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Friday, June 12, 2009

Diving Deep

In some respects the experience of diving deep into the ocean is similar to diving deep within your own being, in other ways, it is quite the opposite.

When diving deeply into the ocean, the first things you notice are an increase in pressure, and a reduction of light and heat.

When diving deeply within your own being, there is a reduction of pressure, a relaxation, a relief that increases the deeper you go. Also, instead of it getting darker, you will certainly find that it gets lighter and clearer, and the true warmth of your being is more and more enfolding.

In the ocean, when you dive deeply, because of the pressures and loss of light, special equipment is necessary to enable you to endure and see.

When diving deeply within your own being, instead of putting more on to protect you and enable you to endure and see, it is quite the opposite in that the deeper you go, the less "equipment" you need, and you realize that you truly endure more fully without all that "stuff."

When you dive deeply within the ocean, as hard-hat divers do, they have a life line to the surface which also provides them with air to breath as well as assistance to ascend to the surface once again.

Unlike the ocean dive, the deeper we go within our own being, the closer we are to the source of our being, and therefore we are more fully immersed in life, or realize our oneness with IT.

Like the ocean, where the surface may be boiling with activity and movement, the deeper we go, the more removed from the surface turmoil we become. And, we find there are subtle currents that flow at these deeper levels which gently move us. And finally, at the very depth of our being we find perfect stillness which is similar to the stillness at the bottom of the ocean's depth.

Unlike a diver sitting quietly at the depths of the ocean, a diver who may have some fear for his life, being so far removed from his or her natural environment, a person who sits quietly at the center, or depth of his/her being is relieved of all thought and fears because he/she is immersed within the purity, abundance and expression of Source.

What does that feel like?

The journey is within your reach, it starts right now, in this moment because the Source is ever present. The journey takes place without struggle, without effort. Actually, any struggle and/or effort hinders your experiencing IT. The journey therefore continues as we become still, alert and relaxed, letting go, just being, here, now. . .

Along the way, at the beginning of this experience, we may be experiencing a lot of turmoil like floating on top of the rough ocean waves. And at first, as we endure through this being tossed about, going up, going down, and moving side ways all at the same time, we are likely to be very fearful because frankly, here on the surface, we really don't have that much control, do we? Even if you think you've got it all under control, a huge wave can come along and drown you. So we might come to realize how little control we really have here on the surface.

These moments of total immersion in our presence, deep within our own being, can endure even as we ascend to the turmoil of the external world. Those who walk amongst us, who reside within their own stillness, radiate this presence and because they embody this expression, they carry this light into the world and shine it out to the world at large.

We all know that how ever small the amount of light present in a room, the darkness is displaced by it. So, imagine the effect on one single person immersed within the presence in being, expressing this Source energy in each moment in being, imagine how far reaching this light shines, imagine how effortlessly it displaces the darkness.

Imagine the effect you are having right now, this very moment, being still in this moment, aware in this presence, aware in this light, imagine how you are radiating this light to the far reaches of being in expression. And, know that you didn't have to do anything for this to happen except,

be still

and let it express,




You are the precious gem. You are the most valuable because you ARE



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