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Monday, July 17, 2017

What is an appropriate point of focus?

by Jerome Dechant
July 17, 2017

I brought my soap box to preach off of, just a minute while I get onto it 

Have you noticed stuff like, when you own a certain type of vehicle, as you're driving down the road, you tend to notice more of those than other types? If you have a blue car, do you seem to notice more blue cars than other colored cars?

Why may that be so? Because that is where you've placed your attention. Whether one does it intentionally or not, is irrelevant, it still happens. So, this is why I suggest people focus upon what they want. If you are constantly focusing upon stuff to reveal and forgive, guess what, that is what you are going to see the most in your life experiencing. Consider, the mechanism of forgiveness. What is necessary to enable that mechanism to come forth? Judgement. Someone has done something you judged to be out of alignment with how you believe it should be. Therefore, once you reveal their deed(s), you are the one who must forgive them. Really though, who is in need of forgiveness? If one is centered withing a state of Harmony, Love, Compassion, Caring, etc. what does the world look like to that being? It is offering those vibrations, therefore the world reflects that back to him/her in the moment by moment life unfolding. That is to say, there is no forgiveness necessary because there were no judgements put out to the universe. The one who truly needs forgiveness is not the offender but the offended because he/she holds that within his/her own state of being which necessitated the judgement of something other than divine perfection. 

When one focuses upon being loving, caring and in harmony with the divine, they offer these vibrations to the universe which reflects like vibrations back to them. This is the true form of forgiveness, where there are no "troubled waters or disturbances" which need to be forgiven. All those judgements fade away by the very nature of one raising one's vibrations into higher forms of expression where divinity expresses in the moment by moment unfolding.

There are facts and there are fictions. The facts are most readily and accurately linked to truth, and facts can be verified via personal experience. I suggest determining for one's self whether focusing upon divine attributes brings forth divine life experiences or not. You already know what your current focus has been, and what it has brought to you, so you should consider that factual as you've experienced it already. Are you ready to experience your divinity?

When one is a child, one thinks and acts like a child, when one grows out of childhood, one must leave childish things behind. We have all been children who've held on to our childish ways way beyond our childhood, let us shed those ways of being, and grow into our divine expressions in being.

What is an appropriate point of focus to bring forth our divine expression in being? That is the best point of attention to place your focus.

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