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Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Poem: TIME

By Jerome Dechant
Jan. 20, 1997

The tick-tock, tick-tock of the clock,
Has turned to a silence or maybe a slight hum.
I kind of miss that tick-tock clock as my Grandma use to rock,
Me in her lap with a sweet melody she’d hum.

The time keeps going, going, going,
On its long and endless journey,
To who knows what it will be showing,
As we move along into what will be.

Time is such a constant thing,
It gives me a chance to rest,
Then makes my clock ring,
Which disturbs my slumber nest,
Of comfort, warmth and calm,
I should bound out from this peace,
But find it hard to get release,
From the night’s balm.

One more moment of rest will be just fine,
I know I’ll feel better in just a minute,
Pulling the covers close to this face of mine,
Savoring the feeling of comfort in it.

Time oh time, you keep me going,
And bring me life’s joys and pains,
On this journey of life unfolding,
Where the loves outnumber the pains,
When I count the days gone by so fast,
I wonder how long this time will last.

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