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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Head or The Heart

The Head or The Heart
By Jerome Dechant

Feb. 29, 2012

You can tell, if you take the time to be observant, when a person is speaking from his/her head or his/her heart. The head doesn’t express or comprehend emotions, it is cold and void of such expression because the head doesn’t feel. The mind is an analytical data retrieval, storage and output device. A person who lives his/her life expressing primarily through the mind, radiates the certainty, or uncertainty of that which he/she believes to be true. Typical words or phrases used by a predominately Mind based person are, “I think,” “I believe” “I know.”

The heart feels, therefore its expressions are emotions. The heart is not at all analytical therefore; its expressions are not logical or well founded in data type facts. A person who lives his/her life expressing primarily through the heart, radiates the emotions he/she embodies. Typical words or phrases used by a predominately Heart based person are: “I feel” “I sense” “I love” ”I appreciate” I’m happy or I’m sad.

The mind speaks of emotional things but does not really comprehend them because emotions are not the purview of the head. Likewise, the heart speaks of logic, but doesn’t really comprehend logic because logic is not the purview of the heart.

Fortunately, a person can function in a state where the mind and heart harmoniously work together and function as one so as to temper the logic of the mind with the illogical feelings of the heart, and visa versa with the heart and mind.

There may be those who think logic is better than feelings and those who feel emotions are better than logic. These perspectives are divisive, they are “either or” type perspectives, not “and” type perspectives.

The person who adopts the inclusive perspective, benefits by accepting and allowing and incorporating what some might consider radically opposed perspectives. By incorporating all the parts, the resulting life expression is fuller and richer than any life expression which only allows for a “this or that” or “parts” perspective.

There are reasons why we have a head and a heart, why we have a right hand and a left hand, why we have 2 eyes, 2 feet and so one. Each part functioning properly enables us to have a full life experiencing, not possible without all parts being brought together and functioning as one.

That last statement speaks to a human being in physical form, but expanding the understanding, one can see the principle applies on a grander scale as well. It applies to neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, planets and so on.
Consider how you express your life, consider whether you are a “parts perspective” person, or a “whole perspective” person, or some combination between those extremes.

If you are primarily focused in the parts perspective, it is useful to realize the limitations of that perspective, and to realize that expanding your perspective reduces the limitations one with a “parts perspective” is confronted with.

If you are a “whole perspective” person, it is natural to have compassion and understanding for those still expressing within the confines of their limited parts perspective. By the nature of your broader understanding and perspective, you are empowered to be able to open the door through which the expanding of the parts perspectives is enabled and encouraged.

Then it is a matter of allowing the parts to naturally find the door and thereby unfold into a broader perspective and life expression. When the door is open, it is the passage through which the parts realize the whole; where the Head and Heart are known to be aspects of the one being.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Hundredth Human Effect

The Hundredth Human Effect

By Jerome Dechant
Feb. 15, 2012

There is some debate whether the hundredth monkey effect is an actual effect.  Whether it is factual or not, there are many people who have heard about it.  There are those who have heard about it who believe it to be true while others believe it is not a scientifically proven fact, therefore not true.

A good way to determine whether such an effect exists is to observe behaviors of an isolated group of participants, be they animal or human, and determine whether a group behavior, known and practiced by that isolated group spontaneously occurs in other groups who have no contact with the control group.

There are logistical problems to establish such an experiment with sufficient numbers of participants to facilitate the hundredth monkey effect occurring in a controlled and observed environment.

Maybe there are other indications in nature which, to some degree, indicate the possibility that this effect may actually be true.  I think looking into the sky and watching a flight of hundreds of birds flying as though of one mind may be an indication that the monkey effect may be true.

I’ve heard of and read a study done with groups of meditaters (http://www.mum.edu/m_effect/dc_md.html) who favorably reduced the crime rate in an area where the level of crime statistics reflected a drop in crime during the period the experiment was taking place.  This sort of experimental study is easy to repeat to substantiate the validity of the study.

Attributing a drop in crime to some people sitting quietly with their eyes closed for a period of time may seem totally ridiculous.  A flock of birds flying as if with one mind or a school of fish, or heard of animals demonstrating the same mass movement effect is not explainable except by one very important understanding:  Oneness.

In the same way the countless cells of our body function as one body even though they are separate and distinct cells, the individual animal whether it is a bird, fish or elk, are cells of a greater body and when they move, they can move as one body even though they are separate.  They don’t talk to each other saying, okay, now I’m gonna turn left, tell the others to turn left now.  The communication is instantaneous and universally acknowledged and acted upon by those identified and attuned to that conscious expression in being.

 The hypothesis is that a certain number of parts have to be united in the universal consciousness to facilitate the greater number’s participation in the mass movement.  What starts out as a few individual’s intention and movement can easily grow when like minded beings come into the field of energy and consciousness together.

