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Monday, July 24, 2017

Being Critical

By Jerome Dechant
July 24, 2017

You have probably heard it a million times, I’m referring to Oneness, i.e., all is one.  I bet for most people Oneness is just an intellectual concept, not a reality, here, now moment by moment experience.  Why is that?
How well do you embody Oneness, or do you embody it at all?  Do you really fully comprehend what the concept and reality of Oneness is?

Here are some thoughts to consider. 

Being critical.

There is so much diversity in manifestation, there is an abundance of opportunities to be critical.  You name it, there is something about it that a person can be critical about.  What does being critical mean?  It means whatever it is, isn’t in alignment with one’s beliefs about how it should be.  So, who is responsible for it not being the way one believes it should be?  Oh yeah, right someone else, someone else made it that way, and therefore they are to blame.  But, is that really factually true?

In Oneness, there is no “other” there is only the One.  Yes, there are unlimited expressions within IT, the One, but while there appears to be differences, those differences are only apparent.  Anything which manifests within your realm of experience has been brought forth into your awareness and experience by your drawing it into your realm of experience.  You may be doing this consciously, or unconsciously, but as you survey your life and experiencing here, now in this moment by moment unfolding, all that you are experiencing is a reflection of your own state in being.

When one is critical it may be of something or someone “out there” but whatever is “out there” first originated “in here”  within my own being.  What that means is, I am being critical of my own creation because no one but me can bring anything into my experience unless I agree to it, consciously or unconsciously.  Some even say, we agree to everything unless we specifically decide not to.  What that means, is the default operating system is set to accept everything.  After all, this is a “YES” universe which isn’t critical at all, it just manifests whatever we express via our state in being and desiring.

If you took complete control of your state in being, and consciously chose what your life experiencing is in this moment by moment unfolding, eventually you will find there is nothing to be critical about.  When you embody your divinity, the manifest expression in being is divine.

So, the next time you are critical of anything, consider the possibility that on some level, you made it that way, and if you made it that way, you can also make it another way, a way that is more pleasing to you.  This doesn’t mean you should demand the world around you change, but rather that the world within you change.

When your inner world is divine, your external world with outpicture as divine.
There is no one out there to change, there is no one out there to blame or be critical of, once you begin to embody your own innate creative abilities consciously and consistently in each moment as it unfolds.

As life presents things and experiences to you, if they are agreeable to you, express gratitude and appreciation for them, say, “Yes, more of this please.”  When approaching each moment by moment unfolding in this way, “Yes, thank you, I love this, more of this please.” The outpicturing will be in alignment with that.  This is how the manifestation principle works.  It is consistant and dependable.

If you want to evaluate how successful of a creator you are, consider this life experiencing right now.  Are you finding things to be critical of?  Are you unhappy, angry, worried, or afraid?  When you embody those experiences, the YES universe will give you more to be unhappy, angry, worried and/or be afraid of.  If you are being critical, the YES universe will give you more to be critical about.

No one lives your life for you.  No one is to blame for all the good or bad in your life.  Up until now, you may not have realized your part in the manifestation process of your life, but now you have at least a taste of understanding how to bring divinity back into your moment by moment life unfolding experiencing NOW.

Blessings to us all!

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