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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Everything is Energy

Everything is energy and Energy Vibrates

The law of attraction states that like vibrations attract. In other words, if you want to attract something, your vibration has to be in resonance with (the same as) the vibration of that which you wish to attract.
The way we experience the life (energy,) is through our emotions, (energy in motion.)

When I am vibrating in resonance with the source of my energy (life,) the emotional exerience is blissful.

When I am vibrating out of resonance with the source of my energy, the emotional experience is something less than blissful depending on the amount of deviation from my source’s resonate frequency.

So, our emotional experiences are a constant feedback loop which indicate to us, in each moment whether we are in resonance with or out of resonance with our source energy.

Another way to understand this is to compare it to the child’s game where someone hides something, then you are to find it by clues they give you in the form of “hotter” or “colder,” hotter being getting closer to the hidden item, and colder being moving away from the hidden item.

In the game of life, positive feelings are the same as the clue “hotter” in the child’s game, and negative emotions are the same as “colder” in the child’s game.

If you don’t understand this about your life experience, if you don’t know why you feel the way you do, you can’t make conscious decisions about the action(s) you take to move you in the direction you wish to go. Also, if you don’t pay attention to the feelings you are always experiencing, it is like playing the child’s game and not listening to the person giving you the clues. In that game, if you ever find the hidden item, it will certainly be by chance or exhausting the possibilities in your search to find the item. The chance approach is not a certainty, and the exhausting all possibilities approach is a very long road to travel, so given the choices, and the outcomes of those choices, it seems to me to be a great idea to pay attention to the promptings of “hotter” or “colder” we are getting as clues which will lead us to our hidden item.

In the child’s game, one of the players hides something while the other is not looking, or with eyes closed.
In the game of life, we participate in this game without someone else hiding something, we participate in this game by having a desire which equates to the hidden item in the child’s game.

So, there are some things to be aware of so you can play this game effectively.

1. Having a desire presupposes the subject of your desire already exists.

2. Having an emotional response when thinking about that desire also reinforces the fact that what you want already exists, because you have an emotional experience when thinking about the desired thing.

3. If it did not already exist, you couldn’t experience an emotion when thinking about what you want, or when doing what you do to get what you want.

So, the subject of the desire is the item you’ve created for yourself to find. And, the emotions you experience are the clues you give yourself which guide you towards finding the desired item or experience.

What if you aren’t having an emotional experience when you think of a desired thing or experience?

I think the thing to consider is that you aren’t aware of your emotional experience when thinking about the desired thing because you are constantly having emotional experiencing, and may be having an emotional experience that is not readily recognizable to you, that is to say, it is not an indication of moving towards or away from your desired thing. It is an emotional experience which is so close to your own “normal” vibration that it is indistinguishable to you, which you could interpret as standing still while playing the game of “hotter” or “colder.” In other words, you aren’t moving away from nor towards finding your desire thing.

It could also be an indication that what you’ve desired isn’t really that important to you, therefore there isn’t much energy involved between it and you. Remember emotions are energy in motion.

This is another clue. If you don’t invest much energy when formulating your desire, the amount of energy you’ve invested in that desire will determine the power of the guidance you get with regard to it. For the most part, this is a good thing because there are some things we express a passing interest in which we might not really want and so in this way, we don’t attract into our life experience.

Remember it is all energy. As the creator of your desires, you assign how much energy this thing has, and therefore how powerfully it emanates vibrations to you which you use as guidance to finding it. So, if you think of something but it doesn’t engender much of an emotional feeling, you aren’t likely to find it, or even look for it appearing in your life experience.

Conversely, those things which you repeatedly have powerful emotional experiences with regard to, are invested with a lot of energy and therefore very much more easily discernable as to whether you are moving towards or away from your desired item.

If you always get angry when someone acts a certain way towards you, you might recognize that as a powerful indication of getting colder. And when you do recognize that as moving away from your desire, and adjust your thoughts and actions accordingly so that you get a powerful positive indicator of moving towards your desire, you will become the captain of your ship, at the helm, steering your life experience with awareness through all the waves that present themselves to you, until you reach the calm waters where of elation where the fulfillment of your desire is found.

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