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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Together, a wedding love song

Together, by Jerome Dechant

I wrote this song and performed it at a friend's wedding.  In this recording, I did the vocals and all instrumentation as well as the productions aspects of the audio production.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please share the link with those you think might also enjoy it.


The Savior

By Jerome Dechant
Aug. 19, 2012
What is implicit in the concept of a savior?  Obviously the idea that one needs to be saved, secondly that there has to be someone else to do the saving.  Also implied is the idea that one cannot save him or herself, that there has to be some outside intervention to facilitate the being saved.  What if this is true?  What if in order to be saved, I DO need someone else to save me?  That is placing a huge responsibility on someone else because I am dependent on him/her to save me.  What happens if that someone doesn’t show up in time to save me?  What if I were waiting for him/her to arrive so I could be saved in the nick of time?  That means I’m not taking any action on my own to extricate myself from the situation or circumstance in which I need to be saved.  In other words, I’ve been just sitting around waiting to be saved.  What is that?  That is delegating responsibility outside of me for my salvation.  In other words, I have adopted the victim stance/attitude and am at the mercy of external people, places and things; I am powerless with this stance/attitude.

Many people think it is easier to let someone else do it and with many activities in life, that may be appropriate, but when it comes to our own life experiencing and choosing whether we are ultimately saved or not, that is something not advisable to delegate to someone else.  Being saved is something we have to take full responsibility for; we have to own our own salvation because in fully owning it, we do not delegate our power and abilities to someone else, but rather maintain this power and ability within our own realm of being/experiencing.
What is it then that we seek from a savior?  It means we have made choices which led us into a situation and/or circumstances which are not to our liking, and when it comes to being saved, likely to be extreme situations or circumstances where we have already delegated our abilities to others.  We have painted ourselves into a corner.  We have set ourselves up by poor choices.  Our salvation is really learning from our mistakes, not to make the same mistakes again.  The learning not to make the same mistakes again is our part to participate in this.  If we don’t learn from our mistakes and continually paint ourselves into corners, do you really think someone is going to take pity on you for your lack of “getting it?”  I’d say no.  You will have to keep making those same mistakes over and over again until you finally “get it” that you need to make different choices which lead to different, more favorable outcomes.  When you finally do “get it” and make the different choices; that is your salvation.  And what is that the salvation from?  Not the specifics of that situation or circumstance, but rather from the lack of knowing how to deal with the circumstance or situation to get the outcome you desire.  In other words, you step into the light with regard to that situation and or circumstance.  You develop clarity which serves you well in anticipating possible outcomes associated with various choices so that you make choices which lead to the outcomes you desire, and don’t make choices which lead to outcomes you do not desire.

Clarity and wisdom are really the elements of salvation we seek.  That is to say, to see clearly enough to make wise decisions so as not to put ourselves into circumstances and situations where we might be stuck or a victim at the mercy of the situation.  When we come to the fork in the road, to be able to read the signs well enough so that we don’t go down the road where the wolves are waiting to eat us. 
This leads to education.  Education is another of our own empowerment because to the extent that we are educated about life and its circumstances and situations, to that extent we are able to make wise choices which result in the outcomes we desire.  Some education can come from external sources, some needs to be experienced through our own life experiencing.  When we accept these possibilities and embrace them, we move out of the darkness which has us stumbling and wandering aimlessly upon our path of life.

How do we get this clarity?  How do we develop this wisdom?  By living life as it unfolds for us, being present in this unfolding experiencing what life is offering us.  What is it then that life is offering us?  Life is offering ample opportunities to develop our clarity and wisdom.  Each moment that unfolds holds a key to our freedom, or a lock for our bondage.  By our choosing we have the opportunity to develop our discernment.  If we make the wrong choices, as we all must, we go through that path of learning which unfolds for us by the making of that choice.  So even if it seems like it was the wrong path to take, it serves us to the extent that we use what we learn to enable and empower us to know it was the path which showed us an outcome we didn’t like, thereby defining more clearly the outcome we do like.
Ultimately, life unfolds for us perfectly and leads us into the light.  Whether the path to the light is a short one or a long one is determined by our choices and learning from those choices so that we reduce the repetition of making the same choices which do not lead us to the desired outcomes.  Regardless of the choices whether they be deemed to be bad choices or good choices, they all serve us in realizing our own salvation.

Ultimately life is our savior because life enables us to experience clarity and develop wisdom.  If you aren’t realizing clarity and wisdom right now in your life experiencing, this means you are still developing your clarity and wisdom.  Don’t fret about it, just live your life as it unfolds for you, realize it is by your choices that you free or bind yourself.  Letting that both freeing and binding choices serve you is wisdom.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Power of Fear

By Jerome Dechant
August 7, 2012

Clearly, the fear based approach to life has its advantages for those who instigate and perpetuate it.  And they will continue to apply their approach as long as it is in their self interest.  From their perspective, it is a matter of control, and self promotion regardless of the cost to humanity. 

It isn’t easy to tip the scales away from the fear based approach to life because those who use this approach will continue to exert their influence regardless of any and all efforts to the contrary. So, if we wait for the global community to move away from the fear based approach, we will be waiting until the destruction which annihilates us all.

