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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Talking to my Self...

I was doing this exercise to define my most important life goal(s) and the blocks in the way of attaining these goals. What follows is a portion of that exercise. You will notice grammatical errors, poor sentence structure and the like. Please ignore this stuff and just read it as it is. You will find a sort of dialogue going on within myself with questions and answers. I'm sharing this with the hopes that there is something here worthwhile for you to discover and benifit from. If nothing else, it will give you a little insight into my own journey in this life experiencing.

Number 1 goal that is most important to me.

Consciously being ever present in this here now, experiencing my connection with my source, constantly being aware of how I feel so that I am always re-attuning and aligning with the most optimal expression of my being in abundance, clarity, freedom and bliss.

What has been blocking me from attaining this goal up until this point?

Seeking it, not being it.

List of everything blocking me and preventing me from being successful.

Whatever “It” is, it is within me.


Why don’t I have a life partner right now? Why am I resisting this?

Because I am seeking it rather than letting it be. Stop seeking, just be. When I am seeking it, whatever it is, I am in a vibration of seeking. I can’t be in a vibration of seeking at the same time as being in a vibration of allowing/receiving.

Because I am not open. Why am I not open? Because I am afraid. Why am I afraid? I’m afraid because I fear he won’t love me and accept me. I want to have a relationship with him and I’m afraid he won’t want to have this relationship with me. Why wouldn’t he want to have a relationship with me? Because he isn’t gay. Is that what I fear most when thinking of him?

Yes. If I knew he was gay, would I be free to be open with him about my interest in him? Yes. I could ask him, but if he says no, he isn’t gay, my fears would be answered, and my pursuit of him would come to an end. See, this is part of the seeking, pursuing him is seeking. Am I more interested in pursuing him or having him? Pursuing him is fun, but not fulfilling, so I’d like to get past the pursuing part and get to the having part. Okay, can I let go of pursuing him now and get on to the having him now part? That depends on if he is interested in being had by me. Do I feel like he wants to be had by me? Yes. So, what would really end if he isn’t gay? If he isn’t gay, he hasn’t been gay all this time we’ve talked and been with each other has he? No. So, maybe he does accept me, at least as much as he knows of me right now. If he isn’t gay, and doesn’t want to have a relationship with me, then what have I lost? Nothing. What have I gained? The knowledge that he isn’t the one for me. Is it okay if he isn’t the one for me? Yes, because it is very important that whoever he is, he is the one for me. Is (his name is omitted to protect his identity) the one for me? I don’t know. How do I find out? How does it feel when I think of him? Feels good to me.

Next block, he is shy therefore he may never have the courage to acknowledge he is interested in me. Why is he shy? Because he lacks self confidence. He is also afraid. What is he afraid of? Being hurt. How could I help him feel more safe? Let him know he can feel safe and secure with me. Let him know I won’t hurt him. How do I let him know he can feel safe with me? How do I inspire that feeling in him?

How can I let him know he doesn’t have to be shy with me? He can be open and free with me, secure with me, loved by me. I already accept him, I am already open to him. I can help him to build his self confidence. I can help him to be free of his fears. I can help him to be open, loving and abundantly happy. And, he can help me in all of these ways too.

Is there anything I can do right now to move forward into the having this relationship with him? Yes, drop the belief that he is afraid to get close to me. Drop the belief that I am afraid to get close to him. Why am I afraid to get close to him? Because of the unknown. When you are on the leading edge of discovery, how much do you know of what lies ahead? Not much. The only way it will become known, is by taking that step towards knowing, allowing the unfolding. Being on the leading edge is a constant experience of discovering. This is the growth path of unfolding, expanding revealing, building and creating the path before us. We are literally creating the next step, the next bit of path before us. Right now. This creating is happening always in this here now moment. I shine the light of awareness upon how it is now and a little bit ahead of me so that I can see what the next step is, where I should place my foot next. And in being here now, shining the light of awareness upon the path before me, heeding the emotional guidance I experience, I choose where to place my foot on the path, avoiding stumbling blocks and pitfalls by being present in this moment and aware of the choices I can make here now.

When I know where I want to go, and pay attention to the indicators each moment is giving me in relationship to where I am at, and where my destination is, I can steer my course and thus easily arrive at my destination. As I maintain my focus on attaining the goal, I consistently take steps which move me towards the fulfillment of that goal. And, once I get there, the path continues to unfold before me, giving me opportunities to choose which way to go next.

