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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Reply to Bill Harris' Blog

I wrote what follows in reply to a blog Bill Harris of the Centerpointe Institute wrote entitled:

Going to Hell in a handbasket, Part 1
by Bill Harris
February 22nd, 2011.

This is a link to his blog if you want to read/hear it:

The link

Hi Bill,

While everything you say may be factual, it isn't the whole picture. I am sure you are aware that the more "awakened" people on the planet, the more likely we are to have a better outcome. One who is fully present in the moment acts with greater power than one who is not fully present in the moment. It is said that one such person has much greater ability to have greater effects on those in his/her environment in a positive way. I don't recall the numbers right now, but I know of experiments where a group of people sat in meditation with the intention of radiating love and compassion. During the period where this occured, there were statistically noticable drops in crime and violence in that area.

When 2 or more people join together with a positive life supporting intent, their power to effect the environment (people) is far greater than if they meditated alone. So, even though there are in numbers and percentages very few "awakened" beings present here on earth, their influence is sufficient to at the very least maintain balance. And I think you are aware, of the value of balance. The middle ground, the peace at the center of the storm, the Here Now Moment, Presence. When we dwell in a balanced state of being, we radiate this balance to our surroundings. When we gather while in this state of Presence and balance, the influence is expodentially magnified and the results are noticable.

I kow you've talked about there is no winning between in a battle of good over bad, or black over white, that is the turning of the wheel, finding balance is moving towards the place where the wheel turns around you, and you observe the ebb and flow of the "good" and "bad" as part of the play of consciousness.

In this moment the only thing we truly have is this moment. Being fully present within it is where we find peace, joy and fulfillment. As we experience this peace, joy and fulfillment we radiate that, and thereby we fulfill our small part in the continuation of the play of consciousness.

Best regards,

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