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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Poem: As I Was, as I AM

I've been going through my belonging, throwing away stuff that I haven't touched in years as part of my new activities now that I've retired, (possibly temporarily,) from the 9 - 5 work-a-day life.  In so doing, I've come across some poems I wrote.  I've posted one of them below.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you like it, please share the link to this blog with your friends and family.


As I Was, As I AM

By Jerome Dechant
Jan. 23, 1997

Oh Lofty and endless sky,
Lift me up and carry me to the stars and beyond,
To a time and place where my heart beats,
With the pulsing sounds of loving joy,
Revealing my experience of being,
In this oneness of being.

Oh blessed arms of angels,
Hold me close and dearly in your care,
That I might find the peace you long for me to share,
Guide me gently with tender touches of my thoughts and feelings,
That I may journey the path less traveled and find my true abode there.

Oh soft gentle breezes,
Caress me and my unfurling garments,
And loose them to the ground below,
Like feathers they gently fall, rolling, turning and swaying they flow,
In thy unseen hands, landing softly on the green grass below.

Oh nakedness revealed, show me thy truth,
Let no answer for long held secrets be denied.
Expose to me as I have exposed my nakedness to the sun,
The meanings of my being, and the reasons for my seeing,
All this above me and below me, within me.

Oh timeless time that holds me aloft in this dreamy realm,
Carry me on to another clock that no longer sounds the end of my joyous refrain,
Unravel the cloth of space that binds me in.
Strike only the joy of my heart as the beating of a constant drum,
Sound only the glee of freedom as a loving alert to those around.

Oh forever young am I in this sky, in these angel arms,
Ever lifted higher and higher and made bare by these soft breezes that hold me up.
In this timeless time of being, of seeing, of me, is the truth revealed,
And am I made whole, as I was, as I AM.

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  1. See private Facebook message. It is a beautiful poem.