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Monday, December 25, 2017

Embodying Oneness in Body, Mind and Spirit

Dec. 25, 2017

There is a lot of talk these days about full disclosure, revealing the secrets which have been kept from us for centuries, secrets which can and will drastically change our life experiencing once they come into the light, once they come to center stage of our awareness and consciousness.  So, it goes without saying, that most of us want our lives to be better.  The definition of “better” for each of us may be very different, because we each have our own unique life experiencing which has caused us to be where we are now, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  While we each are basically the same, we each are so totally unique in our expression in being, that it may seem we have nothing in common.  Finding the “common” ground helps us to recognize how we are the same while at the same time, different.

In the grand scheme of things, each of us is a unique expression in being, and expression in being of the ONE which is the infinite Being of which we are a part.  IT is expressing as you, as me, as the rock on the ground, as the air we breathe as every aspect of our being, from the subtle energy flowing throughout all existence to the grosses, most solid manifestations in existence.  Each of us dwells within IT, and IT dwells within all.

When I express my divine beingness, where I see no difference between myself in this physical form and the entirety of being, I see only ONE being, ONE being expressing beingness in all forms and expressions.

Part of the full disclosure movement includes revealing the darkness, the horrible and abominable acts done to and by beings expressing in this manifestation.  There seems to me to be an intention to punish, kill, or otherwise do away with those who’ve committed these crimes against humanity.  At first glance, this may seem totally appropriate and right that those who’ve done harm to others should be brought to justice, should pay for their crimes.  The way humanity has approach this is to imprison, detain, and even kill those who’ve taken part in these abhorrent activities.

From the Divine perspective, those beings are just as much a part of the ONE being as any other.  They have played a part in the expression in being, for purposes which the human mind cannot grasp, a part which is just as essential to the total expression in being as the great and noble deeds done by other expressions in being.

Part of our expression in being is to grow, to learn, to adapt and express in ways heretofore have never been done, this is called evolution.  Moving beyond the ways we’ve been, and done, and thought into new ways of being, doing and thinking.  If we do not change the way we are being, doing and thinking, we are not evolving, we are stuck in a loop where we are destined to repeat our thought, words and deed which result in repeatedly expressing and being through the same life expressions.  This is known as the wheel of Karma; it keeps rolling on and on, like a hamster’s running wheel, where the hamster keeps running and gets nowhere.  To evolve, we must break the cycle by doing, thinking and being different than we’ve been before.

Instead of imprisoning, punishing and or killing those who’ve committed crimes against humanity, which is how we have always handled such things, I suggest we must take a different approach; we must break the cycle which feeds upon itself to perpetuate how things have always been.

If we look at it from a Divine perspective, and we see the darkness of the soul of those beings, doesn’t it make sense, rather than doing them harm, we instead bring more lite to bare upon them, so they can more clearly see how they have harmed themselves by harming others, bring more light to bare upon them so they can regain their footing upon the path so they return to expressing more truly their divine expression in being.

This entails inner work, inner awakenings, and opening doors of self-discovery in expressions in being.  To facilitate this, it may be appropriate to restrict their activities and expressions in being because they may not readily see the value in discovering their divinity, they may not readily realize with clarity, how they can benefit from awakening into the light of their own divinity.  It may not be easy, it isn’t a quick fix, but the efforts taken and rewards gained cannot be appreciated without the first step of realizing how things have always been, is not allowing us to evolve into a better way of expressing and being.

Where does this change happen?  It happens right here, right now, in this moment by moment unfolding where I choose to break the cycle of how it has always been, I choose to adopt a different way of thinking, being, and doing which is more in line with the divine expression of my being.  I decide to take the high road, the road I’ve never been on before, to learn something new, to do something I’ve never done before with love and appreciation at the heart of every step upon this higher road in expression and being.  It behooves me not to wait for someone else to do it, it behooves me to do it myself, to embody the changes I want to express and see in my world experience.  In order to make it so, I must awaken to who and what I truly am.  Awaken to my divine expression in being.

How do I do that? Seek it, that is to say, express your intention and desire to awaken to your own divinity.  Seek guidance and clarity so that you may know what to do and how to do it.  Most of this seeking is not looking towards the external expressions in being, but rather becoming still, via meditation, and thereby looking within towards the center of your being where your purity and divinity resides, waiting for you to become still enough and willing enough for the doors to expressing IT can swing open.  Once the doors have opened, we may enter the kingdom of our divine expression in being, where we may know firsthand, our place and how best to proceed on henceforth, upon our life expressing path.

As each of us embodies our divinity in expressions in being, we radiate the light of our being into the external world, which enables and facilitates helping others to awaken and realize their own divinity.  When one has illuminated the path, the way is made clear, the difficulties that may have previously seems insurmountable, dissolve because the light makes the way clear and therefore even though mountains may have stood in our way before (figuratively,) we can say to the mountain be gone and it is so.

It is possible, each of us must acknowledge this truth to enable us to take the next step, to go beyond what we have thought we knew, into the divine adventure which awaits our taking the next steps upon the path where evolution unfolds before us, ever fresh, ever new.

Let us go together, as ONE in ONE with ONE expressing through us.

Blessings to us all.
All in ONE, ONE in all.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you enjoy my silly little video. :)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Peace on Earth, Good Will to All

The ultimate way to find Peace on Earth, Good will to all, is to find it first within yourself, then that will be your life experiencing. It isn't the other way around, i.e., the world outside of you expresses Peace and Good will, and then you find it within yourself. It doesn't work that way. The anger, hatred, fear, sorrow, ill health, etc. in the world must be healed within your own being; otherwise it will persist in your external world experiencing. Meditation is a good place to start. Close your eyes, relax, sit up straight, pay attention to your breathing, calm your breathing, and while doing so sense the peace which resides within you, let it become your whole experience. Let love guide you into it more fully, from the center of your heart and being, radiate Peace and Love to every cell of your body and being. Bathe in this healing energy often, and then see how your world perceptions change. Blessings to us all.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Cave

by Jerome Dechant
 Nov. 17, 2017

(This is a work of fiction, but it could just as well be true as not true.)

Out of the way, unknown to the masses and not easily accessible to the less determined explorer, is a cave.  Its entrance is unremarkable, if you were hiking through the area, you might see it and just pass by without even a thought to enter it.  And, this is as it should be, for only those who are drawn there; who are summoned by an inner calling will even attempt to undertake the journey in the first place.

So, what is so remarkable about the cave?  Actually, there is nothing remarkable about the cave itself, at least to the casual observer.  But to the ones who are called, the ones who heed the call, and endure the difficulties of getting there, what they find within is life changing and remarkable.

I was one of those who were called.  One who, without the slightest idea of what I’d find there, or why I was drawn to go there in the first place, found myself embarking upon this journey.  I didn’t even question the fact that I was going to a place to see a cave no one had ever heard of.  It was totally crazy.  I assure you, everyone I told about this, thought I was nuts for dropping everything to embark upon this insanity, to embark upon an adventure into a region of the world where most thought it wasn’t safe to go.  I can’t tell you how many times I was warned away from going, how many people said I shouldn’t go, saying it was too dangerous, that if I did go, I might never return.  Well, you are reading this now, because I did go, I did endure the hardships of following the narrow path which eventually led me to the entrance of the cave.  I did enter the cave, and I am here now to tell you what I found within.