Fear is the self imposed prison we make for ourselves which binds us and holds us in place. There is security in the known, but there is no growth, excitement, adventure and opportunity. Fear robs us of the zest for life, and leaves us empty. If you want to live life fully, if you want to grow and find the adventure and excitement within your life again, you must face your fears and realize they have no power over you that you do not give them. The only power fear has over you, is the power you’ve given it. As an adventurer in life, you can reclaim that power and by reclaiming that power dissolve the bars that have bound you. So you can live fearlessly on the leading edge of creation discovering what’s out there. Being enlivened and renewed with every new discovery, so that the attitude of anticipation and wonderment fill each step of this journey as it unfolds before us.

There is always a next step, there is always a new horizon, and there is always a new vista before us, awaiting our discovery of it. In the creative sense, it hasn’t been created yet. It is created by the choices we make here now, in this moment.

So, can you let go of your fears and be the fearless being you truly are? What have you got to lose if you let go of your fears? I lose the stagnation, and the lack of energy. What do I gain by letting go of my fears? Energy, enthusiasm, excitement, wonder, freedom, abundance, joy, growth, a fuller life expression in being. The list could go on and on. There is an infinity out there awaiting my discovery, there is an abundance of life awaiting my living it.

The door is open, the light of awareness shines out before me, and reveals to me, in each moment the choices I have. In choosing, I decide where my life journey leads me. Whatever I choose is okay, after all, it is my choice, my life, my experiencing.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Being true to yourself and truly being your self.

What does that mean, being true to yourself? What does that mean truly being yourself?

To be able to be true to yourself, it may be valuable to know the self you are being true to, therefore, I’d like to delve a bit into this and share with you information you may not have considered before, and therefore find of value to you.

When you say, I, or my or me, is that referencing your true self? It could be, and then again, it could not be too. If you are limiting your concept of self to the physical body which you see in the mirror and experience this life through, you are not grasping fully, the self worth being true to.

This might seem like getting off the topic a bit, but please bare with me as I delve into information which will build the foundation for a better and clearer understanding of your true self.

An infinite manifestation has no edge or boundary, that is to say if it was possible to shoot off a rocket from here, which had the capability to go on and on indefinitely, without running into planets and other obstacles, this rocket would in fact continue on and on forever without ever reaching an edge or end. It would just keep going.

If you wanted to find the center of this infinite manifestation, you could not find it externally because in order to determine the center of anything, there has to be a limit, or boundary to that which you want to find the center of. As a simple example, you could draw a circle on a piece of paper, and through mathematical tools determine where the center of that circle is. You could also use mathematical tools to determine the center of three dimensional objects too, because they have boundaries or edges which define it as an object.

So, going back to the infinite manifestation, where could you find the center of this manifestation? Where would the center of the infinite manifestation be? Your answer might be that there can be no center of an infinite manifestation, and in mathematical terms, you would be correct, but in reality, in actual being, you would not be correct.

In order to perceive these questions, there has to be awareness, a being to observe the question, and postulate or contemplate an answer. That observer, that questioner, that contemplator is the self, the I AM. So, can you say, “I Am.”? Where is this I Am who says that? Right here, in this now.

Everyone reading this can ask this question, and can truthfully answer it and the answer each one will find to be true is that I am right here and right now.

So, are you beginning to see where the center of the infinite manifestation is? It is truly right here, right now being experienced as I am here now. You are here reading this right? I am sure you must say yes. So, do you see, understand and realize that you are the center of the infinite manifestation? How could it be any other way?
The center of an infinite manifestation must be at the point where the infinite manifestation is perceived from, that is the center that is the I AM, that is Here, Now.

You exist right? You are here right? You are now aware right? In other words, being, as the Sanskrit terms of sat chiti ananda or existence, consciousness & bliss. This is the True Self. This is the self which we endeavor to be true to. And to truly be your self, is to recognize your magnificence and infinite beingness.

When I am centered within the awareness of this, I AM, and you are centered within the awareness of this I AM, we are one. This is the supreme infinite being expressing through you as you. This is The I AM that I AM.

The experience most people have is not that of this infinite being, but rather of the individual perspective focused and centered within and through the physical body expression in being. Does this invalidate the I AM that I AM? No, not at all.

Now, going back to the original statement, “Being true to yourself and truly being your self.” Being true to your self is a statement which originates in duality. That is to say, it implies that you can also be untrue to yourself, and that the being and your self are different. So now we can look at this difference and begin to understand it, that is to say we can look at being and look at your self.

