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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

in reply to part of Bill's reply

BILL WROTE: ...I guess we’ll find out, won’t we. So far, everything I’m talking about is happening. Perhaps you aren’t aware of a lot of it, since little of the information about it is widely known, since the media doesn’t cover it.

What I wrote about has to do with being present in the moment enough to take appropriate action for my own health and well-being. Frankly, that's about all I can do. I think this is about all anyone can do. If we take care of this moment, the future will be taken care of as well because I will have at least for myself, planted the seeds for a future which perpetuates my well-being. My hope is that others realize no on else can save them, each of us is our own savior.

Additionally, in the balance of expression in being, there is an equal amount of negativity as there is positivity. That means there is opportunity for at least half the expression in being to express positively while the other half expresses negatively. How does one experience the "positivity" side of the balance? By planting the seeds of positivity in this moment right here, right now, making choices and decisions which engender the growth of this sort of experience.

While I endeavor to maintain a life experience of well-being, I know that there are those who won't do that, and I do have compassion for their part in this play of consciousness. I also realize the potential for postive and negative expressions reside within my own being, the same as is true for each other individual in manifestation. Fortunately, each of us can make choices which side of the equasion we predominately express within.

However it all plays out, there is a point of attention, expression which endures throughout the ebbs and flows of manifestation. As I find this point within me, even though my body may suffer and pass away, the being which transcends all things endures eternally.

What else is an eternal being to do except experience this ride?

Looking to the past for guidance into the future has some value, yet like driving down the highway constantly looking in the rear view mirror can have disasterous effect, so too can constantly looking to the past for guidance into the future.

I encourage each person to find the joy of this moment in life, and share it with others. In the very least, at least this moment will be joyful and wonderful to experience.

That reminds me of the story of the monk who was being chased by a tiger, and finally came to a clif where he lowered himself down over the edge out of the reach of the tiger. As he held on to the vine, before him was the most beautiful bush of strawberries he'd ever seen with plump right sweet strawberries aplenty. The vine was about to break because of his weight, and he would surly fall to his death, but in that moment, he enjoyed the gift of sweetness the strawberry offered him.

I hope we all are wise enough to enjoy the strawberries which life offers us before the vine breaks and we fall to our deaths.

Best regards,

A Reply to Bill Harris' Blog

I wrote what follows in reply to a blog Bill Harris of the Centerpointe Institute wrote entitled:

Going to Hell in a handbasket, Part 1
by Bill Harris
February 22nd, 2011.

This is a link to his blog if you want to read/hear it:

The link

Hi Bill,

While everything you say may be factual, it isn't the whole picture. I am sure you are aware that the more "awakened" people on the planet, the more likely we are to have a better outcome. One who is fully present in the moment acts with greater power than one who is not fully present in the moment. It is said that one such person has much greater ability to have greater effects on those in his/her environment in a positive way. I don't recall the numbers right now, but I know of experiments where a group of people sat in meditation with the intention of radiating love and compassion. During the period where this occured, there were statistically noticable drops in crime and violence in that area.

When 2 or more people join together with a positive life supporting intent, their power to effect the environment (people) is far greater than if they meditated alone. So, even though there are in numbers and percentages very few "awakened" beings present here on earth, their influence is sufficient to at the very least maintain balance. And I think you are aware, of the value of balance. The middle ground, the peace at the center of the storm, the Here Now Moment, Presence. When we dwell in a balanced state of being, we radiate this balance to our surroundings. When we gather while in this state of Presence and balance, the influence is expodentially magnified and the results are noticable.

I kow you've talked about there is no winning between in a battle of good over bad, or black over white, that is the turning of the wheel, finding balance is moving towards the place where the wheel turns around you, and you observe the ebb and flow of the "good" and "bad" as part of the play of consciousness.