The journey, the adventure of getting to the cave is a story in itself, yet I won’t go into that now, just know it wasn’t easy, there were road blocks and stumbling blocks all along the way, yet somehow, I had the presence to overcome each road block and stumbling block to bring the journey to an end at the entrance of the cave.

I had a guide who helped me during the wilderness part of the journey, up to a point, up to the point where I had to go on alone.  I’m grateful for his guidance and help because without it, I might have perished the first night in the wilderness.  Yeah, that’s another story.

I arrived at the cave entrance as the sun was setting behind the mountain ridge above me.  I found myself admiring the beautifully colored sky, with wisps of clouds catching the sun’s rays as it set in the western sky.  I’m not a seasoned adventurer, not even close, but somehow I felt comfortable being alone so far from civilization, so far off the beaten path.  It was mostly quiet, although as the sun was setting, I could hear the night creatures emerging from their burrow and going about their creature lives. 

I looked around, there wasn’t really any place big enough to set up my tent and build a fire, so I thought I’d enter the cave and see if I could find shelter there for the night.  It had been a long day traveling through rouged territory, and I was tired, ready to lie down and sleep.  The cave wasn’t very big at the entrance, I had to hunch over for quite some time as I moved into the cave, but eventually it became bigger and I was easily able to stand upright.  If you’ve ever been in a deep cave, you know how totally dark it is, how, when you turn off your light, you can’t even see your hand in front of your face when the palm is touching your nose.  Yeah, it was that dark.  I’m glad I had plenty of batteries, and my light was ample enough to illuminate the cave enough for me to easily see, yet beyond the beam of light, it was pitch black darkness.  Not far past the area where the cave opened up a bit, I found a decent flat space where I decided to throw down my mat and sleeping bag, to finally rest for the night.  Once I lay down, it wasn’t long before I fell into a deep sleep.

I don’t know how long I slept, I didn’t think to check my watch to see what time it was when I made camp, or woke up.  Whatever time it was, I felt refreshed and ready to go.  Before I dug into my backpack for something to eat, I had to find a place to relieve myself, which I did.  I had some trail mix and protein bars which provided the nourishment to satiate my hunger.  Some fresh cool spring water I’d gotten from a stream near the entrance of the cave washed down the final crumbs of the protein bar.

I looked at my watch, it was 1:11.  Was that A.M. or P.M.?  It felt like just afternoon.  I rolled up the mat and sleeping bag, secured to my backpack then headed off deeper into the cave.  It was cool and smelled a bit musty in this part of the cave.  Interestingly, the floor of the cave was fairly flat, but had a gradual decline to it.  At one point, after a turn or two to the right then left, there was a trickling stream at the edge of the cave floor.  It sounded like one of those soothing water fountains you might find in a meditation center or some such place.  All the while, it was pitch black darkness except for the beam of light my head mounted light provided for me.  I wasn’t in any hurry, so as I moved deeper into the cave I looked around a lot at the cave walls and ceiling.  There was nothing remarkable to see except for the things you’d expect to see in a natural cave like this.  It was simple yet beautiful in its natural beingness.

There was a glow of light up ahead; it was coming from the right just beyond the bend.  I thought it was a bit curious.  It was inviting, alluring.  My back pack seem much lighter on my back, and the sounds of my footsteps seemed to faint into a whisper of sound, yet the ground hadn’t changed in appearance at all, it was the same texture as the cave floor had been for most of the distance so far.  I proceeded on and as I did, the light seemed to become brighter and brighter as I approach the bend in the cave.  It didn’t really have a direction, and I had no shadow cast behind me.  The light was sufficient that I was able to turn off my headlamp, so I did, to save battery life.

I finally came upon the bend in the cave which revealed a fairly large cavern.  I looked around and couldn’t see any torches or other sources of light, yet the whole cavern was pleasantly lite.  I entered the cavern and as I did, I noticed a figure seated towards the other end of the cavern.  It looked to me, like he was the source of the light.  As I approached, the silence was deafening.  There was such peace and stillness, it felt out of place to move, yet I was drawn to do so.  So, I moved towards the seated figure.  As I did, feeling of contentment, joy, laughter, excitement and exhilaration seemed to flow through my entire body.   I felt so happy and fulfilled, I’ve never felt this complete before.  It was amazing.

I finally was a few feet in front of him.  He was sitting cross legged in a full lotus posture, with this hands rest one upon the other in his lap.  His eyes were closed and he didn’t move at all.  He just sat there in his radiance and beauty.  He appeared to be a young man, or maybe an older boy.  His complexion was pure and youthful in appearance.  His only attire was a simple cloth which served as a loin cloth.  As I gazed at him, I noticed he wasn’t touching the ground below him; he was floating just above the mat below him.  There were no shadows anywhere.

I didn’t say anything; I just sat down there in front of him.  He might as well have been a living statue and that’s what I thought of as I sat down.  I sat there in his beautiful radiance and closed my eyes.  The light was coming from within me, I could see beyond the cave walls, I could see the surrounding mountains and streams, the lakes, the birds and wildlife, I could feel it all as though I was each one of those beings, each one of those rocks and plants.  It was overwhelmingly beautiful and the bliss which manifests it all was gushing through every part of it and me.  I have no idea how long I sat there, it could have been minutes, it could have been centuries, and it didn’t matter because I found myself in all life expressions.  I forgot that I was sitting in a cave; I forgot I had this body because I was all bodies and none of them at the same time.

I don’t know how it happened, I don’t know whether it was all just a dream, but when I regained consciousness of my body in this being, I opened my eyes and I was at home, sitting in the middle of my living room on the floor in the lotus posture I’d taken when I sat before the radiant being.

I had entered the cave, I had made the journey and somehow I was home again.  I’ll never forget this experience, that light shines brightly within me to this day, and you my dear one, are as much a part of me and this light, as that radiant being who blessed me with his presence.  I now bless you with mine, as you, he and I are ONE.


A Good Teacher?

In a class room full of students, there are some students who readily comprehend the teachings and even excel at it.  On the other end of the scale, there may also be those who have a very difficult time comprehending the lessons being taught.  And of course, there are a range of students with varying capabilities in between these extremes.

A good teacher provides the materials and experiences the students need in order to benefit from the course materials.  A good teacher also evaluates the needs of each student and as appropriate, provides the necessary guidance and attention to those who need it.  The sign of a good teacher are evident by the number of students who pass the course successfully, absorbing the lessons presented to such a degree that each one leaves the course having mastered the subject matter presented.

In the current education system, people are herded through the courses like cattle to the slaughter, with little concern as to whether every student has mastered the material or not.  This system does not insure each student will thrive and grow through the learning processes.

There was a time when there was a master and apprentice approach to learning.  The student was the apprentice to someone who had mastered the knowledge and skill sufficiently to be able to pass that knowledge and skill along to the student.  The student remained a student for however long it took for him or herself to become the master of the teachings.  In this way of teaching, the teacher does not give up on the student, but rather develops an understanding and rapport with the student tailoring the lessons to the need of the student, tailoring the lessons with the intention that the student “gets it.”  It takes skill to be such a teacher; it takes dedication and commitment to the student’s success and eventual graduation to the level of the student joining the ranks with the master.