Who do you identify most strongly with the “being” or the “self”?

If you identify with the being, you just are and that is it. There is no judgment it is just Here, Now, Being. The being is experiencing and observing here now.

The self is likely the labels and identity applied to this I AM experiencing/observing. In other words, who I think I am. In the case of the person writing this, I think I am Jerry Dechant. I think I am a human male who is seated in a chair in an office typing with my fingers on a keyboard, having these words appear on the screen as I press these keyboard buttons.

The self who is reading this may and will certainly have a different identity, a different experiencing this here now, unless of course I re-read this in which case, much of the identity remains the same, with only the time and place appearing to be different.

I know this has been what some people would term as “deep”. It is okay if you don’t, “get it” right away. The fact that you are here now reading this is evidence that you are availing yourself to this information which is like setting at a banquet feast. There is a lot to digest here, so take your time with this and enjoy and savor the revelations of who you truly are.

You may realize that the infinite manifestation which is being experienced by each of us as I am, is all inclusive. This I am being is the “yes” to everything. The self experiencing this typically has some “No’s” which limits its identity.

With this awareness, you may come to realize that the more “No’s” you have in your experience, the more “self” identified you will be experiencing. The more “Yes’s” you have in your experiencing, the more expansive experiencing is possible.

Being true to your Self then is experienced as a union with the Being and the Self so that the Self experiencing is the Being experiencing. You realize infinite power in this experience which in the self terms means you can have it all, you can create whatever you want for yourself.

How can you identify/know this experiencing of this Being/Self? The emotional timber is supreme. How you feel emotionally is the indication of your attunement with your True Self Being. So, the better you feel emotionally, the more closely attuned you are to your True Self Being.

If you aren’t experiencing supreme bliss right here, right now, there are identity issues and or resistances hampering this experiencing, and/or you’ve chosen the experiencing you are having right now. This is okay, there is no need to fret because this is all part of the play of consciousness experiencing and being. So, have fun with this unfolding. Knowing that how you feel emotionally is your indicator of your attunement empowers you and enables you to make choices which constantly move you up the emotional scale, and or maintains your attunement with your True Self Being.

To summarize you are an infinite Being without limits or boundaries of any sort. When you are experiencing this being, the self or identity is the same as this infinite being therefore, you the self is being true to being. When the self expresses from this perspective, you are truly being your self.

Truly being your self is a now experiencing, and a wonderful eternal experiencing. In other words, you never get it done, life is always unfolding, expressing, growing, expanding being.

In conclusion, I would like to restate something someone recently told me. Information which is not applied is worthless and useless information. If you don’t apply the information you’ve just read to your own life experience, it is just clutter for your mind. With that in mind, I hope you are able to apply the information persented here and find the value therein.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out of the Shadows

What follows is a blog having to do with the Blog Talk Internet Radio Show (“LightWorks” with Jen and Amy,) I am scheduled to be a guest on for July 2, 2009. By the time you are reading this, the show may have already aired, but you can download, or listen to past shows by going to:



My name is Jerry Dechant, actually, my proper name is Jerome Dechant, but my friends call me Jerry. I am the second son of 3 children. I have an older brother and a younger sister. I was born and reared in the vicinity of Hays, Kansas. I guess you could say our family was a middle class family. We didn’t have a lot of extra money, but we got along pretty well. My Dad was a decent, kind and loving man who worked very hard to support and provide for his family. His career was as an auto body mechanic. My Mom was primarily a housewife taking care of us kids and all those many chores a Mom has to do to maintain the family. She was also very talented and creative as she did crafting sort of things and also made a lot of our clothing. She even made wedding dresses without needing a pattern, and apparently she was well known for this so she made a lot of them. This was a way to make additional income for the family and for herself.

Being the second child of 3, and being only 13 months younger than my brother, I often felt like the unwanted child. And for the most part my brother was my best friend and companion as we grew up together. Our younger sister came along several years later, and being the first girl, got a lot of loving attention from our parents.

As we got older, and matured, my brother began to be interested in girls, and so our constantly hanging out together began to diminish as he wanted to spend his time with his girl friends more than with me.

I didn’t have the same interest in girls, and so I think this is where I began to realize that I was different. Of course, I didn’t know anything about being gay, but I did know that I was attracted to guys more than girls. I didn’t date much, but I did have a few dates with girls.

