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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another comment in reply to Bill Harris' blog...

Bill Harris of Centerpointe Institute posted part 2 of his blog entitled "Going to Hell in a Handbasket, Part 2" You may view his blog by useing this link below:

Click Here to go to Bill's Blog

What follows is the commentary I posted regarding the blog.

I guess this movie doesn’t have a happy ending, at least not as you’ve presented it. I remember you talking some years ago about in order for a new order to be established, there has to be a breaking point where you sort of pop out on the other side with a greater understanding and ability to cope with what you were not able to cope with before. And, I gather from what you’ve written thus far, we are approaching that breaking point as a world society. I also remember you saying something about it not doing any good to try to maintain the status quo, but rather to be the observer, like a scientist objectively observing what is happening without getting emotionally attached to outcomes. I take it, this is where your multi part blog is leading, as giving all the dark and grim “facts” will only serve us if we learn a way to face them and successfully deal with them.

I don’t think anyone ever said it would be easy to be a human being. But the people who are manifest right now, all have come forth to be here during this approaching shift. While it might get terrible, on the balance, there is an equal wonderfulness as well, and how we deal with it all has a great deal to do with where we put our attention. Fighting against anything does not serve you or me or anyone, but focusing on the life experiences we appreciate and enjoy does serve us well. The contrast is present so that our choices are more pronounced and clear. When there was little difference between that which we wanted and that which we didn’t want, it was hard to decide which path to take, but as the differences become more pronounced, it choices become more clear as well.

Everything presented has been presented from the perspective of seperateness, ego, duality. All of that exists within the ONE where these waves and trends rise and fall endlessly. People can and will continue to harm each other until they awaken to the fact of our oneness in being. When we awaken to this, all the hurting and divisiveness will subside. This is my prediction.

The external manifestation is a reflection of the inner state in being. If you would bring peace to your life experiencing, find the peace you want within you first, and radiate it to the world. If you want abundance in your life experience, find it within you first, and then it will naturally manifest in the external world.

It doesn’t matter what someone else does, it does matter what I do, what you do. In other words, let others take care of their own life experiencing, and allow them the freedom to experience their life in the way they choose.

My advice to anyone who cares to consider it, is to be fully present in the moment, and to find joy in it. (Joy resides within you as fountain eternally flowing. While the world falls apart around you, you can still find the joyous stream within you because it is your source and your being. I dentify with IT, and thereby follow your bliss. Whatever your choices and however your life unfolds for you, the truth of your being is always here, now within you.

Peace, be well.