How could we bring back this sort of attention and interest in growing each student into the masters they are capable of becoming?  I can assure you, it won’t happen with the current educational system.  There are educational systems being used in some parts of the world which embody the essence of the Master Apprentice approach to teaching and learning.  It behooves us to investigate these systems, and thereby learn how we might benefit by adopting their approaches to teaching and learning.

The successful education of our young is essential for humanity to grow and thrive.  Therefore, the care and attention we provide facilitates and enables each person’s success in life, enables each person to be the best they can be, to find and express their own unique skills as masters of their own abilities and life.  Our young are worth every bit of our attention and effort to enable each one to reach their own full potential.

It takes love and understanding to make this happen.  It takes commitment to the intentions to thrive as a race of being, rather than just get by or just survive.  The attention to such a success driven educational system pays out a hundred fold more in the end, than it cost to make it so.  It is a good investment.

Getting Wet?

You can’t dive into the ocean without getting wet.  In the same way, you can’t dive into the darkness, negativity, and/or evil without it affecting you to some degree.  What this means for those who have a fascination with the dark side of life, their fascination with that will affect their attitude(s) and therefore life experiencing as well.  If one is not well established within the light, that is to say, the center of their being is weakly connected to Source, their inner light can be easily snuffed out by exposure to the darkness because in this state, their being is like a sponge which absorbs readily the energies of darkness they are immersed within.  Can you see then, how a good person can be easily turned bad?

Meditation with the intention of opening the channels of light energy so Source can flow freely through your being facilitates growing that small spark of light into a raging sun, radiating powerfully from the heart center and throughout one’s entire environment.  One who is so strongly radiant with the Source light can enter into the darkness and it is gone immediately, because the darkness cannot persist in the presence of such radiance.  In such radiance, that which was hidden by the dark is revealed, and what appeared to be a coiled up snake may be revealed to be a rope.  That is to say; there is nothing to be feared.

Attain radiance, attain clarity through such radiance, and as you walk through your life, you will see divinity expressing all around you.  There is great love, beauty, harmony and abundance in all things revealed via expressing and being the vehicle for Source energy/light to radiate through you. 

There is no one outside of you who can add to your radiance, it is an inside job, a job only you can attend to.  By focusing upon connecting consciously with Source energy, consciously connecting with the light, one builds upon and grows the radiance and flow of this energy.  It is less about effort and more about allowing.  Resistance has been built up by efforts and struggles along the path in life, and can be dissolved through allowing Source to flow freely through out one’s being, thereby dissolving any and all resistance.  And, what is revealed is the Divine being you truly are. 

Divinity is a Here Now experiencing, embodied within this very moment by moment unfolding, if only we will let it be so.

Suggestion:  Let it be so.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Purpose For Negativity In Our Lives

I think it is absolutely important to notice the negativity and to acknowledge it, yet not dwell upon it.  Whatever the negativity is, which makes one feel uncomfortable, irritable, angry, etc., notice it, see what is causing those feelings, then flip the coin over and put your energy upon the opposite of the cause, so you add energy towards the positive, what you want.  The reason for the negative is to help us more clearly define what we want, or the positive, life supporting, loving life experiencing.  It is changing from focusing upon the problems, to focusing upon solutions.  What can I do to end _____? (fill in the blank)  Whatever the answer(s) to that question is/are, start doing that, start placing energy and attention upon the solution(s).

Often times, we carry the weight of past experiences with us where ever we go in the moment by moment unfolding life expressing.  Realize, you don't need to carry that baggage any more, you can drop it like a hot potato.  It was there for whatever reason, to serve you in your growth and compassion, if you've learned from it, you won't have a repeat of that lesson, you can move on to something better, but whatever it is, NOW is when you experience whatever it is, Now is the only time we can change things, Now is the moment to shift focus towards love, peace, harmony, abundance, caring, sharing, giving, receiving, being happy, 

Now is the seed for your future life experiencing, what seeds are you planting?

Blessings to us all. 
All in ONE, ONE in All.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Shine Your Light

Yes, shine your light!  Some people may only have a little spark of light, which needs to be nurtured and taken care of so it can grow.  This is where community can be most helpful, to those little ones (figuratively speaking regarding the tiny lights,) to help protect them as they grow their own luminosity. :)  Since we are All in One, and One in All, it behooves us to join together, lovingly lifting those in darkness towards the light, where they each can make their own choices for their own fulfillment.  Compassion is really important here, because the ones who have dwelt in darkness are suffering the most, and truly need more help than anyone to find their own tiny spark of light within themselves.  We can offer unconditional love like the sun radiates its light upon us all without distinction.  Be like the sun, radiate your love unconditionally as you walk through your life.  Because of freedom of choice, we can't force the light upon anyone, we each must choose it without coercion of any kind. This is divine love in expression.

One in All, All in One.
Blessings to us all!

Monday, November 6, 2017


Guidance is just that, guidance. Whether a person hears it or listens to it is another story. Consider the guidance you received from your parents. Did you always listen and obey? If you are like most people, you did your own thing, you made your own choices, for better or worse. That's part of the learning process. There is no one to hold your hand and guide any of us through our life experiencing.

Even though this world looks like it is going to hell in a hand basket, doesn't mean it isn't a manifestation of all the divergent choices each and every being in creation has made, and is making.

If we want our life experience to be heaven on earth, it behooves us to make it so, or let it be so. I can't make this heaven on earth for you or anyone else, but I can make it so for myself, and this is true for each and every one of us.

As children of the creator, we have the same creative ability. Whether we use it divinely or not is up to each of us. I suggest choosing wisely and creating with love, compassion and caring as the motivating force behind all our creations

Monday, October 16, 2017

Re-Embodying our Humanity

It is really easy for people to forget, or not even consider they are dealing with another human being who has feelings.  Many of the systems in place in our world, dehumanize us all, so that when someone working within the system is requested to consider the humanity, the feelings of the people involved, they become mechanical and make responses like, "we can't do that"  When in fact, in many cases they could do something, if they wanted to take the time to think outside the system box they are confined within.

Part of the awakening of humanity, is to embody our humanity one person at a time, one moment at a time.  Having compassion for another's situation, putting our feet in their shoes, helps us to work better together to find solutions that can't be found via staying inside the system's little box.

Blessings to us all.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

One in All, All in One
One is All, All is One
One as All, All as One

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Clarity and Deception

Seek Clarity

Over the years I’ve come to realize one of the most important aspects in being is to embody clarity.  Clarity as I am referring to it here is a lack of clouding or distortion to one’s perceptive abilities.  To equate it to a visual analogy, perfect clarity is like being immersed in a clear sky where one can see clearly for miles and miles.  Having this sort of clarity allows one to see things coming from a long distance which enables one to take appropriate action to remain safe, healthy and whole. 


Deception is enabled by lack of clarity.  When you can’t see clearly, it is easier to be led astray.  Most often the deception or lie is hidden within a true statement, like the hook hidden within the bait used to catch a fish.  If you aren’t aware enough, you may see the outward truth and then bite on it and be caught by the lie hidden within it.  Deception is also empowered by unquestioning trust.  When you have clarity, it is much easier to move through life with unquestioning trust because you can see clearly those who are trustworthy and those who are not.  When you are immersed in the clouds of distortion, and limiting perception, proceeding through life without a healthy amount of skepticism can be harmful to your well-being.  Therefore, so long as one is not well established in clarity, it behooves one to proceed with caution and not readily accept everything being expressed as totally factual and accurate.

