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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Messiah has arrived!

What I find to be interesting is that people want someone else to do for them what they can do for themselves. I mean, no one but you has the power to do anything for you except when you give your own power away to someone else.

I want you to heal me. What is implied in that statement? It implies that you can heal me, and I can’t heal myself. That empowers you and disempowers me.

The greatest miracle you can perform is the one where you cast away your powerlessness, and accept your own true power.

The second greatest miracle you can do is realize each and every individual holds their own power, therefore honoring that fact, and allowing them to realize and express their own power is not only humility, but gratifying for each of you.

Surely, we can help each other by providing guidance when it asked for. That is much better than doing it for them, even if you can do it for them. If you do not allow others the opportunity to develop their own self confidence and therefore power and abilities, you do not serve them well, nor do you serve yourself.

If we need a messiah, we will find him/her dwelling within our own heart, at the center of our own being.

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