One way a massive change away from the fear based approach can take place is by one person at a time deciding not to play that game anymore, deciding not to fuel the fear machine by promoting it or taking part in its escalation via the life choices they make in their life expression.

So it has to be personal.  Am I fearful?  Of what?  Is this a real and imminent threat to me personally, or is it an imagined threat? If it is a real and imminent threat to me, then what can I do to reduce that threat to myself?  If there is little or nothing I can do to remove the threat, and the fearful outcome is certain, what is there to be afraid of?  If the worst that can happen is that you die, then make peace with yourself within yourself and make that transition out of this life without the weight of fear bearing down on you.

Consider, we are all going to die whether we want to or not so fearing death does not serve us well in all of our life expression.  The thoughts of death do keep us from doing foolish things that would certainly result in our own death.  Rather than fearing death and trying to avoid it, I suggest cherishing life and living it fully so that when death comes we will have lived a full and rewarding life.  In other words this moves our focus out of avoiding what we don’t want, towards focusing on what we do want.

The fear based approach requires each of us to maintain the focus on avoiding what we don’t want.  This is the fuel which drives the fear machine.  When we each take our focus away from avoiding what we don’t want and put our attention on focusing on what we do want, we will begin to take back our creative power.  The only way each of us can get what we want is by being fully present in this moment, and deciding what we want then applying our efforts and attention towards reaching that goal.  The fear machine takes our attention away from our creative ability in this moment and puts our attention upon what might happen, what someone or something might do which isn’t occurring in this moment.

It is easy for me to say to you, “Don’t be afraid.”  It is quite another thing to heed that and just stop being afraid.  Usually, there is something to be afraid of or a cause for our fear, so rather than running away from our fear, turning around and facing it, and learning about it and studying what it is will put us back into the present moment where our control is.  When we are running away, we have our attention on escaping believing it is possible to escape what we fear.  The problem is, if we have monsters within the closets of our minds, we take those monsters with us so they have the opportunity to cause is fear again and again.  So there is no escaping our fears by running away from them.  By running away from our fears we give them yet another opportunity to make us afraid.

It is a worthwhile endeavor to consciously be aware of what you fear, therefore I suggest taking some time to consider what frightens you and why it frightens you.  What would happen if you faced this fear?  Is there anything you can do in the face of this fear which would dissolve the fear right before your eyes?  Remember, turning around and facing your fears brings you back into control in the present moment.  As long as you run away, fear is controlling you.  As long as you avoid what you are afraid of, fear is controlling you.  As long as you try to forget what you are afraid of, fear is controlling you.  In all these instances you are denying your own innate power and handing it over freely to that which you fear.  You become powerless and what you fear becomes all powerful.  Realize the only power fear has is the power you give it.  The monsters of your mind have no power in and of themselves.  They use your power to make you fearful.  Now isn’t that the most effective weapon, to get us to use our own power against ourselves?  Yes, that’s the plan.  “They” might start the fear ball rolling but then they let us drive the engine with our own power.  This way “they” don’t have to continue to do anything, we do it to ourselves.

To sum it up, fear takes our own power and uses it against ourselves to further fuel itself.

Fear is based upon the unknown.  We fear what we don’t know.  Solution:  know what you fear.  When you know it, the unknown goes away.

Fear takes our attention out of this present moment and thereby disempowers us.

Our power is only available to us within each moment we are focused within this present moment.

When we face our fear, we take back our power that we unwittingly and freely gave to fear to empower and rule over us.

Fear has no power in and of itself.  Each of us is the power.  When we become conscious of this fact, we can decide whether we want to fuel the fear machine in our own life experiencing or not.

Focus on what you want.  Place your power and attention on what you want rather than avoiding or resisting what you don’t want.  The first empowers you, the second disempowers you.

Be Here Now!  This is where our power resides.  This means taking back the power you’ve unknowingly or unwittingly given away so freely.  It also means taking back the responsibility for wielding this power responsibly and wisely.

It is your power.  Would you rather someone else control it to suit his or her own whims and wishes for good or ill?  Is it better to wield your own power, or to give it away and become powerless?

Important considerations:

Be here now.

Balance your thoughts, words and actions with an equal measure of mind and heart, leaning towards the heart so that compassion rules your actions and judgments.

In oneness consciousness what you do to others you do to yourself because the “others” are you too.  NOTE: in duality consciousness you might think what you do to others has no effect on you because they are different than you, they are not you.  (That is the basis of duality consciousness: me and not me.)  You will come to a point when you realize there isn’t a “not me,” and when you do, that is when you will reside fully in oneness consciousness.  Until then, take my word for it, and save yourself a lot of grief by living as though the “others” are you too whether you realize it now or not.

So, yes, from within this place in me where oneness consciousness  resides, I am writing this to myself; to all my forms and expressions.

There is this place in you and this place in me, when we are in this place, there is no “you” and there is no “me” there is only ONE.  This is written from this place of oneness.  And this is ONE beckoning to be acknowledged and recognized, HERE and NOW from within me.  I am Here Now.