Who to trust?

There is no simple answer to this question.  Obtaining trust is like the pay or reward for showing one’s self to be honest and established in integrity of character and being, therefore trust is earned. Trust should not be given out to everyone freely, at least while one is immersed in the clouds of limiting perceptions and distortions.  There is one source in being which one can most easily establish trust and that is within one’s own being.  While meditation and focus upon divine attributes in being, one can establish a clear connection with the divine aspects of one’s self where clarity emanates from.  If one cannot trust his or her own Self, then find a way to establish this trust is imperative to one’s growth and well-being.

What is their motivation?

One way to begin to establish trust in another is to establish what it is they want, what are their intentions?  Do they promote harmony, unity and divine attributes in what they present, or do they express discord, divisiveness and the like in their words and actions?  One who is attuned to his/her inner Self, may be guided by an inner feeling of ease or uneasiness dependent upon what sort of truth or lie they are being exposed to.  When you don’t feel a loving presence, when what is being expressed is contrary to your well-being and the well-being of others, skepticism is warranted.

Who and/or what enters your realm in being are up to you.  You are the gatekeeper; you allow or prevent entry to everyone and everything which seeks to enter.  If you allow everyone in without question, you are asking for trouble.  I suggest being a wise gatekeeper, one armed with clarity which also enables wisdom and beneficial choices.

Therefore, go forth and seek clarity first, add wisdom by combining the mental and emotional aspects of your being which provide guidance in making choices.  The fool rushes in where angels fear to tread.  The wise one evaluates and considers before proceeding.  I suggest following the characteristics of a wise one.

Blessings to us all!
One in All, All in One.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

No Need for Intermediaries

Below is a commentary I posted in response to a YouTube video you can view by clicking on this link: Divine Frequency

I think you hit on a key concept in comment: "you don't need an intermediary between you and Source and/or your Higher Self."  The path to awakening may actually be a very solitary path in that everything that contributes to our clarity and awakening, primarily occurs within our own being.  It is the alchemy of self into Self, removing the dross to reveal the pure gold of our being.

Also, as you stated gratitude and appreciation are the muscles which open the doors to opportunity and awakening.  The more we flex these muscles, the stronger we become which means we stand firmly upon the path with certainty and excited anticipation for what lays ahead.

This isn't to say we should not acknowledge what is presented to us externally, because the voice of God may come to us via any means and it most often does, particularly when we don't listen to or hear the still small voice within.

When I help someone else, I am helping my Self, and the best way to actually help someone else is to attend to the alchemy of my own being into that Self.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Regarding Mind Altering Substances

One's vibrational state in being has a lot to do with the experience(s) one has when doing mind altering substances.  If you are angry, depressed, worried, your experience will embody those vibrational states.  If we look at emotional experiences on a scale, the lower vibrational states are equated to the darker side of expression while the higher vibrational states are equated to the lighter side states of expression.

Therefore, being mindful of your state of being prior to ingesting such substances, and deciding whether you are in a state of being where you can enjoy the experience, is very important.  If you are feeling uneasy, it may not be as good an experience as it could be if you are at peace, happy, and loving.

Many of these type of substances are sort of like magnifying glasses which accentuate whatever vibrational state you are expressing.  This may be helpful if you aren't identified with those states, but rather as an observer of them.  When in the observer mode, it is much easier to release whatever isn't serving you, than when you are identifying with whatever drama is unfolding.  (BTW, this goes for everyday life as well.)

If you can go directly to the Source, to your Higher Self, you can have these experiences without the aid of an external substance, but if you aren't at a state of awareness where you believe you are connecting with your divine Self, such substances may be helpful to show you what you can look forward to, sort of like a preview of coming attractions for whatever state in being you are currently unfolding.  Therefore, if you don't like what unfolds, it is a very good indication it would behoove you to consider changing your attitude and expression in being to a state which is more in line with the vibrational state of your Higher Self.

If you want to know how close you are to your true essential being, observe your current state in being.  This tells you everything you need to know in order to take the next step upon this path in life.  The foolish one, ignores what life shows him/her while the wise one heeds the lessons and grows by experiencing them.

Blessings to us all
All in One, One in All

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

About Authority

Sept. 20, 2017

When it comes to testimony in a court of law, one can be very well informed or educated upon topic(s) of their choice, which may give them the status of an "authority" for that field if information.  The thing about this is, if one is considered an authority in their field of endeavor, they must diligently keep up with the information for that field as it grows and changes over time. It may be true for some people, that they do not keep up with the growth of information in their field of expertise, yet maintain the designation as an "authority" in that field.  Most real authorities have "been there, done that" many times which may set them apart from the general masses who may not have had first hand exposure to what they have.

Maybe a more important thing to consider is the integrity, honesty and character of a person claiming to be an authority.  If one is a self proclaimed authority, I'd recommend approaching what they present with some skepticism.

We are in this together, therefore, as an aspect and/or expression of the One being, it behooves us to work together for the greater good, for the growth and thriving of the One being.  In order for this to proceed as designed, each part is contracted for their specific roll, and so long as they operate within the bounds of their "authority" the One thrives.  Others may depend upon their actions to be in accord with their own best interests for each part is essential to the functioning of the whole.  Just like the cells of our bodies each have their roll in manifesting our perfect physical health state in being.

Honesty, integrity, and dedication to the betterment of each and every one of us, (including ourselves,) insures the ability for others to trust them to be the authority of their own part in the overall expression in the One being.

So, establish trust by being true to your divine expression in being through your day to day moment by moment expression in being, then your authority will not be in question. :)

All in One, one in All.
Blessings to us all.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dealing with Dark Entity Attachments

Last night in dreamland, I was taught how to deal with dark entities when they try to attach to you. The method recommended suggested turning their energy back onto them, but I thought of a different way, and this method comes from an unconditional love state where I realized the pain and suffering of those entities hides the spark of their divinity, therefore, as a being of light and unconditional love, I fanned that spark within them so it grew and thereby dissolved the darkness which encased their light. They were so grateful and appreciative for being released from their torture, that they've become allies in the light for love and compassion, and work to free other dark spirits who've been imprisoned as they had been. It is true, love conquers all. At the heart of every being, regardless of how crusted in darkness they've become, is the spark of divinity awaiting to be freed. Have compassion and help them to realize their divinity. Blessings to us all.

Monday, August 14, 2017

This Yes Universe

By Jerome Dechant
Aug. 14, 2017

You are a breathtakingly beautiful being.  Right now, you may not see or realize this about yourself, or believe this about your self, but I assure you, it is absolutely true.  You are a divine creation, so how could it be otherwise?

Why then am I not manifesting this breathtakingly beautiful being right now?

This is a yes universe, whatever you conceive of and believe is granted, therefore at some point in your expression in being, you conceived of “no” and “not”.  Because of your infinite creative ability, (you are afterall a divine being,) it came to pass that through your infinite power, you said no to your own divinity, you said, no, I’m not divine, and in so doing laid down the path in expression which has led you to this very moment right now.  Even though you deny your divinity, it does not mean you cease to be divine, it doesn’t mean the universe changed from a Yes universe to a No universe, or a Maybe universe.  It didn’t.  You created a vail of forgetfulness which hides your true being from your experience and perception.

