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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Starting Point

How you are being, at the beginning or the starting point, determines what springs forth from that beginning or starting point. Our beginning attitude sets the tone for what follows.

If your starting point is one of being happy and energetic, what comes forth after that will be colored or tempered by that happy and energetic expression, so that if you undertake some activity, you will pursue it being happy and energetic.

If your starting point is one of being resentful, angry and frustrated, what comes forth after that will be colored or tempered by that resentment, anger and frustration, so that if you undertake some activity, you will pursue it carrying the resentment, anger and frustration as the predominate expression in being during your activity, so that not only will the experience of doing be unpleasant, but the results of the activity will also be unpleasant.

When you understand this, you will realize the value of setting up or establishing your starting point attitude before you start; consciously choosing what sort of expression you want to carry forth into your activity and thereby effecting the enjoyment of the activity and the results you get from doing the activity.

The starting point is easy to find. It is always right here, right now. In this moment, I have the power and ability to decide what I want my starting point attitude in being to be. In this moment, I know what my current attitude is, and I know whether it is conducive to what I am undertaking right now. I also know whether this attitude carried forward will reap the results I desire.

An example of a recognizable starting point scenario:

Prior to the starting gun being shot for a 50 yard dash, each runner has the opportunity to ready him or herself for the race. Each one does whatever he or she has been trained to do, to get into the winning attitude; feeling loose, energetic, ready to go, ready to charge off the starting line like a bolt of lightning. Each person positions him or herself at the starting block in anticipation of the sound of the gun, expecting to charge forward with focus and determination towards the finish line, and possibly holding the image of him or herself crossing the finish line first.

Some people have a routine they go through before they start a sports type activity, a sort of ritual that gets them revved up and ready to go, that gets them into the “zone” or “grove”. We might be able to learn from this sort of practice of establishing a routine for our own starting points; the obvious starting points like for instance waking up in the morning starting our day, starting our time at work, starting our time of leisure, starting our time of study, etc.. The point is to establish a conducive attitude or expression in being that is in alignment with what we intend to create/do which will enhance the outcome experience that follows.

The beginning determines the end. If you begin by being prepared and readied, your end will surely be more favorable than beginning ill prepared and not ready.

To start experiencing a fulfilling life experience, we need to start somewhere, so we might as well start right here, right now by adopting an attitude and expression in being which is conducive to experiencing a fulfilling life. There is no one perfect way for me to define for you to have the fulfilling life experiencing you desire, that is because we are each unique individuals and because of our uniqueness, what a fulfilling life experience is, is by our own choice and design. But whatever the choices and designs are, it is certain that being ready and prepared at the beginning, enhances our success chances.

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