I don’t know what the initial cause was, but at some point, I think it was about the time I was entering High School, some one called me a fag in a most disparaging way in the presence of many other people who laughed and joined in the ridicule. I guess everyone else knew I was gay before I did, but even so, I never admitted it to anyone or even to myself. .

Being brought up as a Catholic, they said being a homosexual was bad, and that if you are gay, you are certain to be punished and go to hell. And so of course, I grew to be ashamed of myself, of being different. I was afraid to be true to myself.

So maybe you can see how, to survive in the world and be accepted by my peers and others, I hid who I really was, how I really felt, and this is how I sort of slipped into the shadows (as the name of the radio program states,) to hide from those who would hurt me. Hiding the truth has really always been about survival, wanting to be accepted and wanting to be loved.

Why have I told you this about myself? Because the topic of this program is “Being true to yourself, truly being yourself.”

For the longest time, I definitely wasn’t being true to myself or being truly myself. I was always acting, and that may be why I pursued an acting career for awhile, because frankly, I’ve been acting all my life.

I am gonna guess there are many gay people, who haven’t felt free to truly be themselves, to be true to themselves and so I’m here to say each of us does have permission to love and accept ourselves totally and completely.

The thing is, if you don’t love yourself, how can you possibly find love reflected back to you from the world around you? The law of attraction states like vibrations attract like vibrations. What you send out to the universe is what you get back. When you really get this idea, you know why you have the life experiences you have had and are having. If you want to know what your vibrations are, what you are sending out to the universe, just look around you, look at yourself in the mirror, and see the evidence which truly reveals to those who have eyes to see, what they are sending out to the universe and drawing back to themselves.

For me, this is all a work in progress. Honestly, I am comfortable with myself now, and I have found being true to myself empowers me to have, be and do whatever I want to.

What has brought me to being a guest on this show? The unfolding of my desires, the vibrations I’ve sent out to the universe and have been open to receiving. I’ve known about the law of attraction for a very long time, way before the movie “The Secret” came out.

I’ve had a spiritual focus in my life for many years dating back to when I was a young boy around the age of 12 or so. I’ve always believed in miracles, and I found evidence to confirm them in my own life experience.

As an example, when I was about 11 or 12 years old, I wanted a bow and arrow set for Christmas, and I did get one and so did my brother. One pleasant day, probably a Saturday or Sunday, our family went to visit our Grandparents who lived on the edge of town. Across the road from their house was a huge grassy field with vine type grass that wasn’t really tall, but thickly vined together into a grassy mat. Anyway, I went out into this field along with my brother and one of our uncles who was about our age, to play and shoot our bows and arrows around. At some point, a bird landed some distance from me, so I thought I’d see if I could hit it. Well, thankfully for the bird’s sake, I wasn’t a very good shot and missed the bird. I only had like 3 or 4 arrows so finding each arrow after I shot it was important to me, so, when I shot that red arrow at the bird and missed, it got buried in the deep vine grass. I went over there to where I thought the arrow was, and started digging through the grass to see if I could find it, but I couldn’t, so I asked God to help me find my arrow, I asked God to give me a sign so that I could find my arrow. Then, I stood right there and slowly turned around in a circle. At some point as I was doing this, I saw a red glowing line above the grass. It was about the same color and size as my arrow, so I kept an eye on where I saw that and move towards that place. As I move, the faint red line disappeared. I dug through the grass where the red line had hovered over, and sure enough buried deep within the thick mat of vine grass, there was my arrow. I was so grateful, I kneeled down and thanked God.

This is our true domain, when we are true to ourselves, when we truly are our Selves, everything is possible, all we have to do is ask and it is given.

That is to give an idea of some early experiences I had as a child.

Now, many years later, I’ve had the interest in sharing what I know with others, to help them experience greater joy and fulfillment in their lives. To that end, around November 2001, I wrote a little booklet titled, “Gardening Your Mind.” I used my computer to compose and create the booklets, and printed out several copies, compiled the pages and stapled them together along with a harder colored paper cover. I mostly gave them away with the caveat that if the person I gave it to felt it was worth anything, they could pay me whatever they felt comfortable paying me. I also posted a copy of the text on the web which you can find by using this link: http://www.geocities.com/jerry_dechant/gardening.html Another part of this booklet were the “seeds” you could plant in the garden of your mind, and I posted the text version of those “seed cards” can be found by using this link: http://www.geocities.com/jerry_dechant/seeds.html

Yahoo has these news groups that you can join to post and reply about interests which were the subject of the group. I joined a couple of those types of groups after I’d read the book, “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. These groups had to do with the Law of Attraction. They gave me the opportunity to share my views as well as learn from the other members of these groups.