What is the first word a child learns?  No, it isn’t Mama, or Dada, it is “no”.  They wanted to keep you safe from hurting yourself because in your fragile baby body, you hadn’t learned what you could do and what you shouldn’t do to maintain your health and well-being within this human form.  So, as you were learning and growing, you probably heard “no” way more than you heard “yes”.  For some children growing up, they may have never heard “yes” or been given permission to do what they wanted, so with this understanding, can you see how the vail was enforced and solidified so that your beautiful being was gradually and assuredly fading from expression being replaced by a primarily “no” expression in being.

Don’t blame your parents.  They were doing what they knew how to do, to keep you safe, which in fact has enabled you to be here now, reading these very words.  So, even though you may still be ungrateful for their upbringing, that very upbringing has brought you here to this moment where you can now thank them for all the care they provided you with which has enabled you to be here, reading this now.

Here is an analogy.  We come into this physical manifestation, little piglets who love to play in the mud.  When we are born, we are so cute and loveable, we are true expressions of our divinity.  But once we are let loose and get to roam around the pig pen, we find the puddle of mud, so we jump right in and have a wonderful time playing in the mud.  It seems like so much fun, that we just continue to daily play in the mud.  So what happens, the mud begins to crust over our skin, and thereby the more we play in the mud, the more it hides our true splendor.  At some point, we forget what we use to look like, what we use to be like, because as the crust of mud gets thicker and thicker, it inflicts pain upon our bodies when we move, so we begin to identify with the pain and hate the mud puddle, and hate our lives, we become angry and fearful because we fear movement because when we move, we are punished by the crusty mud which envelopes our body.

What started out as innocent playfulness grew into hurt, anger and pain.  Is that sad?  Yes, of course it is.  Who is to blame?  No one, how things have unfolded is part of the expression in being, the path to get us to this here now moment.

In the anology, the mud represents the limitations, the “no” aspects of our creative expressions in being.  Remember this is a Yes universe, so every no, is a contrary expression in the Yes universe.

How many years of crusty old mud are you encased in?  How many years have you been denied your true state in being?  Who did it to you?  I will tell you the answer to the last question, and you may not like it at all.  You did it to yourself.  What does this tell you?  It tells you, you are the creator of your own life expression in being, and whether you knew it or not, (you probably forgot you have this creative soverignty,) you created it they way it has unfolded for you.  All the people, places, events and things you preceive in your life expression have been here by your own conscious and/or unconscious use of your divine creative ability.  So, realizing it is your own fault, your own doing, i.e., there is no one else to blame, may be very unsettling right now. 

At this moment, you may need a hug.  So, hug yourself and forgive yourself because you didn’t realize you were doing this to yourself, you didn’t realize you were using people, places, situations and things, to reinforce your “no” creations.

Now, what to do now?

Begin the healing process, the cleansing process which will disolve the pain, anger, hatred, sorrow, grief, lonelyness, etc. which has limited your life expression thus far.  As the creative force within your own life expression in being, you can just as easily disolve all of that as you did when you created it.  Step into shower of forgiveness, stand there under the warmth of the cleansing and forgiving waters of life, the Yes waters of purity in being, and allow all that mud and guck to just was right down the drain.  Yes, it can be that easy.

I know, many of you will want to hang on to the “no” because you’ve been using it all your lives, so in so doing, you will likely make it more laborious to return to the true expression of your divinity, you will make it so you have to do this procedure, and that procedure and you will make it take a long time, because part of that “no” expression in being is telling you you deserve the pain and suffering, that you need to draw this process out for as long as possible.  Yes, you can do that, but I wholeheartedly assure you it isn’t necessary. 

Within you, the breathtakingly beautiful being, is SO full of love and caring, it wants you to be free of all the burdens and limitations which encumber you now.  There is so much love within you which fuels the process of your self realization, the long lost son returning to the home of the father where a grand celebration awaits each and everyone of us upon our return.

There is much rejoicing upon this return.  Right now, you can’t know how much because you are still in forgetfulness, but if you trust in your own being, in your own unfolding process, you will know via your own experiencing the greatest and most joyous love and appreciation you never thought was possible.

This is the limitless love, joy and appreciation, your Father in Heaven has for you.  This is the limitless love, joy and appreciation within your own being awaiting to be realized right here, right now.

The day has finally come.  This is it!  Are you ready for the party to begin?

Let it be so!

Blessings to us all!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Most Effective Meditation(s)

by Jerome Dechant
Aug. 12, 2017

The most effective meditations are those where we connect with our higher Self, and Source. The focus which enables this isn't external, but rather internal. By attaining this connection, we attune with that which is divine, therefore, on the physical plane, it is radiated as divine attributes to our surroundings. This is how we lift ourselves into higher densities. We can hope and wish for others to follow suit, but because of freedom of choice, free will, we can not Make other follow suit. When in the field of effect of beings who are expressing higher vibrations, one is either attracted or repelled according to their own vibrational state. This means, if someone has a propensity to accept higher vibrational ideals, they will be drawn along and find it easier to embody ideal expressions. Conversely, one who does not find alignment with higher vibrations because their vibrations are too low, will find fault with and be repelled by, what to them, may appear to be appalling. (this is because the difference in vibration is so pronounced, it causes repulsion rather than attraction.) So, summary, focus upon your own connection with your higher Self and Source, and let everything else be according to divine law. :) Clues to look for to determine your success are at connecting with your Higher Self and Source are: feelings of joy, contentment, everything is right in the world, bliss, at peace, etc.. Also, you may feel very energized. Regardless, let whatever happens be okay, and allow it to be. Blessings to us all.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Appreciation - Critical Coin

by Jerome Dechant
July 25, 2017

Life is like a coin, it has two sides. You can see only one side at a time. On one side is love, appreciation, gratitude, on the other is hatred, criticism, fault finding.
If you find yourself on the critical side, if that doesn't feel good and life supporting to you, flip the coin over. Yes, you CAN flip the coin over, No, no one can do it for you, but someone like me can remind you that you can do it.
If you've built up a propensity towards being critical and/or angry often, it will take time to develop the new habit of being loving and appreciative, so be gentle with yourself, and gradually your propensity will be on the loving side of the coin.
Of course, if pain, suffering, anger and the like are what you desire, just ignore this, and continue sulking in your misery.
Blessings to us all.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Being Critical

By Jerome Dechant
July 24, 2017

You have probably heard it a million times, I’m referring to Oneness, i.e., all is one.  I bet for most people Oneness is just an intellectual concept, not a reality, here, now moment by moment experience.  Why is that?
How well do you embody Oneness, or do you embody it at all?  Do you really fully comprehend what the concept and reality of Oneness is?

Here are some thoughts to consider. 

Being critical.

There is so much diversity in manifestation, there is an abundance of opportunities to be critical.  You name it, there is something about it that a person can be critical about.  What does being critical mean?  It means whatever it is, isn’t in alignment with one’s beliefs about how it should be.  So, who is responsible for it not being the way one believes it should be?  Oh yeah, right someone else, someone else made it that way, and therefore they are to blame.  But, is that really factually true?

