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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spatial Teleportation & Time Travel

Spatial Teleportation & Time Travel

Everything stated below up to the point where I pose the questions: “What is the energy equation which equals the vibrational signature of an object or being?” is based upon information provided by Bashar which I learned from a YouTude video titled: “Bashar Teleportation” posted by FelipeSparx29.

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Everything has a specific vibrational signature which makes it what you perceive it to be, what it is.

The vibrational signature is an energy equation which we interpret through our consciousness and senses as the item.

When you move an item from one location to another location, it seems the same item is being moved, but in fact, the item is not the same item because once it is moved, it has a different vibrational signature which includes the location.

Continuity is an illusion we create with our consciousness.

An object doesn’t exist in a location. Location is one of the properties of the object, is an element in the energy equation. The equation of the item in location A is not the same as the equation of the item in location B. Location is one of the variables in the energy equation of the object.

Teleportation is the application of this energy equation facilitated by changing the location variable property of the object. When you change the variable in the equation, the object ceases to be in location A and begins being in location B without moving through time and space to get there.

Every location in space has a locational equation to it.

Impose upon the item the modified location value in the equation of its vibrational signature, the object will instantly appear in the new location because its vibrational signature, energy equation contains the value for the new location.

What is the energy equation which equals the vibrational signature of an object or being?

How do I impose upon an item a different locational coordinate value so that its location changes? Insert the different locational coordinate value into the energy equation. This is the same for time travel; you enter the different time coordinate value into the energy equation.

Equation: a usually formal statement of the equality or equivalence of mathematical or logical expressions.

VS = Vibrational Signature
VS = Time + Location in Space (X + Y + Z) + (Composition (Chemical, Electrical, Mineral) + Mass (Length, Height and Width) + Volume Density (Weight) Consistency (liquid, gaseous, solid), texture, (value between course to smooth) colors, (black through all the colors of the rainbow to white). Every component of an item contains a mix of those values plus Time and Space coordinate values for every element/aspect of the item.

Universal scale

There must be a specific point to designate as the zero point for the Time coordinates scale, and a zero point for the Spatial coordinates scale which are universally understood and accepted as the zero point of these scales as absolute/static reference locations. For simplicity purposes, the scale for Time and Space scaled with equal incremental values. For time the X Y Z values are X = past, Y = present and Z = future. For Space the X Y Z values are X = Latitude, Y = Altitude, Z = Longitude. The values on these scales are numerical values.

NOTE: The letter designation for the X Y Z coordinates may be different than I’ve stated here. I’ve used these letter designations for reference purposes only so that in the actual formula, other letters may be use to designate these coordinates..

The zero point in time and space is always at the center of the item being teleported. All vibrational values are therefore measures from this zero point within the center of each object, and calculations for the teleportation of an object are therefore relative to the current location of the item in time and space. In the starting point vibrational signature, the Y value for time (present) is always zero therefore the vibrational value for the past and future are relative to the current zero point present moment value.

Since these scales are numerical in value, the values can be scaled using any value increment that is deemed necessary for the teleportation space location, and time location desired. In other words, you could enter in a value for space location as .001 = X, .001 = Y, .001 = Z and for time the values you could enter in the values of: X = 0, Y = 0, Z = .001. When these values are plugged into the equation formula, the item would move .001 in the X, Y, and Z axis and forward in time .001 increments in time relative to the starting point where all the values for both space and time started out at 0. It would therefore appear the item barely moved to an observer who remained located in the starting point space time coordinate location. If the value for time was designated as a negative numerical value for X, the object would vanish in the current time coordinate location and appear in a past time coordinate location. (By the way, the time values for the past would be negative numeric values relative to the present time value of zero, and the future numeric values would be positive number values relative to the present time value of zero)

It is also noteworthy that an item could potentially exist in multiple locations/times simultaneously if that was added to the energy equation.

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  1. Another note to consider is that once an item has moved, the center point, or Zero point of reference resents to zero, so that actually, the object doesn't move, but rather everything else moves relative to the zero point, or center which is constant and unchanging.