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Monday, April 26, 2010

A reply to Bob Doyle's blog post...

Bob Doyle sent an email to his distribution list no which I am included; he posed a question within that email which I give my two cents worth on below.

“Wouldn’t it be great if the world was totally healed, prosperity was everywhere, and everyone was living a life of joy and abundance?”

How the world is manifesting to each and every one of us is exactly the perfect manifestation based upon our own vibrational make up. The world is your very own indicator of the vibrational countenance you hold, so if it isn’t reflecting back to you what you want to experience, it is because it is complying with your vibrations, not your desires.

Your question indicates you don’t perceive the world as totally healed, prosperity were everywhere, and everyone is living a life of joy and abundance. Why is that? Because that is the vibrational countenance, you embody, radiate and therefore is reflected back to you as being so.

In order to realize that the world IS totally healed, prosperity IS everywhere, and everyone IS living a life of joy and abundance, your vibrational countenance must be aligned with that reality. This is the only way.

It doesn’t matter, from your perspective, what my vibrational countenance is so much as it matters more what yours is. I attract according to my vibrational countenance, and each and every one of us also does the same. So, while it might appear that everyone else has to change in order for peace, love and harmony to reign within our world, the actual fact is, each person must choose that vibrational pattern and radiate it so that what is reflected back to each person IS universally recognized as a world totally healed, prosperity everywhere, and everyone living a life of joy and abundance.

That is a big order. Are you going to wait until the billions of conscious beings in manifestation align to that, so you can also align to that, or are you going to align to that right now, and let everyone else choose the time and place with their own alignment when it is right for them?

In order to realize totally healed, prosperity everywhere, and everyone living a life of joy and abundance, we need the contrast to those vibrational expressions, otherwise we wouldn’t know what we don’t want which points us more strongly towards what we do want. So, when we experience what we don’t want, when it comes to our attention what we don’t want, that is the universe offering us a choice in that moment, a choice to flip the coin over and see the other side. Each negative experience is an invitation to choose more of that, or more of its opposite.

We must be consciously present in each moment in order to bring forth the life experiences we consciously choose. We must assume, each and every one of us, responsibility for our own manifestation, not someone else’s. We each create our own reality. It isn’t my responsibility to create yours for you, (I couldn’t do that anyway, only you can,) and vice versa, you can’t create mine for me either.

I can point others in the direction they desire to go, but I can’t make the journey for them. The only way anyone can precede towards what their heart’s desire is, is to pay attention to the inner guidance their heart provides for them. Basically, if it feels better, we are moving in the right direction, if it doesn’t, we aren’t which means we need to make a course correction. Course correction to align vibrationally with the vibrational expression, (which already exists,) of the fulfilled desire in expression.

Appreciation, happiness, joy, lightheartedness are indicators of moving towards your desires. Here now is where all of that occurs. Be Here Now, experience the joy of your fulfilling life. (By the way, there is no end, only the beginnings of new chapters to eternally unfold.)

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