In Oneness, there is no “other” there is only the One.  Yes, there are unlimited expressions within IT, the One, but while there appears to be differences, those differences are only apparent.  Anything which manifests within your realm of experience has been brought forth into your awareness and experience by your drawing it into your realm of experience.  You may be doing this consciously, or unconsciously, but as you survey your life and experiencing here, now in this moment by moment unfolding, all that you are experiencing is a reflection of your own state in being.

When one is critical it may be of something or someone “out there” but whatever is “out there” first originated “in here”  within my own being.  What that means is, I am being critical of my own creation because no one but me can bring anything into my experience unless I agree to it, consciously or unconsciously.  Some even say, we agree to everything unless we specifically decide not to.  What that means, is the default operating system is set to accept everything.  After all, this is a “YES” universe which isn’t critical at all, it just manifests whatever we express via our state in being and desiring.

If you took complete control of your state in being, and consciously chose what your life experiencing is in this moment by moment unfolding, eventually you will find there is nothing to be critical about.  When you embody your divinity, the manifest expression in being is divine.

So, the next time you are critical of anything, consider the possibility that on some level, you made it that way, and if you made it that way, you can also make it another way, a way that is more pleasing to you.  This doesn’t mean you should demand the world around you change, but rather that the world within you change.

When your inner world is divine, your external world with outpicture as divine.
There is no one out there to change, there is no one out there to blame or be critical of, once you begin to embody your own innate creative abilities consciously and consistently in each moment as it unfolds.

As life presents things and experiences to you, if they are agreeable to you, express gratitude and appreciation for them, say, “Yes, more of this please.”  When approaching each moment by moment unfolding in this way, “Yes, thank you, I love this, more of this please.” The outpicturing will be in alignment with that.  This is how the manifestation principle works.  It is consistant and dependable.

If you want to evaluate how successful of a creator you are, consider this life experiencing right now.  Are you finding things to be critical of?  Are you unhappy, angry, worried, or afraid?  When you embody those experiences, the YES universe will give you more to be unhappy, angry, worried and/or be afraid of.  If you are being critical, the YES universe will give you more to be critical about.

No one lives your life for you.  No one is to blame for all the good or bad in your life.  Up until now, you may not have realized your part in the manifestation process of your life, but now you have at least a taste of understanding how to bring divinity back into your moment by moment life unfolding experiencing NOW.

Blessings to us all!

Monday, July 17, 2017

What is an appropriate point of focus?

by Jerome Dechant
July 17, 2017

I brought my soap box to preach off of, just a minute while I get onto it 

Have you noticed stuff like, when you own a certain type of vehicle, as you're driving down the road, you tend to notice more of those than other types? If you have a blue car, do you seem to notice more blue cars than other colored cars?

Why may that be so? Because that is where you've placed your attention. Whether one does it intentionally or not, is irrelevant, it still happens. So, this is why I suggest people focus upon what they want. If you are constantly focusing upon stuff to reveal and forgive, guess what, that is what you are going to see the most in your life experiencing. Consider, the mechanism of forgiveness. What is necessary to enable that mechanism to come forth? Judgement. Someone has done something you judged to be out of alignment with how you believe it should be. Therefore, once you reveal their deed(s), you are the one who must forgive them. Really though, who is in need of forgiveness? If one is centered withing a state of Harmony, Love, Compassion, Caring, etc. what does the world look like to that being? It is offering those vibrations, therefore the world reflects that back to him/her in the moment by moment life unfolding. That is to say, there is no forgiveness necessary because there were no judgements put out to the universe. The one who truly needs forgiveness is not the offender but the offended because he/she holds that within his/her own state of being which necessitated the judgement of something other than divine perfection. 

When one focuses upon being loving, caring and in harmony with the divine, they offer these vibrations to the universe which reflects like vibrations back to them. This is the true form of forgiveness, where there are no "troubled waters or disturbances" which need to be forgiven. All those judgements fade away by the very nature of one raising one's vibrations into higher forms of expression where divinity expresses in the moment by moment unfolding.

There are facts and there are fictions. The facts are most readily and accurately linked to truth, and facts can be verified via personal experience. I suggest determining for one's self whether focusing upon divine attributes brings forth divine life experiences or not. You already know what your current focus has been, and what it has brought to you, so you should consider that factual as you've experienced it already. Are you ready to experience your divinity?

When one is a child, one thinks and acts like a child, when one grows out of childhood, one must leave childish things behind. We have all been children who've held on to our childish ways way beyond our childhood, let us shed those ways of being, and grow into our divine expressions in being.

What is an appropriate point of focus to bring forth our divine expression in being? That is the best point of attention to place your focus.

Friday, July 7, 2017

It is YOUR Life...

by Jerome Dechant
July 2017

We each have our own reality bubble, which we can and do share with others when we buy into what they believe and say. We each have to option to believe, or disbelieve anything and or everything anyone else says because we ultimately are the creator of our own life experience, and therefore it us up to each of us to assume full responsibility for what we allow in our very own reality bubble.

I do not dictate what someone else's reality bubble contains, ultimately, each of us does that because it is our own reality bubble. Abraham-Hicks often speaks about us creating our own reality via the vibration we offer to the universe. No one vibrates for us, it is what we do ourselves which draws to us the live experiences, people, places and things our life is expressed in. If someone else is manipulating our vibration, it is only possible by us allowing it to be so. Part of the awakening process, is to realize our own sovereignty, and taking back the control and authority of our own life experiencing. This means, what someone else says or does is less important than what we say and do because thereby we create our own life experiencing.

Radiating love ceaselessly, like the sun radiates it's light upon us all, is a way to manifest a divine expression in being. When we identify as that Source, are attuned to IT, love is our ceaseless expression in being. IT can be found in those still, quiet moments when in meditation, we listen to find and hear the "still small voice within."

It is your life. make it what you want it to be.

Blessings to us all!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Another Take on The Emotional Guidance System

By Jerome Dechant
June 23, 2017

(Inspired by the teaching presented through Ester Hicks of Abraham.  I've previously written about the Emotional Guidance System and post said article here on this blog.)

What is the purpose of our emotions?  Why do we have emotions?  How do we use or abuse our emotional expressions?  Where do they come from?

Have you ever consider these questions or even sometimes wondered about emotions?  As humans, we all have emotions which range from deepest darkest despair to divine bliss.  There is a gradient scale between these two extreme expressions of emotions, and each of us is always expressing consciously or unconsciously, every moment of our lives somewhere upon the emotional scale.

Abraham, who speaks through Ester Hicks, has stated our emotions are indicators of how in alignment we are with our divine intentions, how in alignment we are with our true and eternal Self.  It is said, if we are perfectly attuned to our Divine and Eternal Self, our life expression is in the highest divine bliss state of being.  Conversely, the further out of alignment we are with our true and eternal Self, our life expression can be one of total despair, hopelessness, grief, etc..

You may or may not be aware, we, as eternal beings, have multiple bodies we express through which are interwoven with each other.  The one you are probably most familiar with is the dense organic human body.  There is also the mental body, the emotional body, the astral body and the higher spiritual body.  These bodies are all expressions of our energy being, which is linked to and originated from The Source Energy Being, which is the beginning and end of all that is manifest and unmanifest.  You may also be aware that energy cannot be destroyed, but only changes form.  (Since we are essentially and primarily Energy Beings, this explains how we are eternal beings.)

