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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spatial Teleportation & Time Travel

Spatial Teleportation & Time Travel

Everything stated below up to the point where I pose the questions: “What is the energy equation which equals the vibrational signature of an object or being?” is based upon information provided by Bashar which I learned from a YouTude video titled: “Bashar Teleportation” posted by FelipeSparx29.

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Everything has a specific vibrational signature which makes it what you perceive it to be, what it is.

The vibrational signature is an energy equation which we interpret through our consciousness and senses as the item.

When you move an item from one location to another location, it seems the same item is being moved, but in fact, the item is not the same item because once it is moved, it has a different vibrational signature which includes the location.

Continuity is an illusion we create with our consciousness.

An object doesn’t exist in a location. Location is one of the properties of the object, is an element in the energy equation. The equation of the item in location A is not the same as the equation of the item in location B. Location is one of the variables in the energy equation of the object.

Teleportation is the application of this energy equation facilitated by changing the location variable property of the object. When you change the variable in the equation, the object ceases to be in location A and begins being in location B without moving through time and space to get there.

Every location in space has a locational equation to it.

Impose upon the item the modified location value in the equation of its vibrational signature, the object will instantly appear in the new location because its vibrational signature, energy equation contains the value for the new location.

What is the energy equation which equals the vibrational signature of an object or being?

How do I impose upon an item a different locational coordinate value so that its location changes? Insert the different locational coordinate value into the energy equation. This is the same for time travel; you enter the different time coordinate value into the energy equation.

Equation: a usually formal statement of the equality or equivalence of mathematical or logical expressions.

VS = Vibrational Signature
VS = Time + Location in Space (X + Y + Z) + (Composition (Chemical, Electrical, Mineral) + Mass (Length, Height and Width) + Volume Density (Weight) Consistency (liquid, gaseous, solid), texture, (value between course to smooth) colors, (black through all the colors of the rainbow to white). Every component of an item contains a mix of those values plus Time and Space coordinate values for every element/aspect of the item.

Universal scale

There must be a specific point to designate as the zero point for the Time coordinates scale, and a zero point for the Spatial coordinates scale which are universally understood and accepted as the zero point of these scales as absolute/static reference locations. For simplicity purposes, the scale for Time and Space scaled with equal incremental values. For time the X Y Z values are X = past, Y = present and Z = future. For Space the X Y Z values are X = Latitude, Y = Altitude, Z = Longitude. The values on these scales are numerical values.

NOTE: The letter designation for the X Y Z coordinates may be different than I’ve stated here. I’ve used these letter designations for reference purposes only so that in the actual formula, other letters may be use to designate these coordinates..

The zero point in time and space is always at the center of the item being teleported. All vibrational values are therefore measures from this zero point within the center of each object, and calculations for the teleportation of an object are therefore relative to the current location of the item in time and space. In the starting point vibrational signature, the Y value for time (present) is always zero therefore the vibrational value for the past and future are relative to the current zero point present moment value.

Since these scales are numerical in value, the values can be scaled using any value increment that is deemed necessary for the teleportation space location, and time location desired. In other words, you could enter in a value for space location as .001 = X, .001 = Y, .001 = Z and for time the values you could enter in the values of: X = 0, Y = 0, Z = .001. When these values are plugged into the equation formula, the item would move .001 in the X, Y, and Z axis and forward in time .001 increments in time relative to the starting point where all the values for both space and time started out at 0. It would therefore appear the item barely moved to an observer who remained located in the starting point space time coordinate location. If the value for time was designated as a negative numerical value for X, the object would vanish in the current time coordinate location and appear in a past time coordinate location. (By the way, the time values for the past would be negative numeric values relative to the present time value of zero, and the future numeric values would be positive number values relative to the present time value of zero)

It is also noteworthy that an item could potentially exist in multiple locations/times simultaneously if that was added to the energy equation.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A reply to Bob Doyle's blog post...

Bob Doyle sent an email to his distribution list no which I am included; he posed a question within that email which I give my two cents worth on below.

“Wouldn’t it be great if the world was totally healed, prosperity was everywhere, and everyone was living a life of joy and abundance?”

How the world is manifesting to each and every one of us is exactly the perfect manifestation based upon our own vibrational make up. The world is your very own indicator of the vibrational countenance you hold, so if it isn’t reflecting back to you what you want to experience, it is because it is complying with your vibrations, not your desires.

Your question indicates you don’t perceive the world as totally healed, prosperity were everywhere, and everyone is living a life of joy and abundance. Why is that? Because that is the vibrational countenance, you embody, radiate and therefore is reflected back to you as being so.

In order to realize that the world IS totally healed, prosperity IS everywhere, and everyone IS living a life of joy and abundance, your vibrational countenance must be aligned with that reality. This is the only way.

It doesn’t matter, from your perspective, what my vibrational countenance is so much as it matters more what yours is. I attract according to my vibrational countenance, and each and every one of us also does the same. So, while it might appear that everyone else has to change in order for peace, love and harmony to reign within our world, the actual fact is, each person must choose that vibrational pattern and radiate it so that what is reflected back to each person IS universally recognized as a world totally healed, prosperity everywhere, and everyone living a life of joy and abundance.

