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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Create your own Sacred Space for Spiritual Practices

Setting up a "sacred space" for doing any of these higher vibration practices is worth doing before any channeling occurs. The environment is cleansed vibrationally so that lower vibration influences won't come in because it hurts them to do so. It is sort of like a fire to them, (figuratively) that the variation in vibration is such that unless they attune to the higher vibration, they can not enter the space. If they DO bring up their vibration, then the unwanted aspects of that being will be cleared away, so their beauty and magnificence in being comes forth. So, initially, such a being may approach with the intention to misinform, but after clearing their vibrational field, they become an aid rather than a hindrance to the whole process. This is why it is good to have a designated space where spiritual practices are practiced, such as meditation and this sort of thing. If one can not have a designated space, then cleanse the space these practices are to occur in via vibrational cleansing techniques. Also, adding love into the mix as an energy qualifier is key. (Logic is typically a male energy whereas Love is a female energy.) Marrying logic and love brings forth wisdom.

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