As energy beings, the closer in vibration we are to the source energy of our being, the better if feels emotionally, and the clearer we are mentally.  We also are more energetic and alive as we come closer in vibration to Source Energy.  I mentioned vibrations, which is inherent in energy beingness.  Vibration is energy in motion.  Energy in motion expresses motion, and polarity in the manifest world.  Someone has said emotion is another way of saying energy in motion.  Energy in motion can be perceived as light and sound.  Our human body has senses which are specially designed to be receivers for certain ranges of energy vibrations, our eyes are attuned to the visible spectrum of vibration which we perceive as the colors of the rainbow.  (Our eyes have a limited range of perceptive capability, so there are light vibrations beyond our perception via our physical eyes.)  Our ears similarly are designed to perceive a range of sound vibrations which, like the eyes ability to see light, is limited to a certain frequency range of sound.  Our other senses of touch, taste and smell also have their own range of vibrational sensitivity, which combined together allow us, as biological organisms, to perceive and interact with our environment and each other.

Consider musical notes are auditory vibrations of energy in expression.  When notes are in harmony with each other, they have a pleasant sound, when they are not in harmony with each other, the sounds is not pleasant.  So, one might say notes in harmony with each other feel better to us energetically than notes that are discordant, or out of harmony with each other.  These discordant notes can engender feelings of discomfort and uneasiness.  This example may give you an idea of how one can use emotions as a guidance system.  When we are in harmony with our divine essence in being, and our desire, actions, thoughts and deeds are also in harmony with our divine essence, it feel really good, but when we get out of tune with that divine essence vibration, it expresses through our emotional state as not feeling quite right, being uncomfortable in some way to some degree which is tied to how out of tune we are with our divine essence in being and our intentions.

The goal, as I see it, is to be moving towards the pure Source Energy Being vibration, which feel the best and is most life supporting.

As a guide to use while walking our path in life, it is very helpful to be aware of our emotional state, particularly when we begin to feel out of tune with our divine essence in being, when we begin to feel we are not vibrationally aligned with our intentions and desires.

As an example, let us say you want to express more fulfillment in your life; you want to be happy, healthy, abundantly supplied and have meaningful and loving relationships while walking your path in this human life expression.  If you speak it out loud as your heart felt intention and desire for this to be true, that is the first step.  The next step is to notice how it makes you feel when you contemplate the fulfillment of your desire.  We experience our emotional expressions in being in the here now moment by moment unfolding.  So, as we attune to our divine essence, and hold the intention of our desire as fulfilled in this here now moment by moment unfolding, we’ve planted the seed of its expression in our life. 

Then as we go on with our day to day activities, we can tell whether we are remaining in alignment with our intentions and desires by how we feel emotionally.  If we feel happy and excited with anticipation of receiving the fruits of our intention and desire, we are walking the path which will most directly take us to experiencing our intended desires.  But as we begin to feel uneasy, or angry, fearful or doubtful, these are indications we are veering off the path which leads to the fulfillment of our desires.  If we then harbor thoughts of unworthiness, and the like, these thoughts move us further away from the path we intended to experience, and move us onto the path we the lack of the fulfillment of our intentions and desires will be realized in our life experiencing.

So, the manifestation process has a formula which is like this:  Thoughts, words and deeds in harmony and alignment with a feeling of appreciation and gratitude that what we’ve asked for is on its way.  If any one of these things, our thoughts, or words, or deeds and or our emotions move out of harmony with our intention and desires, they must be brought back into harmony which furthers the manifestation of the intended desire(s).

Volumes can be written about the manifestation process, but becoming the master manifester of your own life experience is up to you, and how consciously you walk the path of your life.  Make the best use of the tools Source has given you, and you will realize the fulfillment of your desires. 

Notice:  It isn’t your responsibility to try to create or push your desires upon anyone else.  Each of us must make our own choices and take responsibility for our own life expressing and creating, thereby reaping the fruits of our own conscious or unconscious creations. 

You can choose to ignore what you’ve just read, or you can try it on for size, and see if it fits for you.  You will never know the value of what I’ve shared until you find out for yourself the truth of it via your own life experiencing.

Blessings to us all.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


by Jerome Dechant
June 20, 2017

This manifestation is enabled by the existence of polarities, that is to say, the existence of polarities enables this relative manifestation.  Within this relative manifestation, there are no real absolutes, that is to say, for instance, there isn’t an absolute positive because if it was absolute, that would eliminate the negative, and without the negative, the possibility for a spectrum of expression in being is not possible.

You may have seen this symbol for Yin and Yang.  It reveals the necessity for each polarity’s interdependence upon the other.  The Yin contains some of the Yang, and the Yang contains some of the Yin.  These polarities are in constant motion, so the light side chases the dark side and the dark side chases the light side as the symbol spins around it’s center.  You will also notice they are balanced in that the light side is equal to the dark side.

What does that tell us?  It tells us, in the relative manifestation in being, there will always be good, (light or positive vibration,) and an equal and opposite bad, (dark or negative vibration.)  Which means, good can never be absolute, nor can bad be absolute because within each of them is a spark or vibration of the other.

That being said, there IS a spectrum of vibration from the nearly absolute positive (good) to the nearly absolute negative (bad) vibration.  One can decide where one wants to express within this spectrum of expression.  So if I lift my vibration so I am vibrating very high in the positive vibration, my experience will be substantially a positive vibration expression in being.  At this vibration, the equivalent negative vibration still exists, but because being higher in the spectrum of vibration, the equivalent negative vibration drops out of my experience, to the extent that I limit my scope of expression in being to be primarily within the vibrational state where the positive is the dominant expression.

As an example; a Divine Realized Master in being, can express throughout the entire spectrum in being, yet may choose to primarily express in the “Heavenly” state of expression.  While this being is manifest in this Heavenly state, It does not necessarily experience the “Hell” state of expression because on the vibrational spectrum of being, these two vibrations are very far apart.  So from within the experience of the Divine being’s expression it may appear, there is no hell to be seen, but that doesn’t mean hell has stopped existing.

The whole spectrum expresses constantly.  We get to choose where within this spectrum we express our being, or we don’t choose and may find our expression in being being thrust upon us by our lack of choice, so it may sometimes be enjoyable and sometimes not so enjoyable.  (The benefit to awakening to our ability to create our own reality experiencing is key and dependent upon our consciously choosing our own life expression, rather than letting life and circumstance choose it for us.)

So, as we walk through our life, how to we climb the spectrum towards a more divine expression in being?  It takes place in our here now, moment by moment expression in being.  Here, now is where we express and where our choosing or lack of choosing takes place.  Where ever we happen to be upon the vibrational spectrum of being, we can make a conscious choice to be happier than we were before, we can choose to be more loving than we were before, and in making these choices we can bring being happy into our here now moment by moment unfolding.  We can bring being more loving into our here, now moment by moment expression in being.  When we are ever present within our here, now moment by moment unfolding, we can consciously choose to perpetuate feeling good, or feeling happy, or feeling loving as each moment unfolds.  In this way, I can say Yes, I am happy, I want more of this, thereby I plant the seed for more of it to express in my life expression.

