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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Quick Lesson

Quick lesson on feeling better.

How I feel right now is the most important thing because how I feel right now is what creates my life experiencing. I get to choose how I want to feel, so if I don’t feel better right now, I can choose to do something which lifts my spirit, or I can listen to music which lifts my spirit, or I can think thoughts that lift my spirits. It doesn’t matter what got me into a funk, it does matter that I get myself out of it right here, right now by choosing to feel better.

I might have used people, places and things as my excuse for justifying feeling worse, but not anymore. I control how I feel! The people, places and things in my life don’t dictate how I feel. They might have in the past, but now, I take back the control I gave to them, now I choose how I want to feel based upon my own determinations.

I know how I feel right now is the seed I am planting for future experiencing, so I get to choose what I am planting.

If I find myself planting seeds for experiences I don’t want, I will, in that moment, choose a different seed, that will grow the life experiences I want.

It doesn’t matter how the life experiences appear as much as how I feel right now. It doesn’t matter as much how people treat me, as how I choose to feel right now.

I am giving myself a break, and being loving and caring to myself, especially when I fall back into my old patterns of planting seeds for life experiences I don’t want. When I catch myself falling back, I will cheer my awareness, and celebrate that I caught myself doing that, and I will then redirect my attitude towards one of feeling better.

Gradually, the attention I am paying to feeling better will reap it’s rewards in life experiencing which feels better. And, the more I pay attention to feeling better, the more I will continue to feel even better. This practice is accumulative, the longer I do it, the more habitual it will become, and the easier it will be for me to always choose to feel better right here, right now.

At first it might be really hard to do this, I know this is part of my learning curve, I know I will get past this part to where eventually, as I persist, the practice of feeling better will become so natural and easy, I won’t even have to think about it, I will just do this all the time.

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