That is a big order. Are you going to wait until the billions of conscious beings in manifestation align to that, so you can also align to that, or are you going to align to that right now, and let everyone else choose the time and place with their own alignment when it is right for them?

In order to realize totally healed, prosperity everywhere, and everyone living a life of joy and abundance, we need the contrast to those vibrational expressions, otherwise we wouldn’t know what we don’t want which points us more strongly towards what we do want. So, when we experience what we don’t want, when it comes to our attention what we don’t want, that is the universe offering us a choice in that moment, a choice to flip the coin over and see the other side. Each negative experience is an invitation to choose more of that, or more of its opposite.

We must be consciously present in each moment in order to bring forth the life experiences we consciously choose. We must assume, each and every one of us, responsibility for our own manifestation, not someone else’s. We each create our own reality. It isn’t my responsibility to create yours for you, (I couldn’t do that anyway, only you can,) and vice versa, you can’t create mine for me either.

I can point others in the direction they desire to go, but I can’t make the journey for them. The only way anyone can precede towards what their heart’s desire is, is to pay attention to the inner guidance their heart provides for them. Basically, if it feels better, we are moving in the right direction, if it doesn’t, we aren’t which means we need to make a course correction. Course correction to align vibrationally with the vibrational expression, (which already exists,) of the fulfilled desire in expression.

Appreciation, happiness, joy, lightheartedness are indicators of moving towards your desires. Here now is where all of that occurs. Be Here Now, experience the joy of your fulfilling life. (By the way, there is no end, only the beginnings of new chapters to eternally unfold.)

Friday, April 23, 2010

False Premises

False Premises

Anything based on a false premise (premise = something assumed to be true, or taken for granted,) is therefore also false. So you should understand “premise” is based upon a high degree of trust, and therefore not deemed necessary to question the source of the information. Being trusting is fine as long as the source of the information is indeed trustworthy. Problems arise when we bestow such trust without discrimination or are intentionally or unintentionally deceived into bestowing our trust upon those who don’t deserve it.

There are many things we assume are true that are not true. Since we assume they are true, we act as though they are true and this is primarily why our world is so chaotic and troubling. Taking action based on and in accordance with false information cannot wield the results you want. If you assume the validity of the information, you will naturally act in accordance with the false information.

There are many false premises we adopt because our government, church, society, and our family and friends have told us it is so. Our teachers in school teach us and because we trust them, we assume what they are teaching us is true. In most cases, those perpetuating false premises do so without realizing they are perpetuating a false premise. In some instances, probably more than we’d like to believe, false premises are perpetuated intentionally.

Some things I’ve thought about, which most people assume to be true, have lead me to question whether these teachings are in fact true. One premise that most Christians accept is that the Holy Bible is the word of God. Being the word of God, it is unquestionably the truth. It is represented to be factual, not a work of fiction, not just a story. It is simple to poke holes in the premise that the Holy Bible is unquestionably true.

One example in the Bible is the story about Adam and Eve.

In order for just one human male and one human female to populate the earth there had to be inbreeding/incest. It is well known and documented that inbreeding leads to a higher proportion of congenital birth defects through an increase in the frequency of homozygotes. Additionally, *it is observed that when two people live in close domestic proximity during the first few years in the life of either one, both are desensitized to later close sexual attraction. This phenomenon, known as the Westermarck effect, was first formally described by Finnish anthropologist Edvard Westermarck. (excerpt from Wikipedia, Incest, Inbreeding, Scientific study of incest avoidance.) What that means is the off-spring wouldn’t find their siblings to be sexually attractive, and therefore would not have sexual intercourse, which would reduce the pro-generative effects necessary to populate a whole planet. Also, those who did indulge in sexual intercourse would increasingly, over generations, bare a higher number of children with birth defects, or would not be able to bare children at all.

In order to populate the earth, there must have been a more diverse gene pool than what just 2 humans could provide. If we were in fact all descendants of Adam and Eve, our genes would reveal that fact, but instead, the diversity of genes across the population of earth provide evidence that there were more than just 2 humans involved in the populating of the earth.

When you find evidence that a premise you’ve believed in is faulty, what do you do? In this case, I’ve given just one example of inaccurate information presented in the bible. If there is inaccurate information in the bible, and it is not suppose to have ANY inaccurate information in it, doesn’t that bring up doubts, and encourage you to question the extent of inaccurate information contained in those pages? Doesn’t that reveal that the contents of the Bible, are not based upon facts and at best, are just parables or stories meant to provide guidance in living life? One of the reasons the premise of the bible is so enduring is because the contents of it, what it purports to have happened, occurred so long ago that there is little or no evidence to substantiate it. There isn’t anyone around who can, with absolute authority, state what information is factual and what is not factual about the contents of the bible.