Eventually, I was introduced to the web’s social networking MySpace where I created a page and still do visit it regularly. This is where I started posting a lot of the stuff I’ve learned over the years with the hope and intention to reach people who might not have read this stuff before, to encourage such people to seek more of this information for themselves. So, I posted my first MySpace blog around August 2006 and have posted over 150 blogs since then.

You can find my MySpace page at: http://www.myspace.com/jerry_dechant

I’ve made an indexed pdf file of the first 145 blogs which if you are interested in obtaining, I can send to you. I’ve also made pdf versions of the booklet “Gardening Your Mind,” and “Gardening Your Mind Seeds.” Which I can also send to those who would like to check them out.

I could put a price tag on these things, but I haven’t, not because this stuff isn’t valuable, but because it IS so valuable. And because it IS so valuable, I think EVERYONE should have free access to this information, even the poor penniless people. And that is why I leave it up to the individual to pay me whatever they can, and or want to for what I offer them.

Also, the law of attraction is always in effect so that as I give openly and freely, that is the vibration I send out to the universe and that vibration comes back to me as receiving openly and freely as well.

Like the garden seeds, in order for them to grow, we have to properly plant them in fertile soil and attend to them so they may flourish and reward us with the bountiful harvest we intended at the time we planted the seeds.

The information I offer is like those seeds, the information remains dormant until we implement the information into our life experiences. Until the seeds and information are planted and nurtured, they will not grow, and we won’t find the harvest we so richly deserve and desire.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If I may be of service to you, please let me know.

Best regards,


Friday, June 12, 2009

Diving Deep

In some respects the experience of diving deep into the ocean is similar to diving deep within your own being, in other ways, it is quite the opposite.

When diving deeply into the ocean, the first things you notice are an increase in pressure, and a reduction of light and heat.

When diving deeply within your own being, there is a reduction of pressure, a relaxation, a relief that increases the deeper you go. Also, instead of it getting darker, you will certainly find that it gets lighter and clearer, and the true warmth of your being is more and more enfolding.

In the ocean, when you dive deeply, because of the pressures and loss of light, special equipment is necessary to enable you to endure and see.

When diving deeply within your own being, instead of putting more on to protect you and enable you to endure and see, it is quite the opposite in that the deeper you go, the less "equipment" you need, and you realize that you truly endure more fully without all that "stuff."

When you dive deeply within the ocean, as hard-hat divers do, they have a life line to the surface which also provides them with air to breath as well as assistance to ascend to the surface once again.

Unlike the ocean dive, the deeper we go within our own being, the closer we are to the source of our being, and therefore we are more fully immersed in life, or realize our oneness with IT.

Like the ocean, where the surface may be boiling with activity and movement, the deeper we go, the more removed from the surface turmoil we become. And, we find there are subtle currents that flow at these deeper levels which gently move us. And finally, at the very depth of our being we find perfect stillness which is similar to the stillness at the bottom of the ocean's depth.

Unlike a diver sitting quietly at the depths of the ocean, a diver who may have some fear for his life, being so far removed from his or her natural environment, a person who sits quietly at the center, or depth of his/her being is relieved of all thought and fears because he/she is immersed within the purity, abundance and expression of Source.

What does that feel like?

The journey is within your reach, it starts right now, in this moment because the Source is ever present. The journey takes place without struggle, without effort. Actually, any struggle and/or effort hinders your experiencing IT. The journey therefore continues as we become still, alert and relaxed, letting go, just being, here, now. . .

Along the way, at the beginning of this experience, we may be experiencing a lot of turmoil like floating on top of the rough ocean waves. And at first, as we endure through this being tossed about, going up, going down, and moving side ways all at the same time, we are likely to be very fearful because frankly, here on the surface, we really don't have that much control, do we? Even if you think you've got it all under control, a huge wave can come along and drown you. So we might come to realize how little control we really have here on the surface.

These moments of total immersion in our presence, deep within our own being, can endure even as we ascend to the turmoil of the external world. Those who walk amongst us, who reside within their own stillness, radiate this presence and because they embody this expression, they carry this light into the world and shine it out to the world at large.