We know how wonderful it feels to be a part of a group energy, celebrating life, joyously indulging in the harmony and bliss of the moment.  These experiences are contagious.  I know from personal experience that being in the proximity of a group of like minded people focused and radiating joy easily lifts others into that same field of vibratory expression in being.  This sort of experience transcends the notion of individuality while at the same time allowing awareness of individualness.  In other words, by participating in such a field of energy the individual doesn’t lose his or her individualness, but rather expands in experience beyond that separate identity.

What this is leading to is this:  It is to our benefit to join together and partake of the universal expression, or group consciousness which can lift us up individually and collectively.  Maybe just that one more member can tip the balance so the human race makes the shift together, as one.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Current of life, Flow of life

Current of life, Flow of life

By Jerome Dechant
Feb. 14, 2012

For some fish, it is necessary to swim against the current of the river in order to stay alive, but for most of us, who aren't designed to swim against the current of the river, it is not in our best interest to do so unceasingly. It certainly may be a good way to build muscles and endurance to swim against the current for periods of time, provided there are intermissions where we can relax and recoup our vitality and energy.

There is a flow of energy associated with our life unfolding from moment to moment. If your life is a constant struggle, you may feel like a little like one of those fish trying to swim upstream against a very strong current. When the current is really strong, no matter how hard you try, you may not be able to advance against the powerful flow. What typically happens is it wears you out until you either let go or die trying. Unfortunately, many people die trying. If only they knew that what they were after wasn’t to be found struggling against life’s flow or current, that what they really wanted was easily accessible to them by going with the flow, and letting life guide them effortlessly towards their fulfilled desires.

Life is suppose to be fun. Someone said that before, I wonder how many people really believe that? Considering the current state of affairs in the world, my guess is there are more people who believe life is suppose to be hard and a struggle because that’s the life they’ve found themselves in.

What is the struggle? It is mostly thinking you know best, and being determined to be right in holding that attitude. Being strong willed, fighting the odds, just keeping at it until you can’t anymore with unending determination.

What is relaxation and letting go? It is a deep breath that was held being let go. No effort to let it go, it just happens naturally. It takes effort to hold your breath; ceasing effort allows your breath to flow naturally, in and out according you your natural need to breath.

When you find the natural rhythm and flow of your life, then just relax into it, there is no struggle, unless you choose for there to be struggle. And if you do choose to experience struggle, you know you can easily relax back into the flow of your life because the flow of your life is naturally always here.

There is a lot we do, which is not inspired by the nature of things. As an example having set times during the day when it is appropriate to eat; i.e., breakfast, lunch and dinner. Look around the natural world; do any other creatures which inhabit this planet abide by such time constraints? You may say, yes, our pet animals do. Why is that? The reason is because we impose the unnatural cycle upon them. Most creatures on this planet eat when they need to in order to sustain their life, but us humans eat for more than just the physical need to do so, we eat because we enjoy the tastes and textures of the foods we have available to us. We eat for social reasons, a sense of community in sharing our food and bounty with others. There are many more reasons why humans eat, some beneficial reasons, some not so beneficial reasons.

Conscious intelligence which is guided by natural urges informs our decisions and enables us to find the flow of our life experiencing with the greatest ease.

When we struggle against the flow of life the experience is a war.

When we flow with the energy of life, the experience is a dance.

Which is more appealing to you? Which seems more natural to you? Would you prefer fighting and struggling, or playing and dancing?

Where is the flow to be found and experienced? Here, now. We are immersed within the flow right now. Can you feel it? Can you sense the ease? It is right here, right now. It is always right here, right now whether we are aware of it or not, whether we relax into it or not. The flow of life is an eternal river, a fountain of youth. When we drink from the river it sustains us, heals us, supports us, and elates us and by partaking of the river, we become the river, we are the flow of life, ageless and timeless.

It may be easy to get caught up in the game of life, to return to the old familiar struggle, but the grace of life is, the river is eternally flowing and without requirements to be met, unceasingly is open to our return to the ease and flow it offer us.

What that means is, you don’t “have” to accept what I am writing about because you can experience, you are experiencing life right now. How you are experiencing life right now is open to your making a decision which leads to what feels best to you right now.

When you find the decision you’ve made results in feeling better right now, you can choose to linger in this better feeling right now. Savor it, like the delicate sweet experience it offers in this moment. When the feeling subsides, you can again choose a better feeling.

There is an ebb and flow to this feelingness sort of like the ebb and flow of your breath. You can find the natural flow of it. Easily return to this flow all the time, or any time you choose to. You don’t have to control your breath, just let it flow naturally. In the same way, you don’t have to control your life, just let it flow naturally.

Joy! Peace! Love! Prosperity!