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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The value of attuning to your own Inner Presence.

The value of attuning to your own Inner Presence.

By Jerome Dechant
May 31, 2011

There are so many “life coaches” promoting their products services and practices these days that one might think these people have all the answers; if only we will do what they tell us to do, we will find what we are looking for in our own life experiencing. Now, having written that, I want to clarify that it is okay to find someone to point you in the right direction, and give you guidance to get you started. Eventually though, in order to advance and proceed, no one “out there” is really equipped and or able to provide you with absolutely everything you need to proceed successfully upon your journey in life towards whatever desire or goal you inherently hold within yourself.

Why is that you might ask? The answer is because no one knows you better than you know yourself. Since you reside within your own consciousness, body and spirit, you are the only one who is perfectly suited to know what you need or want.

While it is right and good to seek guidance from trusted sources outside of you, it is more important to find the guidance which is perfectly suited to you and your immediate circumstance, situation and attitude. You’ve probably heard the saying, “know thyself.” It would seem many people are trying to know themselves by seeking revelations from outside themselves, for why else would one look to a “life coach” or some such person, to find what can only be found by going within, being present in this moment, and having a first person experience in “knowing thy self.”

The title of this writing is, “The value of attuning to your own Inner Presence.” Which might also be stated in those few words I quoted above, “know thy self.”

Assuming we don’t really know ourselves, how do we go about awakening to this awareness about ourselves?

The first suggestion I can give is to be vigilant and present in each moment we are alive. In this way, we become more cognizant of our thoughts, words and deeds. We feel our own emotions as they surge into our field of awareness in experiencing. The best way I’ve found to learn most about myself, (and others for that matter,) is to adopt the witness perspective. We’ve all experienced the witness perspective, especially if we’ve watched a movie or play or some such thing. The thing about watching a movie, for instance, is that we are witnessing the story as something outside of ourselves. Being the witness to our own life expression might find us witnessing ourselves as we experience sitting in the movie theatre watching the movie. From this witness perspective, we are aware of the feelings that well up within us as different activity is projected upon the movie screen. Not only that, but we are witness to the thoughts which simultaneously flow through our conscious awareness, the physical sensations which are occurring and so on. In just one short minute of witnessing, we can learn a lot about ourselves. Imagine how much we could learn about ourselves if we continued to hold this witness perspective as we carry on with our life experiencing.

One thing you might discover is that you can witness what is going on while still being fully engaged with what is going on. This means, we don’t have to just stop life experiencing to adopt the witness awareness, but rather, realize this witness awareness is always present sort of like a life recorder taking it all in as each moment of our life unfolds.

We might eventually realize that the guidance which comes to us from “out there,” is really just another avenue through which we can learn more about ourselves. And in this learning, unfolding experiencing, the light may dawn upon us that there really isn’t an “out there.”

Once this realization wells up from within us, the “Inner Presence” may be experienced as just plain “Presence.”

When we first started this journey, we might have thought of ourselves as just this body. When someone asked you who you are, you naturally answered with the name given to you, this body when you came into physical expression. That perspective was/is very limited. As we begin to awaken to knowing more about ourselves, we tend to adopt a broader perspective because we begin to understand our presence isn’t just this body, the body is, or seems to be a vehicle in which we express life as a human being in a time/space reality.

We might come to understand that, as a human being expressing life here, now, we are comparable to one cell in the countless number of cells which make up the infinite being of which this expression is one perspective in expression of. We might come to find the witness which resides within us, is the very same witness which resides within each and every “cell” of the infinite being.

This revelation extends the scope of our presence in awareness far beyond the boundaries of this body, city, state, country, continent, planet and solar system. Certainly, everything which IS exists and is, extends on into infinity.

The thought of infinity may bring forth ideas having to do with size and or numbers which have no limitation in size or quantity. And, this says something about expression in being. There is no “end state.” There is no, “once I get there, I’ll be fulfilled” state. The reason for that is because being and infinite being, we are expressing and being infinitely.

Does this awaken something within you? In this moment is the expression of your being, and in this moment are no more or less than what you truly are. You can never be more than you are. You can never be less than you are. And so, this limitless being expressing right here, right now is every-thing and no-thing simultaneously. Being is the only one, and the multitude of beings simultaneously. The multitude expresses within the one, and the one expresses through the multitude.

I’d like to point out something else, this infinite being includes all expressions in being in all planes of expression and existence, on all planetary bodies in the limitless expanse of this time space reality.

In other words IT is all inclusive.

Therefore, in order to really know thy self, we are obliged to eventually awaken to this all inclusive expression and delight in it as our own being.

So, how we treat each other is how we treat our self. How we attend to our body is how we honor our self and promote our expression in this form of being. How we attend to the care of the place where we work, live and play is our promotion and advancement of the fullness of our local expression in being. And, you can take this step by step out into the far reaches, into different planes of expression, into distant galaxies out into the limitless expression in being.

In short, Love thy self, be kind to thy self and express they Self now in presence, in being, in joyful playfulness.

