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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

“What Makes Love Work?”

By Jerome Dechant
June 16, 2012

A question was posed on the radio program “Cutting Edge Consciousness” in which Freeman Michaels and Barnet Bain provided their answer to the question was, “What makes love work?”

What follows is my answer to the question from a another perspective.

The question presupposes that love is a thing which works. In fact, love is not a “thing” at all. In other words, you can’t go to a store and buy love, although you may be able to go to a store and buy something named “love” but you can be sure, it isn’t in fact Love itself.

My understanding of love is based upon vibratory states of energy and my relationship to those vibratory states of energy. Consider vibratory states of energy express via a range of vibrations, a scale of vibratory frequencies. Somewhere in that scale of vibratory frequency is a frequency which may be identified as love. Considering love is an emotion, (emotion = energy in motion,) one could surmise there is an emotional scale. The emotional scale and vibratory scale are actually the same scale using different terms to express them.

Actually, everything is energy in motion therefore; it doesn’t make sense to attribute an emotion or emotions to a specific scale.

In order to make a measurement, you need to have a means to make a measurement, i.e. a fixed scale, and then you need something to be measured using that scale. In other words whatever you want to measure using that scale has to be measurable and relatable to the incriminations of that scale. The fixed scale is of course unchanging, static, always the same, otherwise it would not be useful to use as a scale.

If you know about energy and vibration, you may know that like vibrations attract like vibrations, or engender like vibrations. An example of this is a tuning fork which has been struck will radiate a vibration. If a guitar string is similarly tuned to the vibration the tuning fork, and the strength of the radiated vibration from the tuning fork is sufficient, the guitar string will begin to vibrate at the same frequency as the frequency radiated by the tuning fork.

Abraham, as brought forth by Esther Hicks speaks of an emotional scale which one can use to measure one’s progress towards or away from a desired result or goal. When measuring our vibration against the scale, we can tell whether we are moving towards or away from our desired goal by how we feel. The better we feel, (the more attuned we are to the source vibration of our being,) the more we draw similar vibrations into our life experiencing. If we are strongly struck like that tuning fork, we radiate a vibration which causes like vibrations to be engendered in our surroundings. The weaker vibratory states attune to the stronger vibratory states so there is harmony in vibratory states. Harmony in vibratory states is experienced emotionally as good feelings, while being out of harmony is experienced as bad feelings.

What this tells us is the closer we are to the vibratory state of our source vibration, the better we feel and the better our life experiencing is. Conversely, the more out of tune we are to our source vibration, the worse it feels and our life experience isn’t as good.

What is love then? We experience love when we come into proximity to people, places and things we are vibrationally similar to. It feels good because we are attuned to the vibrations being presented to us. If we are affected by a person, place or thing which engenders a feeling of love, you can be sure; their vibration is the vibration you are syncing up with, not the other way around. That’s why when you are in certain places, it feels really good to you, and why when you are with certain people, it feels really good to you. That’s okay to be subject to the influences of people, places and things around you, but you are not in control, your environment and the people around you cause your emotional states to vary. This can only happen if you are not well established as the source of your own vibrational beingness. The law of attraction states: like vibrations attract like vibrations, therefore in order to attract, you have to be the source of the stronger vibration which attracts or causes your environment to sync up with your vibration.

In order to reduce the influence of the prevailing vibrations in your surroundings, it behooves you to find the source of your own vibration within you, and thereby build up your own vibratory state which will radiate stronger than your surroundings. As you attune to your own source energy vibration, you become the strong radiant energy which others are attracted to, and begin to vibrate in synchronicity to. You cannot attract anything if you are not the source of the vibration which attracts.


Love is a vibratory state in which there is harmony between vibratory state emitters/receivers.

Love is an indicator of moving towards what you want and or are in harmony with vibrationally.

The better the feeling, the closer you are to your source energy vibration.

Whenever you are experiencing negative emotions, the negative emotions are indicators your focus in that moment is moving you out of harmony with your source vibration, or is an indicator your vibration is not as strong as that of the surroundings and therefore you are beginning to sync up with those vibrations which are not in alignment with your source energy vibrational being. This is an indication to change your focus and or to remove yourself from that environment so you can more easily reestablish your own attunement with your source vibrational state.

In every moment, you can use the emotional guidance system to aid guide you towards experiencing more love and harmony in your life.

So, there you have it, this is how love works.

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