We all know that how ever small the amount of light present in a room, the darkness is displaced by it. So, imagine the effect on one single person immersed within the presence in being, expressing this Source energy in each moment in being, imagine how far reaching this light shines, imagine how effortlessly it displaces the darkness.

Imagine the effect you are having right now, this very moment, being still in this moment, aware in this presence, aware in this light, imagine how you are radiating this light to the far reaches of being in expression. And, know that you didn't have to do anything for this to happen except,

be still

and let it express,




You are the precious gem. You are the most valuable because you ARE



Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Little Ego, and the Big Show

There was so much of great value presented during the “LightWorks” BlogTalkRadio.com program today, 6/11/09. Jen and Amy had a guest, Andy Grant, who shared his views with great gusto, conviction and style. I was so impressed with his presence in the show, that a portion of me was intimidated, felt really inferior and inadequate. Why? Well, Amy has asked me to be a guest on their BlogTalkRadio.com show on July 2, 2009. And, you guessed it, well maybe you didn’t guess it, my ego freaked out at how great Andy was, and how stupid and inadequate I would be not having nearly as good of stuff to offer for the show. Yep, all that is the ego talking.

Then it came to me, “don’t sweat it. The ego isn’t the one who has all the information, the clarity and insight that Andy so flawlessly expressed, it was the part of him, or should I say the “whole” of him, who brought forth and was present during the program. This is true for me as well, the “whole” of me is here, and will be here to step up to the microphone and bring forth perfectly.”

One could disparage the ego for it’s littleness, but when all things are considered, the ego plays an important role in the overall scheme of things, and for each of us, as individuals, our expression as separate individuals are somewhat facilitated by and through the ego. When we realize the importance of the ego, and allow it to be appreciated, and accepted, it fulfills its function admirably.

So, I can hear some of you now saying the ego is bad, we need to get rid of it, or some such sentiment. To that I say, let’s take another look from a different perspective. How many cells compose your physical body? Do you even know? Probably not, I don’t know, but I know the number is quite huge. So, consider just one cell. From the perspective of that one cell, it may feel insignificant considering how many other cells there are that make up the physical body, and it could be said to be true, one cell is fairly insignificant, but it is also of great value too, because that one cell has a function and purpose, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it is of great value to the overall function of the body, that each and every cell function perfectly in harmony with every other cell, to enable the entire body to function as one integrated being. And, it is through realizing this value, and this unity, that the ego, and greater self come together and are mutually supportive of each other. The ego may be the voice which the “whole” or greater self speaks through and it is always the greater self which is really the star of the show, even though the ego may get the outward credit. The value and magnificence present within every action/event is really the “whole” expressing through the ego to masterfully express and be in this moment.

Knowing this, realizing the “presence” or “whole” of me is always here, I can rest easy and know with certainty, that the show on July 2, 2009 will be just as wonderful as this show was today. I also know it will be different too, and that unfolds the value of differences too.

Each of us is different, yet the same. As individuals within the mass of being, we may seem insignificant, but each of us is supremely valued as an integral part of the whole being. The perspective of each of us adds value, knowledge, experience and function which enhance the entire being. Without this diversity, leaving out just one of us, the whole is diminished by one. I assure you, the whole cherishes you as much as the next, and will always value you and appreciate your presence within this universal beingness.

You may realize then, that the ego, alone and all by itself is insignificant. Yes, it’s “aloneness” is really the illusion, for it is never alone, it is always partnered with the greater self, the “whole.” It is only through this partnership that the ego is able to be magnificent, and it is only through this partnership that the greater self can express and be an individual.

When the greater self is at the helm life is really a blast. When the ego takes over, its limitedness becomes all too obvious. It may get puffed up and attribute its greatness to itself, but now we all know, the greater self is really the greatness which shines through the ego.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Ladder of Ascension

I get this image of a ladder reaching up into the far beyond and stretching below into the far below. On this ladder, there are people occupying the ladder, each one climbing the ladder moving upward, but at the same time, reaching down to the person just below him/her, pulling that person up, helping him/her to ascend to the next rung of the ladder.

The reason I bring this up is because quite often, it seems like there is an end, that once you become a master, for instance, that’s it, you get to retire so to speak, but the factual truth is, there is no end, no all done with nothing else to ever do again. Just like that ladder, even the Master has someone just above him/her reaching down to help him/her ascend to the next rung, and he/she is also reaching down to help the one below him/her ascend to the next rung. Note whether one is a master or a student, is a relative perspective. We are each one of us Masters and at the same time Students.

