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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Messiah has arrived!

What I find to be interesting is that people want someone else to do for them what they can do for themselves. I mean, no one but you has the power to do anything for you except when you give your own power away to someone else.

I want you to heal me. What is implied in that statement? It implies that you can heal me, and I can’t heal myself. That empowers you and disempowers me.

The greatest miracle you can perform is the one where you cast away your powerlessness, and accept your own true power.

The second greatest miracle you can do is realize each and every individual holds their own power, therefore honoring that fact, and allowing them to realize and express their own power is not only humility, but gratifying for each of you.

Surely, we can help each other by providing guidance when it asked for. That is much better than doing it for them, even if you can do it for them. If you do not allow others the opportunity to develop their own self confidence and therefore power and abilities, you do not serve them well, nor do you serve yourself.

If we need a messiah, we will find him/her dwelling within our own heart, at the center of our own being.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Deeper Understanding

A Deeper understanding

The Ultimate Relationship and why it is most important.

In the prior post, I mentioned that the most important relationship we have is our relationship with our True Self/Source Being. I would like to expound upon that idea a bit more to clarify why this relationship is the most important relationship and therefore why you will want to develop this relationship to its fullest potential.

(Note: You might want to read this very slowly so that you absorb the understanding expressed in each sentence. I’m going to use a building block approach to presenting this information. That is to say, the initial information is the foundation for the next information which is the foundation for the additional information, and so on.)

Understand that everything is energy. This energy is all encompassing and it is indestructible. “All encompassing” means there is no place that energy is not, there is no edge or end to it and therefore there is no second energy. (If there were a second energy then neither energy could be all encompassing.) Being indestructible means energy always was, and will always be.

This one energy is therefore the source and substance of all that is. If it has being, its being is within this one field of energy. You may understand the One energy is the Supreme Being.

Since I am writing this, and you are reading this, we can logically deduce that we exist within this one supreme energy being. As a conscious being, within this one Supreme Being, (there are of course many conscious beings within this one Supreme Being,) we can also logically deduce that the Supreme Being is supremely conscious. This Supreme energy being is aware, that is to say it is consciousness which of course is conscious.

When you consider an infinite being, without limits or edges exists as a conscious being, where would be the most likely point of origin for this consciousness within the limitless being? Where would the point of awareness reside? Being an infinite energy being, without limits, the point of awareness is ubiquitous. That is to say, awareness is all encompassing. This awareness is of course an attribute of the Supreme Being which can be understood as Supreme Awareness/Consciousness.

A characteristic of energy is it vibrates. Because energy is vibrating and therefore changing, it is in perpetual motion, perpetual change. That is to say, its nature is motion, fluctuation, change.

Fluctuating energy means the vibration varies, that is to say, there is an infinite range of vibration and therefore expression of energy within the limitless being. (From a human being perspective, we might understand this range of vibration better in terms of ranges, or scales or gradients of lightness to darkness, as colors from white through all the colors to black, as size from big to small and as attitude from good to bad, and so forth.) The vibrational variations also can be perceived as people, places and things.

Each of us is an expression of energy within the limitless being. Each of us is also aware of our own being. (I am ___ (fill in the blank).) Where then might we find the source of our energy expression? At the center of our being. If there is no edge to a limitless being, the only point of origin or source must therefore be at the center of each expression of energy within the limitless being, the point of perception. Therefore, my link to the infinite being, my awareness as conscious energy in expression, is through my attunement in awareness with the source of my energy and being.

As a physically manifest human being, it seems I am different than the source energy. In other words, I don’t know myself as the Source energy being. I don’t identify myself with that and therefore I don’t experience my source energy beingness. That is why I have a separate identity. In quantum physics terms, this individual identity may be defined as a particle of energy within the vastness of energy which becomes a particle by being observed. Who or what is observing? The Supreme Being is, and this observing may be understood as the creative process or the formation of undifferentiated energy vibrations into differentiated energy vibrations. Therefore, the way a particle exists is through Supreme Consciousness being aware of itself as a particle within the vastness of its energy beingness.

Awareness differentiates the wave of undifferentiated energy and thereby manifests the particle by identifying it as such.

Another aspect of energy is its power. The Supreme Being is all powerful in that it is everything, everywhere. This is an important concept to remember.

Why is this important? Let me use an analogy to express the value of this power.

Let us consider, for purposes of this analogy that the Earth’s sun is the source of our energy, which by the way, it is. If we were to move away from the sun, we would eventually move out of its sphere of radiance and therefore no longer realize the energy it provides us with. That is to say, the energy of the sun sustains us, gives us life and supports our being. As we’d move away we’d become weaker and weaker the further away from the sun we would move. Conversely, the closer to the sun we went, the more energy we’d experience, the more powerful we’d become until eventually, as we approached the sun, we would be consumed by the sun, we would re-unite with the source energy and realize our oneness.

That depicts a sort of scale from annihilation from being disconnected from the source energy, to total inclusion within the source energy as the source energy in oneness.

