. Very few recognize the undifferentiatedness from which we sprang, which is in fact still true, which is still expressing as Existence Awareness and Bliss.

The process humans are using is an attempt to reverse the process of creative evolution in one respect, that is, to maintain individuality in form, substance and awareness, yet also reawaken the awareness from whence we came.

So the creative evolution is from undifferentiated formless being to differentiate formed being to differentiated formed beings with awareness of undifferentiatedness and formlessness added back into the mix.

Creative Evolution is a natural process just like gravity and water flowing down hill is a natural process. You don’t have to “make” the water flow downhill, it happens naturally. The same is true with our evolutionary process. It happens naturally unless we introduce obstacles to it unfolding naturally.

How long does it take? It takes as long as it takes. There may be a “standard” duration for this evolutionary process, but that standard is likely based upon a process where no obstacles are introduced to impede the progress.

In summary, all you have to do it enjoy the ride. The ride will be over when it is over, and not a moment before then, or not a moment after then either. The question might be whether you will stick around and enjoy the whole ride or not. Whether you do or not will not hamper the evolutionary process because whether you do or not, you are still rooted in the underlying existence and awareness and bliss. (The “you” is only the external form or appearance which does not diminish the ONE you at all.)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where is the Value?

Where is the Value?

By Jerome Dechant
April 12, 2012

These days, there are many people who label themselves as a “Life Coach,” and there is always a price tag attached to their coaching services. Most of them have the approach: do what I say, not what I do. They are often only parroting what someone else has told them, not what they’ve actually done and found to be effective or not through their own experiencing. I think it is interesting that this has become such a big business. I am certain some of the people who advertise themselves as Life Coaches don’t really have much to offer except to provide you with the opportunity to empty your pockets of your money.

In the sports world where the coach idea originated from, most often the coach for the team is someone who has spent years of his life playing the game. Some coaches become coaches because they were never quite good enough physically to compete in the sport, but they had enough practical knowledge and experience that they easily move into a coaching position. So you don’t really have to be the best athlete to be the best coach. You have to be enough of a leader and knowledgeable enough to inspire the team members to do what you tell them to. And, to the extent that what you tell them to do along with their innate abilities as athletes, as well as their ability to work together as a team, enables them to compete and win. I think it is more important how you play the game than actually winning. If you play the game, giving it your all, doing your best, you are a winner regardless of what the scoreboard says at the end of the game. I think this is true about how we live our lives as well. It is the living of life, giving it our all, and doing the best we know how to do, that makes us a winner whether we end up a billionaire or not. Ending up as a billionaire, if that’s your goal, is then just the icing on the cake, which makes it all that much more sweeter.

So, in the area of life coaching, the best ones are the ones who really know the game of life, how it is played, and what you need to do to be the best at playing this game most effectively, and they know this from their own personal experience, not just from someone else telling them or from having graduated a course at a school or university. In other words, they have been there, done that.

Personally, the best teachers are those who embody that which they teach. Actually, they don’t really “teach” anything. How they live their life is the teaching. So observing and then emulating them, we begin to embody the life experiencing which is a true learning experience in expression. It isn’t very intellectual, it is mostly experiential. Life and being are experiential. It is through experiencing life and being that we each learn most profoundly the lessons life holds for us, that is, if we approach life as a sort of school. If we approach life in this way, we graduate through our own efforts, by effectively embodying the lessons life presents to us. The magnificent thing about this life experiential school is, no one promotes us to the next class or level, but rather as we mature through our learning experiences, we naturally progress through the classes or levels.

Not everyone is here to learn lessons though. Some of us are here just for the joy of being and expressing life fully. I think possibly the ability to just be here now, and express my life in peace, love, joy and abundance is possibly what those struggling through the school of life, are really after. So, maybe if I am experiencing joy in this moment, this is the culmination of my attentiveness to being joyous here now. And this joyousness is self fueling and perpetuating to the extent that I remain present in this moment and immerse myself fully in this experiencing.

There is no price tag on experiencing your own innate joy. It wells up from within you by your own volition. If someone guides you to this experiencing, and you are grateful and appreciative of their guidance, you may wish to make an offering of gratitude to them for helping you to find this experiencing within yourself. And such an offering of gratitude happens after you’ve experienced firsthand the value of their guidance and thereby know the true value of what it is they have offered to you.

And such a teacher doesn’t provide you with the guidance for his own personal gain, but rather for you to experience the value of the guidance through your own experiencing. The teacher’s greatest reward is when the student fully embodies the life experiencing the guidance leads to. This is why I don’t say you need to pay me for the guidance I offer, because it isn’t worth anything until you embody it, and thereby realize the value of it. And when you embody the guidance, you truly know the value of it which often naturally results in gifts of appreciation and gratitude.

This sort of thing isn’t something someone should make you pay money for. It is an innate ability, within each of us, experienced through our own intention and attention to this moment, how we are feeling and what we are doing to engender this joyous life experiencing right now.

So reading this doesn’t really do it, does it? I’d have to say no if all you do is read this. There is no value realized by just reading this. The value is experienced through taking hold of the guidance and embodying it. This reading possibly points the reader in the right direction so that by his or her own volition, attention, focus and presence, he/she can unfold the joy in life in this moment to the extent that he/she has the capacity to do so. The capacity to do so is not static in that as one becomes more attuned to presence in being and attentive to moving more deeply into a joyous life experiencing, their capacity to experience this joy more deeply and more fully, naturally unfolds.

The value is in the embodiment and life experiencing in being; thereby you know how great the value is and have a real sense of appreciation and gratitude.