Religion is defined as a system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith. The faith part is were false premise can crop up and can distort or undermine the system of beliefs. Is it a good idea to base your belief system upon false premises? In other words, is it a good idea to base how you live your life upon a foundation of lies?

I think it behooves us to adopt an attitude of healthy skepticism. I believe it is healthy to question the premises which present themselves to us so that we can determine to our own satisfaction whether they are true or not. As a conscious being, one who is interested in experiencing the best life has to offer, and the truth of my being, I endeavor to base my belief system upon true and accurate information, and thereby have a strong foundation upon which to build my life experiences. To do otherwise insures a weak foundation which doesn’t stand up to the tests of time.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Starting Point

How you are being, at the beginning or the starting point, determines what springs forth from that beginning or starting point. Our beginning attitude sets the tone for what follows.

If your starting point is one of being happy and energetic, what comes forth after that will be colored or tempered by that happy and energetic expression, so that if you undertake some activity, you will pursue it being happy and energetic.

If your starting point is one of being resentful, angry and frustrated, what comes forth after that will be colored or tempered by that resentment, anger and frustration, so that if you undertake some activity, you will pursue it carrying the resentment, anger and frustration as the predominate expression in being during your activity, so that not only will the experience of doing be unpleasant, but the results of the activity will also be unpleasant.

When you understand this, you will realize the value of setting up or establishing your starting point attitude before you start; consciously choosing what sort of expression you want to carry forth into your activity and thereby effecting the enjoyment of the activity and the results you get from doing the activity.

The starting point is easy to find. It is always right here, right now. In this moment, I have the power and ability to decide what I want my starting point attitude in being to be. In this moment, I know what my current attitude is, and I know whether it is conducive to what I am undertaking right now. I also know whether this attitude carried forward will reap the results I desire.

An example of a recognizable starting point scenario:

Prior to the starting gun being shot for a 50 yard dash, each runner has the opportunity to ready him or herself for the race. Each one does whatever he or she has been trained to do, to get into the winning attitude; feeling loose, energetic, ready to go, ready to charge off the starting line like a bolt of lightning. Each person positions him or herself at the starting block in anticipation of the sound of the gun, expecting to charge forward with focus and determination towards the finish line, and possibly holding the image of him or herself crossing the finish line first.

Some people have a routine they go through before they start a sports type activity, a sort of ritual that gets them revved up and ready to go, that gets them into the “zone” or “grove”. We might be able to learn from this sort of practice of establishing a routine for our own starting points; the obvious starting points like for instance waking up in the morning starting our day, starting our time at work, starting our time of leisure, starting our time of study, etc.. The point is to establish a conducive attitude or expression in being that is in alignment with what we intend to create/do which will enhance the outcome experience that follows.

The beginning determines the end. If you begin by being prepared and readied, your end will surely be more favorable than beginning ill prepared and not ready.

To start experiencing a fulfilling life experience, we need to start somewhere, so we might as well start right here, right now by adopting an attitude and expression in being which is conducive to experiencing a fulfilling life. There is no one perfect way for me to define for you to have the fulfilling life experiencing you desire, that is because we are each unique individuals and because of our uniqueness, what a fulfilling life experience is, is by our own choice and design. But whatever the choices and designs are, it is certain that being ready and prepared at the beginning, enhances our success chances.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Quick Lesson

Quick lesson on feeling better.

How I feel right now is the most important thing because how I feel right now is what creates my life experiencing. I get to choose how I want to feel, so if I don’t feel better right now, I can choose to do something which lifts my spirit, or I can listen to music which lifts my spirit, or I can think thoughts that lift my spirits. It doesn’t matter what got me into a funk, it does matter that I get myself out of it right here, right now by choosing to feel better.

I might have used people, places and things as my excuse for justifying feeling worse, but not anymore. I control how I feel! The people, places and things in my life don’t dictate how I feel. They might have in the past, but now, I take back the control I gave to them, now I choose how I want to feel based upon my own determinations.

I know how I feel right now is the seed I am planting for future experiencing, so I get to choose what I am planting.

If I find myself planting seeds for experiences I don’t want, I will, in that moment, choose a different seed, that will grow the life experiences I want.

It doesn’t matter how the life experiences appear as much as how I feel right now. It doesn’t matter as much how people treat me, as how I choose to feel right now.

I am giving myself a break, and being loving and caring to myself, especially when I fall back into my old patterns of planting seeds for life experiences I don’t want. When I catch myself falling back, I will cheer my awareness, and celebrate that I caught myself doing that, and I will then redirect my attitude towards one of feeling better.

Gradually, the attention I am paying to feeling better will reap it’s rewards in life experiencing which feels better. And, the more I pay attention to feeling better, the more I will continue to feel even better. This practice is accumulative, the longer I do it, the more habitual it will become, and the easier it will be for me to always choose to feel better right here, right now.

At first it might be really hard to do this, I know this is part of my learning curve, I know I will get past this part to where eventually, as I persist, the practice of feeling better will become so natural and easy, I won’t even have to think about it, I will just do this all the time.