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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Being true to yourself and truly being your self.

What does that mean, being true to yourself? What does that mean truly being yourself?

To be able to be true to yourself, it may be valuable to know the self you are being true to, therefore, I’d like to delve a bit into this and share with you information you may not have considered before, and therefore find of value to you.

When you say, I, or my or me, is that referencing your true self? It could be, and then again, it could not be too. If you are limiting your concept of self to the physical body which you see in the mirror and experience this life through, you are not grasping fully, the self worth being true to.

This might seem like getting off the topic a bit, but please bare with me as I delve into information which will build the foundation for a better and clearer understanding of your true self.

An infinite manifestation has no edge or boundary, that is to say if it was possible to shoot off a rocket from here, which had the capability to go on and on indefinitely, without running into planets and other obstacles, this rocket would in fact continue on and on forever without ever reaching an edge or end. It would just keep going.

If you wanted to find the center of this infinite manifestation, you could not find it externally because in order to determine the center of anything, there has to be a limit, or boundary to that which you want to find the center of. As a simple example, you could draw a circle on a piece of paper, and through mathematical tools determine where the center of that circle is. You could also use mathematical tools to determine the center of three dimensional objects too, because they have boundaries or edges which define it as an object.

So, going back to the infinite manifestation, where could you find the center of this manifestation? Where would the center of the infinite manifestation be? Your answer might be that there can be no center of an infinite manifestation, and in mathematical terms, you would be correct, but in reality, in actual being, you would not be correct.

In order to perceive these questions, there has to be awareness, a being to observe the question, and postulate or contemplate an answer. That observer, that questioner, that contemplator is the self, the I AM. So, can you say, “I Am.”? Where is this I Am who says that? Right here, in this now.

Everyone reading this can ask this question, and can truthfully answer it and the answer each one will find to be true is that I am right here and right now.

So, are you beginning to see where the center of the infinite manifestation is? It is truly right here, right now being experienced as I am here now. You are here reading this right? I am sure you must say yes. So, do you see, understand and realize that you are the center of the infinite manifestation? How could it be any other way?
The center of an infinite manifestation must be at the point where the infinite manifestation is perceived from, that is the center that is the I AM, that is Here, Now.

You exist right? You are here right? You are now aware right? In other words, being, as the Sanskrit terms of sat chiti ananda or existence, consciousness & bliss. This is the True Self. This is the self which we endeavor to be true to. And to truly be your self, is to recognize your magnificence and infinite beingness.

When I am centered within the awareness of this, I AM, and you are centered within the awareness of this I AM, we are one. This is the supreme infinite being expressing through you as you. This is The I AM that I AM.

The experience most people have is not that of this infinite being, but rather of the individual perspective focused and centered within and through the physical body expression in being. Does this invalidate the I AM that I AM? No, not at all.

Now, going back to the original statement, “Being true to yourself and truly being your self.” Being true to your self is a statement which originates in duality. That is to say, it implies that you can also be untrue to yourself, and that the being and your self are different. So now we can look at this difference and begin to understand it, that is to say we can look at being and look at your self.

Who do you identify most strongly with the “being” or the “self”?

If you identify with the being, you just are and that is it. There is no judgment it is just Here, Now, Being. The being is experiencing and observing here now.

The self is likely the labels and identity applied to this I AM experiencing/observing. In other words, who I think I am. In the case of the person writing this, I think I am Jerry Dechant. I think I am a human male who is seated in a chair in an office typing with my fingers on a keyboard, having these words appear on the screen as I press these keyboard buttons.

The self who is reading this may and will certainly have a different identity, a different experiencing this here now, unless of course I re-read this in which case, much of the identity remains the same, with only the time and place appearing to be different.

I know this has been what some people would term as “deep”. It is okay if you don’t, “get it” right away. The fact that you are here now reading this is evidence that you are availing yourself to this information which is like setting at a banquet feast. There is a lot to digest here, so take your time with this and enjoy and savor the revelations of who you truly are.

You may realize that the infinite manifestation which is being experienced by each of us as I am, is all inclusive. This I am being is the “yes” to everything. The self experiencing this typically has some “No’s” which limits its identity.

With this awareness, you may come to realize that the more “No’s” you have in your experience, the more “self” identified you will be experiencing. The more “Yes’s” you have in your experiencing, the more expansive experiencing is possible.

Being true to your Self then is experienced as a union with the Being and the Self so that the Self experiencing is the Being experiencing. You realize infinite power in this experience which in the self terms means you can have it all, you can create whatever you want for yourself.

How can you identify/know this experiencing of this Being/Self? The emotional timber is supreme. How you feel emotionally is the indication of your attunement with your True Self Being. So, the better you feel emotionally, the more closely attuned you are to your True Self Being.

If you aren’t experiencing supreme bliss right here, right now, there are identity issues and or resistances hampering this experiencing, and/or you’ve chosen the experiencing you are having right now. This is okay, there is no need to fret because this is all part of the play of consciousness experiencing and being. So, have fun with this unfolding. Knowing that how you feel emotionally is your indicator of your attunement empowers you and enables you to make choices which constantly move you up the emotional scale, and or maintains your attunement with your True Self Being.

To summarize you are an infinite Being without limits or boundaries of any sort. When you are experiencing this being, the self or identity is the same as this infinite being therefore, you the self is being true to being. When the self expresses from this perspective, you are truly being your self.

Truly being your self is a now experiencing, and a wonderful eternal experiencing. In other words, you never get it done, life is always unfolding, expressing, growing, expanding being.

In conclusion, I would like to restate something someone recently told me. Information which is not applied is worthless and useless information. If you don’t apply the information you’ve just read to your own life experience, it is just clutter for your mind. With that in mind, I hope you are able to apply the information persented here and find the value therein.

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