When you haven’t centered yourself with the here, now moment by moment unfolding, you may see things in your life you don’t want, and you may have experiences in your life which you do not like.  All of that has come into being because, you’ve let life and circumstance dictate your life expression rather than consciously choosing it.  To change this, meditation is important because it quiets the mind and body and more readily enables us to experience our here, now life expressing where the power to change our life experiences exists.  So, when confronted with stuff you don’t want, notice it and make a choice to have something you DO want.  Pay attention to what you DO want by embodying the feeling (vibration) of it to the best of your ability, and continue practicing it until your life expression fully is enfolded by the vibration of what you do want.  Each time you see/feeling/experience something you didn’t consciously choose, you can (in the here now moment by moment unfolding) decide to perpetuate it, or change it towards something you prefer more.  Then it is a “rinse and repeat” process.

I suggest meditation, focusing upon being here now, being fully present in this here now expression in being, giving thanks for this opportunity to regain control of your life expression in being.  Realize, as you regain your own authority and power to choose, it is essential you also allow others this freedom to regain their own authority and power to choose, which can not be forced upon them.  They must come to it through their own volition and choice to do so.

Your fulfillment isn’t dependent upon anyone other than your own self.  No one can bring fulfillment into your life expressing, but you.  Also, this means, you can’t give fulfillment to anyone else.  Yes, you can point them in the direction of it, but they each must walk the path which leads to their own fulfillment.  You can give them encouragement and support, and allow them the freedom to express their life at their own pace and according to their own desires.

Blessings to us all.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Unity or Division?

All things in our life experiencing can be reduced down to two things, Unity and Division. Through our moment by moment life experiencing, everything we think, do and say is either contributing towards Unity, or Division.
Are you bringing people together, promoting getting along in harmony, or are you putting up barriers and wedges between peoples causing separations, distrust, anger, fear?
You can, of course, choose which you contribute to, but I strongly suggest putting your energy towards Unity more than Division.
Be mindful through out the day of what you say, think and do. Observe where you are on the scale between total unity and total division. You can adjust towards one or the other, but it takes presence and here now awareness to consciously do so.
It is your life, consciously live it and consciously create the future you want to step into.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Create your own Sacred Space for Spiritual Practices

Setting up a "sacred space" for doing any of these higher vibration practices is worth doing before any channeling occurs. The environment is cleansed vibrationally so that lower vibration influences won't come in because it hurts them to do so. It is sort of like a fire to them, (figuratively) that the variation in vibration is such that unless they attune to the higher vibration, they can not enter the space. If they DO bring up their vibration, then the unwanted aspects of that being will be cleared away, so their beauty and magnificence in being comes forth. So, initially, such a being may approach with the intention to misinform, but after clearing their vibrational field, they become an aid rather than a hindrance to the whole process. This is why it is good to have a designated space where spiritual practices are practiced, such as meditation and this sort of thing. If one can not have a designated space, then cleanse the space these practices are to occur in via vibrational cleansing techniques. Also, adding love into the mix as an energy qualifier is key. (Logic is typically a male energy whereas Love is a female energy.) Marrying logic and love brings forth wisdom.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Be a Sponge or be a Sun?

An empath is sort of like a sponge, which is porous and therefore absorbs easily the energies around him/her. Then of course, where ever you happen to be, you absorb what you are immersed in. Consider this; in order to absorb one has to have space where that which is absorbed can reside, which may have it's origin in one feeling incomplete, therefore drawing upon the surroundings for a sense of completion. (that's just one idea about it, not the definitive expression about it.) I found the Source within me is so energizing and complete, it enables me to radiate energy more than absorb energy. Yes, I can be sensitive to the energies around me, and at the same time I can be the channel or conduit to radiate Source energy similar to the radiance of the Sun. In this way, it is sort of like constantly gifting Divine Radiance to the environments and those within these environments for their betterment and fulfillment in being. I realize there isn't duality, that "they" are me, and I am them. This IS Oneness. In that I find myself exposed to various energies, these are opportunities, to transmute them into higher expressions in being. So, if I can recognize a hateful type of energy for instance, I'm the one recognizing it, therefore I can shift it (because it is just energy,) into a more harmonious state, which if it appears to be coming from someone else, they will find relief in the transmutation of the energy, therefore we will both be lifted into a more optimal state of energy being.

Your very own Reality Bubble?

What if you found out each of us have our very own reality bubble where we create whatever we want our reality to be. What if it looks like others can create in our reality bubble, but they can't unless we give them consent to do so, (actually, we still do the creating but we use their template in our reality.)
What does this mean? It means if someone else talks about stuff you don't want in your reality bubble, you don't have to allow it or create it in your very own bubble.
It is liberating to know you can have whatever you want without needing anyone else's permission to make it so. It is also liberating to know when someone wants war, hatred, etc., you can say, yeah, you can have that in your bubble, but I'm not going to create it in mine.
My bubble is full of love, harmony, peace, abundance, joy, caring and sharing and adventures in living life fully as a human being and beyond.
What do you want to create in YOUR bubble?
Make it so!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Learn to do it yourself

I see it happen quite a bit, sometimes it is appropriate, but other times it is not. So, what am I referring to? Having someone do something for you so you don't have to do it.

For some things, which require a special skill you haven't developed yet, that needs to be done right away, yeah, it is good to have someone do that for you.

And there are other examples I'm sure you can think of where it is necessary and preferred to have someone do it for you, but there are things people may want others to do for them, that they should do themselves. In fact, there are things no one can do for you like live your life.

When it comes to self mastery, no one can do it for you. Yes, there are people who can teach you how to become masterful at expressing life, but in order to graduate into the Mastery of your life, you need to do it, no one can do it for you.

So, the next time you are considering having someone else "do it for you" pause a moment and consider whether this is something I need to do myself, even if it is something I really don't like to do. Sometimes, those things are important steps along the path of life which propel us forward in our self mastery, so to hand them off to someone else, is counter productive.

If we depend on others for our accomplishments, they aren't our accomplishments, they are someone else's accomplishments.

It is better to teach someone how to do something so they can do it themselves, than to just do it for them. Yeah, just doing it for them takes less time and may be easier, but then they are dependent upon you, so if/when you are no longer there, they are screwed.

Each of us has an innate skill and or ability which comes naturally to us. To be of service to others, we may teach others how to do that, if or when asked to do so.

We are more of service to others when we enable others to do it for themselves.

(I believe this is the approach the blue avians have taken. They provide guidance and encouragement, but they aren't going to do it for us.) 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

More thoughts on How to Make your Meditation More Powerful

When listening to the guided meditation verbal presentation, it is helpful not only to imagine or visualize the suggestions as occurring in the present moment, but also to add heartfelt strong emotions reflecting how wonderful you feel with these suggestions being true in the here now moment by moment unfolding.
Realize the power is not in the words, but the vibrations we emanate which may be inspired by the words.  If the words don't generate an emotional response automatically, fill that space in through your own conscious effort because you can do it.
Also, consider the power of the meditation is in the moment by moment experiencing and unfolding during the meditation, while being attuned consciously with the energetic expression in vibration which more readily enables the desired points of focus in attention when fueled by the appropriate emotional charge.
Focus on what you want, fuel your imaginings and visualizations with powerful emotions such as appreciation, gratitude and love.  Realizing the moment these elements are brought forth together in the here now moment by moment unfolding, the work is done, therefore give thanks that it is so.