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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life is Easy, Life is Fun!

Thanks to Amy Scott Grant's radio program, I've been inspired to write what follows. Thank you Amy and Jen! :)

Life is easy, life is fun

The only stuff we really have to deal with occurs in the present moment. All that other stuff, if it needs to be dealt with, will have to come into this current moment to be dealt with, so that is part of the being present in the now moment, and dealing with the stuff that this moment presents to us to deal with.

That is the part that makes life easy. When we only have to deal with what is going on right now, isn’t that a lot easier, (and actually the only thing we can really do right now anyway,) than trying to deal with all that other stuff that isn’t manifesting in our here now moment.

So, if you want to think of it in a linear way, it is sort of like working on an assembly line with a conveyor belt in front of you, you deal with the stuff on the conveyor as it gets in front of you. And that is the most effective way to work.

If you worry about the stuff coming towards you, you miss the stuff right in front of you, and if you worry about the stuff you missed, you miss the stuff right in front of you.

The thing about this conveyor belt is that you don’t need to be concerned about the stuff coming, or the stuff you missed, because, it will eventually make it’s round again, and when it is right in front of you when it does get back to you, if you aren’t occupied with something else in front of you, you can deal with it then.

The fun part is knowing that it is all okay, and it is all working out perfectly fine. We can have fun playing with what is in front of us, and be curious about what might be on its way. The only place we can do any of this, is right here, right now.

The tree of life and beliefs

Life experiences are like the leaves on the tree of life. We can pluck the leaves off the tree, but because the tree is the source of the leaves, they will grow back in their own time. So, to apply that to life, if we have life experiences that we don’t like, we can pluck them out of our experience, they will surly return because their source is still fueling their return. A better approach would be to remove the branch where many similar beliefs are supported through a more basic belief (the branch.) if we deal with a diseased branch, we can easily eliminate all the stuff that sprouts from it automatically without having to unsuccessfully deal with the diseased leaves which continue to resprout.

Anyone who know about pruning, knows that you don’t just go hacking away at the branches, and this is true of basic beliefs. Some basic beliefs serve us very well, and we want all the leaves that spring up from them. So, the point of choice comes in when we have an experience, where we can determine whether the source of this belief is supportive of the life experiences we want, and if so, we can move on to another experience and do the same sort of inquiry by observation about that. And, as we continue this conscious pruning process, we are able to eliminate the branches which don’t effectively serve our intentions and purposes in this life experience. Thereby, we bring forth a grand and noble tree where all the branches serve life in the most optimal way possible. And, in this, we find great joy in life as the fruits the tree bares are sweet and delightful.

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