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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


by Jerome Dechant
June 20, 2017

This manifestation is enabled by the existence of polarities, that is to say, the existence of polarities enables this relative manifestation.  Within this relative manifestation, there are no real absolutes, that is to say, for instance, there isn’t an absolute positive because if it was absolute, that would eliminate the negative, and without the negative, the possibility for a spectrum of expression in being is not possible.

You may have seen this symbol for Yin and Yang.  It reveals the necessity for each polarity’s interdependence upon the other.  The Yin contains some of the Yang, and the Yang contains some of the Yin.  These polarities are in constant motion, so the light side chases the dark side and the dark side chases the light side as the symbol spins around it’s center.  You will also notice they are balanced in that the light side is equal to the dark side.

What does that tell us?  It tells us, in the relative manifestation in being, there will always be good, (light or positive vibration,) and an equal and opposite bad, (dark or negative vibration.)  Which means, good can never be absolute, nor can bad be absolute because within each of them is a spark or vibration of the other.

That being said, there IS a spectrum of vibration from the nearly absolute positive (good) to the nearly absolute negative (bad) vibration.  One can decide where one wants to express within this spectrum of expression.  So if I lift my vibration so I am vibrating very high in the positive vibration, my experience will be substantially a positive vibration expression in being.  At this vibration, the equivalent negative vibration still exists, but because being higher in the spectrum of vibration, the equivalent negative vibration drops out of my experience, to the extent that I limit my scope of expression in being to be primarily within the vibrational state where the positive is the dominant expression.

As an example; a Divine Realized Master in being, can express throughout the entire spectrum in being, yet may choose to primarily express in the “Heavenly” state of expression.  While this being is manifest in this Heavenly state, It does not necessarily experience the “Hell” state of expression because on the vibrational spectrum of being, these two vibrations are very far apart.  So from within the experience of the Divine being’s expression it may appear, there is no hell to be seen, but that doesn’t mean hell has stopped existing.

The whole spectrum expresses constantly.  We get to choose where within this spectrum we express our being, or we don’t choose and may find our expression in being being thrust upon us by our lack of choice, so it may sometimes be enjoyable and sometimes not so enjoyable.  (The benefit to awakening to our ability to create our own reality experiencing is key and dependent upon our consciously choosing our own life expression, rather than letting life and circumstance choose it for us.)

So, as we walk through our life, how to we climb the spectrum towards a more divine expression in being?  It takes place in our here now, moment by moment expression in being.  Here, now is where we express and where our choosing or lack of choosing takes place.  Where ever we happen to be upon the vibrational spectrum of being, we can make a conscious choice to be happier than we were before, we can choose to be more loving than we were before, and in making these choices we can bring being happy into our here now moment by moment unfolding.  We can bring being more loving into our here, now moment by moment expression in being.  When we are ever present within our here, now moment by moment unfolding, we can consciously choose to perpetuate feeling good, or feeling happy, or feeling loving as each moment unfolds.  In this way, I can say Yes, I am happy, I want more of this, thereby I plant the seed for more of it to express in my life expression.

When you haven’t centered yourself with the here, now moment by moment unfolding, you may see things in your life you don’t want, and you may have experiences in your life which you do not like.  All of that has come into being because, you’ve let life and circumstance dictate your life expression rather than consciously choosing it.  To change this, meditation is important because it quiets the mind and body and more readily enables us to experience our here, now life expressing where the power to change our life experiences exists.  So, when confronted with stuff you don’t want, notice it and make a choice to have something you DO want.  Pay attention to what you DO want by embodying the feeling (vibration) of it to the best of your ability, and continue practicing it until your life expression fully is enfolded by the vibration of what you do want.  Each time you see/feeling/experience something you didn’t consciously choose, you can (in the here now moment by moment unfolding) decide to perpetuate it, or change it towards something you prefer more.  Then it is a “rinse and repeat” process.

I suggest meditation, focusing upon being here now, being fully present in this here now expression in being, giving thanks for this opportunity to regain control of your life expression in being.  Realize, as you regain your own authority and power to choose, it is essential you also allow others this freedom to regain their own authority and power to choose, which can not be forced upon them.  They must come to it through their own volition and choice to do so.

Your fulfillment isn’t dependent upon anyone other than your own self.  No one can bring fulfillment into your life expressing, but you.  Also, this means, you can’t give fulfillment to anyone else.  Yes, you can point them in the direction of it, but they each must walk the path which leads to their own fulfillment.  You can give them encouragement and support, and allow them the freedom to express their life at their own pace and according to their own desires.

Blessings to us all.

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