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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Full Spectrum

The Biggest Missing Piece - Abraham/Hicks video segment
(Please click on the link above which will take you to a YouTube video.  Please take the time to view the video before reading this blog post.)
The Full Spectrum
by Jerome Dechant
Spet. 20, 2012
I am fairly sure everyone who has vision capabilities has seen and marveled at the sight of a rainbow.  They are a beautiful and magnificent example of the visible light frequency spectrum.  I indicated visible light frequency to express our human vision does not perceive the full spectrum of light waves, and actually, only a small portion of the full spectrum of light waves.  Yet, what we can see in a rainbow is amazing none the less.

The reason I mention rainbows is because they are a visible expression of a light spectrum, a scale of light frequencies where the scale starts at one color and transitions on through the scale to visually express all the colors of the rainbow.  In a numerical sense one might equate that scale as being zero to 100, with 100 representing the totality or highest vibrational frequency in expression.  (Obviously, this example in numerical values is representative and not actual.)
This is important because it forms the basis and foundation for understanding on how the manifestation process works.  Being the foundation, everything is built upon this understanding:  The Full Spectrum of vibration is the Source and substance of all manifestation.

The law of attraction states like vibrations attract like vibrations.
In order for like vibrations to attract like vibrations there must be other vibrations which exist simultaneously which are not “like” vibrations and therefore are not attractive.  So there has to be a vibration for happy to be attractive as well as a vibration of sad to also be attractive and all feeling states between those two vibrations as well.

Our experiencing as human beings is a limited range of vibrational states somewhere within the full spectrum of vibrations states I named as the Source.  Similar to our visual capacity, our vibrational experiencing capacity is limited so that most human beings seldom, if ever experience the full spectrum of vibrational states on the whole.  To restate this in another way using the rainbow visual as an analogy, I might be experiencing the vibrational states between the colors of yellow and green, (purely an arbitrary example of range.)  It actually could be greater or smaller than that as far as vibrational experiencing goes.
To bring this idea to an immediate experience understanding, what you are experiencing right now is an expression of your vibrational state of being.  This experiencing right now does not encompass the full range of vibrational states, i.e.: happy, sad, good, bad, rich, poor, etc., or we typically aren’t experiencing being happy and sad at the same time, or good and bad at the same time because those polarities are at different ends of the vibrational scale.  We know these vibrational states exist because we have experienced them.  That is important because our current expression in human beingness is experiential.

In the video clip I’ve attached, the person being interviewed expresses his discontent. What he is basically wanting is for the rainbow to include only his preferred parts of the spectrum and that is because some parts of the spectrum are so undesirable to him. 

To use another analogy, which Abraham has used, it is sort of like him only liking certain things on the buffet and wanting everything else removed from the buffet because he is pretty sure no one else wants that stuff on the buffet.  What that sort of attitude does is reduces the number of variables or choices available in the manifestation process.  In order to facilitate the greatest variety of choices, a full spectrum of vibrations is essential so that rather than limiting the choices the choices are limitless.  Within that “limitlessness,” the darkest deepest most depraved states or vibrations are equally present along with the greatest light, most divine states of vibration.  They both exist equally and simultaneously as possibilities and options for choice.
By his attention to the vibrations he doesn’t want, he brings those vibrations into his life experiencing, that is to say, they pop out as identifiable to him because he identifies with them vibrationally, he has put his attention on those things he does not want which means he hasn’t put his attention on what he DOES want.

As a reminder of what I stated previously, we can only experience a narrow span of vibrational frequencies in any given moment, that is to say, we are unable to experience what we don’t want in the same moment of experiencing what we do want.  It is either or. 
When something comes to your attention that is not to your liking, that is an indicator for you to create the polar opposite of it by redirecting your attention to creating what you do want, and you do that by paying attention to what you want more than what you don’t want.  Vibrationally speaking, it is a matter of shifting frequencies from one to the other.  Often, the difference in vibration from the one state to the other is broad enough that we are unable to instantly switch frequencies, so that what is then necessary is to progressively move from the unwanted state vibration towards the wanted state vibration.  We move towards the wanted vibrational state by incrementally shifting our vibration towards the wanted state vibration.  You may know you are moving in the right direction by how you feel.  Typically, what you want feels better than what you don’t want, so being aware of how you feel is a good indicator of the direction you are heading.  If life is getting better and better, you are in the flow and moving consistently towards what you want.  If life is getting harder and harder, you are moving away from what you want, therefore it is time to shift your attention back towards what you do want.

As we shift our vibrational state to higher frequencies, we are climbing the ladder of vibrational frequencies so that we move further and further away from the lower vibrational states.  As we do so, they fall off the radar so to speak, it doesn’t mean those lower vibrational states no longer exist but rather they are so far removed from our current vibrational state that we no longer perceive them as possibilities or choices.  Remember, our life experiencing in any given moment is a very small expression of the full spectrum of vibrational states in existence.
Our job is to pay attention to where our focus is, how we are feeling and whether or not we are moving towards what we want.  It is also our job to allow everyone else this same freedom of choice to choose or not to choose whatever it is they want for their own life experiencing.  In order to “fix” the world, we must “fix” our attention upon what we want most intently and powerfully.  The world will reflect back to us our point of attention and focus, that is to say, like vibrations attract like vibrations.  By focusing upon joy and fulfillment each moment, we are broadcasting those vibrations to the universe and thereby bring those experiences more fully into our lives.  Also, as we powerfully focus on the “good” vibrations, others are influenced by that focus which brings those “good” vibration possibilities within the spectrum range of their life choices, thereby the world becomes a better place to live and be.

So let us let the full range of vibrational states exist, have compassion for those who dwell in the lower vibrational states and endeavor to move up to higher and higher vibrational states of expression in being by maintaining our focus and attention upon what we want, paying attention to our feelings to guide us upon the path of our life experiencing. 
Joseph Campbell said it best, “Follow your bliss.”

The full spectrum contains everything.  As human beings that spectrum is the source of our choices, the potential for our expressing our human beingness.  We will always find a vibrational match which is being attracted to us, and reflected as our life experiencing, thereby we move within and through the full spectrum vibration.

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