Another way to consider this same scale as a human being is from disempowerment to total empowerment. And how being in proximity to this power feels, it feels enlivening, supportive, creative, powerful. So as we move away from the source energy, we of course experience the opposite which is deadening, dying, destructive and powerless. From an emotional perspective, being at one with our source energy is overwhelming blissful, the supreme experience in being. The other end of the scale is total despair, sadness, and overwhelming grief.

If you understand then your proximity to your source energy being, i.e. your alignment with your True Self/Source Being, and you understand that by being closer to your True Self in expression feels a lot better than moving away from your True Self in expression. And, as you move towards expressing your True Self, you are more fully empowered, you feel more enthusiastic and creative. That being true, you are enabled to bring forth manifestations with ease, and the ease at which things manifest within your life experience has everything to do with your alignment and proximity to the energy expression, the vibrational countenance of your True Self. It is the Source energy which brings forth the manifestation through our asking and alignment and allowing it to be so.

When we deny this connection, and think and believe we are doing it all, that we, as separate individuals are creating our life experiences, we are mistaken. The mistake is in the reflection thinking it is the source of the reflection and thereby going astray.


I know this as all been what some might call “deep” but if you comprehend the real value of your attunement with your Source Being, your True Self, and you strive to move closer in vibration and expression to being at one with the source energy, you will know firsthand the value of this most important of all relationships.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Keep it Simple...

Keep it simple
(so everyone can do it easily)

Every decision point is a type of cross-road where we can either choose to travel the path of feeling better, or travel the path of feeling worse. How we feel is a “here now” experiencing. Therefore, how I feel now can vary from here now moment to here now moment.

How we feel right now, is the compass indication relative to my True Self/Source Being.

A magnetic compass always points to magnetic North. Because of this consistency, we can easily navigate our way upon this earth with the aid of a compass.

Human beings have an internal navigational system, not related to locations, but rather indicating our current location vibrationally relative to our True Self/Source Being. Our internal navigation system, like the magnetic compass which always points north, always points towards our True Self/Source Being.

In order to effectively use a magnetic compass, we need to know more than that, the compass always points north. We need to know what the compass dial is indicating to us. We need to know how to interpret what the compass dial is showing us. In other words we need to know how to read the compass.

So too, in order to effectively use our internal compass, we need to know more than that the compass always points towards our True Self/Source Being. We need to know who to read or interpret what our internal compass is indicating to us.

How our internal compass works.

1. It functions in the Here Now. Whether we are cognizant of it or not, it is constantly and consistently indicating our proximity to our True Self/Source Being.
2. Feelings, which are expressed upon a scale ranging from Blissful to Despair, are the indications which inform us of our proximity to our True Self/Source Being.
3. When we feel better in this moment than we did the moment prior, we are moving towards our True Self/Source Being even if we only feel a tiny bit better.
4. When we feel worse in this moment than we did the moment prior, we are moving away from our True Self/Source Being even if we only feel a tiny bit worse.
5. As you stand still, so to speak, in whatever feeling you are experiencing in the moment, you don’t feel any better, or any worse. Most of the time we have a sort of set point where we “stand” in relation to our True Self/Source Being. In other words, one might say, “This is the way I always feel.”
6. Wherever you happen to be, in this moment, on the emotional scale, you can stay right here on this emotional tone, or you can move towards feeling better, or you can move towards feeling worse. Basically, these are the only expressions in being we have: Feeling better, Feeling worse, or Feeling the same.
7. As we spend more here now moments in a range of expression emotionally, that feeling or vibration accumulates so that we will tend to remain within that feeling state, or vibrational state until we either choose to feel better, or choose to feel worse.
8. Sometimes, we don’t choose one or the other, we allow our environment dictate whether we are feeling better now or worse now. When how we feel is dictated by external stimuli we are not in control, the environment is in control. This is why most people who don’t make conscious choices about how they want to feel experience a roller coaster ride of emotions, sometimes elated, sometimes depressed.
9. Knowing we have emotions for a reason is key to being able to effectively use them.
10. Knowing what these emotions are indicating to use enables us to make conscious choices.
11. Making conscious choices about how we feel from moment to moment empowers us to guide our course through our life experiencing in a way that is pleasing to us.
12. It doesn’t matter how someone else uses or does not use their internal compass. It does matter how you use yours. As each person learns to use his or her internal compass, the course each person travels is his or her own choice. If we pay close attention to how we feel, and we realize we can always feel better, we can reach for the next better feeling so that in this next moment we feel better than we did before. As we move towards feeling better, we are moving towards more fully expressing our True Self/Source Being.
13. The only relationship of value to pursue is this relationship between me and my True Self/Source Being. When this relationship is fully realized, all other worldly relationships reflect this pure, harmonious, supreme relationship in our physical life experiencing.
14. When we are so closely attuned to our True Self/Source Being, our here now moment to moment expression is divine bliss. In other words we fully identify with our True Self/Source Being expression as our only and True identity. When this occurs, the True Self is our total expression in being, thus we bring the divine into form and expression here now on earth as physical manifestations of magnificence.