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Friday, July 7, 2017

It is YOUR Life...

by Jerome Dechant
July 2017

We each have our own reality bubble, which we can and do share with others when we buy into what they believe and say. We each have to option to believe, or disbelieve anything and or everything anyone else says because we ultimately are the creator of our own life experience, and therefore it us up to each of us to assume full responsibility for what we allow in our very own reality bubble.

I do not dictate what someone else's reality bubble contains, ultimately, each of us does that because it is our own reality bubble. Abraham-Hicks often speaks about us creating our own reality via the vibration we offer to the universe. No one vibrates for us, it is what we do ourselves which draws to us the live experiences, people, places and things our life is expressed in. If someone else is manipulating our vibration, it is only possible by us allowing it to be so. Part of the awakening process, is to realize our own sovereignty, and taking back the control and authority of our own life experiencing. This means, what someone else says or does is less important than what we say and do because thereby we create our own life experiencing.

Radiating love ceaselessly, like the sun radiates it's light upon us all, is a way to manifest a divine expression in being. When we identify as that Source, are attuned to IT, love is our ceaseless expression in being. IT can be found in those still, quiet moments when in meditation, we listen to find and hear the "still small voice within."

It is your life. make it what you want it to be.

Blessings to us all!

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