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Thursday, February 23, 2017

More thoughts on How to Make your Meditation More Powerful

When listening to the guided meditation verbal presentation, it is helpful not only to imagine or visualize the suggestions as occurring in the present moment, but also to add heartfelt strong emotions reflecting how wonderful you feel with these suggestions being true in the here now moment by moment unfolding.
Realize the power is not in the words, but the vibrations we emanate which may be inspired by the words.  If the words don't generate an emotional response automatically, fill that space in through your own conscious effort because you can do it.
Also, consider the power of the meditation is in the moment by moment experiencing and unfolding during the meditation, while being attuned consciously with the energetic expression in vibration which more readily enables the desired points of focus in attention when fueled by the appropriate emotional charge.
Focus on what you want, fuel your imaginings and visualizations with powerful emotions such as appreciation, gratitude and love.  Realizing the moment these elements are brought forth together in the here now moment by moment unfolding, the work is done, therefore give thanks that it is so.

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  1. Fantastic, really reinforces what's important and that's the vibrations and manifestation. Thank you Jerry.