There are aspects of this ladder concept to consider; (I can go into greater depth regarding each one of these aspects later if there is an interest in me doing so.)

1. We are all ascending towards higher degrees of mastery/illumination/clarity/ability through our life experiences.

2. There is always someone who is higher than you are, who knows what you have gone through because he/she has “been there, done that,” and he/she is reaching down to help you move up to the next rung of the ladder. So, you are the student, and the person above you is the teacher/master. (He/she has mastered the rung you are currently on and ascended to the next higher rung.)

3. There is also always someone who is lower than you, someone who hasn’t learned what you now know, and so, by your reaching down, you help him/her to learn the lessons which help him/her to ascend to the next rung that you are vacating by moving up the ladder yourself. To that person just below you, you are the teacher/master, and he/she is the student.

4. Because of the structure of the ladder, you aren’t able to move up the ladder beyond your capacity to reach the next rung. Also, you are not able to descend the ladder because it is fully occupied with everyone ascending the ladder. (You wouldn’t want to descend anyway. You might compare this descending to the idea of having graduated from college, gotten your degree, then deciding you wanted to be a student in the first grade again.)

5. Because of the structure and direction of movement, because the one above us helps us to ascend to the next rung, as he/she is helped to ascend to his/her next rung, there is no doing it all on your own, there is always help available to you.

6. In order for each person to most efficiently ascend, it behooves each one to help the one just below him/her to ascend because in so doing, progress is enabled.

7. Through the unity of effort and everyone intent on ascending, everyone benefits and ascension is possible for everyone.

8. A person’s scope of concern, or realm of effective control is just that person above him/her, and that person just below him/her. These are the realms within his/her reach, within his/her ability to effectively help and to effectively be helped. While it is possible to pay attention to those who are way down the ladder, or to pay attention to those who are towards the top of the ladder, those points of attention aren’t as helpful/useful as paying attention to his/her realm of effective control. If you look back, you can appreciate the progress you’ve made, and if you look forward, you can appreciate the progress you anticipate making.

The ladder of ascension concept portrays harmony and cooperation, or advancement of the greater good, or whole. Let us consider such a ladder which doesn’t portray harmony and cooperation, but rather one of individual striving motivated by individual intentions and direction.

Consider this same ladder where each individual attempts to ascend and/or descend the ladder as his/her own whims dictate. Consider this same ladder where you are only intent on your own movement upon the ladder, and therefore you may try to climb over others to move up the ladder, or knock people off the ladder below you so you can descend the ladder. Consider the struggle that is certain to ensue due to this attitude and approach.

Consider the confusion on this ladder where it is everyone for himself or herself, no one helps anyone, each individual is only in it for his/her own benefit no matter what the cost to anyone else.

Consider the chaos of such a model. Do you think any type of real progress would be possible? Do you think the ladder would even be able to sustain such chaos?

Without cooperation, the whole is doomed to destruction and eventual annihilation.

You might realize that the difference between these two ladder concepts is the difference between the ego approach and the unity approach, the individual approach and the all inclusive approach. If you could step back and see the entire picture, you would see that the unity approach enables the system to thrive, grow, and progress while the other one doesn’t.

The universal intelligence knows which system works optimally, knows which system insures its continued evolution and growth. Because it is the nature of existence to evolve and grow, the natural impetus is to facilitate that through the structure of the system it utilizes.

In terms of life experiences, if you help someone else get what they need, that enables them to more fully realize their own progress and growth, which in turn enables them to more fully be empowered to help someone else get what they need. Also, at the same time, as you are helping someone else get what he or she need, there is someone helping you get what you need too.

Both parts, the giving of help and the receiving of help are rewarding experiences. Both engender good feelings of appreciation and gratitude.

As each of us adopts this cooperative attitude of giving and receiving in equal measure, the whole benefits and the life experience is in harmony with the eternal flow of existance. As we ascend the ladder into greater knowledge, awareness and experience, this evolutionary path becomes easier, more enjoyable, and more enlivened and energetic. So, it may seem that the steepness of the ladder, the verticale angle of the ladder seems to flatten out a bit as one ascends to greater heights. This is experienced through the greater joy.and ease of being accutely aware of and in tune with the flow of existance in being.