In this moment the only thing we truly have is this moment. Being fully present within it is where we find peace, joy and fulfillment. As we experience this peace, joy and fulfillment we radiate that, and thereby we fulfill our small part in the continuation of the play of consciousness.

Best regards,

Monday, February 21, 2011

A short bit of a poem

I wrote this little bit of a poem the other day. I posted it on my Facebook page, and so decided to also post it here.

...Had I not known thee,
I would not know the love I now hold in my heart,
For thou art that beating love which over takes me,
And drives me to tears in thy absence.

Let not my heart cry anymore,
Let it be at peace with thee by my side,
Hold and touch me, as I hold and kiss thee,
My love,
My Sweet heart,
My darling dear.
Sweetness has never been known cept by thine own sweet smile.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fresh thinking

How can you fully appreciate the future, if you aren't fully appreciating the present? The present is the seed of the future.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What do you identify with?

What do you identify with?
by Jerome Dechant
Feb. 1, 2011

Who are you? What are you? The answers to these questions will reveal to you and others where you assign your identity.

Jack Canfield has told a story in some videos I’ve recently viewed about the golden Buddha. In case you haven’t heard this story before, I will summarize it briefly by going right to the key point of the story.

There was this huge solid gold statue of Buddha which was hidden within another statue of Buddha made of clay. I don’t know, but I’m gonna guess the clay version of the Buddha was very beautiful and appropriately represented the Buddha with honor and respect.

The story goes that the land in which the golden Buddha resided was being invaded. The monks of the ashram/temple where the golden Buddha resided knew the invading forces were eventually going to make it to their temple. They also realized if the golden Buddha statue was left in plain sight, it would have been destroyed, melted down for its precious gold, therefore they undertook the task of crafting a clay Buddha over the golden one to keep it safe from pillaging.

By the time the invading forces came to this temple, the clay Buddha statue had been finished and looked perfectly in place in the temple so that it wasn’t disturbed by the invading forces. As the story goes, either all the monks were killed or took the secret of the golden Buddha to their graves without telling anyone.

Many years later, due to some need to relocate the statue, the clay statue was cracked during the attempt to move the statue, and it was at this time when the golden Buddha was discovered within the clay statue.

The reason I tell this story is because of the question titleing this blog. What do you identify with? Most of us, because of what we’ve been told or been exposed to, identify with the clay of our expression, not realizing we are in fact the beautiful and valuable golden Buddha hidden within.

If we never seek to uncover, to break the clayness of our expression, we will never express our true magnificence to the world, even though it truly resides within our clayness right here, right now.

I suggest, you sit quietly from time to time and delve deep within your own identity to find the gold of your being, the true YOU, and reacquaint yourself with your true Self. Re-identify with the true and eternal being of magnificence that you actually are. At first you might not believe this to be true, you might not even bother to look deeply within because you feel so certain that you are the clayness, not the goldness. As long as you don’t seek, that is the time through which you will suffer the deterioration of your clayness which will certainly be extended.

When you come to know your true identity through first hand experiencing, you might only at first get a glimpse of your magnificence. That is the crack in the clay which allows your magnificence to shine through. And so, the tendency will be for the crack to expand, and elongate and spread until finally, your clayness just naturally falls away, and you step forth embodying your magnificence for one and all to see.

There is another possibility too, one in which once a crack begins to form, you get out fresh clay and repair the crack, fill it back in because you are afraid to be exposed for what you truly are, or you’ve become so accustomed to identifying with your clayness adopting another identity just doesn’t seem feasible.

Whichever path you choose to take, I assure you, during it all, your true identity persists within you, awaiting your expression in being.

“I am here right now.” Self speaking.

Do you want a chisel and hammer, or do you want a bucket of fresh clay? Both choices are the right choices regardless of which one you make.

One thing to note is the Self doesn’t suffer but rather endures in its magnificence. Suffering arises out of misidentifying with that which is not your true being.

So, now again I ask the questions I posed at the beginning. Have your answers changed?