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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

in reply to part of Bill's reply

BILL WROTE: ...I guess we’ll find out, won’t we. So far, everything I’m talking about is happening. Perhaps you aren’t aware of a lot of it, since little of the information about it is widely known, since the media doesn’t cover it.

What I wrote about has to do with being present in the moment enough to take appropriate action for my own health and well-being. Frankly, that's about all I can do. I think this is about all anyone can do. If we take care of this moment, the future will be taken care of as well because I will have at least for myself, planted the seeds for a future which perpetuates my well-being. My hope is that others realize no on else can save them, each of us is our own savior.

Additionally, in the balance of expression in being, there is an equal amount of negativity as there is positivity. That means there is opportunity for at least half the expression in being to express positively while the other half expresses negatively. How does one experience the "positivity" side of the balance? By planting the seeds of positivity in this moment right here, right now, making choices and decisions which engender the growth of this sort of experience.

While I endeavor to maintain a life experience of well-being, I know that there are those who won't do that, and I do have compassion for their part in this play of consciousness. I also realize the potential for postive and negative expressions reside within my own being, the same as is true for each other individual in manifestation. Fortunately, each of us can make choices which side of the equasion we predominately express within.

However it all plays out, there is a point of attention, expression which endures throughout the ebbs and flows of manifestation. As I find this point within me, even though my body may suffer and pass away, the being which transcends all things endures eternally.

What else is an eternal being to do except experience this ride?

Looking to the past for guidance into the future has some value, yet like driving down the highway constantly looking in the rear view mirror can have disasterous effect, so too can constantly looking to the past for guidance into the future.

I encourage each person to find the joy of this moment in life, and share it with others. In the very least, at least this moment will be joyful and wonderful to experience.

That reminds me of the story of the monk who was being chased by a tiger, and finally came to a clif where he lowered himself down over the edge out of the reach of the tiger. As he held on to the vine, before him was the most beautiful bush of strawberries he'd ever seen with plump right sweet strawberries aplenty. The vine was about to break because of his weight, and he would surly fall to his death, but in that moment, he enjoyed the gift of sweetness the strawberry offered him.

I hope we all are wise enough to enjoy the strawberries which life offers us before the vine breaks and we fall to our deaths.

Best regards,

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