In life experience it isn’t as simple to see, i.e. one person below you on a ladder, and one person above you on a ladder, there are interactions with many people and you may know your place in all of it by the giving and receiving, by the ease and flow of your life experience. As you truly allow this ascention, you will know first hand what I’ve described here. You may actually already know this, and with that rejoice in this knowing and being.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Everything is Energy

Everything is energy and Energy Vibrates

The law of attraction states that like vibrations attract. In other words, if you want to attract something, your vibration has to be in resonance with (the same as) the vibration of that which you wish to attract.
The way we experience the life (energy,) is through our emotions, (energy in motion.)

When I am vibrating in resonance with the source of my energy (life,) the emotional exerience is blissful.

When I am vibrating out of resonance with the source of my energy, the emotional experience is something less than blissful depending on the amount of deviation from my source’s resonate frequency.

So, our emotional experiences are a constant feedback loop which indicate to us, in each moment whether we are in resonance with or out of resonance with our source energy.

Another way to understand this is to compare it to the child’s game where someone hides something, then you are to find it by clues they give you in the form of “hotter” or “colder,” hotter being getting closer to the hidden item, and colder being moving away from the hidden item.

In the game of life, positive feelings are the same as the clue “hotter” in the child’s game, and negative emotions are the same as “colder” in the child’s game.

If you don’t understand this about your life experience, if you don’t know why you feel the way you do, you can’t make conscious decisions about the action(s) you take to move you in the direction you wish to go. Also, if you don’t pay attention to the feelings you are always experiencing, it is like playing the child’s game and not listening to the person giving you the clues. In that game, if you ever find the hidden item, it will certainly be by chance or exhausting the possibilities in your search to find the item. The chance approach is not a certainty, and the exhausting all possibilities approach is a very long road to travel, so given the choices, and the outcomes of those choices, it seems to me to be a great idea to pay attention to the promptings of “hotter” or “colder” we are getting as clues which will lead us to our hidden item.

In the child’s game, one of the players hides something while the other is not looking, or with eyes closed.
In the game of life, we participate in this game without someone else hiding something, we participate in this game by having a desire which equates to the hidden item in the child’s game.

So, there are some things to be aware of so you can play this game effectively.

1. Having a desire presupposes the subject of your desire already exists.

2. Having an emotional response when thinking about that desire also reinforces the fact that what you want already exists, because you have an emotional experience when thinking about the desired thing.

3. If it did not already exist, you couldn’t experience an emotion when thinking about what you want, or when doing what you do to get what you want.

So, the subject of the desire is the item you’ve created for yourself to find. And, the emotions you experience are the clues you give yourself which guide you towards finding the desired item or experience.

What if you aren’t having an emotional experience when you think of a desired thing or experience?

I think the thing to consider is that you aren’t aware of your emotional experience when thinking about the desired thing because you are constantly having emotional experiencing, and may be having an emotional experience that is not readily recognizable to you, that is to say, it is not an indication of moving towards or away from your desired thing. It is an emotional experience which is so close to your own “normal” vibration that it is indistinguishable to you, which you could interpret as standing still while playing the game of “hotter” or “colder.” In other words, you aren’t moving away from nor towards finding your desire thing.

It could also be an indication that what you’ve desired isn’t really that important to you, therefore there isn’t much energy involved between it and you. Remember emotions are energy in motion.

This is another clue. If you don’t invest much energy when formulating your desire, the amount of energy you’ve invested in that desire will determine the power of the guidance you get with regard to it. For the most part, this is a good thing because there are some things we express a passing interest in which we might not really want and so in this way, we don’t attract into our life experience.

Remember it is all energy. As the creator of your desires, you assign how much energy this thing has, and therefore how powerfully it emanates vibrations to you which you use as guidance to finding it. So, if you think of something but it doesn’t engender much of an emotional feeling, you aren’t likely to find it, or even look for it appearing in your life experience.

Conversely, those things which you repeatedly have powerful emotional experiences with regard to, are invested with a lot of energy and therefore very much more easily discernable as to whether you are moving towards or away from your desired item.

If you always get angry when someone acts a certain way towards you, you might recognize that as a powerful indication of getting colder. And when you do recognize that as moving away from your desire, and adjust your thoughts and actions accordingly so that you get a powerful positive indicator of moving towards your desire, you will become the captain of your ship, at the helm, steering your life experience with awareness through all the waves that present themselves to you, until you reach the calm waters where of elation where the fulfillment of your desire is found.