This is the value of attuning to your own Inner Presence.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


by Jerome Dechant

A formula which represents equilibrium might be something like this: 10 = 10, or 2+3 = 4+1.
In an equation, both sides of the equal sign are of the same value regardless of how they are represented.

Another way of saying this is that the values are balanced.

When an equation is not at equilibrium, one side of the equal sign is different from the other value, for example 4 = 5. In that equation, if the values were weigh related, the 5 side of the equation would be heavier than the 4 side of the equation, therefore the balance point would cause movement towards 5 and away from 4 since there is a tendency for values to balance out, or find an equilibrium state.

I’ve presented this mathematical example to present to you the idea of balance and unbalance, or being in an equilibrium state and being out of an equilibrium state of being/expressing.

To overlay the equilibrium concept onto our life expressing and being, i.e., being balanced or out of balance, might be understood in this way;

When you have a tendency to act in a certain way, this means your actions are weighted towards certain actions/behaviors. What that is to say also is that if you persistently have a tendency to act in a certain way, you are not in an equilibrium state or a balanced state where that action or behavior is concerned. Like in the example above of 4 = 5, your tendency to act in a certain way would be the same as the 5 in the equation. What this also means is in the field of possibilities, the results relative to that action are weighted or favored towards one action over the other.

As an example, a person who always jumps to conclusions and gets angry is an example of a behavior being out of balance, tending towards jumping to conclusions and getting angry. So, if everything else is equal, or in balance, this person will naturally tend towards jumping to conclusions and getting angry regardless of the circumstance and environment.

The things that we think do and say that are habitual are also examples of the equation being weighted towards one side over the other. And because this is true, the possibilities are always skewed towards one side and away from the other.

Now, that’s fine when the way the tendencies are skewed are in the direction you desire, but when they aren’t that’s not good at all. So to say that in another way, if you prefer chocolate ice cream but are always being offered vanilla ice cream you might not enjoy that, or if you are always presented with circumstances where you have to fight with others, but you’d prefer always being presented with circumstances where you are in harmony with others, you wouldn’t enjoy it being skewed towards the one over the other.

If we express our life in a perpetual state of balance or equilibrium, what does this state look like, feel like? As we move through our moment to moment expression in life, each and every possibility is equally available to us from moment to moment, therefore what our life expression is like, is totally subject to our choice. In this state of balance, we consciously choose the expression we desire.

Can you see the value of being in a state of equilibrium? In this state, having a million dollars is just as easy to have as being poor. In this state having the perfect loving relationship with your partner is just as easy to have as a disruptive awful relationship with your partner. Do you get the idea here?

So, now that all sounds really good, but you might be asking, what good does it do me, I’m not in a perfect state of equilibrium?
I’ve expressed this so you are aware of this possibility, which means that it is available to you, just like all other possibilities are available to you. Which means you can choose to be in a state of equilibrium where all possibilities are of equal value to you, and also equally available to you too.

The place where all of this choosing occurs is right here, right now. The state of equilibrium exists only in the present. Each here now moment is where the state of equilibrium is available. Each moment is where we use our ability to choose, where we can consciously use our ability to choose the life we want to experience rather than the imbalanced state where all sorts of imbalanced states result in us experiencing all sorts of states we didn’t choose but were tending towards due to our imbalanced state.

In quantum physics, the state of equilibrium is referred to as the zero point field. When you are in this zero point field, you are at the center of an infinity of possibilities which are all equally available to you, and equally as easy to reach, get, have and experience. So, it is sort of like being at a smorgasbord restaurant where you can choose whatever you want, as much of it or as little of it as you like, cooked to your taste. How delightful is that?

To partake of this bounty, you don’t have to wait until you are someplace else, you don’t have to wait until the moon is in the right phase, you don’t have to wait until your parents give you permission, you don’t have to wait until tomorrow, because this equilibrium is inherent to you and your being, it is your core essence, your core being. It is right here, right now because YOU are right here, right now.

Look out at the vastness of possibilities which reach on out to infinity. What do you choose?
There is no waiting line, (unless you choose for there to be a waiting line,) so help yourself, have fun!

What might stop you from partaking of this magnificent bounty? The lessons which have been presented to you where fear is the controlling factor might show up and make you guarded and fearful to take the next step.

Let me help you ease your fear. Consider when you are centered in this moment where infinite possibilities exist, where you are in equilibrium state of being, you may discover, no, you WILL discover the out there and the in here are the same, equal. The “them” and the “me” are the same. So who is there to be afraid of if “they” are the same as “you?” In fact “they” are an expression of “you.” Are you afraid of yourself? If there really is no “they” to be afraid of, who or what are you afraid of? You might say you are afraid of God. When you are present in the here now equilibrium state of being, everything is equal. That is to say, there is no imbalance between you and God, God and you are balanced and of equal value and therefore equal possibilities. In this state we can truly comprehend the thought, “Made in the image and likeness of God.” Likeness = same = balance = equilibrium.

Therefore the prodigal son returns to the Father’s house and is greeted with a feast and celebration like none have ever experienced before, so great is the love of the Father for his son who has once again entered into the kingdom of Heaven, (on earth.)