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Friday, June 8, 2012

Inspired Thoughts...

by Jerome Dechant
June 8, 2012

Any inkling of delight in your life experiencing is a manifestation of touching the divine. If you only get a glimpse of it now and then, or if you are swimming in the delight reveals to you, through your experiencing, your proximity to the divine and the amount of resistance that surrounds you keeping you from realizing the full extent of delight always present for your experiencing.

Like a moth drawn to a light, let that little spark of delight guide you through your experiencing, let it grow into an ember, then a flame which burns brightly, bringing more and more bliss into your life experiencing, shedding the layers of stuff which have up until now, kept you, to some degree, in misery.

Of course, you can continue in your misery to whatever degree you want, if that is your choice.

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