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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Your very own Reality Bubble?

What if you found out each of us have our very own reality bubble where we create whatever we want our reality to be. What if it looks like others can create in our reality bubble, but they can't unless we give them consent to do so, (actually, we still do the creating but we use their template in our reality.)
What does this mean? It means if someone else talks about stuff you don't want in your reality bubble, you don't have to allow it or create it in your very own bubble.
It is liberating to know you can have whatever you want without needing anyone else's permission to make it so. It is also liberating to know when someone wants war, hatred, etc., you can say, yeah, you can have that in your bubble, but I'm not going to create it in mine.
My bubble is full of love, harmony, peace, abundance, joy, caring and sharing and adventures in living life fully as a human being and beyond.
What do you want to create in YOUR bubble?
Make it so!

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