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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Little Ego, and the Big Show

There was so much of great value presented during the “LightWorks” BlogTalkRadio.com program today, 6/11/09. Jen and Amy had a guest, Andy Grant, who shared his views with great gusto, conviction and style. I was so impressed with his presence in the show, that a portion of me was intimidated, felt really inferior and inadequate. Why? Well, Amy has asked me to be a guest on their BlogTalkRadio.com show on July 2, 2009. And, you guessed it, well maybe you didn’t guess it, my ego freaked out at how great Andy was, and how stupid and inadequate I would be not having nearly as good of stuff to offer for the show. Yep, all that is the ego talking.

Then it came to me, “don’t sweat it. The ego isn’t the one who has all the information, the clarity and insight that Andy so flawlessly expressed, it was the part of him, or should I say the “whole” of him, who brought forth and was present during the program. This is true for me as well, the “whole” of me is here, and will be here to step up to the microphone and bring forth perfectly.”

One could disparage the ego for it’s littleness, but when all things are considered, the ego plays an important role in the overall scheme of things, and for each of us, as individuals, our expression as separate individuals are somewhat facilitated by and through the ego. When we realize the importance of the ego, and allow it to be appreciated, and accepted, it fulfills its function admirably.

So, I can hear some of you now saying the ego is bad, we need to get rid of it, or some such sentiment. To that I say, let’s take another look from a different perspective. How many cells compose your physical body? Do you even know? Probably not, I don’t know, but I know the number is quite huge. So, consider just one cell. From the perspective of that one cell, it may feel insignificant considering how many other cells there are that make up the physical body, and it could be said to be true, one cell is fairly insignificant, but it is also of great value too, because that one cell has a function and purpose, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it is of great value to the overall function of the body, that each and every cell function perfectly in harmony with every other cell, to enable the entire body to function as one integrated being. And, it is through realizing this value, and this unity, that the ego, and greater self come together and are mutually supportive of each other. The ego may be the voice which the “whole” or greater self speaks through and it is always the greater self which is really the star of the show, even though the ego may get the outward credit. The value and magnificence present within every action/event is really the “whole” expressing through the ego to masterfully express and be in this moment.

Knowing this, realizing the “presence” or “whole” of me is always here, I can rest easy and know with certainty, that the show on July 2, 2009 will be just as wonderful as this show was today. I also know it will be different too, and that unfolds the value of differences too.

Each of us is different, yet the same. As individuals within the mass of being, we may seem insignificant, but each of us is supremely valued as an integral part of the whole being. The perspective of each of us adds value, knowledge, experience and function which enhance the entire being. Without this diversity, leaving out just one of us, the whole is diminished by one. I assure you, the whole cherishes you as much as the next, and will always value you and appreciate your presence within this universal beingness.

You may realize then, that the ego, alone and all by itself is insignificant. Yes, it’s “aloneness” is really the illusion, for it is never alone, it is always partnered with the greater self, the “whole.” It is only through this partnership that the ego is able to be magnificent, and it is only through this partnership that the greater self can express and be an individual.

When the greater self is at the helm life is really a blast. When the ego takes over, its limitedness becomes all too obvious. It may get puffed up and attribute its greatness to itself, but now we all know, the greater self is really the greatness which shines through the ego.

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